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November 19, 2009



Billy Bob, you are so full of you know what!

CBS news came back onto KIRO because by getting rid of Jane Shannon they could now afford to pay the price to broadcaast it.

Even Joanie and Chucks should agree on that one.

SLAP!!!!!! OWWW! Dang it, Joanie, I was only kidding. Gheez!


I hear Jane is lawyering up.


Source please? Or rumor.


The 50kw AM, CBS owned station at 1090 khz should run their CBS hourly news.


I think it's particularly funny that Micha...oops, I meant "Billy Bob" has to source his questions from the Radio-Info Seattle board. As I said before, you're getting a bit stale, BB - but copying R-I posts isn't the answer.


If I was Jane Shannon I would go after Bonneville big time for sexual harassment and illegitimate dismissal.

There's nothing like a case against Bonneville AKA Mormon Church when you're a class act like Jane Shannon. I would expect she could settle for at least $100K.



Gawd, BlaM..I have always HATED that picture...gives me the creeps. It looks evil.

Little Jimmy

Does anybody remember when Frank Shiers used to ask listeners with dissenting views to call the show, reassuring them with, "I'm not going to poop on you." I haven't heard him use that one in a while. What happened? Was he just saying it to get Styble's goat?

Frank's not going to poop on you. But he might pee in your mouth a little. That's how I'd describe the Shiers listening experience, anyway.


Geez Bla'M, I hope you get burgled and somebody steals your Photo Shop. Why would you phuc up a perfectly nice puppy like that?


Sparky! That's the "Human-Animal Hybrid" that Herr Bushler warned us about!


very funny, but below the belt yet again.


Good thread. Good post, billy bob. Enjoyed it.

Umm, Drew, I might have to rethink stem cell research. . .


Someone above suggested Jane sue for sexual harassment? That would assume someone was the least bit sexually interested in her, or had intimidate her in some way. Is that the case? Highly doubt it. Radio stations changed employees when I worked in the industry long ago, and they still do. It's not personal, it's a business.


Now maybe if KIRO-FM would get rid of moron Monson I'd listen again.

Dangerous Dan

@Ginger Sexual harassment? Because she got fired instead of Gregg? How does that explain the new FEMALE co-host of their AM news? Despite lib thinking, sometimes people get fired NOT because they're female, or black, or Hispanic. It's BUSINESS.


I took a look at radio-info.com, very sterile, boring website. People complain that this blog drifts from talk radio, but on the contrary I think it captures the essence of AM radio.


kiro fm just had a news story on String Bean Coffee in Belltown. It employs homeless people and waywaed youth rescued from the streets. A worthy business for us to patronize. I challenge Monson to have coffee there- he of the sniffing nose and pious "poor choices" speeches.


Instead of challenging him, why don't you invite him in a cordial way. You might actually find that you like him. Might as well, since you obviously listen to him (& KIRO) so much.


i don't like him. seeing him in person would make no difference. i will never like him. i wasnt asking the prick to have coffee with me. i hope that i never have the displeasure of meeting him or seeing him. I challenge him to patronize the place and support their business instead of just being a judgmental, superior priss about homeless and others he accuses of making "poor choices".


It's true, Monson seems to hate the homeless. I don't think he cares whether they get a handout from a government program or a private charity. Poor choices are poor choices, a bum is a bum. Rewarding poor choices probably just encourages them to go out and make more poor choices.

That gets to the root of the problem with libertarianism. In order for it to work everyone must make good choices and exercise self discipline. The adults among us realize that most people don't make good choices and never will, and if you punish them for it many would sooner turn to a life of crime or beg for money to fulfill their needs because crime and begging is what they consider a "good choice". Think about it, are the slums (anywhere in the world) known for producing brain surgeons or petty criminals?

People like Monson make a common mistake of believing that if he can do it then everyone must be able to do it. I'd like to point out that he drove a book store into the ground. If the world were filled with clones of Dori Monson every business would be a failure and everyone would be shouting at one another. The world is not only filled with people libertarians approve of.


actually i did meet Monson once- not up close but several hundred feet away in the Kingdome at a Mariners game. In those days he had a gig with them where they would trot him out onto the field, before the home games started, to entertain the crowd with some baseball chatter. He looked and sounded ridiculous. I remember thinking it made our town look smalltime to have this little clown, this local buffoon, out on our Major League Baseball field. Needless to say they no longer have Monson do that .

One Triple Seven Seven Eight a K an I an E and an L

Dori Monson has demonstrated that the American Dream is alive and well and anyone can achieve it.

The guy grew up in a broken alcoholic family and rose the occassion. He finished HS early, graduated UW early and worked his ass off to emerge as the top radio host in Seattle.

Dori made some bad decisions (i.e. the book store business failure) but has obviously bounced back. It's apparent that he adjusted his decision process and navigated life to be the success he is. The guy never had anything handed to him.

Libs from the top down want stuff handed to them. For instance, Michelle and Barack Obama's Ivy League education was handed to them by affirmative action.

If the world was full of people with the thought process of Dori Monson we would live in a society of limitless ambition, personal repsonsibility, fiscal prudence and selfless charity.


Well said kiel. You're exactly right (as in correct). AuthAHole doesn't have a clue and just likes to spew as if he knew.


Was getting into the radio beusiness really that good of a decision? Really? People are getting fired left and right. To say that his success isn't largely due to luck and innate talent would be enormously disrespectful of the many fine broadcasters who are currently out of work.

I'm a "lib" and I do far more handing out than I do taking in. Don't take my word for it, look at all those rich Hoolywood elites and George Soros types who are all too happy to see their exorbitant tax rates raised should it will mean helping others.

If the world was full of Dori Monsons there would not be enough earlthy resources to satiate their enormous apetite. His clones would sit around all day loudly snorting and complaining about how no one was willing to take the lead and fix the problems.

Don't forget, this is a guy who complains about government for three hours a day every day but refuses to run for public office despite the advantage of his name recognition. I don't think a society full of do nothings would get very far.


You saw how far Susan Hutch got on name recognition. Monson can be more effective as a fiesty talk-show host than he can in politics. When you get into politics you pretty much play the game and go along with the good ol guys & gals. Ask Steve Largent about that or read his comments about the difficulty of trying to be effective in politics. So again you demonstrate your ignorance about the real goings-on in this world.


According to John Curley, Jim Compton and Jean Godden, name recognition worked out pretty good. As long as you don't try to steal the throne on your first outing you'll be OK.


How effective have the people you mentioned been. They go along to get along, then are either voted out or get frustrated or they hang in for the cushy pension. So, I would agree with Mondo.


"Monson can be more effective as a fiesty talk-show host than he can in politics."

It's been pretty well established that there is nothing particularily "effective" about a talk show. The number of people who listen are statisticly insignificant. That he would err on the side of earning money only proves my point.

If Monson does run for office it will be only after radio become unprofitable, and I doubt his intentions would be much better than Susan Hutcherson who tried to lie to the people of the county about her true political leanings in order to make a grab for power that she was not qualified to possess.


You think council is a joke kiroidunno? Greg Nickels was on the Seattle city council and he became mayor. Dow Constantine was on the King County council and now he's the county executive. Think first, post second.


No, I think you're a joke. You don't know WTF you are talking about - EVER. You've become a pariah to this blog and you're pretty much discounted most of the time. But if it enhances your ego to spew the garbage you do then go for it. You really should try to find a way to make yourself useful tho.

Kiel Mortgage

AA states...

To say that his (Dori's) success isn't largely due to luck and innate talent would be enormously disrespectful of the many fine broadcasters who are currently out of work.

It's amazing how people like AA question Monson's broadcasting success day after day after day.

Here's the bottomline folks...

Dori Monson is a survivor. Whether Bonneville/KIRO thrives or dies, love him or hate him, Monson will be a success. The man knows how to win. We all know guys like him.

This personality type drives lazy liberal handout folks crazy!


Pariah? At least I can pick a name and stick with it, you coward. Useful? I gave you something reply to. I single handedly justified your existance and you didn't even say thanks.


If making good "choices" was all it took to be succesful like Dori Monson, Frank Shiers would have usurped Dave Ross' time slot long ago. If good choices were all it took to be successful, Dori's bookstore would still be in business. You're a lightweight.

Kiel Mortgage

You're a loser AA...we're you the last one they picked in gym class when dividing up teams?


that's all you've got???

Mark C.

Dori, a survivor? hes only had 2 jobs... what has he survived besides his hairplug surgery?

Kiel Mortgage

The Radio Industry is a brutal industry with an extraordinarily limited quantity of positions available and a remarkable rate of turnover. Just ask Mike Webb, Jane Shannon, Amy Alpine, Alan Prell, Bryan Styble, Kirby Wilbur, Carl Jeffers, Frank Shiers, et al.

Dori has banked away enough dough to pay for his 3 kids college education, own a big house in Mountlake Terrace, own a vacation home in Eastern Washington plus drive a convertible Jaguar.

They guy's made it and you're all full of envy.


You're only strengthening my case that Monson generaly made a poor decision by going into radio. Sure, it worked out for him, in the same way that people who spill hot coffee on their crotch sometimes win million dollar settlements.

And 1) Dave Ross must do pretty well and we have no issue with him.
2) I don't have to envy Monson ;)

Kiel Mortgage

AA...you have a twisted sense of logic.

How can you suggest that Monson entering the radio industry and succeeding is a "bad decision"?!?

That's the equivalent of saying the owner of the largest Bungee Jumping company made a bad decision because ultimately he might die from a "jump".

Success is success. Life presents certain challenges...some excel, some fail but learn, some fold (libs).


"banked enough to send his girls...." how do you know what he has "banked"? You don't. Hpow much money has he blown at Emerald Downs and at the gamong tables of Vegas? He admits to both habits. He could be another Bill Bennett, who blew 7 million over the years in Las Vegas as a gambling fool.


Kiel Mortgage, would you say the lady who spilled coffee on her crotch and won several million dollars made a good decision in spilling coffee all over herself? Why don't you spill coffee on your crotch and let us know if you become successful to.


Nobody goes into radio to make big money. They do it for the nature of the work and the lifestyle. Career advisors will tell you that only a few people in the media industry ever make big money and that jobs are scarce. Going into the media business is also bad family planning, particularily if you one day intend to send your kids through college. You're unlikely to earn that kind of money and it is assumed that you will have to relocate to find work, and that means dragging your kids around from city to city.

Dori has succeeded in radio but he couldn't have known that would happen any more than Jane Shannon or Kirby Wilbur would have known they'd one day be out on the street. He has succeeded in staying in his home town and (allegedly) earning enough to send his kids to college through the fortunes of talent of serendipity, but there is no doubt that the initial decision to enter the media business was a poor decision had this outcome been his original goal.

With the way things are going in this market Dori may soon be out of work or perhaps transferred to sports talk. We can only hope he has saved enough to cover for such an eventuality.


The number of man-crushes on Dori is truly amazing. Not to mention rather icky.

A hundred years ago, Dori would be driving a wagon across the country, selling bottles of elixers he whipped up, promising miracles.
Dori has figured out what sells advertisements for KIRO which, in turn, gives him a nice income. That is the extent of his "influence."

Accusations of jealousy over Dori's success are ridiculous. Look at what he has had to become to get where he is.


Look who's talking, a suck-up to the Education Union and the dismal state program that exists. You'd better check it out cause word is the State's pension plans are in a bit of a hurt and getting worse. I hope you've provided as well as Dori has. We could be in in for strained times.


Teaching isn't about making money you shallow, dickless piece of shit.

Kiel Mortgage

Tommy008....Dori regularly comments about how people need to prepare for future circumstances and especially for unexpected events that present themselves. I applaud him for that.

He has stated on the air that for years he's been participating in the Washington GET 529 program for his kid's education.

Dori often challenges people that are pregnant and facing financial crises with reasonable questions..."why didn't you prepare? ... why didn't you put away 20 bucks a week for 1 year or so?"

The problem is libs want handouts. Look at Gregoire for God's sake. The woman is in denial about spending beyond her means. The only problem is she's spendig our money not hers!

Kiel Mortgage

AA...it's a well known fact and confirmed on air by Dori that about 8 years ago he had an opportunity to take a syndication gig...he turned it down. This was an outstanding decision and was onviously based on his strong family values. It also demonstrated that Dori's "in it" for the cause not the money. A good man.


I prepare to a rediculous degree. I'm one of those freaks who abhors credit and liabilities, having said that, I know that most people don't plan ahead, and most people will never plan ahead. That's reality, and I would argue that when Dori got into the radio business he generaly was not planning ahead and only talked up the virtues of hoarding money after it had already landed in his lap.


Um... you can do a syndicated gig from anywhere. You don't have to move, and there's definitely no guarantee you will find fortune or security in syndication. Syndicated radio programs are constantly born and constantly dying. A specious claim upon a specious claim.

But maybe that's why Dori seems so bitter and is always talking about making the responsible choice. Maybe he figures he could have been the next Glenn Blech had he taken that offer.


David Gold did a show from Dallas that was nationwide. Rush broadcasts out of Palm Beach. Lars Larson is sundicated out of Portland. Michael Medved broadcasts on 150 or so stations from - Seattle. Either the mysterious syndication offer is a madeup pr stunt by Monson or else Monson's game was so pathetically weak he couldn't negotiate a deal that let him stay here in town, which means he wasn't wanted all that badly by this mysrterious , unknown radio network. either way it's weak and lame.

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