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November 14, 2009



Cons can be so proud...


my fave fox website


dammit, try again...


...and they go back home to their constituents and claim that they made every effort for bi-partisan cooperation...It's why we call them CONS.


The honest definition of bi-partisanship is that you go along with whatever I want you to go do.


I don't know, Ryder. Seems like Obama is willing to whittle down our potential healthcare package until the politicians on the right have what they want for their healthcare contributors.

Read this from David Sirota on Huffington:Reviewing President Rahm Emanuel's Health Care Speech

In sum, when you couple this with the speech's fawning praise for lunatics like John McCain and Chuck Grassley and add to it the news that the White House is holding closed-door compromise meetings with corporate Democrats tomorrow, I felt like I was listening to a parsed screed by President Rahm Emanuel, not a call to arms from the Barack Obama who actually ran for president. There was lots of passionate talk about the problem, and little courage to demand a serious solution.


Fox News has purged YouTube of hundreds of clips of its programs from power-users such as News1News, ConservativeNation, and GlennBeckDailyClips.

The YouTubers had supplied online media outlets with clips of Fox News programs, leaving many online outlets with videos that do not load.

Fox News had first requested the closure of News1News — which is seen as a progressive YouTube channel — leading many on the internet to cry that the cable news network was censoring the left while allowing the conservative news channels to remain up and running.

Fox's move will mostly affect stories posted on progressive-leaning blogs, such as Gawker, the Huffington Post and Truthdig, while leaving intact YouTube clips embedded at conservative Web sites. Instead of embedded video, visitors to those sites will now see a notice stating that the video in question is "no longer available."

Friday, however, sites like ConservativeNation and GlennBeckDailyClips received their notices and their accounts were suspended.


Yes, Joseph Goebbels would have loved Fox News


Joannie, I agree that the president appears to be selling out his base. My statement was refering more to congress that any president. If the president keeps this up he will be a one term president for a certainty.

The president should just tell everyone to go to Hell and do what he wants. Citizens would at least respect him for that even if they disagreed.


Then I agree. It's all a sham.

As for Obama, I wonder if he's in touch with the reality of the disappointment of his base and a whole lot of other people on this healthcare thing. Or if he's so surrounded by the Emanuels and Geithners that he just doesn't see it?


I meant to post to you, too, Sparky. I wonder how Fox got that done. Where did you get that news? I think that bodes for a very dangerous future for the net.


Fox News is, as Anita Dunn said, a Republican tool.
And for all its hollering about being a respectable news source, their purging of its own content from the web shows how disingenuous, secretive and partisan it is. What would a legitimate media outlet have to hide?
Talk radio hid the extreme things that were said for years because nobody but dittoheads were listening, and there was nothing recorded. Now there are others listening and watching. Fox is trying to pull it back. It won't work. Thank god for Media Matters. This move by Fox will make MM stronger, and will increase its traffic and exposure.


I wonder if the higher ups at Fox were pleased with Hannity's faking of the teabagger footage or if they were upset that their staff would do something deserving of criticism, something that so clearly confirms bias which they try to subtly deny as they go. Did they force Hannity to apologize and make up a story about it being a mistake? I don't know, I'm just asking questions.


MSNBC is the real fair & balanced network. MSNBC is a paragon of truth, justice and the American way.

Radio is Dead

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Buyer's Remorse Anyone...

Obama....worst President since Carter...here's the proof as we approach 1 year in office

1. Endless wars
2. More troops to Afghan theatre
3. Guantanamo still open for business
4. Patriot Act reinstated
5. Economy continues to relentless slide in the tank
6. Bottomless deficits
7. Skyrocketing debt for future generations
8. Worst unemployment in 30 years
9. Highest foreclosure rate ever
10. Etc, etc, etc...this list could go on for a mile


Nobody buys that shit.

Radio is Dead

AA...you're still selling your garbage?

Obama is in over his head with no accomlishment to date. He's like the guy on the treadmill...busy...working up a sweat...but not getting anywhere.

Please pick one.


patience is a virtue


The Onion: Area Man Passionate Defender Of What He Imagines Constitution To Be

ESCONDIDO, CA—Spurred by an administration he believes to be guilty of numerous transgressions, self-described American patriot Kyle Mortensen, 47, is a vehement defender of ideas he seems to think are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and principles that brave men have fought and died for solely in his head.

"Our very way of life is under siege," said Mortensen, whose understanding of the Constitution derives not from a close reading of the document but from talk-show pundits, books by television personalities, and the limitless expanse of his own colorful imagination. "It's time for true Americans to stand up and protect the values that make us who we are."


Fatass Nickells has no righ to ban lawfully carried guns from Seattle parks, and a guy is finally challenging the law.....


Very good discussion of healthcare and later in the program of swine flu and the vaccination by Peter and two doctors: The Health Care Debate: Angela Bonavoglia talks about the Stupak amendment and undue influence by Catholic bishops; Dr. Len Saputo and Byron Belitsos on the defects of the House bill... Bonavoglia is the author of Good Catholic Girls: How Women Are Leading the Fight to Change the Church, and we discuss the huge rollback of abortion rights intended by Stupak, and the role of the Catholic bishops in its passage. ...

Saputo and Belitsos ...have just published a paper called The Infection Deception, which raises major questions about the true extent of the epidemic and the value of vaccine efforts. Please read this report before you get a vaccination!

Gary Chew says the new Pirate Radio movie is fun for radio geeks, but not a great film. Read his review at www.tulsatvmemories.com

He ends with a review of a movie about the campaign to get commercial radio in Great Britain.

Honestly, the part about vaccinations was the most interesting.


&rew, Hannity did apologize on air. Are you asking if it was a forced apology?


Yes, that's what I'm asking. Did Hannity actually learn of this "enhanced reality" technique from Minister of Information Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf himself while on vacation recently?

I don't know, I'm just asking questions.


Did you see the piece this morning on Up Front about the state underfunding your pension?
I guess that it will re-air tonight if you are interested.


The Daily Show there focused on Glenn Beck - for the record. The reality is that leftwing extremists are in control and the independents and conservatives which number just over 70% are White House is getting plenty of cover from the real faux media.

When the Administration and rest of the lamestream media are more concerned about tea baggers and conservatives (because they take issue with their policies) and refer to them as extremists while Malek Hassan seems to be less alarming (as he has not been called a Muslim extremist or an extremist by anyone except people on FOX news), there is something wrong and inherently corrupt with the WH and remainder of the lamestream media.

Hats off to the only network that keeps us informed of the cockamamie policies and schemes that this morally bankrupt Obama administration is out to enact in their diabolical quests.

Spot on Radio is Dead. mrogi is a phony - go away. The remainder of the peanut gallery here is in tact as the useful idiots spout their liberal progressive (leftwing extremist) propaganda in the effort to delegitimize Fox News, just like the White House tried until they had their a$$es handed to them. Time to let go of this Politically correct garbage and move on - Get your heads out of the sand !


Farrell is another useful idiot appealing to Media Matters (operated by serial liar David Brock).

The term dittohead was facetiously used by Limbaugh, for whatever reason I don't know. The real dittoheads can be more appropriately applied to leftwing radicals like yourself and anyone else that buys the lies that are trying to sell courtesy of Media Matters.


Obama has not rescinded the powers of Executive Signing Statements George Bush appropriated to himself. Once a President acquires dictatorial powers they never give it up. Obama is no different. Is that the change you can believe in?


Bush did not invent the signing statement, he just grossly overused it.

Puget Sound

looks like Pres Obama has no problem using after decrying them?
hope and change, eh?
little wonder why independents are running away from Dems...

"Wall Street Journal

Democrats often criticized the Bush White House for its use of the presidential signing statement, a means by which the president can reject provisions of a bill he deems unconstitutional without vetoing the entire legislation. Now the approach is back.

President Barack Obama, after signing into law a $410 billion budget bill on Wednesday, declared five provisions in the bill to be unconstitutional and non-binding, including one that would effectively restrict U.S. troop deployments under U.N. command and another aimed at preventing punishment of whistleblowers.

The move came two days after Mr. Obama ordered a review of his predecessor's signing statements and said he would rein in the use of such declarations.

"As I announced this past Monday, it is a legitimate constitutional function, and one that promotes the value of transparency, to indicate when a bill that is presented for Presidential signature includes provisions that are subject to well-founded constitutional objections," Mr. Obama said in the statement.

Democrats, and some Republicans, complained that former President George W. Bush abused the signing statement by declaring that he would ignore congressional intent on more than 1,200 sections of bills, easily a record. Critics at the time said that if the president had constitutional questions, he should veto the bill and demand a correction.

Mr. Bush's successor showed Wednesday that he isn't averse to using the same methods.

"We're having a repeat of what Democrats bitterly complained about under President Bush," said Sen. Arlen Specter (R, Pa.), who drafted legislation to nullify Mr. Bush's signing statements. He added that if Mr. Obama "wants to pick a fight, Congress has plenty of authority to retaliate."


The Obamanites will continue whistling past the graveyard, showing symptoms of having had an "Obatomy".

A few weeks ago in Portland, I saw some graffiti that said "Obama = Bush". So true, in more ways than one. However, I am not deluded as I recognize that there are a lot of differences between the two. Enuf said.

Radio is Dead

KS...can you please give me one significant policy difference between Bush and Obama (and PLEASE don't default to health care).

Puget Sound


Pres Obama gets upset about waterboarding KSM and a designated few high value targets BUT we continue to use unmanned predator drones to blast away at bad guys even when they hide in the homes of innocent people. People that have little say over which gunmen come into their home.

From the amazing Mr. David Broder of the Washington Post.

"When Obama became commander in chief, his course of action seemed clear. He was bent on early withdrawal from Iraq and an increase in resources and emphasis on winning in Afghanistan -- the struggle he repeatedly called "a war of necessity."

He sent 21,000 more troops to hold it together through the Afghan election, and named two new generals, Stanley McChrystal to run the war, and Karl Eikenberry to manage the politics and reconstruction from the ambassador's office in Kabul.

McChrystal came up with a new plan of battle, emphasizing protection of population centers and requiring up to 40,000 more troops. Eikenberry, we now know, balked, giving voice to the widespread fear that Hamid Karzai, the carry-over winner of the election the ambassador helped arrange, was too weak and corrupt to govern the country effectively, even with an enlarged American force keeping order.

Their disagreement was echoed and amplified throughout the Obama administration. The secretaries of defense and state came down on McChrystal's side; the vice president and many on the White House political staff with Eikenberry.

The president, notwithstanding his earlier rhetoric and actions, has hesitated to resolve the issue. Obama needs to remember what Clark Clifford said about the president he served, Harry Truman. Clifford, one of Truman's closest advisers, said the president "believed that even a wrong decision was better than no decision at all."

While Obama deliberates, his party in Congress shows increasing reluctance to make an all-out commitment to the war effort. The chairmen of two key Senate committees, Foreign Relations and Armed Services, are arguing for retraining Afghan troops -- if they can even be found -- and turning over more of the burden of fighting to them.

Meantime, events in Afghanistan support McChrystal's prediction that delay in expanding the American troop commitment will almost certainly lead to gains for the Taliban and greater risk for U.S. and allied troops.

In all this dithering, it's easy to forget a few fundamentals. Why are we in Afghanistan? Not because of its own claim on us but because the Taliban rulers welcomed the al-Qaeda plotters who hatched the destruction of 9/11. The Taliban also oppressed their own people, especially women, but we sent troops because Afghanistan was the hide-out for the terrorists that attacked our country.

We knew governing Afghanistan would never be easy. It had resisted outside forces through the ages, and its geography, its tribal structure, its absence of a democratic tradition and its poverty all argued that once we went in, it would be hard to get out.

But George W. Bush said -- and Obama seemed to agree -- that withdrawal was not and is not an option.

That imperative is reinforced by the presence of Pakistan, a shaky nuclear-armed power across a porous mountain border. If the Taliban comes back in Afghanistan, the al-Qaeda cells already in Pakistan will operate even more freely -- and nuclear weapons could fall into the most dangerous hands.

Given all of this, I don't see how Obama can refuse to back up the commander he picked and the strategy he is recommending. It may not work if the country truly is ungovernable. But I think we have to gamble that security will bring political progress -- as it has done in Iraq."


Radio is Dead - you overlooked Cap and Trade (Tax).

KSO (not KS)

Puget Sound (I don't you well enough to call you PUTS),

You went so far back to find that article about Signing Statements (March, in fact) that Arlen Specter was still a Republican. Got anything recent?


When Bush was using signing statements conservatives had no problem with it, and so they shouldn't now. Conservatives are guilty of the very thing they fault liberals for so it all cancels out.

Whether Obama broke a campaign promise is of no consequence to conservatives because they didn't vote for him anyway, never would have and never will. This is an internal matter among Democrats and Democratic voters.

As a liberal who votes for Democrats, and therefore someone whose opinion on the matter holds relevance, here's my official position: I don't really care.


We Distort...You Deride

Puget Sound

Authentic Andrew
You miss the point, it was Congress (both Repubs and Dems) that had an issue with it.
Personally, I think it will be an interesting power struggle between the two branches that may ultimately be solved by the other branch, the Judiciary.


OMG! He knows the three branches of government. And just how will the Judiciary get involved?

Pray tell, oh wise one.


We Decide....You Agree



Dori Monson is going to interview the author of a book about life after death. Didn't I tell you guys that would happen. KIRO 97.3FM, your source for entertainment and speculation. Bring on Art Bell!



"Fargo" Palin tires to blame the news media today on Oprah, for looking like a fool on her "what do you read" answer to Katie Couric. She looked liek a fool because she coudnt name one specific publication she reads. Thats because she doesnt read. 29% of Americans believe she is qualified to be President. The 71 % who don't , have that opinion because they believe she is too stupid. She is too stupid. haha Palin grub your money while you can,. you moron. quitter/moneygrubber. Go Levi!


A book about life after death on KIRO? Wonder why they'd be interested in something like that?


So, you treat the internet as a place where you live out your desire to sexually harass women in the way that sputnik uses the internet to get back at all the kids who picked on him in school? You're a pretty disgusting little man.


John Ziegler's review of Sarah Palin's new book:

"For many reasons, this is by far the best book and greatest literary achievement by a political figure in my lifetime."

"I strongly believe that if every Republican primary voter reads this book, Sarah Palin will win the 2012 nomination in a landslide, whether she wants it or not."

Palin slammed Levi Johnston – the father of her 11-month old grandchild – for being too busy courting media attention to see his son and for engaging in "aspiring porn." Palin was asked about Johnston during an interview with television host Oprah Winfrey that aired Monday.

(---said the woman with an infant at home while she does the national media blitz over her book.)

Newsmax.com is offering copies of the book either for free or for $4.99 with different subscription deals.

This is the real answer to why right-wing screeds are so often "best-sellers"--they're bought in bulk by right-wing organizations and then redistributed at lower cost or for free. Sounds an awful lot like socialism to me.


Nothing would please me more than for Sarah Palin to become the brain trust of the conservative movement in America.


Sparky and AuthenticAHole sitting in a tree...kiss... well you know how it goes. They sure seem to like each other and are very similar in thought. How special.


You've heard Ron and Don drone on about Clearly Lasik for years. Now one of the two owners of the firm, ( A LASER SURGERY MILL with offices in about 6 different northwest cities) Dr. Mockovak , has been arrested for solicitation of murder of his business partner Dr. King , and another former business partner who was sueing him. Mockovak is a fairly young man, a hotshot Yale School of Medicine Grad with a big shiteating grin in his promo pic. Ron and Don are friends of Mockovak and King and had dinner with them a week or two ago.







Well Don, well Ron, looks like you gave me your personal recommendation that I have A MURDERER [allegedly] take sharp instruments to my eye balls.


Yeah, they should be takin it to your ass with goal of somehow prying your head out of said orifice.


I promise to lay off the bold type, if everyone else does.

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