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November 23, 2009


Mark C.

Wow. I mean wow. Weissback rants against government every day. He's just lucky this government isn't going to go after him criminally. He should resign off the radio.


Weissbach will have the biggest audience todayhe's had since the good old days. Bet he doesn't mention this.


Let's see, if you resign off the radio does that mean you're again on the radio. I'm not fully understanding your terminology there Einstein.

Channel 95

HA! I love this. If you think about it, KVI can't control Weissbach any more than they can Dr. Jerry Mixon. Who's working for who, here?


Weissbach is a fascist posing as a libertarion who laughed onair repeatedly over the sounds of a demonstrator's screams as he was being tased, during WTO. Sick pup. Fuck off, Weissbach, you creep. and your little dog, too.


A pretentious prick. There I said it again


Well, there you go. What say ye Peter, are you trading your life's energy for cheap immigrant labor. Shame on you. Seriously I would like to know who pays whom for your KVI Show? Are you taking some of the cheap immigrant labor business profits to actually pay Fisher for air time? You phony son on the beach. I hope you get banned from Seattle air waves and shipped back to Canada.


When he comes clean, will you all like him better ? After all, he now embraces the policies that the Obamanites want to legislate.

Make me hurl...

Phil Wolf

Hey! Wouldn't you rather talk about the billboard asking Obama to prove he's got a bc?

Pvt. Partee

since he doesn't stand for anything, Weissback should run for something.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKKKgua7wQk SARAH PALIN BOOK SIGNING - Interviews with Supporters - LMAO


more laughs


Those were great AA...thanks


I saw that Fox poll earlier on Think Progress but the comments are much cleverer on wonkette!

Ditto Drew.


"When Huckabee’s around, it’s always necessary to bring an extra pie."

Puget Sound

Give credit to Huckabee for correcting a problem. You should know that after losing over 100 pounds that Huckabee has completed a number of marathons to include the NY State Marathon.

Nevets, I hope you start posting again.


AuthAHole, please stay on topic. Don't be like sparky and think it's all about you.


JaneDoe - Could it be that you bring common sense to this blog where it is all too uncommon ?


Jane Doe is the name given to so many otherwise unidentifiable corpses of con idealism before you. They're just piling up everywhere. What was your previous name? We'd like to update your toe tag and properly notify your family.


You might be right about Palin being a threat, she has the majority of that math challenged pie chart, and tons of mentally challenged people bought her book and showed up for her book signing. Too many Americans don't have a sense of humor. That older lady said it all "Palin is what America is all about!", "what's that?", "um...uh...someone help me out!"


Hey cowardly blog crashing hall monitor, you must be new here because you didn't get the memo that politics is a permanent topic on this blog.


Gorebull warming heating up folks. Watch how most of these in house lackys ignore this until the proper talking points are distributed. Very damaging E-Mails that HAVE BEEN verified and admitted to. Grab the popcorn and watch this ever unfold. This could be one of the greatest hoaxes ever pulled on humanity.


Yes it has and don't think it will go away anytime soon. Check out;



Final nail in the coffin? I don't think so. Maybe it's been set back a few yards. There are too many people who care too much about the environment to simply give up on the cause. Poluting, overstuffing landfills with non bio-degradable materials and recklessly consuming fossil fuels is and always will be in poor taste.


No sensible person is against energy conservation and keeping this earth as clean as possible.
But this Al Gore'ish BS is all about $money and may be now it will be brought out in the open and see what hypocrites these bastards are.


Then there are no sensible persons among the neo-cons; anyone who even suggested a "green viewpoint" was ostracized, a republican tactic to keep out moderates that is still used today. Conservatives look at the environment like their teenagers look at their allowance: spend it now on yourself, and forget about the future.


I've heard conservatives literally say "If you can afford to buy the land or pay for the oil it's yours to do what you want with it."

They believe that money is king, and whoever has money gets to decide on how we treat the invironment or use up limited resources, and people without money do not. They believe the green movement is an attempt by the "have nots" to control the "haves".


And many of the "have-nots" have been convinced by republicans that they can join the "have-mores", even though that crowd isn't actually invited to the party. I get a kick out of the nutsacks that try to push this propaganda that Gore is a rich man that is out to put them into financial ruin. They seemed quite OK with that when Cheney and W(TF) were doing that to us.


That argument is void. It died after Bush left office, but was a valid argument then. The Obama- Chicago Mafia White House has taken up that mantle and is running rough-shod over the Constitution plucking away our liberties and making Bush's attempt at government expansion seem like child's play.

If the policy that Gore is pushing is adopted, suffice it to say, many nations will be financial ruin. No common sense, how juvenile and pathetic !


The Democrats have become the party of schadenfreude.


It is still a valid argument because many people are still defending Bush and his policies, and because we are going to be paying for Bush's destruction of the economy and environment and world view for a long time. Since we do not want to return to those horrible days, we need to insure that neo-con philosophies are never adopted again.


Yes, klueless. You are the expert. You have more information than any of those countries. You are the wise one.


All scholars bow down to the wisest of them all: Klueless.


Joanie - sorry you had a bad hair day, but what in the hell are you talking about ?

It seems as though you and the liberal progressives favor the practice of taking pleasure in the misfortune of others.


If the policy that Gore is pushing is adopted, suffice it to say, many nations will be financial ruin.

That's what I'm talking about.


Ph(J)oanie - you just pressed the issue to make my point above -

It seems as though you and the liberal progressives favor the practice of taking pleasure in the misfortune of others.

China and India see through this economic fraud.

adjustable bed

Seems like they want to blame everyone but themselves. They blame the "industry" for this, that and the other thing, but the industry didn't fail, Air America did.

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