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November 13, 2009


Puget Sound

Kirby was the glue that kept it together for me as a listener.
KVI disappointed me many years ago the first time they pushed John Carlson away. Kirby was the one who had to come in to take the calls that day. Those were angry calls and Kirby had to walk a difficult line between old friend to Carlson and also represent KVI management. He did a classy job.
They eventually brought Carlson back.
Michael Medved was another great hire brought in to replace Mike Seigal. Before he was national, Medved had a nice show on KVI. At some point, in order to bring in the national Hannity show the management at KVI pushed Medved away. With that, KVI lost something special.

A few years later, when they brought in Bryan Suits from KIRO it was happy times again. KVI stuck by Bryan as he was deployed and when he came back for about a year.
As he has proven, Suits is a great talent. For whatever reason, it didn't work out in Seattle and KVI pushed him away. I still don't understand why Suits didn't work out.

After losing Suits at that time, the only reason I would tune in to KVI was Kirby Wilbur. It might be for a half hour but he would always be my first option in the morning.

(Bringing in Dennis Miller as a show is a good move but that show works better as a podcast without the commercials so I don't hit KVI for Dennis)

At one point, KVI had Wilbur, Carlson, and Medved. That was a nice lineup of powerful talkers. All LOCAL. Agree or Disagree, you could call em up and they would talk with you and not at you.

And they would do a round table on election nights that was par excellence. I doubt that we'll see that level of talent again here in Seattle on a local level.

Through it all, Kirby was the glue that held it together. His voice, his warmth, and his civility were something special. Just a wonderful morning show.


kvi's new slogan'-"Shrill shrieking shrews by morning and night"

Puget Sound

Kirby would have fun with this story from Washington Post on the departure of Greg Craig one of the leading lights of the 'close Guantanamo down':

"White House officials have conceded they will not make the January closure deadline that Craig helped Obama settle on and are at a loss as to where to house a number of hard cases who cannot be transferred to foreign countries or tried in U.S. or military courts."


Spot on for both of your posts Puts.

citizen crayne

I don't know, after I lost KIRO to AM, now Kirby, guess I'll do podcasts of Bryan Suits and Michael Medved. I've gotten rather addicted on not having commercials, and yu can't beat NPR's news. I really miss local talk radio as it was in its heyday.


KVI is washed up. I'd love to see Kirby move to KTTH and take Michael Savage's acerbic bitter ranting off air. Kirby has been fair and friendly and a good guy to both sides of politics.


I was surprised to hear what a good guy the old Kirb is. I had an inside sorce tell me the same thing about Frank Shires. I am sorry Kirby if I have been a touch nasty

rattled in seattle

Kirby's being fired is a real blow to local radio -- as if it needed any more blows. More national blather from the satellites, no wonder nobody listens to commercial radio any more. At least Kirby was broadcasting from this side of the Rockies. He might be a mumbler, and partisan as heck, but politicians knew they would be fairly treated on his show (unlike on Dori Monson).
I want no part of an epic Battle in Seattle between Glen Beck and Laura Ingraham.


There is one big reason why right-wing talk radio is beginning to fail. In 1994 they succeeded in wresting control of congress from the Donkeys. In 2000 they got it all. So what did they do? The politicans violated every principle held by the right-wing. There is nothing conservative about them. They spent even more than the Donkeys. Passed regulations. They proved that the only difference between the two parties is where the money is spent and what is regulated.

Is it any wonder that talk radio is suffering? It's listeners have been betrayed. And not just the Elephants. Now, even the Donkeys see that their president is a tool of special interests just like everyone else. Now Rush is still successful because he knows how to entertain. Too many radio gas bags take themselves way too seriously. Dori is rapidly headed that way. He still knows how to have fun now and then. But those hours are becoming less. His days are numbered unless he stops taking himself so seriously. (For crying out loud, Dori, stop talking so much, dumping topic upon topic.) Frankly, I don't think Dori really wants to take anymore calls than is necessary. As I've said so many times, by the time Dori gets to calls he is up against a break.

The days of high priced local talent is about done. There will not be overpaid talent to replace Dave Ross and Dori Monson. Paying big bucks for hosts requires selling more commercials that the audience will continue to tolerate.

Radio will continue radically adjusting. I'm betting that KIRO will gradually move towards more fluff talk featuring entertainment. I can see Ron & Don becoming even more outrageous. Dave Ross retiring to be replaced by fluff entertainment. Dori will have to adjust or be left behind. He will adjust or be left behind, which means selling his house and telling his daughters to pay for their own college.

Anyway, just a few thoughts. Nothing written in stone. I just feel it is obvious that the glory days of political talk radio are over. Forget the Fairness Doctrine. There will soon be no need for it.

Corporate Suit

The Times has got the true story. Wilbur will be paid the full length of his contract through 12/31/09 so he can lie on the beach and still take a paycheck. And the firing was all about ratings:



Seems unfair to say these people are "fired" when they were let go for financial reasons that might have been no fault of their own.

Mark C.

Broadcast talent are held accountable for getting good ratings. Kirby was an exception... until now.


It's the word that has the most impact on human emotions. All other synonyms pale in comparison and don't provide the riveting perceived inequity of it all from both perspectives.
But that's a good point ther AHole.


Kirby Wilbur is a fat bastard and a right wing tool. Now that he has plenty of free times he needs to devote the rest of his life to the consumption of salads.


mark c, radio in general is dying off. You wouldn't say that every Vaudeville performer was a talentless hack just because he or she was out of work by 1930.

Lord Basil

Kirby and KVI were a great bulwark against the liberal fascism of Seattles politically correct crowd. In the 90's, my radio was tuned to KVI from morning to night. As far as I'm concerned it was the only reliable source of news and information in town, if not the country.

Seeing Kirby go is a sad day. There are true patriots still on there, but no one could fight the pot smoking homosexuals like Kirby, or expose the nascent Nazism of Barack Hussein Mohommed Obama. I only wish he gave more airtime to the birth certificate story, because if anyone could blow the lid off that story, it was Kirby, and the massive KVI truth machine.

I hope he shows up again on radio, or goes to short wave if Obama imposes the Fairness Doctrine and censors the conservative media. I fear he may cancel the 2010 elections, and as totalitarianism approaches, Kirby's may be the only voice of truth in this region.


mrogi that didn't sound like you? Imposter?


talk about a bad habit. The greenwood arsonist that the cops just caught, has already done 2 or 3 prison stints for arson. sure hes a scumbag deserving of no mercy, but just imagine- your potsmokimg addiction will give you some memory problems and male breasts at wors, his addiction just keeps
landing him more and longer stints in the old stinkshack with Bubba Johnson.


"Now that he has plenty of free times he needs to devote the rest of his life to the consumption of salads.

Posted by: mrogi | November 13, 2009 at 03:51 PM"

May this imposter rot in hell !


My god, we have a lot of posters using different names. And what's with mrogi aka judas and his two icons?

I'd swear mrogi was chux given what comes out of his mouth.


Having gained 50 lbs since I quit smoking last year, the last thing I could do is comment on Kirby's weight. Besides, I really like Kirby, having met with him a number of times through the years, he is a genuine nice person.
Besides Joanie, you are really about the only person that I treat as shit on a regular basis.
That is only because it seems to please you to think Chuck is evil and you invite and love it. No other person in my life gets to enjoy that kind of vitriol out of me. You r speshul.


That's because I'm the only one who calls you out for what you are. You crapped on Sparky when she slightly took you one. Remember?

Or is all that Fixed News affecting your memory cells?

And even then, you can only think of mrogi type comments to make. Nothing having to do with anything issues-related. That says it all, doesn't it?


Kirby Wilbur's big claim to fame was organizing a bunch of signwielding, conservative meatheads in 1994 to mass around the podium at Westlake Center and drown out Hilary Clinton as she tried to speak to the crowd in favor of her healthcare bill. What a thing to be proud of. Kirby is a fat bastard, and- I'm not.


In fact, there's no doubt in my mind that you use different names. You don't have the balls to speak the things you think and sometimes say with your own voice. I know you, chuckie.


Kirby actually did that in 1994? What is it about these cons- flag-wavers to the end, but deep-down, they work very hard to crush democracy. Why is that?


We just work hard to crush socialist ideals. Remember, it was that stupid healthcare crap that the forking democrats were trying to stuff down our throats.
Do you really think that we should just grab our ankles and take it? Not gonna happen.


What did they do to crush democracy (you really mean the Democratic Party) besides turn back the Democrats in 1994 ?

This is not a one party country and if it ever becomes one, your a$$ is grass and the government is the lawnmower.


"Or is all that Fixed News affecting your memory cells?"

Your political correctness makes me want to fart loudly or puke. Fox News is above CNN, MSNBC and less of a White House network than CBS, ABC and NBC. At least it presents more of the hidden truth that those piece of shit networks leave out because it doesn't conform to their politically correct agenda (i.e the Government media complex). Brainwashed by political correctness..


"Fart out loudly", once again the party of Palin and Prejean.


Most people have enough awareness of their bodily functions that they can tell the difference between farting and puking, owing to the fact that, for most persons, that occurs on different ends of the human body. Perhaps you need to see a doctor, ks


Ever notice conservatives only let women with big tits talk? Seems counterintuitive. That means it's not what you think would happen.


Frank Shiers had Ane Bremenr on talking about O bama's decision to move KSM's 911 trial to NYC and the federal judicial system. After Anne left big Frank called Obama a fool for doing this. Speaking of Bremner, she heads up Friends of Amanda, a group trying to get Amanda Knox acquitted in Italy. She says it is a railroad job from Hell. I tend to agree although Knox has some bizarre personality quirks. I don't believe she is a sociopath. The prosecutor is a corrupt loon, the flimsy case against her is fueled by anti-American sentiments running high, and a prosecution team who have decided on a murder theory and are too egotistical and corruptly prideful to back off of it once facts have gotten in the way. Final arguments are in a week.


Watch this in full screen. It is interesting and kind of beautiful. saving sea turtles in Costa Rica


If all goes as it should, Knox should be home with her family soon. You are so right Tommy, that kid has been railroaded from the get go.


Why do you post opinions about which you have no information? And Tommy, what facts do you have that guarantees her innocence?


Her behavior after the murder was bizarre. If she was 100% against this whole murder thing I don't think she would have acted the way she did. Maybe the boyfriend had screwed with her mind and put her under his spell, and if that's the case, I can't feel much sympathy. The lesson for today is: don't be a tool.


After hearing Eric Holder explain the decision to Jim Leher, I think it is the right thing to do. One of the successes for the terrorist is that they have us scared shitless. We seem to be questioning the things that have made us great. We are the United States. We try people in public. We let the facts speak for themselves.

Puget Sound

Actually, no. Not in time of war. FDR, Wilson, Lincoln, etc all understood the need to keep this stuff subject to military tribunals.

Yet another poor move by our President and it will backfire on him hastening his departure after one term.

Unfortunately, it will make the United States less safe. Add that to a poor economy and it doesn't bode well for him or his party.

Consider this Rich:
"In our world, the terrorist who ordered jumbo jets flown into skyscrapers gets the full complement of constitutional rights in federal district court. Simply put, a terrorist looking to run up a body count is better off going to the mall than to a military base, where the UCMJ might come into play." Why do that?

This decision -hopefully it will be reversed- will allow for Show Trials, etc. It also harkens back to the 90's at the first WTC Bombing Trial when the US opted to treat it as a law enforcement matter and not a terrorist attack.


Guarantees her innocence? how absurd. You can't prove a negative, unless you, say, have a rock solid alibi, and she and rafael cant prove they were at his place watching movies. That doesnt mean they werent there. There is some slight evidence that rafael used his home computer that night, in our system youre guilty until proven guilty, and none of their extremely weakass "evidence" would be strong enough to merit a conviction in Seattle. but its not like that in Italy. These lazy, corrupt clowns have court one or two days a week. I'm not doing all your research for you. What you think you know about Amanda you'll find out you really dont know. Such as her turning cartwheels at the police station. Turns out the cops asked her to do one after she said she was a gymnast. This whole think begins to unravel the more you poke and prod it. Perhaps she was a bit of a weirdo. that doesnt mean youre a murderer. as far as not showing proper grief , she called her mother in hysterics after the body was found and insisted in staying in Italy to help the police. Thats when police bastards badgered and bullied/abused her into a false confession, False confessions happen all the time in the U,S,/ let alone Italy. . her behavior after that- strange, possibly, but the victim was more of an axquaintance than a friend, theyd known each other 8 weeks for christ sake. dont be a judgmental shrew.


Drew - why are you such an idiot ?


Amanda Knox - she'll probably be exonerated, but still convicted of a lesser charge and serve some prison time.

As for the decision by Obama to try KSM, it is a political ploy to demonstrate that the courts can handle terrorist cases - since KSM already confessed, he is betting on him being convicted.

Of course he totally ignores the unintended consequences (like a big bullseye being painted on New York City for the Islamic terror groups) and agree with Shier's assessment of he being a fool. He has successfully turned the calendar back to 9-10.


A case on Trutv reminds of the Amanda Knox trial. This real life case involved a Marine or Navy wife in SAN diego who was convicted of murdering her husband by poisoning. Much was made of her "lack of grief",, "srange behavior" and partying after his death. She even herself bought new boobs. There was a whole shitload of cluckclucking, judgmental, prudish hens and ninnies, proclaiming her guilt to the heavens even befor her conviction, just as in this case. Turns out a year later the case was theown out and the wife was freed, fully cleared of all charges after it was proven the military lab the tissue samples were taken to was substandered and gave erroneous levels of arsenic.


sorry i menat to say innocent until proven guilty, although some extremists believe minorities are guilty until proven guilty in America.

Paul Johnson

How could "mushmouth" Wilbur possibly compete with the man that is waking America up! Well no, your not America in this blog, but most of the country still is. And if you say conservative talk radio is dying, will you please give me an example of progressive radio that is flourishing? KIRO-FM is mostly conservative? Who are you kidding? Only Dori Monson is somewhat conservative and as I pointed out to you people earlier, he is the only reason they have any ratings at all. As our leader fumbles and crumbles around the world, terrorist attacks occuring in his home country, the real Americans are in an increasingly revolting state. Your liberal run is hopfully nearing its end. Thats why you cannot get listeners to your crazy leftists rants. The rest of the world leaders are laughing behind Obamas back! What an embarrasment he and his regime are. Talk radio is saying what the rest of the state run media won't. The truth.


Don't you love the 'not in time of war?"

What war were we in on 9-11?

When did Congress declare war?

Criminals. They are criminals. Just like Ramzi Yousef arrested in Pakistan for the bombing of the World Trade Center and now behind bars without parole and tried in the US legal system.

Wars! Two conflicts, tens of thousands dead in Iraq and counting, many,many more wounded mentally and physcally, Afghanistan numbers going up, and neither "war" declared nor involved in 9-11. Bin Laden probably in Pakistan which harbors the terrorists we should be hunting down.

Oh, but apparently we "don't think about it much anymore."

It was more fun to think about a "legacy" for the fly-boy pretend-soldier in charge at the time than to really find the terrorists who did the deed like Ciinton did quietly and legally in Pakistan in '95.

You're an idiot.


And what's more, the only people against it are the right-wing politicians, the right-leaning Murdoch-owned WSJ, and probably some military-apologists.

As for the rest:

The New York Times.“It was an enormous victory for the rule of law, a major milestone in Mr. Obama’s efforts to close the detention camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and an important departure from [former president] Bush’s disregard for American courts and their proven ability to competently handle high-profile terror cases.”

New York’s mayor, governor, and police commissioner all say they’re OK with Holder’s decision.

“They are responsible for the deaths of 3,000 people right here in Manhattan, and I think they should be tried in the venue where they committed the crime,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told reporters Friday. “That has always been the standard in our criminal justice system. I see it fitting and appropriate.”

Mayor Bloomberg notes that the city has hosted terrorism trials before, including the successful 1995 conviction of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and other Islamic militants responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

You don't thing the people of New York might want to see this done "the American Way" in the old-fashioned way? Before Bush-justice changed the Constitution?

Let Mohammed (Yousef's uncle) get his fair trial the same way his nephew did. Let's return to "freedom and JUSTICE for all" in the United States of America. Hopefully, it is not a military dictatorship yet.

And let's be done with Guantanamo-type justice.


It would be nice if the cruise ship company's could make Gitmo a stop on Caribbean cruises and we could stop and tour the prison there and see all of the caged up animals.
The Marines could charge $100.00 per ticket and would sell thousands per day. They could rent out sling shots and when the shit weasels get on their little rugs aimed east every couple of hours, the tourists could be to the west with the sling shots.
The proceeds could be used for free government cheese and health care.
Everybody wins!!! A capitalistic solution.


I think it's pretty cowardly of conservatives to

1) not trust the American justice system

2) want to retreat from the battle ground of New York.

Nothing is as eloquent a middle finger as trying those religious bastards at the very place which they decided to make a huge mess.


It is not about trust in our justice system in any way. We have as good as it gets on this planet. It is about discovery and national secrets while thousands of our troops are at war.
There is nothing about these pukes that justifies putting our troops in additional jeopardy.
They should be tried by military tribunal and when convicted, lined up and shot.


With Truman, it was "the Buck stops here" and with Barack Hussein Obama, it is "the Buck starts here"
Useful idiots will undoubtedly flock here .

Don't be surprised if there is another large scale terrorist attack in the next six months (hope it doesn't happen). The liberal progressives will lose their credibility and the lamestream media will look stupider than ever and never be trusted again.

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