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October 23, 2009


Crystal from the old KIRO chat

Does anyone have a pic of the plane flying the banner overhead during that???? That said "Change the locks"


An easy solution for this would be for Beck to reach into his pocket and pay the bills.

What are the chances?


well, everyone knows that when you get a bunch of liberal protesters together there is a high chance for violence and property damage. maybe if they didn't have such a sorted history of causing problems at their "peaceful" protests they would not have had to fork over the extra money for cops and firefighters since threat exists.


I don't understand. Which history are you sorting?


Helluva deal. That must make the leftwingnuts filled with glee. Has anyone taken the time to calculate how much Barack Obama and Congress has cost us since January 20th ? The total is staggering...very close to a trillion.

Beck could easily repay it which is what he should do, but the lamestream media would do their best not to report it, because they are a bunch of dishonest dingleberries.


a trillion isn't that much.


We may be dingleberries, but we are honest.


"We may be dingleberries, but we are honest."

The last part is dubious if you call yourself a progressive. Under the Obama regime, Beck is in the top three on their growing enemies list.

Yeah, a trillion is slightly less than a gazillion,


Glenn Beck has quickly become a national treasure. Glenn began from humble beginnings as a native son of Mt. Vernon, Wa. Beck is now the acknowledged undisputed superstar of FOX News. He has the biggest ratings on the #1 cable news station in the USA. Washington State needs to celebrate a homegrown product who shocked the world and put the Great Nortwest on the broadcasting map. Glenn Beck is ours; we can be proud.


Hanford is a homegrown product but there is no celebration over the shit it left behind.


Beck and Hanford about equal as being a thorn in the side of "Rabbit Ears" Obama" who hears too much.
With Truman, it was the Buck stops here. With the Barack, it has been transformed to the Buck Starts here.

Just a wild guess, mrogi but your enthusiasm about Beck is not being fully appreciated on this blog.


rabbit ears?


more of these to come over the next 7 years.


Nice try, but it would be 3 years for Mr. Obama. Even to the next President no matter what race they are ?? Could be ?


Judging by the clear majority of concerned Americans that showed up in MV to protest Bud Norris' decision, Beck is neither a "national treasure", nor something to be proud of. That group, which outnumbered Beckerheads by more than 4 to 1, was there to do some containment and cleanup too. It's truly sad to see what people like Beck, along with O'Reilly, Hannity, Malkin, and Fixed News are trying to do to our Constitution, but the sight of all of our patriotic liberals who stood to defend America from Beck and Norris said that we are winning.
Check your hoods at the door. Racism is clearly not welcome in Skagit County.


And no, Beck isn't about to pay MV back for all he cost the city in services- it's not his style. He does not tip waitresses in restaurants, and he certainly won't be covering his financial responsibilities to his home town. It's why he qualifies as one of the cons- he'll piss and moan about self-responsibility and socialist states, while being a huge burden on the town he grew up in.


Only $18,000? I bet Norris' opposition next election raises a whole more than that!

Isn't it funny? A national treasure! Oh god. Only mrogi aka judas could some up with that one. Stealing the national treasure is more like it. Thanks for the Friday night laugh, ju . . . umm . . .mrogi.


It's very hard to justify calling someone a "national treasure" when they're caught before going on air with their make-up crew backstage, smearing Vicks Vap-O-Rub underneath their eyes to illicit excessive tear production. Only the cons could be proud of something like that.

Mike Barer

I caught that story too, I guess the days of the GOP watching out for the taxpayers are over.


It was worth it!


Don't get me wrong, I think Beck's just a grown-up morning zoo shockmeister that's found a niche and will run with it as long as there are people in this country who must be in fear of something all the time.

But, to be fair, I believe the Vicks Vap-O-Rub incident was for a magazine photo shoot, not for his 'I olve my country' crying-jag on TV.

But, he's still a maroon....an ultra-maroon. A rich ultra maroon, but still a maroon.


That's, 'I LOVE my country'....

Olve your country is something entirely different.


If you can't be with the one you olve, olve the one you're with


Passion & Intensity raises Glenn Beck to a level above his liberal/progressive competitors. Beck is riveting and compelling to viewers of all political leanings. If you claim you do not watch Beck you are either a liar or clinically dead. Beck is fascinating to everybody.


Don't tell my employer I am clinically dead - I need those paychecks. Riveting and compelling like a train wreck, I guess. I admit I used to listen to him on the radio once in a while, but watch him? No, never.


Anything that gets under the skin of the whacked out left, just makes my day!


riveting and compelling....
mrogi, I bet you love to watch the dryer go around at the laudromat, too.


what I love about tax hikes, even more then helping the poor, is pissing of conservatives.

All of Europe is socialist because they discovered after centuries of war and rebellion that it's the only true solution, and we will discover this as well. Our days of circumstantial advantage are behind us. The coming decades will be filled with the tears of frightened conservatives and angry libertarians. Even Bush was socialist. There hasn't been a true conservative since Reagan.

Puget Sound

ah, the socialist.
as margaret thatcher essentially said, "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money to spend."

you are spot on about Bush spending way too much. we saw what happened to the Republican party.


Correct, PS about Bush's overspending. Back to the topic; I am not enthralled by Beck's delivery, but he is only one of a slough of talkers that is shooting back at the recent cheap shots and from the White House. .

Anyone with a brain and a shred of decency in their being should understand that moveon.org and media matters are inhabited by serial liars. They will never come clean because if others know what they support, their cause would be buried.

Obama is showing his transparency of resorting to Nixonian tactics with an enemies list and is out to get maximum mileage with the soft tyranny gradually getting more brazen day by day approaching that of Chairman MAO. The White House has clearly jumped the shark and don't see it changing unless the POTUS undergoes a character transplant.


As KS looks to Pravda and tee shirts in china for legitimacy, Puget Sound looks to em for support.

You guys are rich.


and you are a sheeple who has no substantive argument so you resort to drive-by invective. You're pathetic.


KS you've never made an argument of substance, only of rhetoric and hyperbole, and then you accuse others of invective after you compare Obama to Mao? Fuck off. You're a joke.


STFU Andrew. You are a loose cannon loon with a rectal cranial inversion.. Did I strike a nerve ? Keep using your lightweight and ridiculous arguments. Obama is more like Mao than Bush is like Hitler (which is what you wrote before) - too bad you can't handle it.. Your reading comprehension is weak and stop being pathetic.

get some help right wingers

shove it up your ass, King Shit


Beck is riveting and compelling to viewers of all political leanings.

Umm, tell me again just how many viewers he has?

I think, mrogi aka judas, I'm better at math than you are.


Posted by: get some help right wingers | October 25, 2009 at 08:03 PM

Just another dickwad. All rhetoric and no substance.


KS: You haven't struck a nerve, the plain fact is that you're a hyprocrite. You don't do any research at all before making claims, yet you accuse others of lacking substance. Pot, meet kettle. You simply recite the Limbaugh talking point of day and use demeaning simpleton terms like Obamunist, Obamao, Obamacare to oversimplify complex subjects you can't understand and to smear the first black president. You never did this to a white president, D or R. You're obviously racist. I don't recall any portmanteau linking Clinton and communism. By the way, conservatives have compared Obama to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and the joker. Take a look in the mirror sometime dumbshit.


AA - You show yourself once again to be a pathetic loser and a racist to boot.

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