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October 27, 2009





That is way too much truth for one lil' ol' lefty blog.


The resident idiot has spoken. Thank you, empty-headed chux. BTW, which one were you?

The only thing that makes me think this isn't as big a deal as portrayed is that Fixed News has so few watchers.

What worries me most is the recruiting of otherwise intelligent people into the vocabulary and framing of these issues like Stepanopopopopopo whatever his name is. He should know better.

David Gregory? An opportunist. Always has been.

Yeah, the propaganda machine is getting bigger but the numbers of people who listen to it? Seems like they've pretty much stayed the same. Therein lies the hope of the American people.


Joanie, the only news organizations quoting Fixed News are, well is, Fixed News! Nobody else takes info from them domestically. On the global news pool, only SkyNews borrows from Fixed, and we know why that is. Makes sense to keep the propaganda in the house.


But I heard Stepanop... and Gregory using the terms "death..." and that's borrowing the framing of the idiots on the right. That's what I'm talking about.

Wouldn't you think they'd know better? Makes for more sensationalism I guess. But they are treasonous when they repeat the lies and innuendos. Treasonous.

I guess we know the people (fools?) on this blog who have TV sets permanently set on Fixed News.


BTW, Drew. I sort of like my icon. It reminds me of an earth mother. Ya think?

And Ryder: I think yours and mine are a match. :)


FNC is the only network that deviates from what the White House wants you to hear. If you believe everyone except Fox News, I have some swampland to sell you in the Nisqually Delta. Zombieland lives... Resident idiots indeed !

Something to ponder...Why are CNN's ratings dropping so fast ? MSNBC's are already in the shitter.
Same old garbage - yawn...


Klueless, why are you so impressed with what less than 3% of the population watches?

Do you every really think for yourself?


It's sad. Conservatives no longer believe in the integrity of journalism. They're conceding every last pillar of democracy in their death throws.

When the news has nothing nice to say about conservatives they fire the news man and install Sean Hannity. When gay people try to excersize good old American liberties and marry they throw away seperation of church and state and turn legislation over to the clergy. There is no core American value they won't betray in order to cling to their outdated ways just a little bit longer.

You can see it in the way they say the media has a liberal bias. Hollywood has a liberal bias. Public schools have a liberal bias. Pretty soon food, water and air will have a liberal bias. It's always someone or something else. It's never them.


Right, "Fixed News has so few watchers." Take a look at this....from the Huffington Post no less...


Condescension is fine but works so much better if you know what you're talking about. Just sayin'...


Learn to hot link, Bill.


Right on Bill, sure shows the facts doesn't it. Typical lefties here will likely ignore though because THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!


Bill, you are another idiot. Three million viewers. Leads "cable" so-called news shows.

Reread my posts. Averaged 2.25 million total viewers in prime time for the third quarter, up 2% over the previous year. Liberals aka education people are getting their news from a whole lot of sources other than cable-news "entertainers."

Fixed News is still speaking to the choir, Bill. You guys are so easily led astray. Keep watching it. You're hopeless anyway.


and fRed, take a math class.


And I would encourage you to take a statistics class, obviously you lack in that area.


Statistics is math you idiot. What is 2% of 3 million? Out of how many people in all? Basic math.

And I generously said 3 million - they said 2.25 million.

You are welcome back to first grade if you care to come.


You are hopeless. Not worth my time to school you in this.


Ah, expected answer from a know-nothing. Nothing else you can say.

Have a nice day.

(That's a rhyme, by the way.)


J - I know it may be too much for you to understand, but lots of people have access to those internets - even in outback places like Oklahoma, Texas, and South Carolina! It's okay to access the internet even if you aren't a Democrat. Last I checked anyway. Although David Axelrod is "working on it."

Don't insult these people by assuming they don't access additional resources. And maybe even read! Whoaaaa!

The downfall of the libs/Dems will be their smug 'we are smart and educated and they are dumb hicks who live in the heartland. How quaint' attitude.

That POV re-elected GW. Your welcome.


"Bill, you are another idiot.", "Liberals aka education people.." "You're hopeless anyway." "Statistics is math you idiot." "You are welcome back to first grade.." "Ah, expected answer from a know-nothing."

Ad hominem attacks and insults in joanie's above 3 posts. Is that really necessary. Speaks volumes.

Beck Comedy Tour 2009

"You are hopeless. Not worth my time to school you in this."

Pot Meet Kettle


Joanie is math challenged and her logic is a pathetic joke and is also a liar because she knows better.

Get this - 3 million viewers for a single show does not mean 3 million viewers for the whole time.
Multiply that by 5-8 times and that is the real picture. The same can be said if you take the highest rated shows on the other networks.


WOW! Joanie is on a roll!

I'm a gonna put my own slant on all this trash talk about news outlets.

MSNBC No one cares.

CNN Larry King is perhaps the most worthless interviewer on the planet. Never asks hard follow-up questions.
Wolf Blitzer talks so fast that no one can understand him. His mind is so set on his objective that he doesn't even hear what is being said to him. Classic example is little Fallon's response of everything being for the show. Wolf completely missed it.
Anderson Cooper is nice enough but boring.
I will give CNN a way to gain back an audience. Dump Larry King. Instead give us an hour of world news that covers something other than the American political point of view.
The orgasm that was election night last year proved beyond all doubt that CNN was rooting for the Democatic landslide. I swear that some of those guys were wetting their pants.

FOX is just a joke. True, FOX does present a view not heard elsewhere. It would be nice if Billo and Hannity would shut up long enough to let guests make their point.

Yet it is all a joke. ABC, NBC, CBS kick cable's butt in the ratings. If it weren't for talk radio trumping the message from FOX, FOX would be nothing more than a fringe outlet. Their lack of influence is seen in every election, as even Dori admits, where most of their issues and candidates are left in the wasteland.


The election proved Bush was a fuck-up... not license to elect a black radical. The real citizens of this country are rising up to put traditional values, and common sense back into this country. If not impeached, Obama wlll be rendered into joke status. If the US survives this guy, let us think next time before we install the minority flavor of the month as POTUS. Raising the voting age back up to 21 would help.


Joanie is the sexual intellectual that doesn't have the brains to get a head ache. She has extrapolated from the fact that she can keep up with over half of her first grade students intellectually that she is in fact intelligent herself.
She is deluded in to thinking that she knows all and that with every glass of wine she pours from the box, the smarter she is.
I will admit that she is one of the best on these whole innertubess at insulting people.
Da bitch knows how to talk smack.
Anyway, I enjoy her trash talk, but am really glad that the school keeps her away from the second and third graders.
Anyway, don't feel insulted by joanies rants. Enjoy them.


Probably some sort of a latent inadequacy. I shall ignore.


chucks I'm disturbed by where you've taken this thread.

Crystal from the old KIRO chat

It says more about chucks than joanie. especially the "headache"
part. LOL He must get that excuse a lot.


I do not know why you would be disturbed Andy. I am just sharing with the other posters that may have open minds not to take all of joanies insults or attacks personally. Years of experience on this board has taught me that.
In her mind, if somebody is not a Maoist, commie, liberal, progressive or socialist, that person is any one of the number of names and insults she spews.
What may feel or sound like a personal attack from joanie is just a lonely old woman crying out.
Is it not reasonable that they know that? It may be horrid fact, but fact none the less.


Where do you get your "facts?"

Oh that's right. Fixed News.

Hahahahahahahahahaha. That's a knee slapper. Poor chux. If he only had a brain...


Ah Ryder. I love it when you speak your mind!

Fox is a joke. Yes, they are all jokes. And anybody with a brain knows that network news kicks booty.

Ergo: these guys have no brains.


She is at her best when the moon is full.


How come you're not kicking booty upstairs, chux? Wife got a headache?


A coupla of days a month she gets cranky and whiney and complainey and bitchey, so I hid in my little office and read your crap.
I am truely grateful that she is like you only on the day before, first day and second day. After that, life is good.
Why are you like that all month?


Like what?


FNC is the only network that deviates from what the White House wants you to hear.

Except when it was a previous White House! Then it's all Blow/Hand/Rim-jobs all the time!

(Conveniently forgot that snag, didn't you chucky)


Yes, the previous whitey house.

They should really drop their News moniker, MSNBC says they are the "place for politics", why can't FOX just say "we are the place for the 28% of people who think it's cool to whack their mother upside the head"


During the last White House, there were plenty of adversarial news organisations. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, QVC, BET, The Times (all of them),PBS, Blatherwatch, HLN,AAR, etc.
Did either of you feel that the word was not spread about how "evil" the Bush admin was?
I really hope you did not feel deprived of information.


I didn't know Judith Miller was part of the adversarial news while beating the drum for Iraq.


A token moderate in a shit storm of liberal press.
Every one of the listed news(?) providers allows for a token.
Even Bla'm bites his tongue and tolerates a few of us to participate.
Don't be obtuse Curly.


So who is FOX's 'token' chuckwagon?


Geralda, Smith, Gretta plus a hole crap load of liberal FNC contributors such as Beckel and Williams.
They have way to many token's.


Yes, if the cons had a perfect network, they'd have placed the likes of Geraldo and Gretta in internment camps a long time ago- they're seriously getting in the way of the GOP agenda.
Their network cannot attain victory unless the slightest voice of dissent is silenced, and Fox will then become the Official News Agency of the glorious Motherland


This is delicious. Obama has gotten his feelings hurt again. Oh.. and there is just no time for dates! Bitch.


They don't need a network. They need a pew in The Church of Fixed News. That's what it is. They're addicted to religion.

Some idiot above called it an alternative. Alternative to what? The truth? Since when does lying constitute an "alternative?"



Geralda, Smith, Gretta plus a hole crap load of liberal FNC contributors such as Beckel and Williams.]

Ahhhh, the convenient FNC house-liberals that no one else takes seriously

All tokens and all FNC side-show wrestling heels trotted out when anyone questions "Fair and Balanced":

Geraldo=token ratings whore
(does anyone take him seriously)
Gretta=token celebutard expert.
Smith=token liberal? how? when?.

And Juan Williams? Give me a fucking break. He's been O'Reilly's acting racial reassurance dupe since day one.
Just watch every time O'Reilly makes a racial slur. Bill trots out (and pays off) Juan to say "I'm black and you're okay, buddy" (wink)

Again, all blow/hand/rim jobs sucking up FNC ratings $$$

Note: O'Reilly pawn Jane Hall finally stepped up and stepped off FNC due to "slanted coverage" and "scary Beck"

Note-2: George Will, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and William Safire (to name a few) are all taken seriously. Similarity: All intelligent and none on FNC


You spent a lot of energy replying to the token libs on FNC Merci. Did you have a point or something that you wanted to dispute?

Puget Sound

juan williams is a talented writer. you should look at his book on justice thurgood marshall. you may disagree with his politics but don't be dismissive of man with these credentials.
"He is the author of the critically acclaimed, best-selling biography of the nation’s first African-American Supreme Court Justice – Thurgood Marshall – American Revolutionary. Other books include the 2006 New York Times Best Seller, Enough – The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America-What We Can Do About It and I’ll Find A Way or Make One – Tribute to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He is also the author of My Soul Looks Back in Wonder – Voices of The Civil Rights Experience. Williams also wrote the introductory essay for the celebrated book Black Farmers in America featuring photographs by John Ficara.

Williams is also credited as author on two books written to support documentary series already in production at Blackside, Inc. in Boston. (The books are based on the television series, not vice versa.) Late in the production of Blackside, Inc.'s landmark PBS documentary series, Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965, for example, Williams worked with the Blackside publishing team and staff producers to create the series' companion volume, also called Eyes on the Prize. Along the same lines, he and Quinton Dixie wrote the companion book for This Far by Faith – Stories from the African American Religious Experience.

Williams was an editorial writer, op-ed columnist, White House correspondent and national correspondent during his 23 year career at The Washington Post. He has won several awards for investigative journalism and his opinion columns.

He has also won an Emmy Award for TV documentary writing and won widespread critical acclaim for a series of documentaries including Politics-The New Black Power. His documentary on A. Phillip Randolph was featured on PBS. Articles by Williams have appeared in magazines ranging from Newsweek, Fortune and The Atlantic Monthly to Ebony, GQ and The New Republic."

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