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October 25, 2009



Even before Barack Obama was elected to the presidency, Rupert Murdoch had declared war on him via the personalities of Fox News Channel, a subsidiary of Murdoch's media conglomerate, News Corp.

Since Obama's election, the cable channel's hosts and paid analysts have launched a full frontal assault on the president, smearing his nominees, calling him a racist and suggesting that his administration was trying to persuade disabled veterans to off themselves.

Now the fearmongers at Fox are crying foul since the president and his aides declared Fox not to be a news organization. Earlier this month, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn called Fox an "arm" of the Republican Party. Obama went even further, suggesting this week that Fox "is operating basically as a talk-radio format," and we know what that means: A format in which the most provocative opinions dominate the discourse and facts are optional.

Yet that's just the tip of the iceberg. Setting Fox apart from the two other cable news networks is its ownership by a corporation whose CEO and major shareholder is a mogul with an ideological agenda -- who operates his News Channel as a propaganda machine for his anti-government cause.

He even has his own community organizer, a fellow named Glenn Beck, who can turn out a mob on a dime at your local town-hall meeting. His big ratings-getter, Bill O'Reilly, is a professional bully, handsomely paid to physically intimidate progressive commentators -- on video -- and to vilify others.

Murdoch's agenda is simple: He's against regulation of any kind. Famous for smashing the unions at his U.K. properties, Murdoch also has a pronounced disdain for labor.

In essence, Murdoch's agenda tracks closely with that of the current GOP, that far-right rump of a party that once claimed to embrace a range of views under the canvas of a big tent. So he uses the Fox airwaves to raise funds for Republican political action committees.

We've seen the Fox News-branded hosts and pundits -- such as Michelle Malkin and John Stossel -- sent out gin up the fearful folk gathered by astroturfing groups funded by corporations that seek to derail government intervention of any kind, whether in the nation's dysfunctional health care system or in its increasingly compromised environment.

Murdoch saves money by farming out the investigative-journalism functions of his alleged news enterprise to Republican Party entities, whose error-laden press releases are passed off as original Fox News research.

When you watch Fox News Channel, what you see is the advancement of that agenda through a media organ that seeks to turn regular people against their own interests -- the better to enrich the coffers of Murdoch and his heirs -- and that actively organizes those whose paranoia it has fed with lurid and untrue tales.

How else would you turn their fear of a bitter economy and an unstable world into rage against a president who ran for office on an economic platform geared toward the needs of everyday people?



8 reasons Fox is not a real news channel:

1. Glenn Beck, the community organizer -- No other news operation in memory has ever hired its own community organizer, at least not one tasked with the mission of organizing paranoid people to march through the streets of the nation's capital with signs depicting the president of the United States as a mass murderer.

2.Fox's alliance with the corporate-funded astroturf group Americans for Prosperity

3. On-air fundraising for Republican PACs

4. Bill O'Reilly, stalker of those whose opinions he doesn't like.

5. Sunday talk-show host who promotes Republican falsehoods -- Once upon a time, Chris Wallace, son of the aforementioned Mike, was a real journalist, just like his dad. Then he joined the Fox team, as host of Fox News Sunday, which airs on the Fox's broadcast network.

Wallace fell full-fledged into Fox's wing-nuttery when, in the heat of the town hall madness this summer, he promoted a Bush administration official's mis-characterization of a booklet recommended for patients in the Veterans Affairs medical system as a "death book" for veterans.

6. Fox News anchors, show hosts and pundits parrot GOP press releases, or just make up stuff -- Promoting the notion that their organization is on some sort of Nixonian White House "enemies list," Fox News personalities first trotted out the "enemies list" theme in August, when they suggested that the White House, asking for Americans to send the administration any unsolicited e-mails they received that promoted false information about health care reform legislation, was actually compiling an "enemies list."

The idea was promoted by Steve Doocy of the Fox and Friends morning program, and a number of other Fox talking heads.

7. Fox News hosts urge viewers to join a particular political group -- During the run-up to the big right-wing 9-12/Tea Party march on Washington, Fox News entities and personalities repeatedly flogged viewers to join the Tea Party Express, a bus tour of anti-Obama activists.

Advising viewers on "how you can join" the tour, Fox and Friends hosted Tea Party Express organizer Mark Williams, vice chairman of the Our Country Deserves Better PAC, who is a part of the birther conspiracy movement of people who contend that Obama wasn't born in America. At the Fox Nation Web site, viewers were treated to a promotional piece that asked, "Will You Join the Tea Party Express?" We don't see the other cable news outlets soliciting members for, say, MoveOn.org.

8. Glenn Beck, deranged inventor of paranoid conspiracies -- Here's a Beck exclusive you won't hear on any of the other cable news networks: OnStar, the GPS/emergency-alert system available in General Motors cars, is being indirectly funded by the auto-industry bailout so the government can spy on you.

To be fair, Beck said this on his radio program, which is not a Fox News product, which is also where he compared the situation of Fox News to that of Jews during the Holocaust (with other news outlets acting as silent bystanders). In the same segment, he cast Obama as a "brutal dictator."

But statements such as these seem to serve no detriment to his Fox News career. (Compare this to MSNBC, where David Shuster got sidelined for a month during the height of campaign season for a bad choice of words regarding Chelsea Clinton stumping for her mom.) And there's no shortage of outrageous and paranoid material to choose from from Beck's television show.


Major Garrett, Chris Wallace, Shepard Smith are three of the best journalists in the business. All three newsmen broadcast daily on FNC. The American public chooses to watch FOX News more than all the other cable news channels combined. The attempt by the White House to de-certify a news organization is disturbing to anybody who values the Fourth Estate. Kudos to the other major news networks who stood up for FNC last week against the White House censorship tactics.


Where was the fair and balanced neews reporting during the american revolution? The Civil War, on either side. WWI? WWII? There is no such thing. Never has been. Never will be.

Frankly most political minded people turn to news that gives them the best blow job. Truth be durned!

Why should terrorists bother attacking mainland USA? The nation is doing a perfectly tidy job of destroying itsself from within.


Ryder has the best points so-far.

I don't suppose the rest of you were complaining much when Dan Rather was faking documents about our last President's military service... or do you still believe that crap? Was there any outrage from you, or this site then? I wasn't around at that time, but I'd sort of doubt it.

As Ryder says (more eloquently), we all listen to those who are most compatible with our sensibilities. The others aren't necessarily wrong, just slanted opposite the way you'd prefer. Some of you people could use a valium and a time out. You'd probably live longer.


believe it or not a good portion of the population just wants the actual truth.


mrogi, Beck and O'Reilly get the network's best numbers. Your argument that people watch for the "journalists" is laughable and easily disproved.

See for yourself

5PM Glenn Beck – 2,920,000 viewers
6PM Special Report with Bret Baier– 2,648,000 viewers
7PM The Fox Report w/ Shep –2,372,000 viewers
8PM The O’Reilly Factor– 3,436,000 viewers

Notice how viewers tune out of Fox during the actual news shows, after Beck leaves, and tune back in once O'Reilly comes on. Here it's demonstrably proven that most people watch for the commentary, not the news.


Good for you, Andrew. mrogi aka judas missed math in high school . . . in fact, looks like he may have missed math in first grade!

And sorry ryder and ksr, there is such a thing as news - real news. I catch it on the CBC quite often. And we used to have it here. Perhaps there have been lying journalists out there but I don't know who they are until Fixed News made a campaign out of lying. Demonstrable lying. To say otherwise is disingenuous at the very least and outright ignorant at its best.

Rather? I typed on a selectric myself. I had the same damn font they say wasn't available at that time. Rather was right. You can frame the report as coming down to a particular typewriter but that doesn't change the truth of the report.

I'm so sorry that you don't like the facts but that doesn't change them. Somebody threw a made-up monkey wrench into it and you bought it because you wanted to. Just like you're buying Beck's performance, O'Reilly's performance and the whole Fixed News soap opera.

Well, thank god there's less than 3 million out of 300 million watching Fixed News. I think we can get along with 1% of our population having an IQ of <92 and that's generous.

And anybody that compares today and the Afghanistan and Iraq wars with those named above looks foolish on their face. That's you, ryder.

Idiots. I wish we could put you on a boat to Australia.


And ksr and ryder, just name one so-called news channel that said those kinds of things about Bush? We didn't like him but what news channel made comments like the ones you heard on this video? Name them.

Radio? Yes. But name one news channel on cable or network TV. Just one. Specifics please.

Your stupidity is insulting to the rest of the human race.


I feel like I've just had an anal probe.

But I stand by my insistance that there is very little fair and balanced reporting. On either side.


Fox has a habit of manufacturing news. In the evenings, they have people on Hannity claiming Obama is a Nazi. Then the next morning, they run with stories asking, "Is Obama a Nazi? Some say he is."


The stats show that FOauX is available to 98 million cable subscribers but their viewership is at best 3 million. So what are the other 95 million watching?


It really does not matter what you libs have to say about FNC. FOX is the only network out there that has put ObaMao on his toes. Without the people at FNC riding his ass, none of us would know anything of what is really going on with our government.
Of coarse the most idiotic of you babels on about how only 3,000,000 watch FNC. That is right, three million at a time, but over a third of the American population watches FNC at least once per day, several days per week. That is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to ObaMao and his handlers.
The reason is simple, FNC may not be as balanced as advertised but does provide another perspective that is not spoon fed by the administration, Peelosi, Schumer, Reid etc.
Some idiot above suggested that it only watches CBC. That is funny. Why do so many Canadians tune in to American news broadcasts? To get the news from another perspective.
All of this FNC is evil crap is just a designed by the administration as a distraction to keep the American people from seeing their evil plot to socialize our nation and run our economy in to the ground.
They are succeeding in the destruction of our economy, but hopefully only temporarily. In a short time, we can rid government of these clowns and get our nation back in the hands of honest Americans.


Chucks - How dare you try and spew the objective truth here! That's not in the spirit of this posting - can't you tell ?


"but hopefully only temporarily. In a short time, we can rid government of these clowns and get our nation back in the hands of honest Americans."

I thought you clowns didn't believe in hope?


FNC doesn't put Obama on his toes, it wastes the resources of the current U.S. administration in forcing them to constantly issue public corrections for all the distortions and half truths coming out of a profit driven organization, Fox "News", the largest for-profit ministry of disinformation the world has probably ever seen. If the "death panel" wasn't distortion and half truth, I don't know what is.

This is a historical event. Prior to right wing talk radio and FNC, I don't recall the demonization of a political class as the basis for a business model on such a large scale.

Televangelists have been scaring the religious for decades and encouraging the gullible to send them money. Now right wing radio and FNC are taking it a step farther and painting conservatism as a religion, as the godly side of a great battle that doesn't really exist, in order to profit from a much greater pool of gullible people. If you want to make a lot of money, this might be your chance.


KluelesS son of a bitch: I just posted some cable news ratings further up this thread. Not objective enough for you?


I'll run a fact check and get back to you, dufus.


Palin was caught saying that on tv.


AA - you once again are spewing half truths and cherry picking about Fox News viewership. You are a liar and a jackass if you keep calling that true. Check http://www.snopes.com before you make such broad statements.

Chucks estimate is too high - it is probably somewhere around 15-20 million on the average for an entire week.


The job of a news network is to report and let the public decide. The American public decides on a daily basis to choose FNC over all the other cable news networks combined. Liberals do not trust the judgment of the American people. Liberals pompously try to impose their preference on the so-called unwashed masses.


KS, you're not making any sense. I cited actual ratings data, not a urban legends. I'm beginning to think you're clinically retarded. Prove me wrong.

Aren't you the same guy who didn't believe 30 Republican senators voted in defense of rape?

more, more, more...


mrogi, the popularity of something doesn't make it right. That's called argumentum ad populum and if you use it you will be wrong over and over and over again. Once upon a time a majority thought it was OK to enslave blacks. Were they wrong? Once upon a time a majority thought women shouldn't vote. Were they wrong?


FNC attracts less than 1% of the population. Why are the liberals/progressives upset and obsessed with a lil ole news network that has so little influence? You guys have ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, to inundate the airwaves with tidal waves of left wing propaganda. Why are liberals insecure & threatened by the only conservative news channel in America? I thought you guys advocated diversity.


1% might watch but their disinformation and misleading spin spreads far and wide. Also assuming nobody watches TV 24 hours a day, the number of people people who watch FNC at some point during the weeks is likely much higher than 1%.

Liberals are not threatened by FNC. America is threatened by FNC.


The government does not have the right to decide for the masses what is or is not news. The White House does not have the right to de-certify a news organization. The credibility of a news network is forged in the crucible of public discourse. FOX has established its credibility by reporting the news alongside the competition. The public has compared FOX to all the other cable news channels. The American public made FOX the #1 cable news network. No White House edict can override the choice of the American people. Left wing politicians cannot substitute their partisan political judgment for that of the American people.


Shepard Smith is a highly respected broadcast journalist. His news program on FNC gets bigger ratings than all the MSNBC news & commentary shows combined. Shep gets bigger TV ratings than the overrated partisan liberal hack Keith Olbermann. If FNC is not a news network why is Shepard Smith on the air?


Mrogi is correct. AuthenticAndrew, why are you lying.


The governemnt isn't stopping anyone from watching FNC.

The government does infact have the right to denounce claims made by news organizations.

Fox News' bias has been imperical proven: "FOX News showed a statistically significant pro-Republican bias in the most controlled of the three models Groeling tested: its Special Report program was 67 percent less likely to report a rise in approval for Clinton than a decrease and 36 percent more likely to report the increase rather than the decrease for Bush.

There's no proof that FNC viewers choose FNC for it's balance in particular, and in fact it's more likely they choose FNC for it's imbalances as the ratings stats I posted above indicate.

Fox News caters to the politicaly obsessed right. If Fox News spoke for America John McCain would have been elected.

Basically everything you said was wrong but I appreciate that you make and effort.


Shep Smith's ratings are attributable to "lead in". If you refer to the ratings I posted above you'll see that he gets worse ratings than the show before his, and the show after. You're wrong again.

I'll cut and paste those ratings for you since you dolts can't seem to find them:

5PM Glenn Beck – 2,920,000 viewers
6PM Special Report with Bret Baier– 2,648,000 viewers
7PM The Fox Report w/ Shep –2,372,000 viewers
8PM The O’Reilly Factor– 3,436,000 viewers


The biggest fallacy is the idea that only folks who love O'Reilly, Beck and Hannity watch their shows. Market Research proves that folks who hate a talk show host are more likely to tune in and for longer time periods. People who hate Limbaugh listen to hate him every day. They never miss a show. Howard Stern's most loyal listeners for decades were the ones most outraged by his program content. Liberals can recount everything Glenn Beck said on any given day. Yes sir, FOX News is must see TV for a lot more folks other than right wingers.


Ten of the top ten cable news programs are on FNC. Fox viewership has grown monthly since America mistakenly elected ObaMao.
Independents are the key. Only 30-35% of Americans define themselves as conservative and 20-25% as libs. Another 20% or so are libs or conservatives but think of themselves as moderate because they just can't be honest with themselves, let alone others.
The rest are independents that are coming out of the ObaMao ether and saying "Oh My God, what have we done?"
They are the ones that are going to help fix this mess.


AuthAndrew continues to lie. This blog is deteriorating because of it's posts. Lies, half-truths and plain inuendo if one studies those posts. Can only be detrimental to the overall success of this blog.


Andy, your point about Smith is well taken, but remember. The program you are referring to is his second of the day. Many of us that watched his early show see no need to watch it again.
Usually, the second program of the day does not do as well as the first. The only one to consistently do better his second show than his first is Chris Matthews. He does poorly in his first show and moves up to crappily in his second.


mrogi: Well if Beck and O'Reilly attract people who "hate" them then by definition those talking heads don't speak for America. You shot yourself in the foot there.

chucks: the fact that America elected Obama by a healthy majority only eleven months ago makes everything you just posted meaningless bullshit. None of that will matter until late 2011. Oh, and you're a racist.

Septicsvc: GTFO


What race is it that you chose that I racist against Andy?


AA - you are serial liar. Your side has mainly hatred and fabrication and you reflect that in your posts. Your so-called facts don't add up and your reading comprehension is weak go back and read my post. I made my argument and stand by it...


5PM Glenn Beck – 2,920,000 viewers
6PM Special Report with Bret Baier– 2,648,000 viewers
7PM The Fox Report w/ Shep –2,372,000 viewers
8PM The O’Reilly Factor– 3,436,000 viewers

A note to my last comment - There is a minor percentage of different viewers to these shows, not to mention some different viewers each day. The numbers help make the point; "it is probably somewhere around 15-20 million on the average for an entire week."


KS: who here link to facts and figures to back up their claims? Here's a clue: not you. At least chucks doesn't try to pretend he's smart. You're just pathetic.

chucks: ObaMao = Mao is not an American = you liken Obama to a non-American because he's black and you don't think blacks are Americans. You're a racist.


AuthenticAndrew, you have a naive understanding of what talk shows are. A talk host does not give a rat's ass about educating you, influencing elections, improving your quality of life or achieving world hunger. The only objective of a talk show is to deliver a massive number of eyeballs and ears to corporate advertisers. That is all Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, Olbermann, Randi Rhodes or Ed Schultz ever want to do. Liberals are imbecilic and silly in their attempt to ascribe diabolical motives to those guys. Neither MSNBC nor FNC talk show hosts are a threat to democracy or freedom. You take those blowhards too seriously. They just want you to buy toilet paper & burgers.


I may or may not have doubts about ObaMao being American or Kenyan, but most every other black person I know is native born American, just like me.
So try something else Andy. I'll wait.


Lets say for the sake of argument that Beck and O'Reilly are liberal entertainers who pretend to be unwavering conservatives in order to sell toilet paper and cheeseburgers, because they might as well be anyway. They are convincing millions of conservatives never question their existing beliefs, and instead they're reinforcing an ideology that may or may not work. It's entertainment and ad rev to FNC, but it means actual votes come the next election.

People like Ann Coulter tell their audience that being liberal is a brain disease. The message is that liberal ideas should never ever be considered even if they might be good ideas. Last I checked a publicly funded fire department was a good idea.

If you truly consider yourself an an intelligent person then you will recognize that what people want to hear and what people should hear are not the same thing. Many great disasters in history are attributed to people ignoring the reality of a situation because they didn't want to face the truth. The Titanic sank because the captain was more interested in making record time and he ignored the reality of ice burgs. He had a proverbial Fox News Channel playing in his head. In the same respect FNC viewers ignore liberal views and isolate themsevels in a vacuum where conservatives are always right and everyone else is always wrong. This will inevitably lead to disaster and FNC will be counted as a culprit.


chunks, the only reason you give your black friends a pass is because you know them personally and they're not Democratic presidents. Nobody will accuse you of being consistent.

Actions speak louder than words. Through your actions you reveal that you don't hold black people in the same regard as others.


AA continues to lie. He is to this blog what Beck and O'Reilly is to Fox. A simple blowhard. Sooner or later the residents of this blog will realize this. I have and will not re-visit.


buh bye


"Andy continues to lie." I am not so sure that Andy does not believe that which he spews. If you believe it, is it a lie?
He is a racist and feels better projecting his own racist views on others. That is just the kind of person he is.


The way I see it I've thoroughly bitch smacked all of you up and down this thread. I know you'll never admit it herein but I hope you take it to heart and try to improve yourselves as people.


chucks, how is andrew a racist???


Andy - If you can't figure out what I tried to say, I can't make it any clearer. Besides being a racist by calling others after running out of arguments and you like to dwell on race, you are a dim bulb and too full of yourself.

" I know you'll never admit it herein but I hope you take it to heart and try to improve yourselves as people."

As long as you come across like a brazen clown, people will give you the cold shoulder get bored and leave this site. As for what you wrote above, do us and yourself a favor; take a timeout to reflect on it and practice what you preach !!! -

buh bye.


My brain just exploded.

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