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October 14, 2009



Oh, my heart bleeds...!


Limbaugh, a "pioneer"? In what, the import pharmaceuticals industry? The NFL made a good call, and Limbaugh needs to go back and do what he does best- blowing the leaves off my driveway.


Robert Littal's style of writing makes my head hurt.


Those pioneers of the old west operated off of government subsidies.....free land offered by the government if you homsteaded and farmed it. How leftist.


Hey, someone needs to grab the reigns of modern bigotry and ride that golf cart... er, wagon into the pharmacy...er, 21st century.


Once again Rush comes out on top. He gets rejected as an NFL owner but generates a billion dollars worth of publicity for his radio show. Every newspaper, radio host and TV network discussed Limbaugh incessantly for seven consecutive days. His ratings and advertising revenue continue to skyrocket. Rush is the greatest marketing genius alive, dead or yet to be born.


You can't even question a black's actions in this country anymore without paying a penalty in liberty. There is trouble coming for you fools. You will know it when it hits you.


I don't think this was great publicity. It brought the words Limbaugh and racist into the same sentance... unless you presume his target audience is racist(which I'm willing to entertain) and receptive to the inference.


a "black's actions" No wonder 2008 was such a watershed year for the gop.


Limbaugh is enthusiastically endorsed by Black conservatives. Are these black folks racists also? Or are they a bunch of Uncle Toms?

Walter Williams - renowned Temple University economist.
Ward Connerly - University of California Regent.
Michael Steele - Head of the RNC.
Bob Johnson - Billionaire founder of BET
Juan Williams - FOX Cable News analyst.
Ken Hamblin - veteran talk show host.
Larry Elder - nationally syndicated talk show host.
Roy Innis - Conservative Civil Right activist.
Niger Innis - Conservative Civil Rights Activist.
Armstrong Williams - radio host and newspaper columnist.

Jambo sana

They're just a bunch of ofay stepanfetchits. He would lynch'em in a NY minute if they dared to criticize him.


mrogi aka judas: who cares?


Micheal Steele is not the head of the RNC.

Rush Limbaugh Fan

It’s just too, too karmic to see the mighty Rushbo, denied his wet dream of actually becoming part owner of an NFL franchise because he is once again being outed for the racist bastard that he really is.

Ya see, back there in Cape Gerardo, where Rush was going through the motions of becoming the adult he never quite actualized; he failed miserably at sports, not to mention interpersonal relations (see his subsequent failed marriage record).

It’s even more delicious to learn that after over 20 years of spreading scurrilous lies about others, he is hoisted on his own numerous petards of racist comments.

And now the FURY of his disappointment shows as he spends his entire three hours today attempting to discredit ONE of the Oh So Numerous racist comments he made by disavowing that single statement.

Who cares Rush, whether we got one wrong or ten wrong; we’re still batting over .900 with all the others we can replay through the modern miracle of voice recording. We got your number and it adds up to you being a racist asshole. Deal with it.


"Once again Rush comes out on top."

He's rich and has a big audience of dittoheads, but mainstream society will not give him the legitimacy he deeply craves. That's why he always lashes out at the cool kids, because they won't accept him.

So he can have his mansion and cigars and prostitutes. He'll never have what he really wants. Karma's a bitch.


Condoleeza Rice and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas support the political views of Rush Limbaugh. Are they a`couple of racists who hate black folks?


Good for the league!!!


Yah... you can murder dogs and play football. You can take drugs and play football. You can be a racist female and own a baseball team (Marge Schott), but apparently you can't be a popular conservative mouth and own part of a football team.

Limbaugh may not get what he initially wanted, but you're right... the ratings and listenership bump works, too. For now, that may be good enough and the joke's still on you... which, for Limbaugh, is usually the point.


Marge Schott was banned from managing her own team for two years after which she sold her interest.

My guess is Rush announced his intentions before he even talked to the NFL. They would of told him no if had asked first especially after his failed ESPN stint. He looks stoopid for trying. He is a racist just like Schott.


TOTALLY off-topic, sorry...

who was the woman who hosted late-night KIRO talk in-between Mike Webb having/not having the gig?

I can't remember her name...


Turi Ryder? Erin Hart?


KSR said: Limbaugh may not get what he initially wanted, but you're right... the ratings and listenership bump works, too. For now, that may be good enough and the joke's still on you... which, for Limbaugh, is usually the point.

No no, you don't get it. Rush is the eternal loser. He has painted himself into a little corner of crazy-angry-white-man rightwing silliness and he'll never be able to break out of that bubble. He's stuck in the little prison he's built around himself and society won't let him be anything else. He may have riches and a cushy job, but he's never going to have the respect and acceptance he wants. As long as Rush is kept on the fringe, he loses and society wins.


Erin Hart - that's it, thanks.


I love it, lim boah is a fat slob with a drug problem.

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