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October 05, 2009


Puget Sound

a check is underway.

i hope Chucks is still doing that funds matching program... :)


$100 are on the way. thanks for doing this and putting up with my persistent assholiness.. Someday I will come to grips with my own sexuality, and will learn to act it in a way that enables me to actually get laid.

John DeRosa



Blam! I recently got myself into a side-gig getting a store up-and-running with (much) better computers than they already have...

I could definitely assist you in scrapping together a fairly nifty system that'll run firefox - if you're happy w/linux?


I just sent $50. Michael, I am saving up for a satellite radio which might be a great thing for you to do, too if this radio market keeps sucking the way it is.. Don't go away.

Skid Mark Road

Dude, you asked for money last year because you said the site couldn't afford to go on, even though it's a free blog. Pathetic, using a public forum to beg for money, you're the homeless of the internet. And what news do you break? Its turned into a political pissing match here. With shitty bits. It's like the Glen Beck show!


Michael's blog is part of my day. Don't ask me why, I am addicted. I just sent $50 to his PO Box. I don't like PayPal, they are a Republican donor, and takes a piece of what Michael should be getting.

Radio is Dead

Why support a blog that perpetuates lies, stereotypes and dwells on shameless personal attacks.

I love these liberal blogs that embrace the free market when it's convenient.

Hood why not be consistent and ask your government representative for a handout? Hypocrite!

Bottomline...the free market works and the artificial government handouts are bullshit!


and yet here you are reaping the rewards of his labor, reading his posts, leaving comments on his blog, and you wouldn't dream of giving anything back. You don't even say "thank you." You're both a hypocrite and a cheap son of a bitch. And what's with your name? Is hygiene a burden for you? Thanks for the laughs!


Radio is Dead, you've got it backwards. It's conservatives that believe donations should replace social services. Mr. Hood is a shining exemplar of conservatism - begging for handouts from his fellow man rather than running to the government. Three cheers for the heroic Mr. Hood!


...suck up! Now put up; how much you sending him.


I believe Mr. Hood said he tried to get a government handout and failed. Now he's here begging. I feel I give him enough encouragement just bringing my eyeballs. I might give a donation in his name to KIRO -- they really have problems.


"I feel I give him enough encouragement just bringing my eyeballs"



and I feel I give adequate support to cancer children with the little smile I give them when I walk by. Get well little guy!


You conservatives are really showing your true colors today. You say that charity is the proper channel for helping your fellow man, and now you make excuses and back track. You're all awful people.


Lots of conservatives were hoping that Chicago wouldn't be picked for the Olympics. I remember when republicans were loyal...


puts was among the elated masses

Corporate Suit

Why support a blog on radio that:

1 - The owner has no radio broadcasting experience at all? He has NEVER worked in radio, much alone talk radio

2 - Posted pure fiction, slurs, and malicious posts only to hurt peole who working in already a very difficult industry

3 - Doesn't have the balls to face any of his detractors in person to discuss the untruths of his posts

4 - Pimps his daughter's firing at the drop of a hat

5 - And most of what he posts is available at other radio-related Web sites (which he "liberally" copies and pastes on this blog as "posts")...These include Radio Info, Talkers, R&R, Radio Equalizer, etc.


May be republicans are loyal and in that regard didn't want to see the City of Chicago go bankrupt. May be they wanted Chicago and Mayor Daly to focus on their youth gang problems and needless deaths and try to get the City back on track as Mayor Juliani did with N.Y. Ever consider that, a**hole. Of course not.
And aren't you (as a liberal-progressive) happy about a country in South America getting the Olympics finally. Are you fricken racist? I think Rio is an excellent place and they are prepared and will do an excellent job of hosting these Olympics.
So, go blow it up your a** ...you fricken racist bigot.

Grand Oligarh

It’s the blue pill after 5pm duffman.


And before you condemn the so-called 'conservatives' (as you ID'd them) on this board you'd better check with Bla'M and see who sent what.
I trust we can count on you AA...you don't seem to respond; come on how much are you going to contribute for being allowed to spew all of your bull**** herein.


I've got your 'blue pill' G.O., when w/you like it...and how injested.

Grand Oligarh

Get ready everyone, rooting for your country is equal to being a raciest. Who’d have thunk it?

Grand Oligarh

Whatever we donate we have no need to advertise. I bet you wear the price tag on your clothing?

Lloyd Bridges

Looks like Duffman picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue


Duffoon, yes, I donated actual money, a modest amount.


Yes, not too many cons will support the blog financially, but they unwittingly do their part by commenting here. They come to get their education, and give the blog a ratings boost as they leave in tatters. Shaaaattered!


M.Steele needs a blue pill as a suppository - then he might learn to critical thinker - nah..on the other hand, that will take shock therapy.

"Get ready everyone, rooting for your country is equal to being a raciest."

Now I know you are incapable of critical thinking. Your alter ego also needs to use spellcheck. Have a nice evening.


KS please stop talking about M.Steele's rectum

Real Conservative

I don’t see any spelling problems in that sentence klueless, and it was posted by Oligarh to boot. Are you o.k.?


Steele, kan yoo pleez spehl moor bedder, cuz i yam unaibul tu reed an unnstan yerr werds, an than maaabee i cood kepp uhp wit thees tahpiks yoo guyz tolk abuot

Tanx yoo muchz


Lloyd Bridges, I do not know why but your post tickled me a great deal.


I see I have a huckleberry patch now. And it looks like stupidity runs in the family too.


Have a good night all, it was a Grand day.


Yes, it was a grand day, unless you're a republican't...then it sucked


If Republicans think something might be good for the president, they're against it whether or not it's good for America.


Cons clearly want the country to be on the skids, no matter how badly it devastates American families, so they can blame it on Obama. When the day comes that they finally believe the truth about global warming, they'll blame that on Obama too.


I have made a donation, which I wouldn't ordinarily do, in honor of all the right wing numbnuts shitting up this post. :)


This item is among your hilarious best, Bla'M! I'm donating half my foodstamps!

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