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October 04, 2009



Has broadcasting become narrowcasting? Preaching only to the choirs? I try to read Drudge and HuffPost to get both sides. But I know each is slanted. Where is the golden middle Aristotle described?


You're the middle.


This article makes a big mistake; it confuses political advocacy and personal destruction. Just becuase talk radio is bad at promoting an agenda doesn't mean they aren't good at character assassination. Ask Hillary. Michael Steele had good cause to worry. Even though only a small percent of Republicans listen to Limbaugh, the headlines were seen by many and they weren't favorable. Talk radio is much better at portraying Obama as the joker, or a monkey or a Kenyan than promoting something like personal health savings accounts. Talk radio can destroy people. That's why phrases like Obamacare bug me, they prompt the listeners to HATE the man first, then consider the plan second, if at all. It's sad.


Commentary: GOP celebrates U.S. defeat

"to all the critics happy about us losing the 2016 games, turn in your flag lapel pins and stop boasting of being so patriotic. When an American city loses, like New York did in the the last go-round, we all lose. And all you critics are on the same level as the America haters all across the world.

You should be shouted down for not backing your own country. The next time any of you bang out a press release about "Buy American" or "Support our troops," remember this moment when your cynical, callous and small-minded brains happily rejoiced when America lost the 2016 Olympic Games


The success of Rush Limbaugh is totally independent of which political party is in power. Rush rose to prominence during the George Bush senior administration. He became a superstar during the Clinton years. Rush was subsequently signed to the biggest radio contract in history while Bush junior was in office. Rush continues to prosper with Obama in the White House. The liberal progs will never comprehend Limbaugh's pimp hand.


And there are two prime examples of what Brooks is talking about...


Right on, Sparky.

Good comments, Andrew. While these media jocks may be addressing a "slightly educated" niche, their words can result in real harm. The people that listen to them are the gun-packing crazies.

And mrogi aka judas, your comment doesn't really make sense. This column is not about entertainment; it is about the effect these entertainers do or do not have on real-world politics. I imagine they all think of themselves as entertainers. Do you think they affect the political reality? Or do you think?


Brooks is right to say that "there is no Beck or Limbaugh 'majority,'" said Marc Ambinder in The Atlantic, but that doesn't mean their power is an illusion. The GOP of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck isn't the party Brooks embraces, "but it's the GOP distilled to its essence. And it's one reason why, midterm gains next year notwithstanding, Republicans must incorporate these elements into whatever coalition it builds for the future."

It's too bad the ranters are getting so much attention, said Peggy Noonan in The Wall Street Journal. It's dangerous and destructive when a left-wing radio jock says Republicans "want to see you dead," and a right-wing radio talker says "the republic is failing." That's one reason it's so painful to be losing so many of the "Elders of journalism" -- William Safire, Walter Cronkite, Bob Novak, Don Hewitt, Irving Kristol. "They were tough guys who got in big fights," but they knew where the line was, and they put country first.

From politico. I also wonder about the influence these guys have over younger voters, if any. We are not as educated today as we were forty years ago. Poverty is higher. People are desperate. And when I think about those Wall Street bailouts, I get a little crazy myself.

Our future is anybody's guess.

Sam's ass

Younger voters don't listen to talk radio.


I wonder how long it will take before he walks his position back. Or maybe he and Senator Graham represent the Republicans finally gaining a back bone and maybe their wits.


I think in the next few years we will see just how "smart" Rush is. Talk radio is dying, Beck has usurped him as the go-to voice of Republicans based on his television show, and voters are showing they are not influenced by his orders. Will he reinvent himself on some other medium? Or will he burn out on his drugs.


"Younger voters don't listen to talk radio." - Sam's ass (??)

young voters don't vote either.


I agree with Brooks, but for different reasons than the Lib Progs do.

Talk radio will not decrease much at all in the next few years (conservative or liberal), but it won't grow much from now either, based on the past 10 years of listener data. However, the medium may well change from radio stations to streaming internet stations. It depends more on how people respond and if they wake up, which is starting to happen. With all due respect, on a large scale, talk radio is background noise that can influence things more for the masses in the time of controversy.

More young people pay more attention to the Daily Show but they don't vote as much either.


Did it ever occur to you KS, that your meandering thoughts only make sense to you?


"We are not as educated as we were forty years ago"
When did you start teaching Joanie?
"Poverty is higher"
When did LBJ's Great Society programs start to kick in?
I agree with many of you that people like Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck and their radio and/or TeeVee programs are starting to wane. In another twenty or so years, they will be gone and others will move in and take the lead.


"We loved reading the NYT's David Brooks Friday ..."

"we" who?

The style and manner of composition on this blog is befuddling at best, embarrassing at worst, but always good for an arched eyebrow, a suppressed chuckle and a golden wink.

Obviously, I get the use of the imperial 'we' by a lonely, basement typist is an aspirational emulation of the nouveau hip new media; a sort-of stylistic trend following of the provocateurs of pagination who self-style themselves a 'creative class.' And that verbiage goes well on sites like lostateminor.com or giantrobot, but here - on a non-frills blog hosting the passive aggressive ramblings of a graying - though affable - old lib it just strikes one as a bit off-kilter.

Be yourself, don't try to be someone else.


I don't know if people were more educated 40 years ago so much as people took education much more seriously. It was an important goal to attain one and people made great sacrifices so their children could get one. Education today would be a lot different if more people felt that way now.


Many of us do. I raised my children knowing that the only choice was to what university they where going to attend. College is the natural next step. Two of the are successful WSU and UW grads and number three went to trade school and is happily and gainfully employed doing what he enjoys.
It is just so hard to guide your kids in to picking friends with similar goals while growing up.
Oh well. Next.


Looks like the Republicans are possibly turning the corner. This movement maybe gaining slight momentum, an opening intellectuals can run through. Though the cons are the Pepto-Bismol that can seize up the openings lighting fast.
But in the end the author conjures a strange logic. He envisions the top purveyor of conspiracy as the expectant redeemer. Is the author just a plain crank trying influence a change in the program or preemptively apologizing? We will see Monday.

Puget Sound

Good job, Chucks.
To be a successful parent is a real achievement.
Fewer americans are choosing that path.
For those that elect or have chosen a childless life I can only tell ya that you're missing the ride of a lifetime.
Oh well, next!
I like David Brooks a lot. He makes sense to me.


"Did it ever occur to you KS, that your meandering thoughts only make sense to you?"

MS - Now you know how I see your posts. So what did you not understand ? Allow me to enlighten you, or are you purposely being obtuse ?


Well KS, I sat and wondered if I should answer your plaintive request, and here is my judgment. Here is an example. Your statement… “It depends more on how people respond and if they wake up, which is starting to happen.” It is full of ambiguities. Like, what depends, and if people wakeup what is the response we are looking for? Or how about what are they waking up from? And the unusual rationalization “if they …, which is starting to happen” follows no known logic on earth. Though you may be a creature from outer space, I do not know. Your strange grammar coupled with your logical loop de loops make you posts hard to comprehend. I am sure folks with more experience with the rhetoric you expose will understand your point. But for those of us that do not frequent “Free repuck la lick”, you are their representative. Reread Hoods post. Maybe you will gain some incite.

Stay cool my huckleberry.


I think the devaluation of education correlates to the devaluation of America's overall worth. Blue collar industries we used to dominate are have long since been taken over by China, Korea, Japan, etc. White collars work is outsourced to India.

What I find sad is that a lot of conservatives attributed out high worth to patriotic notions, such as the idea that we enjoyed urban opulence and security because we're "hard working Americas", America is the greatest country on Earth, etc. Well guess what; they work their asses off in Indonesia as well. And now that we're equalizing with the rest of the world they blame the downfall of our way of living on anti-Americanism, i.e. Glenn Becks "the America I know would have rebuilt the twin towers as they were but twice as high and twice as strong." Grown men acting like blubbering babies complete with tears and everything.

If anything we should take a hint from the Jew and learn to be financially resilient rather than functionally obsolete.


"We are not as educated as we were forty years ago"
When did you start teaching Joanie?

Actually, this is my twentieth year. I wasn't in time to educate you, chux. Too bad.

But I keep trying anyway.

The problem I see with the fact that the young don't vote is that they will vote some day. And their propaganized brains will parrot chux.

Andrew, we never were the greatest country. We were always the youngest. We had the energy, vigor, natural resources, open frontier and freedom to do whatever we wanted.

Now that we are a little older, have spent our resources, have given our money back to the lords and ladies of wall street, we'll see what we're really made of. I doubt the "stuff of us" will be impressive.

I remember watching David Frum on The Hour, a Canadian show. He's Canadian and his mother was quite the celebrity. I didn't know that. He seems like a nice man with a bit of a brain. When George asked him, "will you vote for Palin if she's the nominee?" Frum smied and thought about it.

"Well, one has to stick to his team, doesn't he?" (or something like that.) George just looked at him.

I think you have to be an idiot to belong to the Rs.


Such a waste of critical thinking. Easy for you hiding behind that veil to say something as insipid and stupid as displayed above. Same old shit...


What have you contributed lately, KS, besides insults and name calling?


Didn't know where to post this so am posting it here: Randi sometimes sounds like she's eating sour grapes. Now is one of those times. She's denigrating Olbermann's hour last night.

He was passionate and authentic. He's cheesy sometimes. Over-dramatic. I turn him off. But he was authentic last night. So give him a break, Randi

I turn her off sometimes, too. She's over-bearing and self-righteous often. Doesn't always get the caller's point and then takes an attitude. She knows her stuff and I admire and respect her. But she's not perfect either.

She ought to do her show and let Olbermann do his.


"What have you contributed lately, KS, besides insults and name calling? "

Exposing the truth, justice and other stuff that Lib Progs like yourself frown upon. I know better than to ask what you have contributed because its apparent - diddly squat... I just feel in an insulting mood and respect is waning.

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