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October 06, 2009



I no longer listen to the radio very much. Esp. on weekends. It's become cougar football or is it basketball? whatever. Even the Bellingham station airs the cougars and they are on all day and all night. I miss KIRO. I miss Dave. I miss Tom. I even miss 710DORI or is it 97.3DORI (who?) and Shiers. But they have faded into a netherworld that I can't access.

I guess they don't care.

Radio is Dead

Dori has actually stated on multiple occasions that he has recently taken a paycut. I wonder how much?


Got one also, and I thought I was one of the chosen.

Corporate suit

I do not believe Dori Monson has taken a pay cut. There is talk that KIROFM is to turn itself newsier in drivetimes using the KFI model. they've talked to a producer about changing the Ron & Don Show. Something must be done or they will simply fade away.


Dori freely admits on the air that he accepted a paycut

Ted Smith

As far as I am concerned, KIRO is off the air. With the exception of the Common Taters, I find KOMO to be entirely satisfactory, particularly because they are live all night. Bonerville simply blew it and I doubt that they can come back.

OTOH, KIRO-AM's demise has freed up a button for KKNW-1150, which at least airs something different from time to time.

And I do miss KBSG.


You might miss the old Dave, Joanie but you probably wouldn't miss the current Dave. I tuned in briefly this morning and he was interviewing everyone involved in the Everett naked barrista soap opera. It was definitely below Dave's standards, but I guess they are desperate for listeners. Very sad.


It was very Jerry Springeresque, complete with the slutty baristas accusing the red neck husband of the plaintiff of frequenting the coffee stand, with everyone involved on air together, partyline style. The baristas even claimed that policemen will stop in and hit on them. I don't really care if it's true, I don't even care which side wins the conflict. I only care that it wasted precious air time.

KIRO staffers agree-" Dori can be a real prick"

Speaking of Dave , the Rossmeister waa talking the other day about some British-American conservative columnist.writer and , well, Dave heavily implied that he was a crank and perhaps a crackpot . This fellow, among other inanities , didn't believe in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which forced mainly Southern whites to serve blacks or any minorities in restaurants, rent them apartments, and so forth. The Limey crank writes in his columns or books that he believes people should just be trusted to do the right thing. Ross seemed to be quite amazed by this guy's point of view. Dave, do you know that the little man who comes on KIROfm after you go off the air, believes the same thing? Yes, its. true- Mr. Dori Monson has stated at least once on the air in my presence that he doesn't believe in such laws and that by Christ if he wants to open a whites-only diner( purely theoretical of course, according to Dori) he should have that right.


Sorry, MIchael. I gave to Peter B. this month. I'll add you to my donor list for next month.

I've been giving to horses lately. Almost gave to somebody somewhere and decided to check them out. Wow! What a scam they turned out to be. Turns out they say they're giving them good homes and get them from the government and then leave them out to starve to death. Unbelievable. I'm sticking to local from now on.

Horses are having a hard time right now. They are expensive to keep and a lot of monied people are poorer now and can't afford them. Some pretty sad stories out there.





I guess I put this on the wrong thread, huh? Can't imagine how that happened!

I love horses I love all animals. And I certainly think they're smarter than chux.


My dog is smarter than your republican.


Anybody hear Olbermann tonight? Pretty passionate. And right on.

If we don't get it now, we won't get it.

Talking to one of my past parents who is from England. She and her husband who have been here for several years are now considering moving to New Zealand. They love to travel and like change. Anyway, she said her healthcare in England was superb. She can't believe this country. From her mouth to my ears: Americans are stoopid. Time to move On to a place where healthcare is a right and not a privilege.

I'll miss her. She's fun, smart, savvy and her husband is a genius.

Of course, we all know that chux is the resident genius on this blog. I'm sure he's much smarter than this family from England who have had enough of American values.


Olbermann's speech was impressive.


Actually, direct mail for radio has consistently been proved to be very efficent. The concept may not sound or look sexy, because it doesn't need to be. K.I.S.S. Remember?

Radio companies are just not spending any marketing money these days - give credit to Bonneville for promoting their properties.

Bonneville has led the way in moving the news/talk format to FM. Some markets were easy successes, others are still a work in progress. But believe me, within 3 - 7 years, all viable news/talk will be on FM...People under the age of 100 don't know AM, let alone listen to it.

KIRO's FM signal is challenged by terrain, but Bonneville knew that in time, 50 clear channel (not "Clear Channel") kilowatts on AM would mean nothing. Laugh and make snide remarks all you want, but when it comes to radio broadcasting business, Bonneville's track record is better than yours. Oh, wait, you have to be in the business to have a track record.....


You may be right, Bill. But if the signal doesn't reach you, you are not going to listen.

Forget programming and promotions.

KIRO staffers agree-" Dori can be a real prick"

Bonneville may know how to succeed in the parts of our land I call Dumbass America, such as their own stomping grounds of Utah, but they currently don't know how to succeed in this city. Putting a respected community bulwark like the old KIRO AM on a basically unreceivable fm signal is the height of contempt for the critical thinking/ intelligent debate traditions represented by that station and it's listeners. Two 24/7 yukyuk sportsarooni stations will not survive in this town. Yes i will laugh at and make snide remarks about these clodhopping, classless Mormon bastards, thank you very much .


Bill, I don't follow your logic. They turned 710 KIRO into a new sports station. If AM were a graveyard they wouldn't have invested that kind of money into a new AM venture.

KIRO staffers agree-" Dori can be a real prick"

AM is not a graveyard. Current Mormon owners/management have never liked Dave Ross, and they certainly don't like relative KIRO newcomers like Tom Tangny and Phil Hendrie . Too much critical thinking going on there, don't you know. It's a Mormon values thing. Their dream would be to have a whole station of banal, vapid Frank Shiers clones. They can't have that in this town, and they know they can't just scrap the station outright, so they decided to just bury the station on a worthless FM signal, while looking like they were still in full support of the old KIRO, and simply making some radio dial/signal changes.


Dori is BOOORRRINNG, funny how Air America is #4 in Seattle I heard on NoFacts Fox that they were BK...

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