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October 09, 2009


Radio is Dead

KIRO is lost.

Dave is nothing less than an Obama bull-horn. Dori looks exhausted and his predictable show just drags for 3 long hours. Ron and Don MUST have some dirty laundry on management-the show is awful. Someone forgot to turn off the lights and Shiers shows up to an empty microphone.

I wouldn't be surprised to wake-up one morning and the station was gone.

Radio is Dead


They gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize.

He is the god damn MESSIAH!!!!!!!


Oh, that is sweet. He definately deserves it. He's one of the most inspiring leaders of any country let alone the US. Say what you will about his agenda, but he's definately an agent of unity. A big change for America after eight years of Rovian divide and conquer politics and middle finger foreign policy.

I'd like to see the looks on the faces of those Repuiblicans who cheered when the US lost the Olympics about a week ago. The sheer joy of Obama losing something was apparently more significant than their love of country.

Radio is Dead

It's a fucking sham! The choice of Obama is so ridiculous and so corrupt that it's cheapened the prize. It makes the Gore award look legitimate. Obama has done nothing for peace. We're still in Iraq. We're still in Afghanistran. We still have Guantanamo Bay. We're increasing troop levels in Afghanistan. We're still interrogating in 3rd party nations.

What a fucking joke!

Radio is Dead

Why didn't they give it to Aung San Suu Kyi?

Radio is Dead

What about Neda in Iran?

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee is made up of bunch of bufoons!


It's the effort that counts. Whether he succeeds or not is almost beside the point.

Once again, if you're looking for reasons to disparage the high praise of an American president on the world stage, you hate America. A victory for Obama in the international community is a victory for America. Any attempt to cheapen this victory will only serve to give back a great gift that has been handed to the country.

Radio is Dead

I didn't see your 18 month qualifier for COBRA...

It's unacceptable to be out of wortk for 18 months. Stop making fucking excuses. Get a job at Strabucks, McDonalds or Home Depot.

I'm tired of lazy people.

Some guy just called Talifero show to claim that the explosions of the moon tonight will cause a "MOONAMI" and flood New York City! Great radio!!!


Wrong thread. I have acquatences in the midwest. When the unemployment rate is high enough there are NO jobs, no McDonalds, no Starbucks. They all have a stack of applications and no operning. You live in a fantasy world where everything just magically works out. I'm tired of people like ytou blaming the individual for problems that extend to the entire society.

Radio is Dead

What's the Messiah going to do with the Million and Half Bucks?

...pay for the Air Force One gas to fly over there to accept the award.


That sound you hear is the heads of wingnuts exploding. hah!


Have we been here before, Sparky?


All they've got to do is put KIRO talk.. back on AM. Who knows how many people, like myself, no longer listen because they can't get decent reception. There's no need for 2 24 hour sports stations anyway.

KIRO's decline is less about the personalities and all about the signal.

Radio is Dead

Please explain why Aung San Suu Kyi or Neda were not picked?

These women are true heroes of peace not this "non-accomplished" celebrity Nobama.

angelina jolie

Furthermore...did you notice all the Nobel Prize winners in Medicine were once again Americans...in fact Americans have once again swept all categories except for Literture... ..................................................

Posted by: Radio is Dead | October 09, 2009 at 01:38 AM

Indeed Radio is Dead, now you can include a peace prize for our President.

Radio is Dead

The Nobel Panel for awards such as Medicine, Physics & Chemistry are comprised of global leading scientists.

The Peace Prize Panel is comprised of a bunch of hairy nosed liberal hacks!

Most don't realize that Gore got the Peace Prize not Physics because his work has no scientific merits.

The Peace Prize is a sham. The nomination deadline for today's awards were Febriuary...Obama had been in office less than a month.

Obama doesn't even come close to measuring up to the accomplishments and fortitude of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Please name one accomplishment...Cash for Clunkers... HA!

angelina jolie

The steam erupting from your ears and the blood running out your nose is accomplishment enough.

Don't hurt yourself Radio is Dead, when you hear he will donate the prize money.


What they're saying by awarding this prize is "be like this guy." It's as simple as that.

Radio is Dead

Yeah...the new Nobel Peace Prize award winning criteria:

... "be like this guy"

Forget about accomplishments or achievements...forget about earning something....just hand it to me...

Welcome to the "entitlement society"

Radio is Dead

You've got to love Dori Monson's nonstop laughing about Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. LOL.


Thats the whole point of the award; to motivate other people to follow the form of good role models.

It sounds like you're just mad because Obama won something. You were jumping for joy when he lost something.

Grand Oligarh

Do you mean the entitlement which allows you to participate and when requests a donation, you snub your nose. The type of entitlement in which you believe what you wish is free, is free indeed?
Morceau de merde Radio is Dead.

angelina jolie

We don’t need anyone to make us laugh Radio is Dead, we have you. you are our lovable kook.

Radio is Dead

I'm glad that I'm entertaining. The world has become so distorted that the truth is actually funny.

Radio is Dead

Honestly I would have been impressed had the guy stepped up to the mic this morning and said I don't deserve this award.

But the fact remains he's part of the elite privledged political class with no connection to the ordinary citizen.


Well he is POTUS. I'd hope he'd receive some added privilege and that he'd be connected with the political class. IMO he's far more connected to the ordinary citizen than that blue blooded reptile George Bush.

If a community organizer from the streets of Chicago is your idea of policitcal elite, I say give us more political elite.

Radio is Dead

Love singing with Dori...

La La La La La La La OOOOBama....La La La La La La La OOOOBama...La La La La La La La La La OOOOBama...

obama is wonderful world


Scandinavia is helping us crush red america.

angelina jolie

What happened? I walked away from my desk and ra-dee-uh-oh has gone crackers???


RayDeeUhOh won't admit that Obama actually did say he did not deserve the award today in front of the press, saying instead the award really goes to the spirit of all Americans who believe in peace (well, OK, Fox would never report that, so RDO would never see the truth). Did he see that Rush is now joining the Taliban, according to statements on his show? This should call for a visit to EIB Studios by the FBI.


He did step up to the microphone and say he ALONE didn't really deserve it and so he accepted it on behalf of all the people around the world who are willing to step up and help us work toward a more peaceful world.

Obama gets the Nobel....Bushie got a shoe thrown at him. It speaks volumes about what the rest of the world thinks.


I see Glenn Beck trying to burn down the statue of liberty next.


We have friends in Oslo. They are on our side in our triumphant battle against the Reaganites

Radio is Dead

Thank you Obama for saying you don't deserve the award. BUT actions speak louder than words. Obama must now decline the award...plain and simple.

Give it to Aung San Suu Kyi or Neda.


Refusing the award would be a great insult.

Radio is Dead

My Norwegian friends in Bergen emailed me this morning that the Panel obviously drank too much Aquavit the night before and also had diarrhea from some bad lutefisk.


Insulting the Nobel Prize committee is something the cons would like to do right now, foreign policy never being their strong point.


I didn't know cons knew how to email...pretty high-tech stuff for people that do not believe in education


ray-dee-ohh has exposed his real motives related to this issue. He is absolutely absorbed in jealousy.


Conservatives must feel like they're pushing up against the weight of the entire western world these days. Their ideology is a flaw that is progressively being ironed out with the encouragement of vritualy the entire planet.


Bush had this type of appreciation after September 11 2001, at home and abroad.
Just think, if bush did not plunge his country into Iraq he too would have been a recipient of this type of prize.

Radio is Dead

I love Dori's comparison of Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize with Millie Vanilli receiving a Grammy. LMFAO!


Maybe they need another teabaggin' hoe down to declare their un-love for Oslo...what happened to the conservatives who really believed in celebrating a county's successes, instead of turning positives like this into imagined failures?


Yes, the entire world soon saw through Bush and Cheney's lies about Iraq. That's going to cost this country for a long time.

Radio is Dead

Hey Steele baby...any buyer's remorse....

1. Still in Iraq (remember Ron Paul's comment...it took 30 days to get into Iraq, so it will take 30 days to get out)

2. Increasing troop levels in Afghanistan

3. GITMO remains open and active

4. Patriot Act renewed

5. Economy remains in the tank with no end in sight...unemployment at 30 year high - 10%

6. Homeownership levels plunging at record pace (Floreclosures at a record pace)

7. Record deficit levels

8. Record debt levels for future generations

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Steele!


If Bush would have stayed focused and caught bin Laden in the first place, that would have earned him the respect of 20 Nobel Prize winners. But he never wanted bin Laden in the first place.


Conservatives really becoming unhinged over all of this. I think we're witnessing the mental breakdown of an entire class of people. Everyday headlines have become sort of a psychological warfare to middle America. The difference with Bush was that the world rebuked him, there was a healthy counterweight that kept progressives sane through it all. The conservatives have nothing, but maybe Glenn Beck, a full sized baby figure or Rush Limbaugh, a rather unlikeable fat old rich guy in Palm Beach Florida.

Former heavyweights (so to speak) like Michelle Malkin who used to pass themselves off as intelectuals are starting to look emotionaly unstable, as evidenced by the joy they expressed when the US lost the Olympics. These are not pundits, they are emotionaly disturbed obsessives in need of counseling and less free time.

I fear that some deep end conservatives are going to make attempts on Obama's life. Inspirational figures often seem to be the target of assissination or murder by state, Lincoln, Kennedy, Kennedy again, MLK, Benazir Bhutto, Jesus, John Lennon, etc. They've even been describing Obama as the "Messiah", implying that he's a threat to the figure of Jesus himself. I will be very sad if Obama gets cut down.

Radio is Dead

AA you are hilarious!

I look forward to another night of back and forth.


I had to work late, that's not my usual.


RayDeeUhOh, hasn't the bus passed your stop a long time ago?

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