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October 22, 2009



ya think?

Puget Sound

oh sparkles
last time you spread lies about sarah palin and divorce it came back to bite you.

ya think!


No it didn't. You just hoped it would. Besides, you only read the words you want to see.


Ahh putsie, the revisionist. Do you think by recharacterizing someone’s point gives you the upper hand? You look like a silly lire. The point is there for you to debate, but you look for the convenient lie.


Diane Medved is comfortably ensconced in a luxurious Mercer Island home and she has the balls to criticize Sarah Palin's pursuit of money? That hypocritical biatch needs to STFU.


...all she has to do for the enhancement of her intellectual credibility is for her to "hit the books, immerse herself in history and policy,...

Honestly, Michael. If she did all that, she'd become a Progressive! Then chux would have to go find himself another vacuous pin-up girl.


I like Medved. I've listened to him and I don't agree with him but he does make his points clearly and provides analysis that is at least reasonable. There's so little of that on the right these days. Reason seems to be MIA on the right.


Pretty tough to find a bad pic of that babe, eh.
I agree she will not have a future in politics and I also agree with your inference that a divorce may be forthcoming.

Puget Sound

ahh toad.
i tried that before with 'sparkles' and it rarely works out.
but go ahead, give it a shot. lets see what you got.

i like michael medved but as brilliant as his wife diane is she wasn't that interesting on the radio. when michael first came up to seattle his wife would fill in for him regularly. i haven't listened to her lately so maybe it is better. she clearly has a lot to say and is an accomplished person.

btw, it is so funny to hear the usual suspects blather on about dori...


This reflects Michael's views as well. As "liberated" and independent as she tries to appear, Diane Medved is a Good Wife who would never stray too far off the Orthodox reservation of submissiveness.

Crystal from the old KIRO chat

She quit her job as Gov to try to get a TV show she was denied. Poor
little Sarah is even to dumb for the right to have her exposed on the tube everyday.


Is that the ultimate pot kettle scenario you calling Sarah to dumb.
shouldn't that be too, Einstein?


"Too is relative."
-- Einstein


So ah... whatsamatta' with bein' in it for the loot? Make hay while the sun shines...



"Why does she sound like the woman in 'Fargo'"? - caller to Sean Hannity afer McCain picked her for VP. My sentiments exactly.



Medved is articulate, but he is .. speaking as a Jew .. a real dybbuk.

Jes, like every other group, have people who misuse our traditions to serve other ends. The worst of these, min our history, have been people who have turned their knowledge against their own people.

Paul is the first great example, but I suspect few goyem realize that most of the inquisitors of the inquisition were converts. Reading their arguments is as chilling as listening to Glenn Beck misstate the Constitution would be if he were not such a clown.

Medved's evil is very specific ... he supports the same Christians whose goal it is to sell the idea that Jesus was OUR messiah. He also denigrates the great jewish leaders who have fought for universal rights.

A real dybbuk,


dybbuk: In Jewish folklore, the wandering soul of a dead person that enters the body of a living person and controls his or her behavior. Really?!?

Speaking as a non-Jew, I suspect that the word "Jew" could be eliminated from the above post or replaced with the name of another religious acolyte and the same point would be made.


Medved's evil is very specific ... he supports the same Christians whose goal it is to sell the idea that Jesus was OUR messiah. He also denigrates the great jewish leaders who have fought for universal rights.

You give him too much credit. Listen to his techno intro/bumper music. Listen to his snivelly fem voice. Now add it up and think it over: there's something he hates/loves so much more than his jewishness.


Holy crap, Merci and Fremont came out on the same day!!!
Glad to see that you both are still kicking.


I don't think Medved is being hypocritical..it's just that such Horse S**T comes out of Sarah's mouth about PUBLIC SERVICE, A HUMBLE HEART, God's SERVANT, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, Blah Blah...
I think Medved just looks over there and says GEEZ SARAH, that is such blatant HORSECOCKY coming out of your mouth, how stupid do you think we are?
It's not that Palin is stupid, she just thinks everyone else is.

Puget Sound

i don't agree with you but do miss you posting on this blog.
come back and visit more often.


Usually when Merci appears, Duffman can't be far away. As for Sarah Palin, agree with Medved here. However, I keep seeing the loony progressives remain uptight about her and try to demonize her with lies at every turn ala moveon.org and MSNBC.

It's good that she can succeed outside of politics. She would be OK as Senator from Alaska someday, but POTUS is not her calling, IMO.


She just figured this out???


However, I keep seeing the loony progressives remain uptight about her and try to demonize her with lies at every turn ala moveon.org and MSNBC

Tell us KS: What part of "Duh" interview involved loony MSNBC and moveon trying to demonize her? What part of a car's headlights demonize a dumb deer?

Occam's razor: Palin was a circus peculiar that the GOP gambled on and lost everything; but now think they can double-or-nothing and make it all back.

Moral: Stop digging. Turn away from the side-show train wreck and pay attention to the road ahead... or not!

jasmine hauser

as an Independent Hispanic mother (i voted for Bill Clinton both times; was about to vote for Hilary; voted for my Democratic Congresswoman twice; and also voted for a Republican State Senator, Republican Congressman twice), i not only support Sarah Palin, I respect her. She was the Chief Executive of one of the largest land mass states, and under her watch, the people of Alaska got checks of over $1000 per household! She's smart. And she's got common sense! I respect her decision to step aside as Governor when it became apparent that the numerous bogus lawsuits filed against her were not only costing the state millions and her family hundreds of thousands of dollars, it was also horribly distracting. (have you ever been hit w/several lawsuits at once?) I am impressed that she considered the needs of her state & her family by passing the baton of Governor to her qualified Lt. Governor, who is unified w/Sarah in the vision for Alaska.

I could go on and on about all the reasons i am impressed with Sarah Palin.


get the fuck out


I could go on and on about all the reasons i am impressed with Sarah Palin.

But I can't think of anything else to say.

Chief Exec of a large land mass? Full of oil? Wow! And George Bush was Chief Exec of a large land mass, too. Oil land - although he couldn't find any. Yes, I see where you're coming from. Just what we need. Another George Bush.


joanie, "jasmine hauser " is not a real person. It's some sort of internet propaganda compaign. Normal people don't say things like this "I respect her decision to step aside as Governor when it became apparent that the numerous bogus lawsuits filed against her were not only costing the state millions and her family hundreds of thousands of dollars, it was also horribly distracting"

It looks like they're trying to reframe Palin's image to improve her chances at national office in 2010 or 2012.

Tru Polette

Diane Medved is a smart woman but how could anybody be so naive as to EVER think that Sarah Palin was anything but a shill for conservative values? She left Alaska in a mess, partly because she was never at work, and most of the facts about her personal life are still unknown (except by me). The fact is, McCain needed a populist opportunist type and she fit the bill. People like Diane made assumptions about Palin based on carefully controlled spin. Unfortunately, the office of President requires a little more than knowing how to wink at a camera.


I don't know if you did a little bit a research and figured this out already, but Michael Medved himself said on his show that the driving force behind Palin publishing her book was for money. The Medveds disagree on a few issues, but this isn't one of them.


Daine Medved and Michael are elitists snobs who have bought into the MaCain insiders spin. I think what she has written here is a disgrace,and malicious. Diane and micheal should stop being so devisive and just shut up and let the Primaries take care of the rest if Palin runs. I like Michael and have listened to him daily for the past 4 years. But I won't be if he keeps trying to sabotage Palin.

Tom Brosz

I don't know if you did any research yourself, but if you had listened to Michael Medved's show and actually heard his comment, he said that Palin appears to have written the book for the money AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. That is actually the direct quote from his show.

His point, and Diane's, is that the Palins a typical American family and are not rich moneybags with a 1.4 million dollar mansion or book deals like Obama and so if they need to provide for their family, this would be a good way to do so.

The length to which you go to distort the meaning of what is actually said is breathtaking.


Interesting how the McCain campaign is responding to Palin's book.


Jasmine, Alaskans have been getting those checks long before Palin was participating in beauty pageants.
Is she taking credit for that, too??


It never ceases to amaze me every time I hear people like you state that Palin doesn't have the experience to hold a high office (e.g. 'tissue-thin resume of PTA mom', etc.). Can someone answer this question - What the HELL kind of experience does Obama have??!! Community Organizer is hardly the kind of experience that prepares one for being the President of the United States! Give me a friggin break. This past year is a glaring example of how unprepared he was to be President.

Larry Johnstone

Just one more arrogant and self righteous bigot looks down her nose at a much smarter and prettier woman.

Sarah is for real, Medved is as phony as they get

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