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September 06, 2009



What did you expect from this empty suit, community organizer, with no past? Hope & change????

Libs ate his bait hook, line and sinker and are now stuck in their self-created scat pile.

And he is complimented with two certifiable heads of his lib Congress-Drain the swamp of corruption nancy, and we have lost the war in Iraq harry.

You have had some ugly spending binge and govt takeover change but it sure sounds as though you have lost your hope-all in just eight months.

The chickens are coming home to roost sooner than the right could have hoped.

A screenwriter couldnt dream up this story.

Fed Up!

Why is it when the left says the Bush Cheney machine was behind 911 it is so fucking crazy that people have to resign but when the right wing blames it on the Clinton Administration it becomes a made for teevee ABC special?

Why is it when the left compares Bush et al to fascism it is such a big no-no that everyone has to spend extra effort making this clear meanwhile the right wing makes a living, and has been since the 1930's, associating the left with enemies of the state, socialism, communism, anti-Americanism, treasonous, ungodly et al and no one bats an eye. Top of the NYT bestseller list.

Why is that? What Van Jones did or signed is not even comparable to the rank lies and hatred and blame that fumes from the right wing hate machine ALL THE TIME.


It is foolhardy to dismiss Glenn Beck as just another kook. Beck is an exceptionally shrewd broadcaster. He might be a rodeo clown but it takes extraordinary skill to be as good a clown as he is. Four million viewers per night transformed him into a news media superstar. Beck currently enjoys higher TV ratings than Ed Schultz, Maddow and Olbermann combined. Beck is a formidable propagandist for the right wing agenda and should not be taken lightly. Beck demonstrated his power by forcing the resignation of Van Jones.


Obama was a druggie black street hustler who conned his way through the elites to most amazing to be president. He is a communist when he needs to be, a middle of the roader the next day. My guess if its this bad now for him, he will be impeached before the first term is over. Radicals never win in this country, he is lucky he got this far. So much for the affirmative action presidency.


I know that its upsets many of you that Glenn Beck crushed Van Jones' balls with his very own words.
It was indisputable evidence that brought the guy to his knees. Do any of you really think that this guy is the last one? You can be pretty sure that this clown is the first of many. Van Jones is not the only freak in the Obama White House.
Great job Mr Beck. You proved your self worthy of high honor as a reporter.
I wonder if the idiot is regretting his color of change program at the moment? Hmmmm.

Mack the truck

Glenn Beck for president or let him move back to Mt. Vernon and run against Patty Murray.


What about ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and PMSNBC ? The true story is missing. Why ? Because they are all media whores, stink and SUCK the big one.

Some credit is due to Beck- who seemed to initially uncover this dark side, but also to those people who demanded answers.

There will be other radicals like Jones left to deal with - those who want to keep our freedoms had better stay eternally vigilant. The Obamanites will continue to spin, obfuscate, deny and attack others and call them paranoid who want to see our liberties preserved.

This does not help the credibility of Mr. Obama.


Here's how AP reported this story- I forgot to mention them as another media whore (sorry that I am insulting prostitutes who earn their living).

The AP mentions only two of the numerous controversies Jones provoked, and is coy about both of them:

The matter surfaced after news reports of a derogatory comment Jones made in the past about Republicans, and separately, of Jones' name appearing on a petition connected to the events surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. That 2004 petition had asked for congressional hearings and other investigations into whether high-level government officials had allowed the attacks to occur.

The AP story includes no hint of Jones's radical (i.e., Communist) past or his anti-American ideology. Here, too, the villains seem to be the Republicans: "Despite his apologies, Republicans demanded Jones quit." Evidently Barack Obama is powerless to ignore demands from those pesky Republicans.

The last paragraph is a f'in lie.


Good stuff KS...there's no defending this and those herein who normally would...know better.


Yeah, talk about emboldening the crazy. Obama should have asked the right if they wanted a cherry on top. Jesus.

On a lighter, yet more disturbing note - Beck loves the Barbies:



Puget Sound

Good stuff KS...there's no defending this and those herein who normally would...know better.

Posted by: Duffman | September 06, 2009 at 05:31 PM

That's right, they have either 'SeeeeAttled' or resorted to the fake name posting...again.
Sucks to be them.
Oh yeah, still 'waiting' for Andrew to 'rub it in' like he promised. Until then, he'll lay low in the drive thru handing out french fries.


Spot on, PutS. It sucks to be those like Tigsnort, Grand Oligarh and other phony names. Yes, the other Lib Progressives are laying low until the effect of Van Jones has the exceeded their ADD attention span.

Puget Sound

thanks KS
Charles Krauthammer nails it:

"... In a center-right country, that was problem enough. Obama then compounded it by vastly misreading his mandate. He assumed it was personal. This, after winning by a mere seven points in a year of true economic catastrophe, of an extraordinarily unpopular Republican incumbent, and of a politically weak and unsteady opponent. Nonetheless, Obama imagined that, as Fouad Ajami so brilliantly observed, he had won the kind of banana-republic plebiscite that grants caudillo-like authority to remake everything in one's own image.

Accordingly, Obama unveiled his plans for a grand makeover of the American system, animating that vision by enacting measure after measure that greatly enlarged state power, government spending and national debt. Not surprisingly, these measures engendered powerful popular skepticism that burst into tea-party town-hall resistance.

Obama's reaction to that resistance made things worse. Obama fancies himself tribune of the people, spokesman for the grass roots, harbinger of a new kind of politics from below that would upset the established lobbyist special-interest order of Washington. Yet faced with protests from a real grass-roots movement, his party and his supporters called it a mob -- misinformed, misled, irrational, angry, unhinged, bordering on racist. All this while the administration was cutting backroom deals with every manner of special interest -- from drug companies to auto unions to doctors -- in which favors worth billions were quietly and opaquely exchanged."


After reading the editorial, something jumped out here. It is difficult, if not impossible for Obama and any other confirmed narcissists to be humble. This trend is very disturbing to say the least.

Even with their foibles, humility seemed to be better understood and came easier for the Clintons and anyone else who has ever been President.

Puget Sound

I think the Spar-Coils, ph(J)oanies, Andrews, et all have found is that it is harder to be in the position to defend the President then to question the President.
They had it easy for 8 years.

Suddenly, it doesn't seem so easy.

Lets see if they can do more than skeeattle OR post under the fake names.

It is ironic that someone they deride as'Duffman' now kicks their butt on a regular basis.


Duffman shows more class than anyone (including myself) on this blog and has a way with his style of kicking their butt.


I say throw out ALL 33 + czars - fire them all !
The government is getting too large already and many of these people are a liability to freedom-loving Americans and will expand the tentacles of big government. OK, Congress would need to do this legislatively. They don't have the votes to do that now, but it would be good if a bill like this hit the floor in the next few weeks. They may have the votes in the House by 2011 though to order the White House to get rid of them - to the sewers with the rest of the rats..

To say that Mr. Obama is a magnet for radical leftists, says enough. Furthermore, the Administration has lost a big amount of credibility and am not convinced that they care about getting it back.

Puget Sound

From the Founder of Liberal Blog, Firedog Lake who takes to task the Obama Whitehouse for running away from Van:

"Now he's been thrown under the bus by the White House for signing his name to a petition expressing something that 35% of all Democrats believed as of 2007 -- that George Bush knew in advance about the attacks of 9/11. Well, that and calling Republicans "assholes." I'm pretty sure that if you search through the histories of every single liberal leader at the CAF dinner that night, they have publicly said that and worse."

Can you imagine that, 35% of all Dems thought President Bush was aware that the 911 attack was coming.

Isn't that the most damming statement on the Dem Party?



why don't you guys get a room


In the mean time, Van Jones is not going to have a real problem getting a job. Being all pretty and shit, looking all Denzel in that picture, he can be a Chippendale guy. Maybe he can get on the talk circuit and cover all of the colleges talking about all of the commie crap they push on our kids. Evergreen State, UC Berkley, Hawvard etc.
Maybe he can be Denzel's stunt double.
Endless possibilities with minority aid programs designed to lift a brother up.


According to the SF Chronicle, Barack Hussein Obama knew about Van Jones' background all along. That tells you enough about his motives and total lack of a moral compass.

The LP's best response would be Bush was a chimp or Bush lied and should be punished for war crimes. That is nothing more than an attempt to change the debate.

Sigh - back at ya

Puget Sound


why don't you guys get a room

Posted by: Tigsnort | September 07, 2009 at 12:52 PM

Tig, I thought you would go with the 'high fiving white guys' or 'circle jerk' comment that you throw out. Of course, that is with a different name.


(via Powerline)

From another one of the Barack's czars - his father figure - Rev. Wright - his spiritual advisor.

"Rev. Jeremiah Wright, President Obama's spiritual mentor -- is back in the news. Responding to a question about the health care debate, Wright opined that "racist right-wingers are upset because poor people are about to the helped."

But the vast majority of poor American citizens have health insurance, and the various reform proposals being pushed by the Democrats are not confined to expanding coverage for the poor and near-poor.

In any event, "racist right-wingers" are not the reason why Democratic reform programs haven't passed. Both chambers of Congress are controlled by Democrats, so it's Obama's failure to persuade them to sign on that is blocking passage.

But for Wright, America itself -- nothwithstanding the election of his spiritual disciple to its highest office and the provision of free health care to most poor people -- is a racist, right-wing country."

He gives his health care address on Wednesday, fill in the blanks... (hope I am wrong, but the tea leaves aren't looking promising), Can you say moral compass ?

Puget Sound

Anyone catch that per Politco, Congressman Brian Baird has gone from a 'safe seat' to one that Dems will have to spend money on to keep due to this August Recess. Politco thinks that Baird will keep the seat but lets not forget that this is a district that voted for Bush in 00 and 04. So we are not talking about a Jim McDemott certainty of a win IF the right candidate is found. The mood is ripe.
In any event, making the Dems spend money here means that other districts will get less.


From Bob Lonsberry


It’s fairly simple, really.

Tens of millions of American parents don’t trust him. The upset over this morning’s presidential address to schoolchildren isn’t about the partisan divide, it’s about the president’s arrogance.

After seven months of crammed-down-your-throat Obama agenda, half the country has had a bellyful. After seven months of being told that they don’t matter, half the country is returning the sentiment.

They don’t trust him with their children not because they’re paranoid, but because he’s not trustworthy. He has shown himself to be an enemy to their values and beliefs – to be hostile to their families and their country – and they are merely saying, “Stay the hell away from our kids.”

This isn’t about Republicans, this is about Barack Obama. Specifically, it is about a president who steamrolled and marginalized those who didn’t vote for him and who now is astounded that they won’t kiss his royal backside. He wants to be a rock star but nobody’s buying tickets.

Here’s the background.

The Department of Education sent out talking points for teachers, outlines of lesson plans intended to precede and follow a then-unannounced speech by the president to elementary school students. Troublesome in the wording was a suggested assignment that pupils be asked to write down a plan for how they could help President Obama.

That ticked people off.

But that was only part of it.

Because not only didn’t parents want their kids being drafted into the Obama army, they didn’t want this particular socialist politicizing the classroom.

When you’ve got a classroom being run by an NEA member and you’re piping in Barack Hussein Orwell, all of a sudden the home-school people don’t seem so kooky. All of a sudden it seems like an unnecessary lecture intended primarily to indoctrinate the impressionable into the cult of Big Brother.

Parents don’t so much mind the president talking to their children, but seven months have taught the country to expect propaganda, not talk.

Further, about half the country simply doesn’t trust his basic philosophy.

Like the notion that America’s children need a lecture on doing their homework from the head of the federal government.

See, the federal government isn’t in charge of my children’s education – I am. And American children don’t need the president to tell them that education is important – that’s what parents are for.

Every child in every classroom has a parent or guardian who can talk to them about doing their homework and paying attention in school. Every student in every classroom has a teacher or two who can talk to them about working hard and setting goals.

For crying out loud, even Bill Cosby is telling children about the importance of education.

We don’t need the jug-eared Marxist-in-Chief to think that the nanny government has to get in the act. And, no offense intended, but there are a bunch of us who think that “community organizer” is not exactly the role model we want our children following. For a certain portion of America, squealing for a bigger cut of other people’s tax money isn’t particularly noble and it’s not what we want our kids to grow up to do.

Further, we prefer that people who used illegal drugs not hold themselves out as teachers of the young. We are not impressed by the irony that the guy in charge of the military would be barred – by virtue of his teen-aged drug use – from enlisting in the military.

But the bottom line isn’t politics or philosophy – it’s the way he’s treated us. He has treated half the electorate like dirt and has done nothing, through the first eighth of his term, to make friends or earn himself the benefit of the doubt.

Typically, when someone wins an election, he sets out to reassure and woo the folks who didn’t vote for him. Typically, basic decency makes a politician want to show he’s serving all the people.

The Obama Administration and the Democrats who control Congress have had no such disposition. It has been an arrogance unmatched for decades as divergent views have been dismissed and mocked. Half the country feels that the president and the Congress are condescendingly dismissive of them.

He has had seven months to extend an olive branch. He has chosen not to. He has chosen instead to attack people and philosophies different from his. He has chosen to play fast and loose with American tradition and principle. He has practiced scorched-earth politics against the people whose taxes support his grand dreams. He has dismissed anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

And tens of millions of Americans don’t want a person like that talking to their children.

And I’m one of them.


No offense...but absolute rubbish!
The President Of The United States has every right to speak to the children of this country. He is an example of what can be achieved through hard work and perserverance. To view it as an intrusion into the lives of parents and their children is akin to not wanting him to address our troops. Get REAL...and distance yourself from the Limbaugh's and Beck's of this world - who are really the one's we should be afraid of addressing our youth.


hey folks. don't want to listen to the President's speech today? Don't want your entetainment day interrupted so you might have to think? No woories. You got Sportsarooni KIRO710ESPN, They won't be carrying the President's speech. You can yuk yuk it up with Mike and Mike in the morning, chortle and grin as part of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, and dumb down with Brock and Salk through the afternoon. No speches. No messy "thinking" stuff. Sportsarooni KIRO710ESPN, "Radio for Dumbasses" . Thanks, Mormon radio suits!!!


Not so...for those of us who enjoy sports, but to each their own.


i like sports and even an occaisional bit of sportstalk but i don't want the AM blowtorch 710 taken over by endless, moronic, sports chatter, while the old KIRO can't even be heard clearly in downtown Seattle. They should have put the Sportsarooni station on their weakass 97.3 signal. I woulld have had no problem with that.


...but, I'm a little puzzled T008, exactly who (besides R&D) do you like to listen to on KIRO??


"Duffman shows more class than anyone (including myself) on this blog and has a way with his style of kicking their butt.

Posted by: KS | September 06, 2009 at 09:57 PM"

Thanks you KS, not all agree with you, I'm sure. :)


"And I’m one of them."

That was part of the quote duffman.

I dont care if Urkel addresses the K-1. Maybe they will listen-no one else seems to be, especially his party.

I am curious-how do you know he is an example of what can be accomplished by hard work? What do you really know about him? You know nothing of his academic records. A community Org! Come on, get a job.


Because he seems to be a decent human being and one who has the best interest of this Country in mind. He has gained the respect of his co-workers along the way...was incredibly persistant and worked tirelessly in his campaign...has gone to prestigious schools and apparently excelled there. Look I don't agree with a lot of what he says and does...but as POTUS do I feel comfortable in his addressing my children (actually grand-children, now) I have no problem with that. Capisca? [smile]
[Listen to him now on Dave Ross Show KIRO-FM 97.3...nothing negative about what he's saying]


I have to admit, I have read Oblhblahs speech as it is being presented to our milk suckers today and don't find it objectionable in any way. I am certain that it has changed from what was initially intended, but that is no big deal. He is back on his heals and reacting appropriately. We have more to fear from some of the commie socialist teachers that have wormed their way in to influencing our kids and the professors that crap in our kids brains.
He is right now telling my granddaughters pretty much the same thing that I tell them and told their parents.
Hell, I hope some of what he tells them sinks in.
He is politicking a bit, but the base message is good.


He (oblhblah) is living proof that even a con-man can excel in this nation.
I just hope that he does not go completely Bernie Madoff on us and steal trillions. I still see nothing to trust in the guy.
I wonder why he thought joanie and Sparky needed a national lesson plan for his speech.


Obam is simply a communist and a terrorist sympathizer who would welcome another attack so he could grab even more power. The Africa-American race has been really pissed off since we de-nutted Jesse Jackson and stopped afirmative action. He and Black Power extremists like Jones have been plotting to take over the government since the 60's. They almost did it except now, the majority is rising up to stop them.


kkkonservatives are just mad that school kids might *like* what Obama has to say and might have a fond recollection of a Democratic president when they come of age. Well too fuckin bad we won, we get perks like this.

question: why do the kons here constantly refer to nuts and balls in their analogies?


The backlash is strong against this president and his radical race-baiting friends. We must stop him now before his agenda on immigration and multicultural authoritarianism gets shoved down our throats.

We're a nation of strangers.

We find children of immigrants so confused as to their identities that they take guns and blow people up as per example of the Korean immigrant kid at Virginia Tech who rampaged the campus with a killing spree. Seung-hui Cho killed 32 and wounded 25. He said on his video, "You forced me into a corner." Not Korean, not American, he lacked identity, thus meaning, thus balance. Everybody became his enemy.

In the American media, you will not hear a peep about the failures of multiculturalism. It’s an untouchable ’sacred cow’. While the elites support and defend it, they step away from living with it. Gated communities, private schools and country clubs across America represent the flight from multiculturalism.

In Boulder, Colorado, where I formerly taught school—rich, white, liberal mothers, driving $50,000 SUVs, sported bumper stickers that read, “Celebrate Diversity.” However, they drove their kids to all white schools away from legal immigrant enclaves that overwhelmed area schools. The immigrant children represented dozens of countries and languages. Classrooms fell into educational chaos.

In Denver, Colorado, over 85 languages created educational failure and kids from dozens of countries created a 67 percent dropout/flunkout rates among students. (Rocky Mountain News, May 14, 2005, “What Happened?”) Rich parents drive their kids to outlying schools to ensure a positive educational experience.

On TV, often times, we see black/white detective teams fighting crime. They place a black detective with a white detective so whites will watch the white and blacks will watch the black dude. But, as you noted last summer, white firemen sued the federal government for reverse discrimination against whites.

From the inception of the United States, race created horrific imbalances. Slavery created the American Civil War. Racism created Watts, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, Rodney King, Selma, Alabama, George Wallace, Al Sharpton, Rosa Parks and dozens of other crises in American history.

Today, America must confront new racial dilemmas as to massive immigration by Mexicans, Muslims, Somalians, Pakistanis, Iraqis, Hmongs and a hundred other races. Not only that, all of us must contend with each other’s Grand Canyon-wide cultural differences—which prove daunting, i.e., Muslim honor killings of wives, stoning of women for adultery, beheadings, forced marriages, female genital mutilations, Mexican horse tripping, cock fighting, dog fighting, African animal sacrifice and more from third world immigrants.
We shall overcome, the "revolution" has begun.

Puget Sound

question: why do the kons here constantly refer to nuts and balls in their analogies?

Posted by: AuthenticAndrew | September 08, 2009 at 12:26 PM

cause you're such a penis, andrew. a real johnson.

anywhooo, i have no problem with the President talking to the kids.
i think it is a good idea and feel that if there is any 'brainwashing' going on that i -as a parent- can rectify it.

seriously, this is the President. elections have consequences. people need to concentrate on bigger issues. like that whole birth certificate deal...(just kidding!)


Ditto your comments above Puts sans the birth certificate deal.

Another thing I have noticed that pisses me off because it is the big LIE.

The Democrat leadership and Obama all accuse the Republicans of being the party of "No" and not proposing to do anything about it.

The TRUTH is that the Republicans have proposed many alternatives to the House and Senate bills, such as; Tort reform on Malpractice, the ability to purchase insurance across state lines, and other ways to lessen the impact of Insurance companies, while keeping the government away at the same time.

The other TRUTH is that the Dems have not voted any of these proposals out of committee, so they can dupe a large number of sheeple - lacking critical thinking skills into believing that the opposition has tried to block and hasn't proposed anything. In reality, The Dems do not want a bipartisan bill, as they have beat back these alternatives - more like its their way or the highway, which reflects their attitude toward the people they serve.


Well the clowns can't go after tort reform as the trial lawyers have 'em bought and paid for.
I don't suspect that they can do much with big pharma as $150,000,000.00 later, the have now paid the dems to cover their asses.
What is left for the most ethical congress to do?
I see where a crap load of Doctors have signed a petition demanding a seat at the table.
Are the blue dogs going to have the balls to stand up for what is right or are they going to cave like Reichert did on cap and tax?


Too bad, because the trial lawyers bave FUBARed this country, followed closely by the media whores.

Those two factions of shit weasels deserve to be thrown to Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

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