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September 11, 2009



This is a huge mistake.

I'm 31 and thus in a demographic that typically wouldn't be caught dead listening to a talk station. TBTL not only got me listening to a talk station, but got me parked on 97.3 FM throughout the day. I listened knowing that at the end of the day I'd get my 3 hours of TBTL.

I draw some amusement from the talking voices on KIRO's morning and afternoon programming, but it was the quirky and entertaining antics of the TBTL crew that kept me listening day after day. These were people my own age, who talked about things I'm interested in, who looked at the world in a similar way, and weren't about manufacturing controversy about the political topic du jour. Without their presence, I won't bother listening to KIRO FM.

Frank Shiers is a nice guy, but ultimately he's just the same as the earlier line-up and that's not what got me listening.

KIRO just lost a listener.


Fuggeddypuck... I just started listening podcast... One wonders how long the'll be able to hold on their online show...


Lo siento mucho! :(


I think I've said this before, but 'Jen' is the workhorse here and an incredible talent to boot. KIRO should find a place for her (if she desires); perhaps as a producer for an existing or future talent - but definitely keep her on in some capacity.


I am going to miss them to. I remember tuning in to the show for a little while last year. It soon was obvious that I was not the listener they were after.
Good luck to the three of them.

Mike Barer

I enjoyed LB and the show, but have been disappointed with the lack of news on what is supposed to be "newsadio"


I agree that KIRO needs to (in some way) re-energize their coverage of the news.
IMO they can start by replacing Gregg and Jane in the a.m. with some one (or more) who is more objective and serious about the way news is read. G&J are getting so subjective and corny with their comments that it's sickening and I'm sure sending folks searching for other more serious news 'readers'.
Dave Ross seems to me to have retired a year or so ago but hasn't told his employer yet...gives me the impression lately of 'phoning it in'.
Dori is still energetic and charged and stirs up his audience and IS the King of Seattle talk radio. R&D are Okay (sort of) but their time slot is wrong and they too need to cut out the 'corny-ness' in their banter and try to remember the station they represent and that it's drive-time.
Frank Shires...if you've heard him once you've hear him a million times...nothing new and certainly nothing to get excited about.
I would actually like to see a professed liberal-progressive have a show on KIRO and one who is passionate and animated about his/her politics.
Just my 2-cents on it...used to be a big KVI fan...and now somewhat of a fading KIRO fan.


This so-called "show" has been on life support from the first day it aired. The fact that it took this long to be pulled off is testament to the idiocy that is the "new Bonneville".

Try running the place like you did the FIRST time you owned it and maybe, just MAYBE you'll actually get decent ratings on your stations.


Thank goodness..... This show was really bad.


TBTL grew on me...I was sad to hear the news of their cancellation last night. I will NOT listen to Frank Shiers. He has had a show before, and it was lame-why are they going there again? I think R & D should have been cancelled, if anything. I agree than Greg and Jane are becoming increasingly corny with their banter, mainly because Greg's "jokes" are so stupid, and Jane has to "fake laugh" at them...I have to switch it to NPR in the am because it is truly nauseating.


That 'show' was great!!!!

I echo Jonathan's comment above. I'm in the same demographic and was shocked to find something on talk radio that didn't make me want to throw up.


If TBTL is going to be podcast only I hope Luke Burbank can find some advertisers that are of specific interest to people who podcast. Maybe he could do spots for cool iPhone apps that gross enough to afford an advertising budget. I'm not joking.

My favorite part of TBTL was awesome/not awesome and other personal commentary. My least favorite part was listening to someone make macaroni and cheese on the air, or the TBTL theater players whatever that was. I go to radio to feel connected with the world and those bits made me feel cut off from the world, sanity.

I'll miss the show and I'm thinking of listening to the podcast version but I doubt Luke Burbank will generate enough money with it to pay the bills unless he can come up with some very creative advertising.


I'll miss the show. As a 38 year old I think I was on the upper end of their demographic, but I can't stand the rest of the so called news talk on the station. If I want news I'll listen to a real news station (KUOW) instead of KIRO.
I don't listen to the radio anymore. When I'm not in my car I listen to podcasts. In my car I listen to the "Cars" soundtrack over and over and over again at the insistence of my son.


Hey I'm 57 and found myself tuning into TBTL. At first I thought how stupid but then little by little they grew on me. It was a great relief from the same old crap from most of the talking heads on the station especially Dori he should go, he has had his time and he is sickening to listen to him think he is the perfect talk show host, perfect husband, perfect dad (with a perfect family), perfect pet owner etc etc.. Bottom line he is an idiot! Ron & Don again provide variety and that I like. Frank Shiers! Come on the guy is boring and just plain is a rehash of everything during the day that is why TBTL was right for the spot.

It would appear now KIRO should just change the format to music because they have done nothing with this change to improve.


what a shame.
at 56, i'm not in the show's desired demographic, but i listen to two shows on KIRO – Dave Ross and tbtl.
now there is one less reason to stay on 97.3


Dave (at times) CAN be a TBTL. (Too Boring To Listen to)


Dave Ross hasn't had any substantial opinions about anything lately, he muttered something about teachers and charter school, his point was poorly expressed and he had little else to add. He's definately coming across as a guy who's resting on his laurels. He even said "I've been teaching you critical thinking for 31 years." He talked about how his daughter is fully grown and totally awesome. I think he feels that he's done, no longer a participant in the great struggle for which he's paid to observe and opine. The talker and listners are detaching.


Duff - Spot on with your take on Frank Shiers and Dave Ross being a TBTL, B for boring.


Hiring Luke Burbank is the equivalent of putting an astrologer on the radio. He will attract an extremely loyal hardcore group of folks who care about astrology readings. Unfortunately, he will also alienate 90% of the potential radio audience.


Perhaps KIRO is leaving the door open for Frank to leave by calling the show "Seattle Nights".


I have a suspicion that Shiers works almost for free. I'm constantly asking myself why they would pay for such poor quality programming and then I consider how Shiers seems to love the sound of his own voice so much. You'd think he would do radio for free like as a hobby or a labor a of love. I get that he's trying to replicate Monson's success, and I respect replicating success, but he doesn't have the pomp of Monson. Shier's has the excessive pride but he doesn't have genuine pomp. Monson has a big game. When I hear Shiers I think "who is this little smarmy man and why does he think he matters?"


You blew it again KIRO. Time to switch my radio button from KIRO to KPLU.


If Shiers is willing to work for free, Bryan Styble would pay KIRO to allow him on the radio. Styble worships the sound of his own voice. If Styble got paid by the word he would be richer than Bill Gates.


as a 50 year old who really loved TBTL I find this the reason to take KIRO off my presets.


Frank - yuck! I'm done with KiroFM or whatever they are called.

Dave (not dave ross)

i am also in my fifties like kent and carmen and was a loyal tbtl listener from the car. Now that kiro is on fm, anyone can quickly hit the the fm button on the car radio and go to their other fm presets during the over the top commercial load. the mormons are taking an industry leader down the tubes and alot of good people with them. frank shiers is dull as dishwater and rehashes dori's postion on most topics. don seems to be kind of a dori wannabe lately too. its back to cds and music radio for me also, or kjr 950 sports that my younger employees have me listening to. i hope the kiro advertisers ask for their money back for the ratings this station obviously never had.


I will go berzerk on shiers. Utilizing highly 1337 voip techniques i will find my way past uncle salty and troll him relentlessly. A storm is coming shiers. I'm not the only one. Hack this hack.


I'm another 50-something who listened avidly to TBTL with my entire family, including our 11 year old. Good times, and plenty of demographics to choose from for advertisers.

We will not be listening to Dori-clone Shiers or anything else on KIRO except for Dave Ross. This is a huge mistake for KIRO. Shiers is one of the most annoying personalities I've ever heard on radio, and he won't be any better in an earlier slot. Why does he deserve one?


Mr. Burbank, you offended me, and you offended my country.



This was the only thing cool on Seattle airwaves...other than Shelly Hart's slot on KNHC way back in the day...

Is KIRO FM going totally conservative? Why cancel the only thing that reached the younger audience from their programming schedule?


Shiers just announced that they are signing on Alan Hunt from 11 to 1 after Shiers mon-fri. Huny had a national weekend show on ktth and he's just moved to weeknights. This is the hillbilly-voiced southern dipshit who runs a religion-based talkshow and says "blessings on you" or some such crap when he ends a call.


so at 11 p.m - the jackass will make way for the dipshit.........



Don't troll Frank Shiers. He had nothing to do with the decision to cancel the TBTL broadcast. You'll just be venting at a decent guy who had no say in the decision.

Send a polite, well-written email to Rod Arquette ([email protected]). Yelling at him will not accomplish anything. Then be done with it, and support the TBTL podcast.

Frank Shiers doesn't offer what drew me to KIRO. Neither will I listen to Alan Hunt if he's following along. While he's better than the tedious radio of Phil Hendrie, no way.


Don't even mention Styble. That nightmare is over, for good I hope!


Finally someone woke up @ KIRO. Luke, is talent but not strong enough to carry a show for 3 hours, Jen didn't belong on the air or hosting a show it's too bad she's losing her job cause of this. I have 1 basic rule as customer of a broadcast product-Inform & entertain, TBTL did neither.

David M

I'm a 48-year-old who'll also really miss this show. I was such a loyal KIRO listener for years. Used to love Dori but that was back when he had more of his Cashman influence still lingering and had some "never know what's next" fun appeal. Now he's just a political mouthpiece and it's boring. I also used to like Ron & Don (when they were doing weekends at KJR) but they too are now unlistenable. (Ron's actually good -- it's Don that's the problem.)

I did happen upon KOMO last night and it was great to hear Gary Burleigh (formerly known as KJR's Gary Shannon) doing the news. He was very engaging and it reminded me of when he and Norm Gregory were doing Levity Limelight back in the day.

I'm just really tired of all the political back-biting destroy-each-other crap and wish that radio would just fucking get it out of its system. I'm pretty pissed at Bonneville.


Talk radio wasnt a big deal until the 80's when Rush got the ball rolling. Looking at the ratings, maybe this was only supposed to last a generation, and radio will go back to music, news headlines and the weather/traffic.


I enjoyed TBTL. Everything else on Seattle radio basically sounds the same, Luke's show stood out. Apparently not in a good way for an older audience, but I thought it was interesting. Has to be difficult doing a night radio show when most people are watching TV.

Maybe one of the NPR stations will pick up his show. That seems like a better place for it.

Overall, I think KIRO has become a station that's easy to dismiss. And the Gregg and Jane combo is dull.

woody held

I suspect that Luke was dead man walking after the Priceless Granite folks demanded a penalty of peine forte et dure against him.


Don't know if you saw the show last nite (on web-cam), but it appeared they were drinking something other than soft-drinks.
If it were my station THAT w/have been their last show...period, even if it wasn't predetermined. There would be NO drinking on any station that I ran or owned.

William J Harrison

As a gen x political junkie; being forced to listen through three hours per night of this absolute drivel of nightly weigh ins and the such was without question a fate worse than death. We the civic minded thoughtful people of Seattle would like our KIRO radio station back on Monday September 14 please.


This is so depressing. TBTL was refreshingly different. Now, F Shiers? They lost me.


Bring back Goldy.


TBTL was such a putrid radio show it was painful. KIRO performed a mercy killing and put Luke Burbank out of his misery.


^^^ it's still produced as a podcast you illiterate dumbfuck

Papa Ford

Man, I had dropped off the face of the earth for half a month, and I come back and TBTL is gone!

I was a lazy ten. Sorry, but without an mp3 player, podcasts are too much work. I miss TBTL. Listening at night, I'd frequently leave KIRO on the radio, and get the great morning news show. I'd always turn off Dave Ross at 9 though. Maybe he should retire and they should let TBTL take the golden spot on radio.


I was in newspapers when they were dying. This reminds me of that. Others will rise.

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