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September 08, 2009


Puget Sound

ouch, my bad.
i thought this thread was about the Liberal Lyon, Bernie Ward...


It was nice to see obama cave in to sensible pressure and remove most of the politics from his speech. t'was a non event.
What is the brother-in-chief going to say in front of Pelosi, Reid and their trained monkeys tomorrow?
Is he going to be able to pull them all together after they all got an ear full from the citizenry about his Cuban socialist medical scheme?
Will his teleprompter go tits up and he loose his train of thought?
Why the hell did you people vote for him anyway?


If we want to get Socialist indoctrination out of the schools, let's start with that Pledge of Allegiance. Talk about a programmatic plan to hardwire America's school kids for a Socialist future, that's what Francis Bellamy and his "Pledge to My Flag" was all about ("under God" or no "under God").

And don't get my started on that original pledge-to-the-flag salute... guess who picked up on it a few decades later!

Puget Sound

m steele,
come home.
we can use your sanity on the blog.

Puget Sound

most people have no problem with the president speaking to the kids.

but ask yourself this and answer it in an honest manner:
for those of you that called President Bush a fascist over the past 8 years can you really be surprised?
are you not getting a taste of your own medicine?

for you nutters that did engage in that emotional over the top rhetoric that serves no real purpose understand that when you look at the birthers and these other fringe group what you are really seeing is yourself.


It was a beautiful 'bait-and-switch' move by the White House.
First they came out with details of what was likely to be said and presented by our POTUS. This caused somewhat of an uproar. Then when our POTUS finally delivered there wasn't much to criticize and be against so those who railed initially came off looking like fools...engineered excellently by our POTUS's possee.


Pledge of Allegiance:

My what a horrible socialist ideal: pledging allegiance to the best country on the face of the earth.

You ought to be a school teacher then you could refuse to salute the flag daily and indoctrinate your kiddies in your progessive ways.


With ya on that one, oda. :)


You know what? It was just a speech by a president to kids. Very much like something both JFK and Reagan would say, and be proud of. If you are a Dem STFU, and if you are a Rep, STFU. It was just an inspirational message, without bias...just telling kids to do the work they need to do to succceed, and quit crying about not being able to play video games whenever you want. A message we adults need to heed as well.


Actually, I think a speech like that might be beneficial for the parents as well. If our POTUS were to design a speech appealing to the parents of all children in this country to live up to their responsibilities I think it would go over well.


BTW PUTS, in regard to sparky/coiler and joanie - I've been given a final warning to be nicer to them. :)

Sorry Charlie

Crush obama and his criminal tribe. Impeach and imprison. He will fail, The country will be taken back by its rightful owners.

Lucas Foxx

"country will be taken back by its rightful owners"

This explains alot. I'm not sure why you nut jobs bother with this blog.


It's probably because they're so full of anger, hatred and bile that no one can stand being around them in real life, and this is their only social outlet.


why don't they find some racist conservative blog to ruin? would not they feel more at home there?

liberal lover

I think that you guys should just call your dogs off so President Obama can get health care passed. Do you have any idea how much better it would be with free health care?
You could buy a new car instead of wasting money on the Doctor. Maybe, if you don't need a new car, you could get a nicer apartment or some really cool clothes.
Doctors don't have to charge so much and if the government paid for it, they could get a really cheap price.
Just think about it.


Well, your whining and complaining apparently paid off. You can continue patting each other on the back now and the condemning can resume. Cry-babies!


Is everybody ready? Do you have a fire extinguisher in case the smoke he blows up you ass is too hot?
Her comes more nothing.


He just lied. Goodness.

Grand Oligarh

Calm down chuck, do you realize you still have the http://www.wickedweasel.com/ link attached to your sig? Clean up your act buddy.


Sorry chucks, but the way I saw it; Obama & his health care plan = 1 ... dog-faced Republicans = 0.
This WILL get done on Obama's watch!
[As an aside, the Repub. 'doctor' from LA, who gave the response was as pathetic as those dog-faced republican robots sitting in the House] Incredible!

Puget Sound

BTW PUTS, in regard to sparky/coiler and joanie - I've been given a final warning to be nicer to them. :)

Posted by: Duffman | September 09, 2009 at 07:20 AM


Puget Sound

I enjoyed the President's speech tonight. Very good oratory.
I really want to hear more about the details and hope we can set aside the party loyalty -on both side- and see what we can agree upon.

Puget Sound

BTW, not a big fan of the Repub Congressman who yelled 'you lie' to the President.
Very boorish behavior.

Puget Sound

...positively Coiler-esque


Yeah PUTS...I've been threatened with banishment. You'll note the one who spells his name in reverse is gone...and I was next unless I mend my ways.

Puget Sound


Puget Sound

well, we are guests.
but for them to complain is fairly weak cheese given their past conduct.
hope Nevets returns.


Wow indeed, I think there was whining and complaining...and well you know who's blog this is.
That's Okay...I'll behave and take some taste of victory in knowing that they apparently cried 'uncle'. :)

Grand Oligarh

Hey Duffman, stop whining. I can think of a few left wingers that I don’t see around here lately. The last I can ‘member is steele. You think you are the only one that suffers the pain of rule breaking?


Thanks G.O. - understand! No pain here...on the contrary I'm honored. :)

Grand Oligarh


now let's get at it.


Where the heck is everyone? I have had to create my own liberal to flip crap to.
She has already got lost.

liberal lover

I'm right here Chuck. Don't you worry about me.
I thought Obama did a stellar job in his speech tonight. You can believe every word he says.
It is not going to cost us one dollar. He is going to eliminate all of the waste in Medicare and use that money to give us free health care.
After that, I'll bet he gets rid of all of the fraud in government and we will get free cars every three years.

Grand Oligarh

Got milk? caught?


Hey Duffy
I done got my ass spanked a couple of weeks ago. You are not the only one.
You have to admit, Bla'm is pretty darn liberal in the crap he lets us get away with. You can't blame the man for putting the smack down on us now and then.
We deserve it.

Puget Sound

what rule did m. steele break?
sheesh, i go out of town and miss everything.

in regards to nevets, he's a good egg and i hope to see him return soon.

Grand Oligarh

Can a speech change kids or can a speech change the grownups?

What are YOU afraid of?


Maybe that everyone will have what they get through their gumment-employed women.

I keep wishing that Gregoire would outsource those damn actuaries. We'd all be looking at lower taxes. Although, I wonder what chucks would do with both breadwinners in the unemployment lines?

Grand Oligarh

Headlining the rightwing goofball apparatus.

“Barack Obama was linked to the Hawaiian Communist Party”


And undermining the party line, Sarah Palin:

“Response to the President's Health Care Speech”

yep, this is the party of leadership.

Puget Sound

this is the webmasters blog and he can impose a leavening hand as he sees fit.

perhaps we could get some clarification as to which posters are sacred cows and which ones are not.

spar-coil and joanie on the intellectually endangered list. understood. they can't even make it on a self professed liberal blog. that is some weak guvment cheese.

nevets, gg, and m steele are not.

not sure what awful things that were said about Spar-Coil OTHER than it coming to light about the sock puppetry with the multiple postings. after that became clear spar-coil lost his/her effectiveness. i thought webmasters frowned on that behavior. i recall when this webmaster use to expose those who engaged in it.
with joanie, she stopped being effective back when GG was having his fun with her and her real personality came out making fun of people who had lost their jobs or the odd rant that reveals a corkscrew thought pattern.

i do wish steven and m steele would be allowed to come back. is KS far behind? m steele is the odd man out on this and i can't figure out why he would have been banned.

Okay, in regards to the President's speech. I really liked it. Details in such a speech are unlikely to be sufficient in detail and still make the speech effective. But some broad concepts have been laid out. He has gotten my sincere interest and I want to see how this will work in the days to come.

Puget Sound

i know this won't make it to the blog but figure your reading these offline.

what happen to that dinner table conversation you harken back to from your youth.

what is it exactly that i've said to get the kaibosh?

Puget Sound

well now i am confused, the last two entries didn't get posted and that one does.

Puget Sound

so evidently the repub congressman joe wilson has apologized for his boorish 'you lie' outburst.
why did he do so when Pres Obama said illegal aliens would not be covered?
evidently that is because of a bit of sophistry contained in the bill. yes, illegal aliens will not be covered. what isn't mentioned is that it will not be permissible for a healthcare professional to ask if indeed a patient is a legal resident or citizen.
this explains why the immigrant community isn't up in arms regarding the lack of health care coverage for 'undocumented' workers.

btw, i hope m steele and steven come back to this blog. they both add a lot.

it's also the weakest of cheese that sparky and joanie run like banshees to complain about having their noses rubbed in it. i feel little sympathy for sparky given the sock poppetry with the fake coiler usage. and feel no sympathy for joanie given the crap she spews on people such as making sport of them losing their jobs.


It never occurs to you that you could be wrong, does it, Puts. It never occurs to you that you don't know shit about the other people on this blog, what they are like in person or what might be going on in their lives. All that matters to you and some of the others is the ability to score "points." It never occurs to you that maybe Michael got sick and tired of the name calling on his own, without prompting from others.

Dinner table conversation? This is how you talk around your dinner table?

I don't give a shit what you think about me. I dropped out the last few days thinking that maybe you guys would back off from filling Michael's blog with your whining and silly accusations. Except that didn't happen. You guys ramped it up. I have been teaching for 30 years..you think I have not been called names by children and parents alike? You think that the names and referenece regarding joanie and me that you and the others make on here are something new?

If you want to talk about issues, fine. If you want to toally disagree with what I think, fine.
But if all you are interested in is calling us names or perseverating on your "theories" about Coiler and me, then you will be talking on here to yourself.


Kent teachers to be fined 200/day (and assoc 1500/day) if they don't show up for pre-plan day tomorrow and be back teaching on Monday.
Let's see how strong their conviction is now!

Puget Sound


Duff is the one saying he was warned to be nicer or he would be banned. Take it up with him.

And no, the dinner table was not my choice of a metaphor. But I will tell you, growing up if I lied one of my siblings would call me on it in a NY Minute.

Finally, if you are going to throw stones expect some to be tossed back.


Darren Motamedy is a music teacher in the Kent school district. The in the Washington state area is second to none.


As usual, he didn't understand a single word you said, Sparky.

Give it up.


I hope the Kent teachers can stick it out. After spending the last two days doing more damn administrative work that secretaries or office people used to do, I'm tired of it. Everything gets put on the teacher's back and there's hardly time to teach anymore.

Not one manager in business would believe the inefficient way that schools get administrative work completed. Unbelievable.

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