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September 07, 2009



Last time I saw that hammer, it was gold, with a red back ground and the hammer was hanging out with a sickle.
We should all be thanking our fathers and grandfathers for the fights that they fought in the 20th century to give us all of that which todays democrat party leadership is fucking up.


Why is it that 8 of the top 10 selling cars in the cash for clunkers program were built in non-union plants?
Did all of you union supporters think about that as you bought your Toyota, Honda, KIA, Hyundai, or Nissan?
I admit that of my eight cars and trucks, seven of them are made by American union workers, but I did not consider that in my purchases.
It was only important to me to buy American cars made by American workers at American owned factories.
You just smile and think your warm union thoughts as you get in to your rice burner and the union folks you care so much about collect their unemployment checks ( at least until it runs out).

Puget Sound

anyone have an opinion on the Kent School District vs the Teachers Union?


Lets take a moment to remember the one hundred and forty eight victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911, where seamstresses working in excess of seventy hours a week became trapped in upper floors of a ten story building that had caught fire. There was only one open door to exit the floor, which opened inwards, the stair well was filled with smoke. The fire escape was cheap and broke quickly. Not unlike 9/11 they had to jump to their deaths to escape the intense heat and suffocating smoke. Only this was terrror inflicted by unapologetic capitalists who thought they could self regulate, who considered safety optional and even locked one of the few doors that might have allowed them a hasty escape to prevent seamstresses from stealing supplies. In the same way that soldiers of WWII fought to save us all from speaking German, those factory workers had to die to put a spot light on the shortcomings of self regulated industry. This is what happens when we put money before human life.

Puget Sound

How's that detective business of yours coming along? Have you 'solved' that Tower crash? A few days ago you wrote about how you were going to 'rub it in' and that it wasn't ELF, rather it was the residents that damaged the Towers.
Now that ELF has put a claim forward on their Website are you ready to concede or will you still falsely accuse the residents of the crime?
Have you no shame, Andy?
Oh yeah, I'll take some catsup with that.



putz, how's life in the lowest tax bracket treating you?


Jason Crawford, an ELF press officer, acknowledged the D.C. office has had "no communication from the individuals involved in this action." But, he said, "there are more factors that lead us to believe this is a legitimate ELF action than to believe otherwise."

In other words, ELF has absolutely no idea who did it. Their guess is as poor as yours. The FBI's ACTUAL investigation is still underway.

AuthenticAndrew claims responsibility for schooling putz once again. pwnt

Puget Sound

See folks, Duff rightly pointed this out about 'Andy.' He talks big and likes to pontificate on what's wrong with others or make false claims -like the Tower event in which he tried to blame it on the local residents- but when he has to back it up he takes a powder.

As Chucks noted long ago, Andrew is just a boy.

Like the time with NY Vinnie. People should know that I am a huge fan of NY Vinnie and appreciate what he brings to the Northwest. He is a real Northwest Treasure that we should have on the Radio everyday.
For some reason, Andrew kept making snide comments under the guise of being concerned about NY Vinnie's health. But it was just a pretext to be snarky.
NY Vinnie finally got tired of Andy's personal remarks and took the boy to the woodshed. Andy never apologized, did ya?

As NY Vinnie put it awhile back:
"Andrew, it sounds like you have a real problem with me. Does my weight maybe make you look at something in your life and realize that you have trouble accepting people the way they are? Maybe the fact that you are up at 3am taking the time to knock someone else’s life means that there is not much going on in yours. Have you ever had a conversation with me? How do you know how intelligent I am? Even more important how can you take a section of people and paint them with a broad brush because they are brought together by something that brings them happiness. Sounds a lot like prejudice to me. "


It's official; you're obsessed with me.

Puget Sound

Gee Andrew
Forgot to include this tidbit from your link, eh?
"Jason Crawford, an ELF press officer, acknowledged the D.C. office has had "no communication from the individuals involved in this action." But, he said, "there are more factors that lead us to believe this is a legitimate ELF action than to believe otherwise."

He said ELF supports the toppling of the towers because "they are not just something the locals consider an eyesore and a nuisance but are something that poses a potential threat to human health and wildlife."

Or the same ELF fellow being quoted here:
""Due to the health and environmental risks associated with radio waves emitted from the towers, we applaud this act by the ELF," Jason Crawford, a spokesman for the North American ELF Press Office, said in a prepared statement."

Of course, you were so anxious to pin this on the local residents with absolutely no proof except for this gem. The statement from the residents:

“We tried to do this by legal means,” he said. “Everything is a political decision.”

tacit admission of guilt

Posted by: AuthenticAndrew | September 06, 2009 at 01:30 AM"

Waiting for the FBI report is proper as I told you the other day. But if you have a group that has done this type of stuff before and claims credit for it with a sign at the scene and on one of its websites then yeah, I'll take 'em at their word that they did it.
But you, based off of nothing more than that tacit admission and a whole lot of wishing have slimed a group of law abiding residents with nothing to back it up.


They just happened to be brought down three weeks after the residents lost a court battle. There are many radio towers an environmentalist could claim was causing environmental impacts, yet they happened to choose these ones. What a coincidence.

As I've said before, it wouldn't behoove an environmentalist to send a mixed message buy choosing a target that was also causing "interference [to] radio signals on home telephone and intercom lines" and which was an "eyesore" that would "cause a drop in property values and economic opportunities at nearby farms." I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb here.


What about the tower of comparable size that was brought down at the same time back east? Did the locals take one down 3000 miles a way to distract the FBI?

Off top kind of, but Andrew, are you going to be able to teach Van Jones new skills as a fry cook? It seems as if he has no real job skills and the office of POTUS is occupied by another with equal skills so he may just need your help.


As for the teachers strike, Putsy, they are generally harmless to all but the parents. Teachers are never harmed as they are still going to teach the same days after they settle. They will get the same checks and their W2's will not be adversely effected. Now if the Judge would fine the union $100.00 per day for each employee that does not go to work, the teachers will have a bit of an investment in striking. Most parents do not recognise that teachers put very little on the line to strike. Unlike teamsters, Machinists or other workers who risk a great deal when they strike.
Teacher strikes are just fodder for local news broadcasters to show their liberal side.
As silly as it sounds though, I really hope they get what they're after. Joanie and the rest of them are just capitalists like the rest of us. Just out to get what they can.


chucks you and putz and you other angry arm chair politicians who clog these comment threads with nonsensical rantings are not qualified to have an opinion on anything. Didn't you once say that flunked out of high school? Obama is like a friggen constitutional law scolar from the Harvard Law School. You couldn't even make so much as an educated guess because that would require an education. The idea that you're evaluations mean anything to anybody would be laughable if it were not so very sad.


Oh Andy, I am devastated. That is so mean.
But no, I did graduate from High School. Went to public school so my spelling sucks. Finished my AA at LA Harbor College. I did attend UC Long Beach (fka Long Beach State) but dropped out. I was all married and shit and had the job I was going to school for.
But I was a fry cook at Clancy's in Torrance, CA while in school, so we have much in common.
We cut our own fries and breaded our own broasted chicken.
We used to call people like Obama educated idiots. You know the type. Most of them are still working the fryers at Dick's or serving coffee at Starbucks.
Obama was just a crap load better at selling blue sky than the rest of them.
(Andy,if I were a spelling Nazi, your last post would have been fun)


Obama is like a friggen constitutional law scolar from the Harvard Law School.

If such a scholar why the reluctance to release any transcripts?

Absolutely wreaks of Affirmative Action student who likely had little scholarly attributes other than reading from a teleprompter.

Puget Sound

Good stuff as always, Chucks.

You too, Andrew, although not in the way you intended. Smearing innocent people because you don't care for their politics whilst the ones who claim responsibility can't get the time of day from you. Sucks to be blinded by the politics of hate, Andrew.

You strike people as a mean little boy. The kind that works the drive-thru with a smile but sneakily spits in the food of people because you don't approve of the car they drive. All you lack is a companion named Beavis.

Hey Andrew, not that it is your business but I am not in the low tax range. Actually this paycheck put me over my SSN wage threshold so for the rest of the year I won't be having any SSN tax taken out.
I am sure that in a year or two that will change as Pres Obama will likely lift that threshold. But let me tell ya, you really appreciate that extra 6.2% in your check each pay period for the next 3.5 months. Not rich by any stretch, but I know I am very fortunate. Hat tip: Go to grad school and get some certifications. It may make a difference in your life. Get that stench of french fries off of your shirt.

Ask your boss about this, he or she will enlighten you about taxes. If you are really good, Mr. Duff did offer to mentor you but I am thinking that offer was rescinded.

Andrew, don't kid yourself. You couldn't hang for a week in Chucks line of work. The ability to sell -really sell- is a talent and one you should pay due respect.
Anyone who thinks sales is easy, try selling high ticket items over a sustained period of time. Raise a family on your ability to sell and see how easy it is.

Puget Sound

Oh yeah, NY Vinnie was spot on about you. He figured you out as quick as he ascertained that Shane Monahan was not the answer in Left Field for us back in 2003.


Got a job yet, chucks?

Puget Sound

I'm sure that was heartfelt,


joanie/sparky: what's your call on the Kent teachers apparently ignoring the Court order?

Grand Oligarh

The Kent school district teachers are doing the right thing. They want the district to commit to reduce the class size like every district in the state.

Grand Oligarh

I wonder if Lord Charles Boustany and the repubs met it when he said “all individuals should have access to coverage, regardless of preexisting conditions.”

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