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September 27, 2009


Kevin Bender

Meanwhile...he's connecting alot of dots. Are we to disregard those dots because he may be a little wacky? HMMMMM Don't know, but I for one will continue to listen to him


Regarding this subject, all I can say is that I thought the 'Hawks play today to be as putrid as the color of their uniforms. Wow!...that was sickening! :)


Glenn Beck has become the nonstop obsession of liberal/progressive nightmares. Beck is like a wad of sandpaper up their ass.


Cons were outnumbered 3:1 by liberals in Mount Vernon. Faux News was so scared, their 400 tickets were "sold-out" privately, and no one from Mount Vernon got one. The "left-out" MV conservatives had to resort to standing on the street corner with a flag, next to working class folks and black people. That seemed to irritate them more than the fact that they didn't get to sit at the "big table" with Beck.
It was just another bad day for republicans in America.


If I had known you and seen you Drew, I would have shared a Pepsi with you.
I think it was a pretty fun day for all. The libs got to protest something new and we got to spend some time with right thinking people.


The answer to your question, Michael, is that apparently Beck is the kind of man we have suspected all along. And apparently it's ok with the right. Big surprise.

John DeRosa

What kind of man is this? A fool, to start with. But we all already know that. I completely fail to understand why he's still on the air.


Sad..what kind of man would use his mother this way?

Mark C.

Beck supposedly has has redemption for all his early life problems and bad decisions through AA and a Mormon conversion.

Maybe it is time for him to work the step that asks that one finally gets honest. Fess up, Glenn, you made this up, too. Redeem yourself with the confession and atonement, you practices and principles you throw around so freely on TV.

Irv Wendholm

I respect Lewis Kamb, I respect McClatchy and those stories are damning. What happened to these so-called "values-voters?" They seeem go deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to the moral midgets they trust to speak for them.


Do we know what the story is going to be tomorrow? This is certainly turning into stalking Beck time for the liberals. Have you guys completely forgot about stalking Rush or Michelle Malkin?
I can not believe that you guys are so afraid of Beck.
He really has done nothing but expose a little corruption and pointed out some of the idiots that Obama has Czarified. You really should be just as excited about who he is going to find under Obama's bus this week.
I know that I can't wait.
Tune in to FNC (#205 on Dish) and see who gets nailed tomorrow.


Afraid Chuck? No we are not afraid of beck. What we are concerned about is the hate and lies that are propagated by this type of personality and his followers. These lies are given credence by shameless commenter’s like your good friend hick. By the way, are you so stupid as to buy that czar shit?


Are you so stupid as to not be weary of the way Obama and Pelosi do business, Ms Steele?


To bring together two dingle berries would yield more thought than your breathtaking incite.


Thomas Brackett Reed, (October 18, 1839 – December 7, 1902), occasionally ridiculed as Czar Reed, was a U.S. Representative from Maine, and Speaker of the House from 1889–1891 and from 1895–1899. He was a powerful leader of the Republican Party but was unable to stop the Spanish-American War.


Coiler, you are on the mark. It is just a nick name for a long and obtrusive title. To be angry about a nick name is a very dim obsession. Or, maybe I am wrong and these goof balls believe the stupidity they espouse.


It is fear Steele. You can deny it all you want. You liberal folk are so afraid of what is going to be uncovered next that the whole damned lot of you have gone in to panic mode.
Look at how many posts Bla'm has done about him.
It is pathetic how every body on the left goes in to full attack when you find reason for fear.
You should be in fear. You are losing the independents. They are not either blind or stupid.
Reality is you folks should be after Nancy Pelosi and not some TeeVee/radio blather guy. Her lack of ethics or integrity will be your undoing.
People see and don't like it.
We are not college kids. We are not the union laborers that just do what the union bosses say is good for us. Neither are the independents.
I don't wish to get in a name calling pissing match with you as I usually appreciate what you have to say, so good nite. Hope you have a great week.


Chunky, I remember the things you wrote during the presidential election. They were not true then either. Good night Chucks.


Beck is like a wad of sandpaper up their ass.

Thanks, judas. That's exactly where he should be. Then we could flush him down the toilet and be done with him. I'd endure a little sandpaper if the turd got what he deserved.

Now, Steele, you see why I never say anything reasonable to chux? There is no point. He was born without a brain. He can only mimic what he hears on Fixed News.

Oh, and that little investment? That was a crap shoot one night and the bet was WAMU. He won.

As for his healthcare and the little woman's income? Gumment. And from a job that could so easily be outsourced. I keep planning to send Christine a note recommending that she cut our taxes by outsourcing actuaries.

Don't you think that's a good idea?


chucks - enough with the fear card concerning mr beck: most of us don't give a galloping fuck what that chowderhead does.

If you want to fear something - imagine what will happen if the HMO's scare enough of you trembling twats into killing a public option. We will have no ability at all to stop the insurance co's from crushing the life out of American business thru ever more rapacious rates.


Good comment, Mark. Healthcare costs are killing American capitalism.

I heard on the radio this weekend that every seven and a half seconds someone goes into foreclosure and 80% of foreclosures are due to healthcare costs. I know there are lots of different numbers out there but they are all in this ball park.

But I think you are wasting your time with chux. There's a brick where his brain should be.

BTW, did anyone hear Michael Moore on Democracy Now? Great program, Democracy Now. TRAILER: Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story'"


this one's from his heart


I saw him on Bill Maher's show Fri night.


I wish I could get Maher but I won't pay more for cable. I get the clear screen level. Maher and Moore, I sure admire them both. Nobody is more disgusted than they are.

Did they play off each other well? Very similar intellects I think.


Sorry, Mark. But since bricks can't mimic, I guess there's an obsolete tape recorder where his brain should be. And it repeats Fixed News over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and . . .

Sorry. My brain was suddenly immobilized by the Fixed News Syndrome. With help from Moyers, Goodman, Rhodes, Alter, Turley, Baker, Krugman, Rich, Kucinich, Phillips, Reich, the "I'm Mad As Hell Doctors" and a score of other intellectually smart people, I'll get back to normal.

One more thing: I was listening to Max Blumenthal and he said something I found very interesting and insightful. Movements get desperate and crazy when they are about to die. Glenn Beck may be the movement's death rattle. One can only hope.


I think Beck is a douche, but its time to go back to ignoring him again.

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