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August 09, 2009


Billy Bob

Larry King

Today we start, and end, with "The Kirbster"...one of the three "K's" in KVI...and lots of meshugas in between.

KVI for NAMBLA? Yep. NAMBLA, or National Association of Mumblers of America, holds a convention and parade each year on Capitol Hill. This year's Grand Marshall is KVI's Kirby Wilber.

I still like to sneak a manly swig of milk right out of the carton.

No more U.S. waterboarding. Gitmo brass say they don't need it. They had dulcet-toned Dave Ross read aloud and record all the comments posted to Blatherwatch by Tommy008 and Netvets and just play those continuously. Now the evil-doers open up like kibbitzing schvartze.

Tip o' the yarmulke to Ron and Don on this one...they yakked about it for two hours on their show last week: On those really hot days, when you're schvitzing like crazy, try putting ice cubes in your briefs!

Funny, I despise chopsticks, but I sure take a shine to Asian women.

Maybe KIRO's weekend host should call himself "Phil the Noose Junkie." After six minutes of listening I wanted to hang myself.

Remind me sometime to talk about my Brooklyn boyhood pals Sanford Koufax and Vinnie Ricicci. Even in first grade, we called them "Sandy" and "New York Vinnie."

Is knocking before entering a lost art? My maid, the illegal alien from, as she says, May-hee-co, burst into my office yesterday and I was watching that Erin Andrews video. Let's just say my suspenders were disengaged. People. Knock. Please..

The 'Taters on KOMO launched "Fans United Commentaters Klub" and had scheduled their festival, "F.U.C.K.-Fest", labor day weekend. But they've had to cancel because of a scheduling conflict. The Monroe Senior Center and Funeral Parlor inadvertently booked a talk, "Seniors, Viagra and the 4-hour-erection." by Bill Yeend.

In my book, the guy who invented ridges for Ruffles is world-class genius!

I say Dori Monson is the Billy Mays of Seattle Radio. Have you heard "D-Mons" live reads for Depends? Wow!

Is "ooh la la" the only understandable thing that Ciscoe the Fruity Gardener can say? Can you imagine if he was a guest on Frank Shiers Show? Frank: What say ye? Ciscoe: Ooh la la!

Call me old-fashioned, but I like to use hand signals instead of my blinkers.

Sometimes I like to turn on ESPN 710 to rest after getting worked up listening to KJR.

Now that Dubya has sold the Crawford ranch, who's doing the brush-clearing? I'd hate to see that over-growth.

We can no longer call them the "two fattest talk show hosts on radio". Rush Limbaugh has lost nearly a hundred pounds. And Brian Maloney is no longer a talk show host.

KOMO Money Man Herb Weisbaum launching a new business that makes a highly secret alternative for gutters for your house. He's calling it, "I Can't Believe its Not Gutter." Dori Monson is recording commercials. Mazel Tov, Herbie!

I may miss next week's column. I'm going to call in sick and go "paddling" with Susan Hutchinson. Wish me luck.

Willlllll-berrrrrr! Blaine Border Patrol has bought a used MRI machine from Swedish Hospital. When he crosses the border, they want to be able to scan Kirby Wilber in case drug kingpins are hiding marijuana in his neck.


Much like the joker poster that came out for Bush last year. Fairly artistic for someone from the vast right-wing conspiracy...


I checked Dave Reichert's webpage to see when he would be holding a town hall meeting. This is what I found:

"Join me for an all-access pass to the skirmishes that will unfold in the days ahead - take a moment to sign-up for up-to-the-minute updates on what is happening and share your opinions via the poll and comment links below as this massive overhaul moves through my committee and through Congress."

A pass to the skirmishes? Kind of like buying tickets to the Saturday night fights?

Then I checked Doc Hastings website. He has a list of issues:

Potato Farmers Help Grow Central Washington Economy

Hastings Highlights Hanford on House Floor

House Passes Hastings’ Amendment to Expand the Use of Clean, Renewable Hydropower

Hastings Agreement Protects Washington Cherries

Health Care and Cap and Trade Bills Will Hurt Small Business

So I clicked on the last one and he says
"Americans deserve better. No one should come between you and your doctor." Does that mean the insurance industry too????

He advocates more Health Care Savings Accounts. But what if you don't have a job?

On the other hand, Cathy McMorris Rogers apparently HAS the balls to have a meeting:

"I invite you to join me August 12, 2009 at 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. at the Northeast Washington Ag Center (map). I look forward to updating you on this health care legislation and hearing your concerns." And she lists places for seniors to go for medical care that accepts Medicare.


This is what the Neo-Coms health Plan will do for all you baby boomers.

And just a reminder for those who didn't feel outrage last year. Again more fake rage from the Neo-Coms


"A pass to the skirmishes? Kind of like buying tickets to the Saturday night fights?"

Again Sparky just posting an e-mail from someone without looking at it. If you go to Reicherts site and find that quote under Protect and strengthen your health care you'll find he meant a "pass" to the fight in congress on Neo-com care. Not to what is happening in the townhall mtgs.


And if you look at Norm Dicks page, you wont find that he'll be at the Bremerton Convention Center addressing the Bremerton Rotary Club at noon tomorrow.

Dicks will be speaking to groups about health care during the recess. On Monday, he’s scheduled to speak to the Rotary Club of Bremerton.


It says something that the "I don't want to pay for the blacks" conservatives have to debate complicated and nuanced issues with sensational imagery, like the pro-lifers making their argument with pictures of fetuses, except that this Obama-joker thing makes even less sense. You have no reasoned arguments. You're like frightened children telling eachother ghost stories around a camp fire.


Don't mention nuance Andrew. It gives Steven a headache.

Steven...where did I say I got the quote??


And why would I want to go to Dick's page if it won't tell me he will be in Bremerton??


I have not heard anybody suggest that they don't want to pay for your health care because you are black Andrew. I have not heard anybody say that they don't want to pay for your medical because you are a moron, or Mexican, or a lilly white cracker Andrew.
We do not want to pay for your medical because it is not our responsibility. It is yours.
If you want to go to the Doctor, grab your checkbook and go.
(You also have the option of buying insurance to cover your butt).


oh please; your long discredited economic philosophy is just a cover for your underlying motives, you just don't want your money going towards black people. It's no coincidence that the racists and the personal accountability folks always find themselves on the same boat. You can fool yourself but you don't fool me.


It is getting pretty serious out there, when union thugs from SEIU are out to try and silence opposition at the Town Hall meetings. Also, the poisoned rhetoric coming from the White House, Pelosi, Boxer and Reid that has attacked those at town hall meetings that oppose Obamacare. Alot of this is reactionary, but why don't they answer the critics instead of verbally bashing them ?

Seems like a lot of girly men were elected as Congressmen in this state for their hesistancy to hold town hall meetings.


Yes, we need 'free speech' zones for teabaggers at the town halls. Like a mile away.

Mark C.

I'll put my money on the union boyz over the fat-assed Boomers with their fishing hats and belly-bulging t-shirts. This is a Boomer revolution! Woodstock lives! But PLEEZE, you guys, don't get naked!


From The Baltimore sun

The Democratic Party seems to have placed itself on the fast track to oblivion. As public rejection of Obama-care increases, our Democratic representatives are slinking into their shells, just like that fatal character who places her fingers in her ears and chants, "la la la."

Worse than that, our representatives are now attempting to convince themselves that the opposition is actually some type of conspiracy; that the insurance and pharmaceutical companies have paid off some vast numbers of Americans, or that they all march to the drum of the Republican Party.

The video and audio clips available from the handful of town hall meetings clearly show one, and only one thing: a public that voted for "change" but received a triple dose of what they thought was wrong. If you were to find the essence of what Americans thought was wrong with their government, it would be this: government is supposed to investigate social problems, identify the causes,and then optionally create meaningful, thoughtful, targeted legislation within the realm of its powers to address those problems. Did Congress investigate the health care problem? No. Did Congress identify if there actually was a problem or its causes? No. Did Congress create a meaningful, thoughtful piece of legislation? No. Is Congress contemplating a legislative action within its powers. Maybe not. Is the health care bill unique in this regard? Not lately.

So now we have a public, highly disenchanted with Congress, attempting to give their representatives a piece of their minds, only to discover that their representatives have no answers, other than Obama talking points. So what do our representatives do about it? Why, they call their constituents Nazis (Nancy Pelosi) or they try to marginalize the people by grouping them with crazies (Brad Miller) or they cry conspiracy (Harry Reid). With Congress's approval rating at a scant 24 percent, Democrats cannot afford to stick their heads in the sand. If they continue on this course, they will be standing dumbfounded in November 2010, at their landslide defeats.


Why do people post other people's opinions? Do they not have opinions of their own? And why is the opposition to any reform just a belligerent "just say no?" We have "the greatest health care in the world," but I'll never be able to afford it.


Obama is agreat orator. That man can sell just about anything. Germany had a great orator in the mid 1930's.
Germany's savior was a slick tongued community activist. People knew virtually nothing about the guy but he made great promises. That great talker promissed jobs to the jobless, money to those without and health care for all.
Remember reading about brown shirt thugs? Now we have blue shirt union (SEIU) thugs, encouraged by the White House.
Next thing you know, our children will be required to do community service and the government is going to want to disarm us.
I am not so certain that it is time to be afraid, but it is certainly time to pay close attention.
Germany was a sophisticated and educated country in the 1920's and 30's and look at what happened to them.


Oh I seen where you SAID you seen that quote Sparky. But going by your track record and being the teacher you are I figured the only way you could not have seen what Reichert was talking about was you read it in an e-mail and immediatly posted it here on BW.


apology accepted, Steven.

Hey Odie, as a former military man, do you consider Tri-care pay to be socialism? All those retired military and their dependents who go to Madigan for free care...are they socialists?


Military, congress-personnel, whatever; we should ALL have the same health care if in fact it is to be universal. Why are the congress-persons balking at accepting the same coverage as their minions. THAT is a KEY question.


Tri-care is earned and paid for. As is the insurance you get through working on your job.
Free health care for all, including non-producing citizens (and illeagal border crashers) is not the same thing.
I am honored as a tax paying citizen to provide you with fair pay and medical coverage for what you do Sparky. You earn it.


"All those retired military and their dependents who go to Madigan for free care"

Where did you get that idea Sparky that it was free. Did you just get that in an e-mail.


As was posted by others Tri Care is not free, so please get your facts straight before you fire. I do pay the annual fees for Tri Care but havent used it yet.

Should I elect to use Tri Care I will be sent to a civilian provider as Madigan is taxed to the max and the priority is with active duty soldiers and their dependents as it should be.

Clear, Sparky?


"Germany had a great orator in the mid 1930's.
Germany's savior was a slick tongued community activist."

Really? I thought Hitler was a pasty white dude who had the full support of Prescott Bush?


What is the exit strategy for lather, rinse, repeat?
It shocks me at the thought of you actually thinking Coiler. That is a concept for which I have never been able to visualize.
Coiler-thinking, Coiler-thinking....
Nope, does not add up.
Coiler-bigot, Coiler-racist....that is easier to visualize.


I asked you how a black man is like Hitler and you start flapping your arms like a robot and sputtering nazi crap. No wonder Joanie goofs on you guys.

What is your exit strategy, Chucks? Are you becoming like the character in "Falling Down"?


How does Hitler end up in these discussions? Is Hitler's final solution the neo-cons alternative health care reform plan? Was Sarah Palin actually advocating "death panels" in her dumb-ass-backwards way?


Odie you didn't answer my question ..do you consider it socialism?

chucks, thank you for your financial generosity, but I pay about half of my insurance costs myself. It is dependent on each school district and the bargaining agreement. When I stop teaching, I will have no insurance. I can't afford much in the way of private insurance on what I will get in retirement pay.

I don't buy the "they deserve it" argument. That means some people don't deserve it. It's easy to be cavalier about it when you are not the one faced with losing your house.


Oopps...too much nuance..sorry Steven.

I don't expect us to get FREE health care. There is no such thing. But I don't see why there is an argument between affordable healthcare for all, or high risk insurance nobody can afford.


It comes back to race again. Hmmm...
I do not say that Obama is Hitler. I only look at similarity's and express concern.
What has any of this to do with race?


Sparky, You and I will have access to our well funded gumment Medicare program when we retire.
But then we both may just have to keep working until we drop dead on the office or class room floor.
I just hope they carry my body out with a little reverence and dignity.

Not a liberral

I dont understand what all the fuss is about. I have read HR 320 and this is based on the text of that bill.

1. It promotes Personal Responsibility by forcing uninsured people to buy coverage and stop freeloading off of Working People.

2. It requires illegal immigrants to pay for healthcare, unlike the status quo, where they can go into an ER and get free treatment.

3. Insurers that deny end-of-life care, or ignore Living Wills can no longer keep these practices secret.

4. It promotes Free Market competition by offering a public option.

5. It mandates that those who like their current insurance, or who want different insurance can still get it.

6. It stops people from being denied healthcare because of a pre-existing condition.

7. It stops insurance companies from canceling your coverage if you get sick.

What's wrong with that?


We already have a govt single payer system.
Sen Jim DeMint doesn't like gubmint health care

Contrast TRICARE's popularity in South Carolina with these words from Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) last week, who has led the Republican party's attempts to torpedo health proposals that involve the government:

"[Democrats] think we're stupid," said DeMint. "They think that you don't know that government does not work well, that the same people who cleaned up after Hurricane Katrina are the ones who can really run our health care system with that personal touch that we all want ... They're talking about a government plan that can do things that no government plan has ever done."

The 233,725 people who chose to use TRICARE in DeMint's home state likely disagree.


Well, the health care legislative process has really exposed which institutions have been running our democracy. Moneyed special interests and corporations are more powerful than the Senate, the House and even the POTUS. I understood that in the abstract before this issue came up but the curtain has really been pulled away for all to see it clearly now. They aren't even trying to hide who's calling the shots any longer.

8th District Lars

Why isn't Reichert having a town meeting? Because Reichert knows the 8th voted 57%-42% for Obama. It's the only Congressional district in the state with a red congressperson that voted blue. He's the one with no balls.



The VA is more of a socialised program vs tri care. Tri care has annual fees and copays depending on what program(s) a retiree subscribes too.

For injuries or disease incurred while in the service VA does not charge. If one is rated at 50% disabled by the VA all outpatient care is free except dental (unless oral disabiites are a result of service). Dental service is provided to those deemed Unemployable or 100% disabled. A health insurance called CHAMPVA is provided to the dependents of those rated Individually Unemployable (less than 100% but cant work and are paid at the 100% disabled rate) or 100% disabled. There are copays involved with CHAMPVA.

Vets who incurred no disabilites as a result of their service may still obtain VA healthcare on a priority basis and a means test is administered. Copays maybe charged to the those vets depending on their income/worth.

No-I dont consider Tri Care socialised healthcare.

I am eligble for both VA & Tri Care but also use a civilian provider.

What I cant understand is why you all wont support getting the VA, Medicare, and Native American Health Care squared away before you want to impose a similiar program on all? If Sam cant take care of approx 10% of our population (vets) how is Urkel going to take care of all?


'oda' knows of what he/she speaks!


"I don't buy the "they deserve it" argument."

Sparky, I dont seem to recall anyone said "they deserve it". Chucks said "earned it".

TRICARE is not an insurance plan, but rather a health care entitlement earned by our nation's military members for their service to this country.

And you still haven't answered the question where did you get the idea that TriCare for Military Retirees was free.


an "entitlement"

Weren't the republicans against entitlements? Soc Sec. Medicare,Medicaid?


"When I stop teaching, I will have no insurance."

Maybe that move to the burbs to get away form the minorities was a bad move. Lets hope you dont make that mistake again.


I am eligble for both VA & Tri Care but also use a civilian provider.

And that civilian provider? Who pays for that service?

Kind of seems like everybody who rants against "socialized" healthcare is using it.

Chucks celebrates getting to socialized medicare while currently using the services provided by governent-paid "socialized" healthcare (that earned by his frankenstein's bride) and yet rails about socialized healthcare for everybody else.

How did you all let that go by?


plus, you never hear from the tea baggers about the 60 billion the insurance companies receive from the taxpayers in subsidies, while they made record profits.

"Percentage change since 2002 in average premiums paid to large U.S. health-insurance companies : +87

Percentage change in the profits of the top ten insurance companies : +428

Chances that an American bankrupted by medical bills has health insurance : 7 in 10"

From Harper's index


Oh no, not again. :(


Why not a substantive response, Duff?


'substantive' is relative and in the eye of the beholder...little grasshopper...and the 'beholders' know who 'they' are. [smile].


Emoticons are for pre pubescent children.


Hmmm, now WHY w/you be addressing me (w/out addressing me). Oh, never mind, I know. hehe


Welcome back joanie. I let it go by because I was hiding in the corner because apparently, according to stevarino, I "let the boys" get "the best of" me. Or something. Oh, and he "revealed" that I am not really a teacher. It sure feels good to have steven on the lookout, ya know?

In other words, you missed nothing while you were vacationing!


...just HAD to be; timing was right on.


Thanks, Sparky.

I know. There's no reasoning with unreasonable people.

I wonder what these God-fearing good-hearted neighborly guys would do if they didn't have gumment-employed wives?

When do you have to return to the harness?

Birch Bay is wonderful. Few people on the beaches. I listen to Coast-to-Coast up there at night. Sunday night, George interviewed two people about the dire straights our oceans and fish populations are in. Our food supply is in a world of hurt between fish farming and garbage. "Food for Doubt" by a chef who loves fish is serves only sustainable varieties in his Las Vegas restaurant and "End of the Line" talking about our oceans.

Did you know that between 80% and 90% of the salmon did not return? And a likely reason is the lice found on smolt from Pacific fish farms that are trying to raise hardier Atlantic fish? He said they found smolt covered in lice from those farms.

It should be ended. Someone should have the authority to say no to corporations like Monsanto and these fish farms which are destroying our natural food supply.

We are one big Easter Island. And we must be inbreeding to have created so much stupidity from so much promise.

You know, at the end of the program, George said he wasn't sure how the subject matter would go over with his Coast to Coast audience. But, he said it went well according to his emails.

I think he was saying that he knows his audience is pretty right wing and into para-psychology and aliens. I'm glad he put some real information out there. It's one thing to feed your babies formula most of the time; but, mix in a little mother's milk now and then.

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