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August 15, 2009



I find that picture some what annoying. You can bet that the guy that did it is going to get a visit from the union.
It is an unfair depiction of Heath Ledgers final work.
Is Brian Baird a Marxist to?
That wasn't a very nice thing to send to Baird, who is a decent person. Again though, it is probably another ACORN or union fax generated to stir up unwarrented charges against all of those evil gray haired ladies from the right.
More tricks from the book.


"It is probably...." A lot of people in the south during the murders of civil rights workers thought they brought it on themselves.

It is likely that other crazy people like the shooter at the church in Knoxville TN last year and those who blame "liberals" for their actions will keep the GOP in exile for years to come.


Coiler, you are just going to have to let go of what Senator Byrd, Governors Wallace, Maddox and the rest of the southern democrats did in the 50's and 60's. They are dead now.
They were proud klansmen.

Billy Bob

by Larry King

Good news about Mike Siegel. Police have called off their 2-month investigation. He's not missing or dead. He's doing mornings on KOL.

Seen at Fisher Plaza talking with KOMO PD Dennis "Pine Nuts" Kelly: John Curley, ex-Evening Magger. Fisher brass figure if they add a "Curley" to Carlson and Schram, they'll have the Three Stooges.

Remind me sometime to talk about my childhood friends in Brooklyn, Sanford Koufax and Michael Medved. Even in first grade we called them "Sandy" and "Cantstanzya."

KIRO Movie Guy Tom "Poon" Tangney got taken to the Latter Day woodshed. Word is he did a movie review for that Erin Andrews peephole video. The "Tang-Man" opined, "I could only gave it one-thumb-up, my other hand was busy." The review only aired once before getting yanked by the Salt Lake Censors. (Tip o' the yarmulke to Dan Restione.)

Heads up to Parents: I'm hearing some young people are calling marijuana "Mary Jane."

Goodyear is getting out of the blimp business and moving their ad dollars to KVI. They're going to paint a giant "G" and an "O" on Carleen Johnson's kishkas. And "ODYEAR" on Kirby Wilber.

As my rabbi always said, "Be wary of a man who is less than truthful about staff size." Turns out Dave Ross doesn't have a big staff. In studio, only one producer. In bed, he's no Ron Jeremy. (Tip o' the yarmulke to Mrs. Ross.)

Brian Maloney settled on the name "The Radio Equalizer" after nixing his first choice, deciding "Radio Bat Shit" could be confused with Ciscoe's nickname "Radio Fertilizer."

Separated at birth: Ron Reagan and Nancy Reagan.

Will Bonneville programming whiz Rod Arquette go after Ed Hume, or is Hume technically a "KOMO Homo?"

Things that keep me up at night: If "Mitch in the Morning" moved to afternoons who'd he be? And what if New York Vinnie got a job in New York?

He emigrated from Egypt and now runs his own Tacoma septic tank cleaning business and is suing KIRO for slandering his name. Teeby T. Elle says, "I'm not a litigious person, but I can't have my name associated with that kind of crap."

I tell you who's a fun bar buddy: Randi Rhodes. Hide the Prius keys, people!

Had to call in sick with a sore arm after "paddling" with Susan Hutchinson.

Speaking of boozers, I hear the Mormons are doing daily 4 a.m. breathalyzers for the KIRO morning news crew after a little "incident" involving spiked cranberry juice, a vat of Azteca re-fried beans, and naked news anchors on the "Rick's On Lake City Way Sports Desk." (Tip o' the yarmulke to Swartzy.)


The guy with the poster "Death to Obama" was a leftist kook - check it out. THis post reads like a sick joke.


Not sure how the "Death to Obama" guy fits into the conversation, but they have not identified the man that held up the "Death to Obama -Death to Michelle and her two stupid kids” sign. Its doubtful he is anymore a "leftist" than the right wing nut that shot up the aerobics studio. Conservatives said he was "looney liberal" until his right wing rantings became known.
The rise in right wing acts of violence and art work like this minstrel poster of Obama as the Joker really frighten me. Interesting that the artist of this poster hasn't stepped forward to claim credit for it.
I don't deal with belligerence well. I'm amazed at the way Obama has been handling the Health care debate. His class, grace and respect in the face of such stupid questions is admirable.


I thought the Republican party was the Party of Personal Responsibility? Everytime something happens, they are so quick to blame liberals.


From his inane comments, it is apparent that LucasFoxx has had a successful Obatomy.

See below

(from Powerline blog)

"According to Democratic Congressman Leonard Boswell, Barack Obama vows that he will continue to push for government medicine and an energy tax even if it means that he will be a one-term President:

Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-IA) claims that President Obama told him "he's willing to be a one-term president if that's what it takes to get health care and energy reform," reports Radio Iowa.

Said Boswell: "The president (said), 'I'm not going to kick the can down the road.' And he said that and I said, 'Well, that's something I'm kind of used to from southern Iowa, you know. I know about kicking the can down the road.' And he said, 'No, if it makes me a one-term president, I'm going to, we're going to take it on because the country is in need of us taking this on.'"

When Hillarycare crashed and burned and the Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, Bill Clinton gave it up. Rather than be a one-term President, he backed off and governed in a more centrist fashion. It's now pretty clear that Obama's plans for government medicine and slow (or no) economic growth fly in the face of the American people's values and preferences. If he, unlike Clinton, persists in trying to force the country far to the Left, he may well make good on his pledge."

If this plays out, it looks like B-HO has general disdain for this country's economic well-being. Hopefully, he will fail in this attempt to f*** things up - that kind of shit is why people are disliking or loathing him more and more.


I see no young people or people of color protesting at the town halls. Ya all need to get over the election, ya hear'?


They come off as angry people misdirecting personal anger onto political concepts and figures. None of these people would likely feel an increase in their tax burden but yet they get up their and scream and cry that some kenyan communist manchurian candidate is single handedly making their life a living nightmare.

Personally I blame Britney Spears.

Puget Sound

I see no young people or people of color protesting at the town halls. Ya all need to get over the election, ya hear'?

Posted by: Coiler | August 15, 2009 at 09:02 PM

Actually, the clip that msnbc news was running had an african american lady given the bums rush at the claire mccaskill townhall meeting.

the fact that young people aren't at the rally is no surprise. it's hard enough to get them to fill out the mail in ballot. plus for many of them, not all, healthcare is something seldom used.

but coiler, if you have control of the house, a veto proof senate, and the whitehouse why is that that you can't get those things promised. war still going strong, gitmo open for business, and universal healthcare is not going to get passed. hmmm, wtf?
you'll look back at this congress and be ticked off come 2011 over the missed opportunities. extra credit if you can get sparky to answer!
i guess this is where you throw out the 'racism' crap to avoid the tough answer.

Puget Sound

hey andrew,
i heard ny vinnie again. he's sounding well. i sure miss him.


What a great blog! We need more people exposing the lies and fear-mongering. And thanks for listening to the talk shows for me, I don't think I could handle it!


oohhhh wowww man.... I just got back from staying over night at the hempfest... it was kick ass and talk about some great smoke!!... I am so glad that I have liberal friends like joanie and sparky backing people like me... free pot for all!!.. liberals take back our country!! right on! peace man!


Differentiating writing styles is not hard to do. One has an inherent style that can be recognized regardless of that person's attempts to cover it up...it 'comes through' just like one's personality through subtleness notwithstanding outright obvious indications.
'Tis far better to be forthright. :)


Your right.


Puget Sound -- the fat black lady you saw being taken out by the cops was in a beef with a skinny white guy who grabbed and ripped up a sign she had with a picture and quote of Rosa Parks. The cops got both parties out and the TV played the picture of her being taken out because, well, she was fat and black, which makes for much better TV.

Puget Sound

Thanks for the corrective update, Lurker.


I think the point was well received and hopefully it will be followed...blog w/be improved. :)


"'Tis far better to be forthright."







Finally the welcom home they deserve.



Puget Sound

Differentiating writing styles is not hard to do. One has an inherent style that can be recognized regardless of that person's attempts to cover it up...it 'comes through' just like one's personality through subtleness notwithstanding outright obvious indications.
'Tis far better to be forthright. :)

Posted by: Duffman | August 16, 2009 at 10:48 AM

you are sooo right, duff. like earlier yesterday when 'Coiler' was playing the schoolmarm and playing the 'gotcha' game on spelling. hmm, who does that remind you of?


What Duffman said.


Finally the welcome home they deserve.

I am one of the VN vets who could care less about a parade at this late day. If some feel they need this as a catharthis so be it. IMHO the tradgedy of the VN vet is the portrayl by Hollwood and the media of a typical VN vet-baby killer, dope smoking, unbdisciplined, spit upon victim. For the majority, nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the VN vets got on with life and were successful. Some didnt. Some were shitbags before they went to serve and their service did nothing to change that direction. Some have had a lot of legitimate adjustment problems brought upon by their tour(s). A recent article in the VFW magazine about adjustment problems of WWII vets describes the myriad of adjustment problems faced by the returning vets but went largely unreported as they sucked it up and went to work. I am always skeptical when I see a bearded shaggy guy in cammies with multiple VN patches displayed. Of course it is so typical to see one wearing Special Forces or SEAL patches. When confronted with a few minor questions, a typical reply is standard "its classified man". I am here to tell you it is not. Upon my return from VN I took a taxi from Ft Lewis to Boeing Field to take a flight back to E. WA. I was in uniform and went to the watering hole awaiting the flight. A very attractive older (probably in her 40's-I was 22) approached and asked if I had just returned from the war. Expecting the worst I replied that I had landed on US soil about 20 hours ago. She asked if she could buy me a drink and thanked me for my service. Good start I thought. Like so many others, I went on to college, used the GI Bill, went back in to the service after graduation and got on with life.

In other news, those champions of Canadian healthcare on BW catching the latest on their system going belly up?

Urkel has the entire Congress and is stymied. he has done more for the conservative meovement in seven months then W did in eight years. Keep it up Urkel.

WASL score suck once again. Send more money!!!!


"Expecting the worst..."

What were you expecting Oda? And why?


Sparky, did you have B'lam delete that link of mine "Would you buy health insurance from this guy". So neo-com of you to have him remove that video but not the picture at the top of this thread.


I was expecting the reported protestors that I had read of in Stars & Stripes and the local paper my parents sent me from near our home town. I ran into a few protesters at college but it was nothing like I had read about or was lead to believe to expect.


For those that want to see what Sparky and B'lam conspired to have removed and replaced with...


Posted by: nevets | August 16, 2009 at 08:14 PM

go to youtube and search

"Obama the Joker Disses the US Postal Service to Promote Government Controlled Health Care."

I wont link it again since for some reason B'lam doesn't want it linked. Even though he uses the same photo used in the video as he did at the top of the thread. Err, minus the hammer and sickle of course. Go figure.

blathering michael

Nevets: You right-wingers and your conspiracies! I don't censor anything except blatant vile trollature. And I'm not even consistent with that. I certainly couldn't give a shit about yours or anyone's youtube links although I'm told that better blogs police their strings better than I do. I don't have the time or motivation to police and censor BW like say, Sound Politics or Free Republic do. (Does SP even allow links?)


"From his inane comments, it is apparent that LucasFoxx has had a successful Obatomy.

See below"

And then there was nothing below that was any kind of a response to anything I wrote. These nut jobs are the same all over the country.


Waste of breath, Bla'M! Steven "knows", therefore, you are helpless against his "knowing."

Meanwhile, This is the best news of the day!!


Oh, and this is pretty good too:
Stevarino, your employer has forsaken you...

"Eight more Glenn Beck advertisers, including Wal-Mart -- the world's largest retailer -- have confirmed to ColorOfChange.org that they pulled their ads from the controversial Fox News Channel broadcaster's eponymous show. Allergan (maker of Restasis), Ally Bank (a unit of GMAC Financial Services), Best Buy, Broadview Security, CVS, Re-Bath, Travelocity and Wal-Mart join the dozen other companies who previously distanced themselves from Beck.

Twenty companies have pulled their ads from Beck's show in just the last two weeks. The moves come after the Fox News host called President Obama a "racist" who "has a deep-seated hatred for white people" during an appearance on Fox & Friends. Previous companies who pulled their ads include ConAgra, GEICO, Lawyers.com, Men's Wearhouse, Procter & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, RadioShack, Roche, SC Johnson, Sanofi-Aventis, Sargento, and State Farm Insurance. "


I can accept what you said above B'lam. And appreciate the honesty. But with Sparkys relationship to you and her previous sucess in getting things banned from here and my totally debunking her teaching status it was just to coincidental.

But the fact remains that someone removed that link. Maybe you dont have the time, but someone did. Someone took that link off and replaced it with the following post.


Posted by: nevets | August 16, 2009 at 08:14 PM

Except they forgot that there is a time stamp. I'm not saying to police your blog B'lam but a little investigating on your part will keep the integrity (what little it has) of this blog intact and prevent other compromises that could have unimagineable consequences.


I only know what I speaketh when the facts are laid out in front of me Sparky.

And that was terrible news about Walmart. The others I could care less. Decision time. Follow my principles and leave my employment with Walmart or stick around and see if it this is only temporary.


Oda, looks like you were one of the lucky ones.

"When I came back I got balloons full of urine and spit"

"When I stepped off the plane in Orange County, a group of protesters over in the corner were yelling to me, `Baby-killer,' and `Warmonger."

"When I got back in '72 I was made to feel like I was a piece of scum,'' Danner recalled. ``My friends from high school, the first question they asked was, `How many people did you kill?' They didn't say welcome home."



I would bet the majority of VN combat vets were at sometime asked how many kills we got by friends.

Sure, the treatment you mention of returning vets was experienced-but I also think a lot of it is a dick measuring contest. No doubt it wasnt parades of les jeune filles throwing panties and bras at us.

Also, the DEROS location had much to do with it. For example, Oakland was worse than Ft Lewis.

My $00.02 for what it is worth.


Just thought I'd throw this in on an open thread thinking that some of you might be interested.

Recently went on a tour of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Richland, WA. If you haven't been on this tour it's quite interesting. It's a 5-Hour tour (by A/C bus) and you stop at various sites, one of which is the 'B' Reactor site where you spend an hour or so touring the reactor. VERY informative to see where the plutonium was made for the bombs dropped on Japan.
These tours are VERY popular and they fill-up fast, so early registration is recommended. Fairly strict security regulations prevail.

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