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August 27, 2009



thanks for this..I missed his show yesterday.


I heard it yesterday, Ron Reagan Jr is one of us. We cannot fail.


Yes, he will help us crush the nuts of the Repubs.


Mrs. Reagan reminds us all of a time when people of totally differing viewpoints could be friends and civility ruled the day. I hear that President Reagan and Tip O'Neill were great friends and drinking buddies after 5.

And then there's the scum-that-scum-scrapes-off-the-bottom-of-its-shoe folks like Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin and Larsen who were trashing Kennedy before his body was cold.

I truly believe these little, hateful people are the reason there is so much acrimony between those of different philosophies.


Hey Sparcoil err, sorry, I mean 'Bill' EVERYbody is your friend after 5 drinks. [smile]


Oh, I see...you meant after 5pm (seventeen-hundred hours)...I get it. Haha


Gawd, you're so fucking droll.


Thank you...and you're so coily.

howie in seattle

I think Nancy is a bit more diplomatic and politically shrewd than your average older Republican mother. Great interview and swell of you to post it.


It seemed she wanted to send a message to the right that they are in disarray.


Thank you for being yourself howie, more should follow your form...but alas they seem prone to childish antics. [smile]


I don't listen to Levin & don't know who Larsen is but saying that Limbaugh and Hannity were trashing Kennedy is an outright lie. Hannity went to great lengths to show respect and relate to the loss that Kennedy's family must be going through. He then went on to complimented him on his unwavering dedication to the causes that he had dedicated his life to.

You lies = Hate, why must you liberals be such haters? Perhaps because your arguments are fatally flawed.


Funny, Rifleman, you claimed Pills didn't say anything Let's hear what he said...

"Who's paying for the Kennedy Funeral, is it the Cutty Sark"?

You "rifleman" are the liar. So much for respect.

Limbaugh's drinking game: "a drink for every black person I see" on Kennedy's procession, lined with "union thugs"


Am I perverted or does Nancy still look sexy?


Well, let's just say she's no Nancy Pelosi. ;)

Puget Sound

Looks like Teddy liked to joke about Chappaquiddick.

"One of Kennedy’s close friends, former editor of Newsweek and New York Times Magazine Ed Klein, tells the Diane Rehm Show that Chappaquiddick jokes were high up on the list (audio here, at 30:10):

I don’t know if you know this or not, but one of his favorite topics of humor was indeed Chappaquiddick itself. And he would ask people, “have you heard any new jokes about Chappaquiddick?” That is just the most amazing thing. It’s not that he didn’t feel remorse about the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, but that he still always saw the other side of everything and the ridiculous side of things, too.

Jules Crittenden wonders (with a great deal of snark) if “you had to be there.” Mark Hemingway is aghast:

EXCUSE ME? If that’s true it makes Kennedy kind of a monster. The odd thing is that if you listen to the whole show, the tone of everyone involved is nauseatingly haigographic and reverential. Klein apparently let his guard down a bit; after he lets it slip Kennedy liked to joke about the woman he killed you can actually hear in his voice that he’s trying to backpedal. The show actually cuts to a break as he’s trying to explain himself, and I seriously wonder if it wasn’t the producers trying to do Klein a favor. But I’m sorry, there appears to be little to that could explain this. It goes way beyond “you had to be there.”

Puget Sound

Spar Coil
How does Limbaugh's jokes compare to Teddy 'joking' about Chappaquiddick?

Puget Sound

here it is from Ed Klein

yep, a real card

Puget Sound

And you gotta love this, from the Russian Archives is this missive from Ted Kennedy. Amazing.

Helping the Russians defeat Reagan


Spot on, PS. The information is out there. Ed Klein also wrote the "Truth about Hillary" - a good read. She would have been a better president, but not as good as Bill was.

marcos pollo

Another big win for conservatism: crushing a man after he's died but before he is buried.

Who is the Conservative Lion of the Senate? Sen."Diaper me, Mommy," Vitter? "Bitch" McConnel," Too bad Larry "wide-stance" Craig is retired, he was a great values-issues leader. right-wingers got got nobody. You need a "great white hope" Doubt Sarah Palin will be it unless she takes a correspondence course. Maybe better would be a not-all-that-white hope.


First of all Putz, the info in the interview is anecdotal, secondly, the poster claimed Limbaugh didn't disrespect the funeral, which is a lie given Pills statements.

Please continue pimping for the drug addict.

puget sound

most stories are by definition, anecdotal.
if you listen to the entire interview you will note that ed klein is clearly a pro kennedy type.

actually, sen craig is still -for some reason- a sitting senator. in fact, he offered some highly reverential stories on ted kennedy (i happened to be in ID earlier this week and craig was being quoted right and left).


I heard the conversation on the radio myself.

I keep wondering how Reagan came to be a Dem and one so thoughtful and intelligent. I wonder if Nancy was a closet Dem?

Ron Reagan is getting better and better. He doesn't react emotionally to these idiots that try to make the republcan case on air. He generally gets the better of them. It is good political talk radio.


Yes he is, much like Hartmann or Peter B


One wonders what Coiler hears when Limbaugh talks. I didn't hear anything in them links of Limbaugh trashing Ted Kennedy. Maybe them whistles from his HO's are screwing with his hearing.

Mike Barer

Nancy earned the scorn of anyone left of her husband some 20 years ago, but put against the blowhards of today, she does not seem as bad. Much of that has to do with her cause of persuing stem cell research.


"Another big win for conservatism: crushing a man after he's died but before he is buried."

Stop your whining, putz. The truth hurts and the media is a bunch of complicit liars. It might have been better to wait longer but the truth would have come out soon after. Part of it is that the Dems have upped the stakes and the conservatives in the media are now playing hardball back at them. Sen. Kennedy was an effective legislator, but he was also despicable as a person !
BTW - Edward Klein is a liberal, so that argument is off the table.

The progressive/statists have the hubris to crush people when they are alive, no matter who they are. They did it with Ronald Reagan (both dead and alive) and recently have done it with Sarah Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly and John McCain. So before you people criticize - look how your political party is classless and practices bloodsport with glee. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.


Do you hear Peter B., Coiler? I got an email and heard a couple of podcasts but then nothing more. I've looked for him . . .

Let me know.

puget sound

I know Klien is a liberal. That made it more truthful to me when he told the story about Teddy liking to hear those Chappaquiddick jokes.

The other victims of that day such as Joan Kennedy. I doubt she liked to hear those 'jokes.' I'll cite Spar-Coils favorite source, Wikipedia:

"Sen. Kennedy's wife Joan Bennett Kennedy was pregnant at the time of the incident. Though confined to bed in the wake of two previous miscarriages, she attended the funeral of Kopechne and stood beside her husband in court three days later.[37] She suffered a third miscarriage shortly thereafter[38] which she blamed on the Chappaquiddick incident.[39]

She is still alive. Very little mention of Joan Kennedy. Living with Ted drove her to severe bouts with the bottle. Yes, Ted was compassionate to the less fortunate. And yes, Ted Kennedy was worried about the poor and didn't mind spending your money to fix the problem.
But in his own life he was such a mess.

puget sound

Mary Jo’s Rescue Possible:
From the Diver on the Scene back in 1969:
"The preliminary investigation into the drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne has raised an agonizing question that will haunt the Kennedy inquest this week. Could Mary Jo have been rescued from the bottom of Poucha Pont if Sen. Ted Kennedy had only rushed to the nearest house and banged on the door for help?

John Farrar, the diver who removed Mary Jo’s body from the submerged car, has told authorities that “a large amount of air would initially have been trapped” inside the car. Had he been summoned immediately after the accident, Farrar declared, there was “a strong possibility that she would have been alive.”

The Navy-trained diving expert gave his electrifying testimony and backed it up with a detailed diagram at a pre-hearing interrogation on Aug. 20. He was questioned by Lt. George Killen, who has been assigned by the Massachusetts State Police to assist District Attorney Edmund Dinis with the Kennedy investigation.

Farrar described from his own measurements how the death car had hurried off Dyke bridge for a distance of approximately 36 feet and then dropped eight feet, hitting the water at a 45-degree angle. The momentum flipped it over, he conjectured, “bringing the car to settle upside down in the water.”

“On impact,” he said, “the water would have gushed through the two right windows. However, due to the vertical settling of the car, a large amount of air would have initially been trapped underneath the floor of the car.”

He pointed to his diagram, which showed “a possible water level based on the way the car entered the water and settled.” In his sketch, the air pocket was large enough to have sustained life for a while. The position of Mary Jo’s body suggested, in his opinion, that she may have been trying desperately to take advantage of the last air.

He found the body in the right rear seat. Emphasizing again that the car was bottom up, he testified: “With respect to the seat, she was upside down. With respect to the water, she was right side up. Her head was cocked back, her face pressed into the foot well.” This is where the air bubble likely would have formed.

“I found when I inspected the car underwater,” he added, “That there was no air within the occupants’ section of the car. However, by the statement of John Ahlbum and Joe Cerpa when the car was first moved by cable or by winch, numerous air bubbles escaped from the car while still underwater.”

Farrar suggested that “Ted Kennedy could have escaped from the driver’s window as it was the only one rolled down and by the roll of the car would have been the last window submerged. His door was locked, which could have occurred, incidentally, during his egress since the locking device was the button on the edge of the window.”

Once out of the water, Kennedy could have reached nearby Dyke House in a matter of seconds. The house was occupied by Mrs. Pierre Malm, who has stated that her lights were on at the time of the accident.

“Had I received a call within five to ten minutes of the accident occurring,” declared Farrar, “and was able, as I was the following morning, to be at the victim’s side within 25 minutes of receiving the call, in such event there is a strong possibility that she would have been alive upon removal from this submerged car.”

Summarizing, Farrar gave the reasons why he believed that Mary Jo Kopechne may have survived for serveral terrifying minutes, trapped in Kennedy’s car at the bottom of Poucha Pond.

“Number one,” said the diver, “the position of the car upon entering into the water, which I had deduced…

“The position of the submerged car on the bottom of the water. That is number two.

“Number three, what I feel to be the consciously assumed position of the victim as distinguished from the prone position which, to me, was indicative of a person being consciously aware of the immediate situation in an attempt to save one’s life by obtaining the last breath of air.

“Four, the fact that air bubbles emanated from the car upon removal by the wrecker two hours after I removed the victim from the submerged car.

“And five, the fact that there was a large air void and lack of water in the car’s trunk 10 hours after the accident was alleged to have occurred.”

Also from the Diver's Report at the inquest
" The following is reconstructed from a diver's report ... the diver who pulled Mary Jo from the car:

- Farrar thrust himself through the open window and into the car. Looking up, he found the body of a young woman. Her head was cocked back, her face pressed into the footwell. Both hands gripped the front edge of the back seat to hold herself in conformity with its upholstered contours. It was not the position assumed by a person knocked unconscious by the impact of a crash, Farrar said. "If she had been dead or unconscious, she would have been prone, sinking to the bottom or floating on top. She definitely was holding herself in a position to avail herself of the last remaining air that had to be trapped in the car."

puget sound

so given the above, the fact that Teddy would invite people to joke about it is bizzare. but hey, he's a Kennedy and given a free-pass.

just a girl. a boiler room girl. to be used and discarded. that's what he did. when he called the girl's family up to notify them what had happened he never told them that he was the driver of the car that killed their daughter. they didn't learn that until hours later.


Mark Steyn puts the kennedy death in to perspective:

We are enjoined not to speak ill of the dead. But, when an entire nation — or, at any rate, its “mainstream” media culture — declines to speak the truth about the dead, we are certainly entitled to speak ill of such false eulogists. In its coverage of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s passing, America’s TV networks are creepily reminiscent of those plays Sam Shepard used to write about some dysfunctional inbred hardscrabble Appalachian household where there’s a baby buried in the backyard but everyone agreed years ago never to mention it.

In this case, the unmentionable corpse is Mary Jo Kopechne, 1940–1969. If you have to bring up the, ah, circumstances of that year of decease, keep it general, keep it vague. As Kennedy flack Ted Sorensen put it in Time magazine: “Both a plane crash in Massachusetts in 1964 and the ugly automobile accident on Chappaquiddick Island in 1969 almost cost him his life.”

That’s the way to do it! An “accident,” “ugly” in some unspecified way, just happened to happen — and only to him, nobody else. Ted’s the star, and there’s no room to namecheck the bit players. What befell him was . . . a thing, a place. As Joan Vennochi wrote in the Boston Globe: “Like all figures in history — and like those in the Bible, for that matter — Kennedy came with flaws. Moses had a temper. Peter betrayed Jesus. Kennedy had Chappaquiddick, a moment of tremendous moral collapse.”

Actually, Peter denied Jesus, rather than “betrayed” him, but close enough for Catholic-lite Massachusetts. And if Moses having a temper never led him to leave some gal at the bottom of the Red Sea, well, let’s face it, he doesn’t have Ted’s tremendous legislative legacy, does he? Perhaps it’s kinder simply to airbrush out of the record the name of the unfortunate complicating factor on the receiving end of that moment of “tremendous moral collapse.” When Kennedy cheerleaders do get around to mentioning her, it’s usually to add insult to fatal injury. As Teddy’s biographer Adam Clymer wrote, Edward Kennedy’s “achievements as a senator have towered over his time, changing the lives of far more Americans than remember the name Mary Jo Kopechne.”

You can’t make an omelette without breaking chicks, right? I don’t know how many lives the senator changed — he certainly changed Mary Jo’s — but you’re struck less by the precise arithmetic than by the basic equation: How many changed lives justify leaving a human being struggling for breath for up to five hours pressed up against the window in a small, shrinking air pocket in Teddy’s Oldsmobile? If the senator had managed to change the lives of even more Americans, would it have been okay to leave a couple more broads down there? Hey, why not? At the Huffington Post, Melissa Lafsky mused on what Mary Jo “would have thought about arguably being a catalyst for the most successful Senate career in history . . . Who knows — maybe she’d feel it was worth it.” What true-believing liberal lass wouldn’t be honored to be dispatched by that death panel?

We are all flawed, and most of us are weak, and in hellish moments, at a split-second’s notice, confronting the choice that will define us ever after, many of us will fail the test. Perhaps Mary Jo could have been saved; perhaps she would have died anyway. What is true is that Edward Kennedy made her death a certainty. When a man (if you’ll forgive the expression) confronts the truth of what he has done, what does honor require? Six years before Chappaquiddick, in the wake of Britain’s comparatively very minor “Profumo scandal,” the eponymous John Profumo, Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for War, resigned from the House of Commons and the Queen’s Privy Council, and disappeared amid the tenements of the East End to do good works washing dishes and helping with children’s playgroups, in anonymity, for the last 40 years of his life. With the exception of one newspaper article to mark the centenary of his charitable mission, he never uttered another word in public again.

Ted Kennedy went a different route. He got kitted out with a neck brace and went on TV and announced the invention of the “Kennedy curse,” a concept that yoked him to his murdered brothers as a fellow victim — and not, as Mary Jo perhaps realized in those final hours, the perpetrator. He dared us to call his bluff, and, when we didn’t, he made all of us complicit in what he’d done. We are all prey to human frailty, but few of us get to inflict ours on an entire nation.

His defenders would argue that he redeemed himself with his “progressive” agenda, up to and including health-care “reform.” It was an odd kind of “redemption”: In a cooing paean to the senator on a cringe-makingly obsequious edition of NPR’s Diane Rehm Show, Edward Klein of Newsweek fondly recalled that one of Ted’s “favorite topics of humor was, indeed, Chappaquiddick itself. He would ask people, ‘Have you heard any new jokes about Chappaquiddick?’”

Terrific! Who was that lady I saw you with last night?

Beats me!

Why did the Last Lion cross the road?

To sleep it off!

What do you call 200 Kennedy sycophants at the bottom of a Chappaquiddick pond? A great start, but bad news for NPR guest-bookers! “He was a guy’s guy,” chortled Edward Klein. Which is one way of putting it.

When a man is capable of what Ted Kennedy did that night in 1969 and in the weeks afterwards, what else is he capable of? An NPR listener said the senator’s passing marked “the end of civility in the U.S. Congress.” Yes, indeed. Who among us does not mourn the lost “civility” of the 1987 Supreme Court hearings? Considering the nomination of Judge Bork, Ted Kennedy rose on the Senate floor and announced that “Robert Bork’s America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit down at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens’ doors in midnight raids, schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution . . . ”

Whoa! “Liberals” (in the debased contemporary American sense of the term) would have reason to find Borkian jurisprudence uncongenial, but to suggest the judge and former solicitor-general favored re-segregation of lunch counters is a slander not merely vile but so preposterous that, like his explanation for Chappaquiddick, only a Kennedy could get away with it. If you had to identify a single speech that marked “the end of civility” in American politics, that’s a shoo-in.

If a towering giant cares so much about humanity in general, why get hung up on his carelessness with humans in particular? For Kennedy’s comrades, the cost was worth it. For the rest of us, it was a high price to pay. And, for Ted himself, who knows? He buried three brothers, and as many nephews, and as the years took their toll, it looked sometimes as if the only Kennedy son to grow old had had to grow old for all of them. Did he truly believe, as surely as Melissa Lafsky and Co., that his indispensability to the republic trumped all else? That Camelot — that “fleeting wisp of glory,” that “one brief shining moment” — must run forever, even if “How to Handle a Woman” gets dropped from the score. The senator’s actions in the hours and days after emerging from that pond tell us something ugly about Kennedy the man. That he got away with it tells us something ugly about American public life.


One can choose to look at it that way, but (IMO) one needs to ask 'who among us with without sin'.


who among us with without sin'.

Not a one Duff. Not everyone is a murderer and yet a pillar of a political party.

Does that say something about the man and the party who holds him in such high regard?


We are all sinners, Duff. However, Mark Steyn raises some good points. Bearing false witness is a sin and that is what the mainstream media will choose to do all day long about Kennedy - the liberal lion.

It may be too soon to cast stones in his direction and show proper respect. However, if that person did not demonstrate respect in his own personal life and actually attempted something that was treasonous - briefing the USSR on what Pres. Reagan was trying to do, on top of committing manslaughter without reporting it to the police, there is something at least a bit evil about this person.

When Reagan died, within 24 hours there were left wing pundits and progressives out there demonizing him as evil. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

"The Obama Administration - Leadership in a vacuum"

Puget Sound

I am a huge Mark Steyn fan and his book on demography is probably the scariest book you'll find.
Steyn is right. If we let this Teddy 'the victim' myth continue as propigated by those who make money off the Kennedy's we are complicit.
To throw a radio twist on this, you have other noted firebrands who prey on emotionalism of their audiance such as Mike Malloy trying to change the historical record. He was saying that it was the 'right wing' that murdered JFK and RFK. Well, that may work for the historically ignorent (like ph(J)oanie) but in truth , JFK was killed by an avowed Communist that tried to defect to both Cuba and had lived in the USSR ... and RFK was killed by a Palestian that was subsequently praised by Bill Ayers in the dedication section of his first book Praire Fire. Hardly someone rightwing. And somehow, the "right wing" did it in Malloy's twisted logic.

Puget Sound

The mistake Ted made was the accident itself. It was his inability to account for it or make ammends that subjects him to disdain. If he had owned up to what happened I would have been willing to forgive. He left a woman to die without attempting to get her proper medical care. Just left her as he scampered away to town in order to cover up. Made numerous long distance phone calls throughout the night but didn't deign to call the rescue people. He didn't report the accident until 9 am.
That is unforgiveable. If he had sought medical care for her, etc I could understand the covering up of the accident itself. But he didn't even do that other than a half hearted attempt of him and his attorney to go back to the car and see if they could rescue her without arousing suspicion. When they couldn't do that they ran away.
Imagine if Dick Cheney had shot his friend and then left him there in the field to bleed to death as he went back to the cabin to establish an alibi.
I am still angry that the VP didn't report the accident as he should have but at least he got medical care for his friend after the accident.
How much howling did we hear about that from the Spar-Coils here, eh?

Mark C.

Come on, Kennedy was simply a drunken, philandering murderer who should have spent his life in prison. He was a criminal and a wealthy Communist who was allowed to perpetrate his hatred for America on the citizenry because the liberal media loved his brother.
Obama is of a feather (a reformed ghetto drug addict) and Resistance to him and the Kennedy elite-type libs is rising up. We will overcome.Things will get hotter it is passed the time for talk-talk.


A quote from Urkel delivering the swimmers eulogy:

"Obama praised Kennedy as "a kind and tender hero," and “the soul of the Democratic Party; and the lion of the U.S. Senate – a man whose name graces nearly one thousand laws, and who penned more than three hundred himself.”

Mary Jo was not available for comment.

No argument that he is the soul of the party. That says everything any thinking person needs to know about the Dim party and Urkel.


The silence from Spar-Coil and Ph(J)oanie is deafening. Good testimony, PS and others - the truth has been exposed and set us free.


Tributes to Ted Kennedy are a bunch of horescrap." - mary jo kopechne


Ted Kennedy did not even make to that Catholic half way house, Pergatory.


Now that the killer is dead and buried. Has anyone else noticed the coincedence that tradegy seems to follow this President when he needs a lift of public support. Before the election it was his grandma just hours after he arrived in Hawaii. And now Ted dies just hours after Obama arrives up in Massachusetts.

Puget Sound

The silence from Spar-Coil and Ph(J)oanie is deafening. Good testimony, PS and others - the truth has been exposed and set us free.

Posted by: KS | August 29, 2009 at 04:48 PM

I wonder at what point all pretense will be dropped and he-she'll just settle on either Sparky or Coiler and run with it. or will we get the 'been away at the garden' line.
anyone think ph(J)oanie has caught on yet or is she still pining for some of the other golden oldie nom de plumes to return?
poor ph(J)oanie better hope that Obama Care isn't adopted or she'll be one of the first to be 'rationed' out of the system.

Tommy008 confronts the Kennedy-haters

Monson is a hateful little scumbag for bringing up Kopechne at this time, and so is Mark Steyn.


The left does it to the right all day long, so it's your basic politics of personal destruction, popularizes way back in the Clinton Administration. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Michael Savage got a few good shots in there against Teddy Kennedy, but also gave a small bit of respect.


Go to bed, klueless.


While the fawning continues over the death of the "soul of the Dim Party" there will no doubt be a push to pass health care in his honor.

I have previously commented on the state of government healthcare-the most obvious to most being the VA. I have also mentioned the Indian Health Care System and suggested that until Urkel can make these systems deliver care as chartered there should be no rush to push more government health care.

I would suggest the interested reader go to the WSJ article on IHS in MT and read about the great care Sen Max Baucaus learned about that is being provided on MT reservations. The reservation motto "dont get sick in June" simply because there is no funding for care remaining by that time in the FY and the quality should be a cause for concern.

A few track records of reasons why I have little faith in Govt healthcare:

Great Society
DO Education
DO Energy
Cash for Clunkers
Stimulus (rampant fraud & abuse)

In other news, the Hawks looked pretty good last night.


I'm not a Kennedy fan, I just choose not to comment on him.

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      Syndicated right-wing 2nd stringers like Mark Levin, Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Dennis Miller and Hugh Hewitt inhabit this timid-voiced neighbor honker for your radio enjoyment (unless you're behind something large like Costco).
    • KOMOAM
      News, traffic, Ken Schram and John Carlson.
    • Washington State Radio Stations
      Comprehensive list of every danged AM & FM station on the dial.
    • KKOL am 1300 KHz
      Once a rabid right-wing talker, except for Lou Dobbs, it's all business....