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August 12, 2009


Billy Bob

A programming change announced by the sales manager?

Apparently the testicles of KOMO program director Dennis Kelly are like two shrivled pine nuts dangling below a burnt matchstick.

And, if after 40+ years, Ed is the "original gardening celebrity" why are you "pleased" to announce his shit-canning.

Saying you'll "miss his sage advice" is like Rick Pitino saying he'll miss his child after giving his one-night-nookie some abortion money.

Stay classy, Fisher!


Its like all the programming directors got together to formulate a list of ways to definitely turn away their audience. Now if this were Cisco, I could understand. But Ed?


Word on the street is it's a straight flip - Ed got an option to host at 7PM weeknights on KIRO; they've had a fill-in working that time slot for awhile now.


I figured his days were numbered after I heard that commercial where he couldn't pronounce "vegetables" properly.

Mark C.

Tami bought this show. Hers is an infomercial show with the money coming from the home improvement products she pitches, and her "personal appezrances." Ed gets better ratings, but Tami can offer Fisher more money with no overhead. It is what evenings, overnight and weekend radio is coming to.


Ed Hume--Love his seeds


The braying, cloying Tami Michaels is arguably the most grating and irritating woman on Seattle's airwaves. Her 60-second spots are insufferable; two hours of this diva of drivel is the programming equivalent of the Chinese water torture.


>>The braying, cloying Tami Michaels is arguably the most grating and irritating woman on Seattle's airwaves. Her 60-second spots are insufferable; two hours of this diva of drivel is the programming equivalent of the Chinese water torture.<<


The only thing worse than Michaels is two hours of Erin Hart or two hours of the Styblehead.


I respect her business. Listeners like her and advertisers like her. Win-win.


Garden shows on radio are typically money makers only during the gardening season. In Seattle that's maybe 3-4 months. While I'm sad that Ed won't be on KOMO anymore, it's probably a very sound financial move on the part of Fisher to welcome Tami back into the family.


Hope he lands somewhere else. Scott Connors' show on KTPK (their only live and local that I know of) is also really good. I like his style -- primarily taking callers' questions about anything gardening. Compare to KIRO's Ciscoe Morris, (whose knowledgeability I eminently respect) who combines about 10 minutes of gardening advice with an hour and a half of anecdotal storytelling and another 30 minutes of "Ooh-la-la!"

Corporate Suit

It's simple economics: Fisher had to pay Ed; Tami pays Fisher to be on the air.


Tami strikes me as the stuck up bitch in highschool who acted like if you were her friend she will treat you fine. As long as you go along to get along. Can't imagine being married to this woman, simply because I am not an eunuch! Bottom line decisions are fine for corporate accountants in the short term, but what about the long term? What happens when everyone stops listening to your barely disguised informertials at a time when the intertubes are providing content without such blatent product placement and promotions? Seems shortsighted to me. If radio is going to survive the transition to total interconnectivity they are going to have to provide more content, not less. Ed Hume is content, Tami Micheals is not.


Apparently Seattle's sewer system empties into the internet.


Now tha Humes is a goner. How about gardening with Glenn Beck on KOMO?


certainly enough bull effluence for fertilizer for a long time...

Eric from Gig Harbor

If I was a betting man I would bet you little whiners about Tami are from the KOMO1000 Sales Staff that had lawn and garden advertising accounts and are loosing a couple of bucks while crying in your Coors Light. Well little girls...I cant belive you can say that some 80 year old seed saleman was good radio. I am sure Ed is a nice guy and all but is anyone shocked he went into retirement? He could have died a decade ago and this could have been Weekend at Bernis's radio ever since and a soul would not have known the differance. You whiners are pathetic. Grow some.


You just like Tami because she has big jugs.

John Doe

Maybe it's time that the Cougar Sports Radio Network signed up KTTH as it's new westside flagship station in which if the Cougs have a game that starts prior to or after sundown, they would be simulcast on it's sister-station KIRO-FM unless the Sounders FC have a game during September or October & that would mean the FM Simulcast of the Cougs
would air on Entercom's KKWF-FM.


I am sick to not hear ed hume on sat. mornings! Tammy just does not appeal to me. Got to where I always turned her off when she came on over at KVI...

J. Mc Gee

I realy miss the Ed Hume show on Saturday. It was always interesting and full of good tips on gardening. Caller's questions on gardening problems were really informative with the answers from Ed. It was a friendly, comforting show - something to look forward to on a Saturday morning. Tami's shrieking voice is unbearable to listen to. Sorry.


Erictheeditor, I could not agree more. Hers is the most amateur, irritating voice in radio. My radio trigger finger is irresistibly drawn to the power button every time I hear her begin to speak in a commercial spot. I would gladly pay every radio station in Seattle to keep her off the air. It's pure torture.


In case anyone from KOMO is reading this... anytime I hear her voice in an ad (and I hear it frequently during the peak morning and afternoon drive times - Carpet Liquidators anyone?), I fire up my CD player. I cannot stand listening to that woman's voice. Maybe she's a nice person, I don't know. I do know that after hearing her for more than 5 seconds I want to take a semi-automatic machine gun and start going on a rampage. What I also don't understand is the time slot - Saturday mornings from 10-12 are prime listening time for middle-aged men running errands, not stay-at-home moms who now have to deal with the kids for the weekend.

The fact that Ed got canned because of her irritates me even more. I don't care about gardening at all but I enjoyed listening to Ed and Art on Saturday mornings. Now everyone here is stuck with her.

MacKenzie Temple

Unbelievable. As a woman in the construction and design business I boil over everytime I hear her 'know it all' voice spewing what 'she things' is educated design advise. She does nothing more than deflect and 'not answer' the questions. verbal toilet paper. Unbelievable that KOMO puts that out front as an educated design professional. I also turn your station off everytime I hear her commercial. get her off the air. She gives all designers a bad name. I'm going to go listen to KIRO.

air jordans

get her off the air. She gives all designers a bad name. I'm going to go listen to KIRO.


I can't her voice and I run as fast as I can to get her off the air, she is like chalk on a blackboard, I will always find Ed on TVk, no smarter gardner expert.

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