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August 06, 2009



One thought - Why has BO appointed 21 czars to date to oversee cabinet positions in his Administration ?
They only have to be accountable to BO. This looks like a page of out of the old Soviet Union playbook.

No other recent president has done this, although FDR (who he has tried to emulate on occasion) appointed some of those in similar roles and referred to them as dictators during the '30's.


KS, I thought that obama had appointed more like 33 czars at this point. More czars than the Romanovs had appointed in Russia over a 200 year span.
The neocommies are starting to get wet over this stuff.
Of course those Republicans that were stirring the fear over "The Red Scare" included Henry Jackson and Warren Magnuson. But in fairness to BlaM, compared to the commie bastard in the White House now, Maggie and Scoop were Republicans.


It still sucks to be a republican.

MIKE not Michael

Czars? CZARS???? goddamnit, Obama must be a RUSSIAN communist! I thought he was a just a Kenyan Muslim terrorist. This IS serious.


OMG - another birther...


It sucks more to be a progressive.


Great post! Communists can be found easily by the billion in China. A country on the move buying factories left and right to displace freedom loving American workers with their near endless supply of 19 to 24 yr old women. Working real well for communist China these days. How can you tell who supports communism in America? Go to Walmart and see who's buying.

woody held

payday loans: much like Obama's 'stimulus package.' Jessica you have come to the right spot.


Hey, KS... if you know any Russian history, you might be aware that the Soviet Union was notable for its ABSENCE of czars. That was kinda the point of the Revolution -- get rid of the czars. Which I guess makes Obama a Russian royalist.

So, in your mind, is anything at all Russian automatically Communist? Those Matryoshka dolls? (Tiny concealed fellow travelers inside!) The works of Tolstoy? (Long-winded, articulate, complicated, ACADEMIC!) Tchaikovsky? (Soft, emotional, unmanly, probably GAY!!) The balalaika? (Wikipedia sez "An important part of balalaika technique is the use of the left thumb." Aha -- the LEFT thumb!!) Borscht? (Red!!!!!)

Hmm. I guess you've convinced me: Russia was Communist even before Karl Marx was born.


Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingram, Gibson, etc. et al need to be rounded up and sent to Gitmo to entertain the troops.


Duffy, You say that in jest but maybe the time will be here soon that we may need to be concerned about re-education camps.
With the White House official snitch line, how can anybody be sure.


Great Hillary moment: When asked about John Bolton's reaction (whining) to her husband's successful mission to N.Korea, she said,"If Obama walked on water, Bolton'd say he couldn't swim."


Love it! :)


jvwalt - you being the expert on Russian history - could you produce some documentation on what the role of czars in Russia was ?
BTW - Karl Marx was born before the last of the czars.

I realize thet they came to be prior to the Bolshevik Revolution. Czars may not have been officially Commies, but they were high on the totalitarian scale.

The original point was that Obama has selected a number of unelected czars to oversee cabinet positions only accountable to him and another expansion of government moving toward totalitarian.


You sound like Col. Flagg on MASH


I never could get it straight....was Col. Flagg CIA, CIS or CID?


I think he was CID, as a psyops attached to CIA


If Blam keeps giving Glenn Beck prominent coverage, Beck will be morally obligated to write Blam a check as an advertising fee.


Sounding like a CID psyops beats being a psycho progressive poster on the blogs.


Check this out. Barry O and his Chicago style thugocracy in acttion - draw your own conclusions. Beck, in spite of his Howard Beel approach and dramatic antics seems to be resonating well and attracting more attention on this blog than Dori and Bill O recently.



"Chicago style"... does that mean you were assaulted by brass knuckles or is it a race thing?


What a deal; show up & disrupt 3 meetings and you will be issued your own BROWN SHIRT. Show up at 5 meetings and drown out all debate and receive THE SILVER SWASTICA & a check from the medical lobby.


"What a deal; show up & disrupt 3 meetings and you will be issued your own BROWN SHIRT. Show up at 5 meetings and drown out all debate and receive THE SILVER SWASTICA & a check from the medical lobby."

Another flippant response from a Neo-com. You say you want a revolution ??


"Mistah Speakah....I have in my hand the names of 57 Communists infiltrating our government at the highset level!"

He's McCarthy, Johnny Iselin and Howard Beal all rolled into one.

Geeez, what an ultra-maroon!


Medicare is a form of “socialized healthcare. These poor, frightened people scream against socialized healthcare at the same time they scream “don’t take away my Medicare.” The non-sequiturs are overwhelming.


Wow, what is this Neo-com sick and tired of.


The main thing that is the most infuriating and criminal is that these asshats in Congress don't bother having them or their staff read and brief them on what is in this crucial bill.

I'll remember this and others should also when the 2010 elections come around.

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