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July 17, 2009



If these ratings reflect reality then there are going to be major adjustments to talk radio. Not that it will die out. It seems to me that it will mean the end of high priced talent. In many cases, local programing. If I were Dave, Dori, R & D, I'd be preparing to make major adjustments in life style.

Seattle has way too many radio choices for it's economic base. Alot of the little stations that are costing more than they earn need to just go away. Unless they are just there as tax write-offs what good are they doing for investors?


KPTK doesn't cost much, does it??
I think the radio talent will do what Peter B Collins and Mike Malloy have done..go to the internet. Podcasting and Live Streaming will take the place of the radio waves. But Ryder is correct...things will be changing.
If you follow LTR ( link here on this page) you will find story after story about radio stations nationwide who have dumped their usual format and have gone to sports 24/7...and their ratings have tanked. Way to look ahead to the future, KIRO.

Ben Keller

Does anybody know how much local talent like Boze actually earn?


KPTK ratings prove that the Fairness Doctrine propaganda is bogus. The American public has plenty of opportunity to listen to progressive talk radio. The listeners reject the liberal format in massive numbers. KPTK gets a 1.2 rating in an extremely liberal city like Seattle. nuff said


1.2 of people surveyed..have you been surveyed? I haven't. I have KPTK on all day.


Oh good, here we go with this stuff again. "I haven't been surveyed. None of my friends have been surveyed. So the survey must be bogus."



I didnt say it was bogus. Please don't attempt to tell me what I mean.


Chucklehead dimwits "Ron and Don" used to constantly bray about being "the number one show" in dayparts among a "coveted" sliver of the demo. Are you like me? Wondering if these talent-free clowns will brag about how their ACTUAL ratings are right there with their invisible brethren at KVI?

Meanwhile, Hannity/Limbaugh wanna-be Dori Monson(fresh from the "School of Copycat Right-Wing Radio") is finding that his irate, irrational stance as "Washington's Watchdog" is simply too far from reality to be worthwhile. Not to mention the ridiculous "Summer Adventure Series." You know, the old George Plimpton routine once known as "participatory journalism." It works well when one can WRITE about it, or show it on TELEVISION. Please: somebody tell the half-witted half-pint that he's still ON RADIO.


Ben, to continue your point- does a guy who never really learned to speak properly and believes that he should have a right to lawfully open a "whites only" diner, among other inanities, really deserve a six figure salary as an onair radio talent?

In His Own Words

On race relations in the late 1940s and early 1950s:

"There were no politics to polarize us then, to magnify every slight. The 'negroes' of Washington had their public schools, restaurants, bars, movie houses, playgrounds and churches; and we had ours."

Right from the Beginning

,Buchanan's 1988 autobiography, p. 131)

Tommy008 welcome to the real world.

Billy Bob

There's one thing that blogs such as this could learn from talk-radio: "the once per week rule."

In theory, talk hosts limit callers to one call per week. And there's a good reason for that. Who wants to hear the ramblings of "Lee from Tumwater" every day.

But on blogs such as this, we are forced to wade through the idiocy of some posters entirely too frequently.

Here's a tip: if you feel like you have something to say, think it through, write it well, check it over, and post it. If someone responds to your post, please don't feel the need to respond to their response...or worse yet,respond to their response to your response.

I'm sure there are some excellent posts here which many of us miss because we just can't take seeing dim-witted post after dim-witted post from the Duffmans and Joanies of the world.

Seriously. You guys know who you are. Go back and count some of your posts in a thread. Some threads will have 20 comments, and 15 of them will be from the same two people arguing back and forth. Aren't you embarrased?

Mr. Hood should follow the lead of talk-radio, and put limits on the abusers.

It's not that we don't want to read your opinions (though, frankly, I really don't care about the opinions of nitwits), it's just that we get sick of you saying the same horseshit over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

If you can't say it in one post, and then be willing to read the opinions of others, then you probably really don't have anything worthwhile to say to begin with.


I'm glad I'm rich enough . not to have to work for a pedantic, pompous fellow like you, Billy Bob. Or anyone. Go back to lecturing your employees. We don't work for you, Pops.


KTPK ratings in the tank? It seems conservative stations are not faring any better. However, conservatives tend to be listeners that are more loyal. Liberals in general do not rely on ranting of agenda oriented propagandanists nor require cheerleading to re-enforce their beliefs. Besides there is life away from radio and no need to sit next to AM set, shotgun in lap, flag pinned to the wall while the e-mail inbox is full of Obama racist jokes paranoid that the evil government is going to take over daily activities of our lives.

As for KIRO, never listened to it much when Entercomm owned it but when Bonneville took over, their world is viewed through gray prismed glasses as seen from Salt Lake City. As predicted they would trash the station once they took over. Sorry Mo’s Seattle is not Salt Lake City, thank goodness, and KIRO was never KSL.


'..because we just can't take seeing dim-witted post after dim-witted post from the Duffmans and Joanies of the world.'

Thank you for that brilliant analysis; I will try and heed your advice and post sparingly hereafter. I think you're being somewhat unfair to joanie, however as she (many times) has been the stalwart of this blog and has kept it moving along when it tended to stagnate.
I must say as an afterthought that I find it interesting that you don't have time to 'wade through postings' but have time to count and analyze them...isn't that a bit contradictory? You needn't answer this as it would apparently be a waste of your time and contribute to the grid lock. Enjoy!


Ok BillyBob...we have noted, this was your post for the week. Now, nothing more until next Saturday, kbye.


Good, I'm glad to see KIRO's well publicized move is having the effect I had hoped for.

Apparently disrespecting longtime listeners from Lewis Co., and other areas that are unable to get 97.3 FM, but have no wish to listen to sports talk is turning out to be one colossal stupid idea.

Why don't they just move Dave and the rest of the gang back over to AM where they belong....


We in the South don't count Upton. They want our dollars ( via advertisers) but there is no content for us. Traffic news stops at Tacoma. Worse, KOMO took a station up in Olympia and now they simulcast there..It's why I don't get too excited about lack of local content..have been doing without that for years.

wild bill

Look for Bonneville to buy a strong Am signal to simulcast with 97.3. I don't think that they can roll back to 710 AM due to contracts with ESPN. I just don't believe the PPM stuff. The lawsuits aginst it are winding through the courts...we shall see.

Dave (not dave ross)

thank god kiro fm has the 100,000's of TBTL podcasts that are downloaded, might make Luke and co one of the higher rated shows on what is left the station, even if the name Luke is one of the top ten names of men most likely to be incarcerated.


Where is KZOK?


That is odd...they should be in the top 10


I listen to KJR fairly frequently, so I can understand why they are #1. Almost all FM stations in the top ten, except notably KIRO-FM and AM right next to each other at #18 and #17. KTTH is the highest talk station at #14. Not sure if that has changed much since the beginning of this year. KPTK is even below KVI, which has slipped - to show that progressive talk radio does not sell well.

I have always wondered about how accurate these ratings are. My brother was filling out a survey for this week. Seems like the rating system is rather random and there should be a +/- of 10-20% attached to these so-called ratings, IMHO.


"KPTK gets a 1.2 rating in an extremely liberal city like Seattle. nuff said"

OTOH ...

12.KUOW-FM 3.7

It seems to me that liberals are turned off by the yelling and screaming.

Why has not commercial station tried to compete with KUOW?


According to Arbitron, NPR is as popular as conservative talk radio here. There are other programming of interest besides All things considered, such as a weekly show about the weather with Dr. Cliff Mass on Fridays. Not sure when it is on though -anyone know ?.


To Find where KZOK should be, please read the Newschick http://blog.seattlepi.com/thenewschick/

Bill Wippel

It's amazing that KIRO's owners shifted the AM programming to FM. It may have worked in DC, where there are few hills and mountain ranges. But not in this area. Imagine a blow-torch like KIRO-AM at 50,000 watts, which covers half the state, shrinking to a signal that barely gets out of King County! It must be a miserable time for the Eastlake Crusaders of Common Sense.

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