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July 23, 2009



You just heard that on Ross, didn't you? Who was he talking to from "down the hall?" I missed the name since I don't to the guy "down the hall."


Just show an authentic birth certificate. Why is this such a difficult task?


Sadly, the birthers are right,but misdirected. He is not a citizen, even though he was born in the USA.

His birth place was Area 51 in New Mexico where he was birthed from an embryo brought here by an alien spaceship from a galaxy the has not yet been discovered by earthlings.

Before the 2012 election, all of humanity will be loaded onto space ships and sent to this galaxy.

Human males will be subjugated as sex slaves. Human females will be drafted into the military where they will be warriors under General Hillary, who is, actually, Barack's mother.


Why is he harping on Barney Frank?


Didn't anybody listen to Teh Won last night. Fall in line. It is no longer a health care crises. It is now an insurance crises.
The folks were beginning to see through that bull shit, so we are going to see it repackaged and marketed in a whole new catagory.
Keep up!!!


This is why he's the most trusted "news man" in America, because he's not! He profits from finding flaws in the news business and making a joke out of them and in that respect he's more impartial than actual news people who won't admit that they're journalistic integrity is counterbalanced by a need to sell ad revenue.

CNN can't admit that Lou Dobbs has been turned into a tele-xenophobe designed to appeal to the lucrative nut bar demographic, but it's obvious to everyone, and it breaches our trust with CNN and leaves Jon Stewart looking like the gold standard in comparison. MSNBC has Olbermann and Fox is an all out unprecedented wingnut fuck fest that should rightfully be classified as an ideology channel like TBN. They have all breached a trust and have left Jon Stewart the last man standing.


chucks: a rose by any other name . . .

What's new?


Republicans better do something about this. This is becoming their headline. The gulf widens and widens between reasonable people and that party. As recently as 2004, I voted for R's. Can't see any of it any more.


Maybe you should look at this chucks . . .

"New Survey Rejects Healthcare Bill - Physicians Outline Ways to Improve Patient Care and Lower Costs
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul 22, 2009 - US physicians across the nation are speaking out on Sermo (http://www.sermo.com), the world's largest online physician's community, in advance of tonight's Presidential Address on the Healthcare Reform Plan. In survey results released by Sermo this evening, 9,904 physicians have overwhelmingly voted that they do not support the House Healthcare Bill (H.R. 3200) as written, and they have identified the key issues that must be addressed to promote quality healthcare for their patients. The survey was conducted among US licensed physicians, between July 17, 2009 and today.

“The Sermo survey, a response to the uproar in our US physician community, was triggered by the AMA's endorsement of the House Healthcare Bill,” said Dr. Daniel Palestrant, CEO of Sermo, “and hundreds of additional survey responses continue to pour in each hour.” Specific survey results include:

94% of physicians who responded (9,904) do not endorse the House Healthcare Bill as it is currently written.
95% of physicians state the AMA does not speak for them in endorsing the House Healthcare Bill.
0% of the top healthcare issues cited by physicians are not addressed in the House Healthcare Bill.
“Physicians, in overwhelming numbers, don't understand how the AMA could agree to this plan, much less within 36 hours of receiving the 1000-plus page bill,” continued Palestrant. “There was literally no time for anyone to provide input to AMA leadership who are supposed to be advocating for physicians. Clearly, this bill perpetuates the AMA's core revenue streams and has nothing to do with advocating for the physician community. This is a missed opportunity as the overwhelming sentiment among Sermo physicians is: healthcare reform is urgently needed. In choosing to put their own financial interests ahead of those of physicians and patients, the AMA has created a major obstacle to healthcare reform..."

There's more if you want to be informed. Opinion is okay if it is based on something substantial. But the majority of doctors seem to disagree with you.

Sorry for the long post. I think it is important. We don't all have $200,000 in the bank because we are lucky in the stock market nor have wives with government health care. BTW, chucks, that gov healthcare isn't as good as it used to be.


It seems as if 94% of surveyed Doctors do agree with me joanie. 94% of Doctors do not support the House Healthcare Bill.


OT, Did anybody else notice the comment threads had disapered here for a few minutes this afternoon?


Prove it, chucks. Link your source.


Sorry, chucks. I just realized that you said that you do think we urgently need healthcare reform. I like that for a change. Sorry I misunderstood.


You are confusing me joanie. I have to go to QFC as my bride wants me to make taco's tonight.
I and the 94% of the doctors surveyed do not want what is being put on the table by Pelosi and Co.
We may need some reform, but we don't need the whole system turned on its head.


They were pretty clear about what they want. They were pretty clear about the current needing urgent reform. How do you know what they want?

You haven't told us what you want. What do you want?

Kind of hard to generalize that people agree with you when you can't say what you want, isn't it?

Hmm. Right now you're confusing me.

I posted it because I thought they agreed with me. :)


I think she's confused chucks because you always badmouth but never explain what you think ought to be done.

What's your plan?


chucks..hate to break it to ya, but...

AMA Endorses House Dems' Health Care Bill
(The American Spectator)

The American Medical Association has just sent a letter to Charlie Rangel enthusiastically endorsing the House Democratic health care bill, and urging members of the relevant House committees to send it to the floor for a full vote.


The influential American Medical Association on Thursday said it supported the healthcare overhaul legislation moving through committees in the Democratic-led House of Representatives and urged its approval.


In what appears to be a pretty significant development in the fight over health care, the American Medical Association has written House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel a letter supporting the $1 trillion-plus Democratic House health-care bill.

That said, that chicken-shit Harry Reid let the Senate recess for vacation instead of making them stay and work on this bill. i want a real democrat as Senate President.


Do you have any idea how many Dr's do not belong to the AMA Sparky? Most Dr's in this country do not belong. Dr's have been complaining that the AMA has become a mouth piece for big pharma. 95% of Dr's say that the AMA does not represent them (see joanie's article.
Anyhow, this is a states issue. Not federal. We have a good basic health plan in our state. We just have to boot the illeagal's off so we can take care of citizens. Maybe reduce the pay of all state and other public employees (yes, including my wife), quit pissing away money on trains and other luxuries and take care of those who won't take care of themselves.


Can we tax every trade, chucks? That fair do you think?

And commissions on RVs and others sales? Can we reduce those?


Sparky, chucks is right about the AMA. I've heard that less than 25% of docs belong to the AMA. It is protecting profiteering. And the Housebill - if the AMA is for it - has then been tailored by the AMA.

I'm not for everything these docs are for either. Everyone wants to protect their own revenue stream. Tort reform? No. The little guy loses again. Good judges can dismiss frivolous cases. Hold them accountable. All people deserve their day in court. Even when they get that day, the monied side can outwait them and avoid settlement. Exxon Valdez anyone?

And chucks, state by state health care? This state can hardly balance it's budget now. Believe it or not, as much money as you have in the bank, you too could bankrupt yourself with the right set of medical circumstances.

First world countries all around the world haven't chosen the American way of doing healthcare. It is as if you live in a cave. People who live in caves never see the light. We are doomed if people like you have their way.

I believe, chucks, that your response that the state should take care of healthcare is just a way of avoiding the issue. You know states do not have the money to do that. Especially in the poor south. That is not very honest of you.


yes I knew that about the AMA....
But chucks, what do we do about the insurance companies??? They make money on telling people--and doctors-- no, and then pocket billions of our monthly payments. They dump people who get sick.They are forcing doctors out of practice because they don't pay shit. And Joanie is right...states don't have the money to provide coverage. Do you really think people would go for paying more state tax for health care?


I will tell you a little secret joanie. Shhh, don't tell anybody, but in 1984 or 5 (I really don't remember which), I spent 6 weeks in the hospital and my wife (now an ex) spent 5 weeks. We both missed a crap load of work. Hey, we had to file bankruptcy. I called it chapter 20. First we filed chapter 7 to get rid of the credit card debt and med bills, ambulance, past do utilities and a crap load of other stuff. After that was discharged, I filed chapter 13 and reaffirmed the house, the car (it was leased through my boss, I was detrmined to pay him) and the freaking piano. Kept my house, kept the car and cleared out the burdon.
That is what bankruptcy is for.
The only reason the state can't pay for it is because we a relenquished too much power to the feds, and we are still giving them more. Retake the power. It is a crap load easier to drive to Olympia and bitch out the locals than it is to go to WA DC.
Bastards don't hear you anyway.


joanie says " the state can barely balance the budget now". But at least the state does balance. Our kids and grand kids will be paying for what we have already spent at the federal level.
You also say that my opinion that it (healthcare) is a states issue is a way of avoiding the issue. You must know by now that I am a huge states rights guy.
Sparky, if we are having issues with insurance companies here, then that is an issue with the State Insurance Commish. The state has given that office huge power over insurance companies in this state. The state even approves or dissaproves premiums charged, payout ratios, cash reserve requirements, commision structures etc.
They do a great job of going to bat for the insured here.


Well, now I'll tell you a little secret. . . shhh, don't tell anybody, but they changed bankruptcy and you don't get rid of all your bills anymore by filing -shhhhhh now - bankruptcy.

Oh, and another secret - shhhhh - now don't tell anybody - but costs have skyrocketed since, ummm, 1985???

But then, that shouldn't be a secret since I already posted - and you read - my own experiences with the reasonable health care costs of my mothers 1976 open heart surgery and my own C4 spinal cord surgery in 1988.

Perhaps you've forgotten. I didn't have to declare bankruptcy nor did she She borrowed from her mom because it was a reasonable amount. I had insurance from a non-profit Blue Cross at the time and they paid everything except for $2000. I had something they used to offer called "major medical." Maybe you've heard of it? Oh, and the costs were $15,000 altogether . . . probably something like yours. I'm surprised you didn't have that amount of money or couldn't cobble it together. Course, you hadn't started the Wall St lottery at that time, had you?

Perhaps you could use a llittle current information bankruptcy and the rising costs of healthcare... but you won't find it in a cave.


A single payer option would put everyone in the same risk pool, something Blue Cross or others refused to do. It proves they are all about profit and fewer benefits. I hope they go out of business.


The medical bills in 1985 were over $350,000.00 joanie. My policy only paid 80%. Bwahahahahahahha, my share was $70,000.00. Between us, about 7 weeks in ICU and Critical care.
Lifes a bitch, then you marry one, then you divorce, then you marry another one, then you die. Ain't that a bitch.


So you and you ex were out drinking and . . . ?

So you and your ex are examples of those people you put down today?

$70,000? Not that much. A lot. But nothing compared to meidcal bills today. And bankruptcy was made for people like you who got yourselves into trouble and got out of it with minimal loss in terms of assets and discomfort. Now, you don't get to put all that behind you. You still have to pay. So you really haven't answered us, have you?

Please, not another poor me story. What plan do you propose? (One that uses current facts, please.)

Coiler, chucks understands "risk" when it comes to Wall Street but not Main Street.


BTW, what would have been $350,000 then would be twice that now and insurance would pay less of it than they did in 1985. If you don't know that, you haven't kept up.

That is the problem.


And you wouldn't be able to discharge it all with bankruptcy.


Coiler, you listening to Brad on Malloy right now? Do you believe what you're hearing?


I heard RR earlier A caller called in and said his insurance was going to go up 22% as they feel they are going out of business and want to reap as much profit. 1.7 billion for the CEO of United Health.


I heard that. Do you believe it? I'm confused by that because to me all indications are that they will win. . . but it makes a good excuse to raise rates again.

What do you think?


I just reread this. 1.7 BILLION? I thought it was million.

That should be illegal.

Well, chucks, that's unregulated capitalism. Congratulations.


If insurance rates go up 22%, that should guarantee rebellion and Congress will get their butts kicked.


chucks, its more than just the Washington State Insurance commissioner..

The 2003 Medicare Modernization Act drove costs up both by preventing bargaining over drug prices and by locking in subsidies to insurance companies. Bush said that "everyone has medical coverage, you just go to the emergency room."

It is a federal problem. The states cannot afford any of it, unless taxes go through the roof. Then Timmy will be back with another one of his money-making (for him) initiative drives to get rid of it all.
Thanks to Congress, a private citizen filing bankruptcy is next to impossible anymore. Hopefully, you and your wife will remain healthy, but if all that had happened today, you would have an entirely different outcome.


Ted,that's what the private carriers are hoping for. But in reality they see the writing on the wall. They created the system where risks are assigned and benefits are denied. They are looking to cash out as they cannot compete.


IMO, both sparky and recoil are being preterneturally perceptive about this and are correct.


Jeffers on Ross gave some interesting insights into healthcare, the election and the Gates thing. He's got a column coming up in the next couple of hours on Huffington, he said.

I can't convey everything he said but his comments might be worth podcasting when it is available.

One surprise: turn out for the last election was actually down. Older whites stayed home; Hispanic vote was up 2 or 3% and the Black vote up 5%. But all those younger whites failed to materialize.

Yes, chucks, you have few choices in bankruptcy these days. It is geared to protect the commercial interests and not the consumer. And you don't get to tailor chapter 7 and 13 to your benefit anymore.

BTW, Ross said there is a poll out that shows 90% are happy with their healthcare and premiums. I don't know which poll he's talking about but I sure don't get that. I guess people have to experience catastrophe before they understand it.


Yes joanie, I too heard the Ross Show and was quite surprised at the election turn-out numbers revelation.


Just heard on Hartmann that Obama came out to do the daily press briefing today, much to the surprise of the press corps. He said he had just come from a meeting with the police officer who arrested Prof. Gates. The officer admitted he added to the problem by how he handled the situation. Obama said they agreed that two good people had overreacted. Obama invited both Gates and the officer to the White House to sit down together and have a beer with him.

I like that.


No kidding, how cool is that. I'm starting to think that I may have been mistaken in my unwaivering support of Mrs Clinton. Our POTUS amazes me with his simple diplomacy and I love his aggressiveness on the health care issue. No complaints here!


Yes,I like how he handled it too. Anymore comments from the right will make their chances in 2012 even slimmer.


I guess a lot of things in the heat of excitement fails to materialize. Right after 9/11 a great number of people were supposedly returning to church and young people were signing up for the military in droves. Laura Bush made a comment about increase in church attendance and military recruitment at a gathering and added how the country had become more religious and patriotic because of 9/11. It was later discovered that attendance in churches remain unchanged as well as recruitment numbers.


Joanie, what was the demographics of the respondents to that poll? If they had called me I would have said yes. I would have added though that I experienced no job, no insurance and a sick child to care for and that child was dropped from my insurance after her 22nd birthday and a month later gave birth to her son. She qualified for COBRA but the price was prohibitive. If this was any other industrialized country she would have qualified for national health because she is a citizen. I do not think anyone should be left behind or out in the cold because what is basically a human right is left in the hands of profiteers.


I would like to see the question, too. AT THIS MOMENT my insurance is fine, but I have not had a major illness nor have I had any kids. I think there should have been a second question...has your insurance ever turned you or your doctor down.


Yes, Excon, the value of the poll lies in the questions asked.

Here's the link for one and a link for second poll which seems to disagree with the first. Go figure.

I think different docs have diferent opinions - of course. Some are more profit oriented and self interested and others more humane. I don't know what else to say.

physicians opposed to current healthcare bill

They want the following according to the article which links another site:

Physicians Outline Top Issues to Promote Quality Patient Care

“The physician community has lost faith in traditional efforts,” claims Palestrant, “and advocacy groups such as the AMA have failed to convey their members' concerns effectively and should no longer speak for them.” Physicians are directing thousands of their peers to Sermo where their voices can be heard and their issues communicated directly to President Obama:

1. Reduce the insurance industry's undue authority and oppressive control over healthcare processes.

2. Reduce the excessive and misguided government administrative costs (15-40 cents of every dollar spent on healthcare) that require physicians to spend more time on documentation than with their patients.

3. Revisit malpractice reform requiring physicians to practice “defensive medicine” in response to a harmful and costly legal environment.

4. Do not expand Medicaid and Medicare without addressing reimbursement deficits.

5. Limit and clarify the role of non-physician practitioners (NPs, PAs, CRNAs, etc.) in the healthcare process to ensure the proper oversight and decision-making authority from trained physicians.

I think the above items speak to self-interest more than patient care.

Find a second poll - Doctores for America - here

Happy reading excon! I sure appreciate your voice on this blog. You've been there and back. Your voice is authentic, honest and informed. Thanks.


Good comment, Sparky. I think people believe they have great insurance. If they followed some of the horror stories coming out in the NY Times and other places, they'd soon change their minds.

It is common sense that profiteering insurance companies are getting their fat paychecks out of somebody's hide. Amazing.


Off topic, you may not have heard because the MSM isn't reporting it.

Obama's approval rating dropped below 50% in 2 new polls.

Gee, that didn't take very long.
Have a nice weekend.


Democrats control the White House, US Senate and House of Representatives. That has not destroyed the conservatives. Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, O'Reilly dominate TV & radio ratings. Beck also has the #1 best selling book in the United States for 5 consecutive weeks.

dennis the kookinich

Comrades: Vir habben vetty goot comrades here who vill suport der socialism.

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