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July 10, 2009



Mike's death was not an act of pre-meditated murder. Mike loved Scott White. Mike shared his home, his bed and his possessions with Scott. There was absolutely nothing Scott could hope to gain by killing Mike that was not already his for the asking. It was a quintessential Crime of Passion. The extreme ferocity and irrational intensity of the attack makes evident the profoundly turbulent maelstom of emotion which triggered his homicidal savagery. This was not a cold blooded calculated execution. It was wanton and frenzied. Scott White went apeshit out of raw primitive visceral primordial rage. Was it drug induced or genetic? We will never know.


i didn't chime in with a post wishing for for a mob of family members to jump the courtroom gallery rail and give Scotty a beatdown, however delicious the prospect is to me, and it is plenty delicious. We must live by the rule of law. Mob justice is something Dori Monson esposes. I would guess that New York Vinnie is probably the only guy or gal from KIRO that attended the sentencing. Oh, Monson probably showed up with tapes of Mike's most egregious KIRO shows, on behalf of Scotty's defense team, so they could argue more mitigating factors.


Tommy, don't be such a fucking idiot. You know good and well that Monson wouldn't and didn't do any such thing. If you don't want to be taken seriously by anyone, this is the way to do it.

I'm impressed that Vinnie took the time to go there. If nothing else, he at least showed some respect for a former coworker.

I was never a fan of Webb. Personally, I thought his programs were a monumental waste of electricity and transmitter tubes. However, I have the same options as all the others here, who spend way too much time obsessively ragging on KIRO. Turn the fucking dial!

While Webb may have deserved getting canned, for whatever the reasons Entercom used, no amount of drug using or in-home B**tfucking justifies being hacked up with an axe and stuffed in a crawlspace. Nor, in my opinion, did he deserve the attentions of Michael Hood who, while not directly responsible for anything, took an inordinate delight in poking Webb at every available opportunity, just because he knew it pissed him off.

You're all welcome to your opinions whether Webb should have kept his show or not. It wouldn't have bothered me to see the guy stay on the air, but move to 1090. However, his murder can not be justified and the judge was right to toss the book at the guy.


KSR: "Bootfucking"? "Baitfucking"? I'm confused.

Actually, what confuses me more is why you'd ** the "butt" part and not the "fucking" part. Is "butt" really the most obscene part of that word?

I'm joking, of course. But you did also imply moral equivalency between anal sex and drug abuse. Do you really think they're equally sinful, or was that just sloppy writing? Is anal sex as bad as drug abuse if it's heterosexual, or just homosexual?


Thank you Vinnie for being a stand up guy. I have been very happy to hear NYV on the Mariners occasionally this season. I hope he becomes a regular. He makes me feel at home with my M's.

Not to change the subject, but; did anyone hear D&R's replacements this week? Sounded more grown up somehow. Maybe D&R should take a sabbatical?

Gregory McKie

There was real conversation and breath of fresh air this week on R&D. Janel was a good add to the mix.

I miss Mike on the air.


Personally, I STILL think it's a pathetically short sentence for the level of senseless brutality involved. This is a family that will NEVER have peace of mind. My prayers are with them.....

Wild Bill

Mike Webb's bumpers kicked ass; they were true radio ear candy. After his death, Dori did a heads up to Webb, saying his technical skills were unmatched.....I loved Webb,,,,as for mrogi, you have no fucking idea what happened, and Tommy008, provide a single instance of Dori Monson advocationg violence. One.,,,,also, the R&D replacements shows were turrubuhl turrubuhl, boring radio. R&D kick ass! and that's my point.

Dave (not dave ross)

wild bill i agree, i found ron and don replacements, boring, verbose, unlistenable, monotone wastes of time and they underscored how at least ron and don are interesting to listen to in that gawd awful kiro drive time slot that has a whole 19 minutes of talk time alotted per hour.


HI!!Hi!....welcome!.. I'm glad you are staying in politics!..(even though you are better looking than joanie and me)Thank you for staying in politics!!


Wild Bill , you're wrong. Monson advocated violence clearly and strongly on a segment of his show one day in early June 2009. There other similar instances in the past. On this show in early June, he was discussing a news story about a mob of neighbors in a city neighborhood somewhere, who had chased sown and given a brutal beatdown to suspected child rapist. Monson repeatedly sung the praises of this mob, yukking it up and going on and on about how they did the right thing and that he didn't see anything wrong with what they did whatsoever. Check out the tape of the show if you can get it. Everything i just wrote is on there. Your hero is a little weasel. sorry

Matthew J. McCullough

Vinnie was in the courtroom during Friday's sentencing?....I was there early but did not see my man Vin come in....God bless him for that.....Showed some real class.

woody held

Miss you Mike.


all right all right thi has gone on too long. I never posted that Vinnie was in the courtroom for Mike's sentencing. Wild Bill started this whole thing when he didn't bother to read what I actually posted , skimmed my post and came away thinking i said New York Vinnie was in the courtroom and repeated same in his post. I said _that I guessed New York Vinnie was the only person from KIRO who would hald have showed up in the courtrooom for the sentencing, meaning IF anyone from KIRO did show up. I don't know if Vinnie showed up or not. There's a good chance he did.


Thank you for the clarification T008; I still love NYV and miss Mike Webb. I hope White spends a long 20 years in confinement.

Wild Bill

Yo, Tommy008, I never even mentioned NY Vinnie in my post! Who's zooming who? And, I do recall the Monson rant about the child rapist. I stand corrected, Sir, but I thought you were posting about violence to humans, not subhuman scum. Anyway, I will mention NY Vinnie now and say that I love him being back on M's radio, and that the "oldies" music shows that he and Webb did were very good.

Wild Bill

" I would guess that New York Vinnie is probably the only guy or gal from KIRO that attended the sentencing."
Posted by: Tommy008 | July 10, 2009 at 09:02 PM...

Who's the fawking shweasel?

Wild Bill

"On this show in early June, he was discussing a news story about a mob of neighbors in a city neighborhood somewhere, who had chased sown and given a brutal beatdown to suspected child rapist. Monson repeatedly sung the praises of this mob, yukking it up and going on and on about how they did the right thing" Posted by: Tommy008 | July 11, 2009 at 09:08 PM

.......it makes me happy to know that you were listening to Dori, Tommy008. I think I figured it out, you must work for the TV news.


NY Vinnie did not sign the guestbook in Judge Ramsdell's court. So there!

Wild Bill

NY Vinnie was spotted in Ghana with President Obama, as the official advisor on sausage meatballs. The live feed from last night's KIRO 710 coverage was actually Dori Monson. imitating him. ANYWAY, Mike Webb RIP, and good to hear your emanating tones, NY Vinnie!!!

Mild William

Duffman was always a fan of Dori.


And I still am a fan of his MW OR WB or whoever you are.
Dori (as I've stated in the past) is an entertainer; he 'stirs things up' and causes consternation in folks...and he takes the labor of that love all the way to the bank. :)

Wild Bill

There's only ONE Wild Bill, Duff, and I ain't never posted by any other handle, ever! I post here (on occasion) and on MY NW.com. far too much. Period. Clunk.


it was KSR not Wild Bill that started the rumor about Vinnie attending the sentencing, by not reading my post all the way through. i stand corrected. how does it make me a fawking shweasel, Bill, for speculating that if any KIRO people went at all, it would have likely been Vinnie? now we know he didn't show, nor anyone from KIRO. BFD. As for Dori, remember the guy was a "suspected " rapist, not convicted in a court of law. The guy could have been innocent. It doesn't matter- you chase the guy down and hold him for the police. Period. That's Turd World stuff, the mob action Monson was cheering on. You can't have mobs of knuckleheads like KIROfm sportscaster Moose Monson taking the law into their own hands and giving lethal beatdowns to suspected "scumbags" .


I grew up with Scott in Spokane. He was not a crazy guy. He had a longtime drug problem and I think that with that issue and living on the street after growing up in a nice home with a loving family He just snapped. Unfortunetly, it was in a horrible way. I think if he had the chance do do it again, he would turn around and walk away.

Names Noah Ion Banx

I don't know why I am sending this... However I knew Scott on another level. I was his boyfriend during that time. When you are being forced to do/ have relations against your will on demand, you can feel trapped when you want a roof over your head. Scott was into drugs and so was Mike, but Scott was fed up. He was on black tar and xanax. Scott remembers having a cigarette on the front porch after the axing, he didn't even change his shirt as a woman jogging by said hi. He was covered in blood, thats when he realized that his life had just changed forever. I know that Scott was unhappy and I sometimes think I am to blame. But Mike had it coming. I knew about everything, but does that make me guilty? I think to myself only if I would have burned the house down would Scotts fate be the same? Well I still have love for him. What is done, is done and over. Rest eternally...

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