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July 07, 2009



The folks who were closest to Michael Jackson stayed away from that dog & pony show. There was no:
liz taylor, oprah, macaulay culkin, quincy jones, emmanuel lewis, diana ross.

Billy Bob

Sweet Mother of Moses. I heard a few minutes of that Dave Ross MJ Funeral coverage.

What the hell happened to Dave Ross? Has he been totally reprogrammed by his new masters?

Or is Dave secretly a big Michael Jackson lover? I guess I could see him in the studio wearing one glove and all.


Well, I can tell you this. In the depths of the Ecuadorian jungle tribes have no clue as to who Sarah Palin or Pres Obama is; but they do recognize Michael Jackson. (Go figure!)
Hello everyone. I understand my 'friends' here have played with you'all a bit in my absence. :)
I've obviously much catching up to do. Nice to see the 'regulars' are still around and appears to be a lot of newbies.


this is the main reason sparky and joanie hate her so much.....cause she's so good looking...=)..watch them deny it!


Good looking? Yes, but I don't understand why she quit. Certainly not up to the Mrs Clinton standard. :)

Buzzaed Barf

Palin pulled a perfectly Alaskan move used any time an Alaskan gets in the mood.
"Fuck off, I'm going fishing".


Palin had to quit her job to go fishing? Sounds like she was overdue for replacement anyway.

Buzzaed Barf

I heard that when they opened MJ's casket, they found him takihg an eraser to sheet music. When asked, Jackson responded "I'm decomposing".


I'm from Alaska, and I agree with BB. She is a true Alaskan and shouldn't be allowed near the steering wheel. You'll never know when she'll just say fuck it.


Right! I don't think she'd be allowed on the Dalton in January.


I think Michael has got something there about men slobbering over her looks. If she looked like Patty Murray, and did the things she's done, and was as ignorant of the things she's shown herself to be so ignorant of, she wouldn't have been given the time of day. The media is complicit in that too. She set Republican women back a few years, too. As if they don't have enough problems!


Maybe if she looked like this, and made these kinds of headlines, we could see beyond the superficial


You all know, in just a few minutes it is going to be:
12:34:56 7/8/'9
Do we have time to arrange a party?

Kings Hunter

"this is the main reason sparky and joanie hate her so much.....cause she's so good looking...=)..watch them deny it!"

They have probably already responded but of course under pseudonyms.


I never watched much Michael Jackson. I did read about his very close association with Elizabeth Taylor. I always thought she was the one he was attempting to look like rather than Diana Ross which is what I hear/read most often.

But I never bought the charges he was a molester. Too little real evidence and I guess one of his accusers has recanted since growing up a little. It is always about the money. Probably republicans.

As for Sarah being good looking? I don't know. I guess conservatives have lower standards than liberals. Go figure. It is obvious from the posts above that beauty/good looks seem to count for an awful lot to republicans. I guess that's why our country is in such disarray. I will concede that Bush was better looking than Kerry. And look what we got for it.

You guys are dangerous!


"Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser like Sarah Palin. ...My God, I actually pity those poor bastards we're going up against. My God, I do. We're not just going to shoot the republicans, we're going to cut out their living guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks." Gen Patton


"They have probably already responded but of course under pseudonyms. ".....says the guy with the fake name...hahah

I hate her because she is "good looking"? First of all, I don't hate her. I don't know her. Second, beauty is subjective, so whatever floats your boat.

Me, I like men. I think good looking men who are stupid are very unattractive.


Chucks---I had a beer :)


Sparky/Joanie, the stalwarts of the blog - how you guys doin. How's your mom Sparky; doin fine I hope.

Corporate Suit

Mike Webb's murderer may escape jail time: http://www.komonews.com/news/local/50248427.html


Grand brat and I had pizza. She actually thought the time thing was cool.
Welcome back Duffy.
And how is your mom Sparky? I hope well. I should have asked myself>


she is fine, currently playing solitaire on her laptop.


Dang republicans


gosh the two main bloggers at this site, joanie and sparky are unusually quiet...wonder if it has anything to do with sarah..... I bet those two are real jealous of her looks... they would never admit it... and they would deny this also.. ha ha


Nah, it’s probably due to the peevishness of the current posts.

So that being said let me join the petulance.

Partying with KS, the young republicans learn a critical lesson


Ok Steele- who left the fish sandwich on the House floor?? I think that, in his haste to leave, Tom DeLay dropped it. It's been sitting there ever since.


Did you guys hear Russ Baker on Reagan? He wrote Family of Secrets. I bought the book from Amazon today.

It confirms what most of us have suspected for a long time: we are controlled by a monied group of people and have been for a long, long time. He even quoted FDR commenting on that situation and saying it had begun under Andrew Jackson. Pretty interesting stuff. Even included information about Lee Harvey Oswald. It seems that Oswald and George H.W. had a significant mutual friend who later called on Bush when things were heating up for him and he was later found murdered. Too long a story to tell here. Buy the book!

Fascinating interview.


I don’t think so, why would he be eating fish? I think it is a congressional member with a fish fetish.


BTW, Steele, you have a nice way of characterizing posts. These people do sound peevish. Nice observation.

Also, I'm not a conspiracy person most of the time. But Baker sure knew his stuff and had his sources down.

Did you hear about Steve McNair? Apparently his very young girl friend killed him because she thought he was cheating on her with another woman - also not his wife. He was a busy guy.


I think I heard about Russ Baker at the end of 2008, when was it published?

Just Googled it.


I call them as I see them. I understand how you feel about Baker. I feel the same, but listening will not impair, and there may be a touch of truth in that book. Though, I would not subscribe to the final conclusion.


Hmmm, could very well be. Them Greasy Ol' Perverts have a smelly history indeed. And the Onion, (normally America's Finest News Source, when put up against Fixed News), might have gotten their news footage mixed up there- isn't that from a 2000 GOP fundraiser in FL? It looked like Mark Foley doing one of his "background checks" on a future page in one of those pics, and Katherine Harris was doin' some sort of microfiber study on the carpet.


Squidbilly Joe...Palin looks good for her age, and party. But That I think women without two inches of spackle on their face look better has nothing to do with why I enjoy referring to her as a snowbilly grifter. Aggressive stupidity and a complete lack of intellectual curiosity are really the bigger problems. But if YOU think she is hot...well, have fun with it.


Joanie- have you read any of Thom Hartmann's books? I have a few, on things like global warming and the destruction of the middle class. He's quite the historian.


A mention of “Pink Sugar”, that’s a 3 pointer for you… flip your hand in the air Kobe style.


Joanie- I read that there is a MySpace page of an aquaintance of the dead woman that had some death threats on it it, reportedly towards Kazhemi. The page apparently came down just a day before the homicide, so I don't know if the police are looking at it as a serious lead, but according to sources in TN, they were made aware of it.


No, haven't read Thom but do listen to him off and on. Oh, I did read some stuff from him on attention deficit stuff. He's supporting a school for ADD kids in New England. He's smart.

Steele, did you read Baker's book? Really? Touch of truth? Sounds like you didn't think he proved his case? This is the first I've heard of it.

We've started the stagecraft with Palin. I wonder who is producing her?


Cracking the Code, What Would Jefferson Do?, Screwed, and The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight- all "must-read" Hartmann books.

As for Palin, I hope she runs again. I hope the GOP gives her the nod. But if she actually did get elected, we'd see the second time in the history of the British press when their headlines read something along the lines of, "HOW CAN THEY BE SO STUPID"


That's funny, Drew. "cuz I had the exact same thought.

But also I'd like her run again because I'd like to see her lose big time. I wonder how many old white right-wing extremists will die off by 1012?

The only reason I can think of that Kristol is pro Palin is that he is a member of one of those old families that controls our economy.


Plus his name and endorsements are all over the PNAC- if anyone ever doubts that the Bushites planned to invade Iraq long before 9/11, they should read that. Some call it America's version of the Downing Street memo.


Found the quote: The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the U.S. since the days of Andrew Jackson. History depicts Andrew Jackson as the last truly honorable and incorruptible American president.

Also, has anyone been listening to Big Eddy lately? He's a terror on this healthcare thing. I'm loving him. He's taking every one of them to task. He's got a lot of good moderate listeners. He may actually help us get this thing done. He's been especially hard on Rahm the last few days.


I have read “Screwed”, it’s a great book.

The McNair thing troubles me. I do not understand why he could not keep himself governed.

Palin? She’s the gift that keeps on giving. The cons have two retorts to her missteps. Both are corny and in time will yield no return. She is the laughing stock that they don’t want to acknowledge. And I enjoy it.


Well, you never know, Steele. Who would have thought Incurious George would have reaped a second term? And for Kristol to be so enraptured with her makes me nervous. Perhaps his is one of those large centers that owns the government. Old money which will not be denied. He would love someone like her: corruptible; naive; uneducated; no common sense and no ethics.

We should worry I think.



I have not read Baker’s book yet. I remembered the endorsement when you posted his name. I read the endorsement on HuffPo. I don’t think it is wrong to read controversial text, as long as one considers it’s context.



Well, I think they can use her as an endorsement but not as a candidate. Unless they feel kamikaze. When Rove bragged about the 2006 elections and lost in the face of sure defeat, I thought he knew something unknown. When he did the same in 2008, predicting the democratic winner, I knew he was full of shit. They are left with guessing. They really have no strategist and therefore no strategic vision.


that didn't sound right

Well, I think they can use her as an endorsement but not as a candidate. Unless they feel kamikaze. When Rove bragged about the 2006 elections the face of sure defeat, I thought he knew something unknown. When he did the same in 2008, predicting the democratic winner, I knew he was full of shit. They are left with guessing. They really have no strategist and therefore no strategic vision.


Umm, Steele, since I bought it, I plan to read it. I always make up my own mind about tbooks.

BTW, why would you "consider it's context?" What do you mean by "context?" Is there something I should know about it's "context?"

On-line NYTimes has an article on how the stimulus "roads" money is being distributed and there's a graph showing where the money is going in WA State. Seems most of it is going for roads in a few rural areas. I wonder how that was determined? I haven't read the article yes. Just looked at the graph.

I started to go to the article and got side-tracked by a very cute Manhatten apartment story. The current occupant is from Oregon.

Cities Lose Out on Road Funds From Federal Stimulus

Go to the on-line front page and click on graph is you're interested.


Yep, I understand. I plan to pick it up myself. Context? What I mean is my perception of the “conspiracy” aspect. He seems right on with his facts, but I always have my suspicions.

That chart is not as informative as it should be. If you base the spending on a per capita bases, you discount businesses like farming. Or long haul trucking witch need the roads.


But it points out the discrepancy in terms of spending. Rural areas think they get short-changed while the opposite is true.

Did you read the who article? It talked about it in terms of hours wasted, money spent and energy costs. It was interesting.

Listening to the end of Malloy then to bed. I think he's been better lately. Less over-the-top ranting and more discussion. He's doing more calls and I like that.



One more thing about the distribution map: I wonder how they decided which counties would get the lion's share of the money. Only a few counties are getting it. Lots of counties getting what looks like zero.

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