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July 31, 2009



The long hot summer . . . slowly moves along . . .oh, so slowly, moves along.

Everything seems to slow down and quiet permeates the atmosphere when it's really, really hot.


Sounds like the Long Hot Summer. Wendell Potter is on Bill Moyers again. I think it's a repeat He does make a point, we have more people uninsured than all of Canada


I heard that Waxman's bill excludes Congress. What do you think of that?


Great photograph! I remember KOL as a weak competitor to KJR. Am I dating myself?


Yes, you are, AMJ. I recall that as well. Then Burl Barer entered the scene on KOL . . . He was kind enough to make an appearance on BW if you'll recall.

Coiler, I'm watching the Moyers thing. I get so disgusted. Why is it that the people that need to see this won't? I wish I were rich enough to purchase closed circuit tvs in public places and play some of these programs over and over. You'd have captured audiences even if they only got bits and pieces at a time. A new expeience for many.

If the people on this blog would watch this, they hear first hand how their ignorance was exploited by the very man who planned the exploitation. But, then, I don't suppose they really want to know how they were used by the industry.

They'd rather continue being fools.

Cigna's Wendell Potter tells how he sabotaged Michael Moore's truthful film SICKO

I dare you to watch and then talk about healthcare in this country.


Healthcare! Har! Har! Har! Would someone please tell me what the insurance companies are doing to encourage citizens to not kick their sorry asses out the door. The greed within these outfits is beyond comprehension. The whole arrangement is set up to give investors a "fair" return. I say kick the whole bunch to the sidewalk. You want to see health care costs plummet? First, do something realistic with tort reform. Second, dump all health insurance. I promise if the medical peoople want to stay in business they will lower prices.

But Ryder you communist cow, they need all that extra cash to invest in research. Okay, you win.


Speaking of KOL. As I recollect most of us guys listened to KOL more than KJR. Especially from the mid to late 60s. KOL tended to pllay more local bands than KJR. An example: In 1965 Jimma Hann & the Dynaamics had an awesome hit called LEAVIN' HERE. KJR never once played it. Went Top 5 on KOL. Rumor had it that The Dynamics would not pay the under the table payoffs that a certain prominent program director demand. (At one time KJR heavily promoted anything put oout by The Dynamics.)

In fact it was well known among all of us that playing in the big clubs or getting radio exposure required payoffs. There came a time when one of the most bumper stickers in town read "Pat O'Day Is A Shuck". Actually, there are many positive aspects of how Pat O'Day showed leadership in breaking new national acts in Seattle. (KJR was usually well ahead of the national scene.) Unfortunately there was this dark side. But then isn't that true with most everything.

I have a couple of CD discs from September, 1962, featurng KOL. Man, if you think there are a lot of commercials now.........

Puget Sound

good retro radio stuff Ryder.
keep it coming.


they need all that extra cash to invest in research.

No, you don't win. The NIH funds most early research in health.

Those were the days, Ryder. KJR was the most important player in town. I was a slow convert to KOL. And Sixties music was the best.


So the insurance companies are labeled as the villans (by the Government - Pelosi, Obomba, etc.) to sucker in the millions of lemmings into believing that the Government would do a better job in running health care. The fix is in.

Reminds me of the story of the frog and the scorpion, where the government is the scorpion.

Billy Bob

Hot August Musings
by Larry King

Even in the summer, you can't beat a fresh bagel with extra cream cheese.

Is it me, or is Kirby Wilbur mumbling more than ever?

I still like the Dick's on Queen Anne the best. (Hey, I'm talking the diner, not the penises.)

Is there a news reader on KOMO radio who can read more than four words without saying "er" or "uh"?

What exactly is an "open thread?" I just don't get the internets.

Congrats to Frank "Barney Fife" Shiers for one week of his new show and saying "what say ye?" 947 times.

Young people could have a bright future if they started a really good shoe-repair shop.

Ron and Don lived and worked in New Orleans? Who knew?

I've watched that Erin Andrews video so many times I'm getting sore "down there."

Remember the good old days when there was a P-I; and the Times was in the afternoon; and KIRO radio did news?

Suspenders not only hold up your pants, but they attract the babes.


I'm an old guy who's covered by Medicare (you know, that gov'ment-run socialistic plan). It works pretty well and I don't have to worry about losing my insurance when I change jobs or being denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.


Meanwhile, Glennnnn Beck is telling his listeners that the Cash for Clunkers program allows the government to control your PC.


Nice musing, but I don't think so - doesn't pass the smell test.

Can you produce the sound clip or other documentation of that to corroborate that assertion ?


Here's to the late great KOL--Robert O. Smith, Burl Baer, Bobby Simon, Don Wade.
Help me out here, I'm having a senior moment and can't remember them all. We were so lucky to be able to listen to such great entertainers on the radio. And we could switch back and forth between KOL and KJR.



OH NOES....it was fine to tap our phones to protect our Freedums! ..no outrage there on FUX news....but THIS IS TERRIBLE. DONT DOO IT!!!

oh brother....


I hope your smeller gets well soon, KS.

Bill Wippel

I worked in news at KOL with Martin Tobin in 1965-66.We were on Harbor Island down the road from KJR. Our station ground system (copper wire grid) was "compromised" to the south of Seattle when the salesman parked their cars in front of the station. The steel in the cars would hinder our signal. "Coop" was station manager and would kick the reps out of the office a.s.a.p. We broke the story of Wing Luke's disappearance, thanks to the "beat". And we were there when the earthquake of '65 hit. Lots of great memories.


The front page of the online NYTimes Global Edition shows a japanese person looking at a prius and the headline reads "The Trendy Japanese flock to hybrids"

Doesn't that sound a bit pejorative? Why "trendy" and not "environmentally conscious" or frugal or sagacious or wise? My Japanese friends are not necessarily "trendy" but very astute regarding technology and conscientious in their buying habits.

The NYTimes ain't what it used to be.


I like reading your reminiscences, Bill.


Hmmm... OK. There appears to be a kernel of truth to this, as you are logging into the Federal Computer system when attempting to get cash for clunkers. Doesn't the government have a record of your computer if you log into cash for clunkers ? I think it does. Similar to submitting to searches for the Patriot Act by law - if you don't do anything unlawful, no problem. Problem is the Patriot Act was Republican inspired and this is a Democrat program.

Getting the so-called facts from the Daily Kos is like believing Johnny Cochran - the defense lawyer for OJ that he was innocent. The Daily KOS is representing Obama, as they and their subsidiaries (George Soros) heavily funded his election. With that said, I'd be hesitant about investing into cash for clunkers. The Federal Gov. is throwing money around unfettered - originally $1 Billion now $3 Billion. Fiscal restraint no longer matters ?
I understand that this will probably be difficult for you wrap your brains around, but there appears to be something to his comment.


Listening to a repeat of Amy Goodman who is interviewing an author who wrote a book of stories about soldiers with mental disorders who ended up in Colorado Springs. These are harrowing stories of the things they did in Iraq and once they returned home. I missed his name. Sorry. Has to do with Fort Carson.

Just unbelievable. You won't find these in your crystal ball, Klueless.


See Sparky, its not hard to prove you are right. But in your first post about this you said that Beck says the Government can "take control of your computer". He didn't say no such thing. He said the government can access your computer and all its files.

But as the neo-com website Daily Kos has explained, only dealers seem to be able to access this site. Thats good. Whats bad is for those who either work at home for the dealer or those who decide to catch up on paperwork at home and access this site. Then thier computer files are compromised and thier right to privacy is taken away, not for sake of the countrys security, but for the mere pleasure of the Government.

Maybe they are trying to find the guy who gave to Obamas campaign (And accepted) last year by someone who used the name Adolphe Hitler.


One other thing Sparky. Maybe I was right about why you bought your house, but thats another matter. Why would you bring your mom into a home thats rat infested? Rats carry disease. Elderly people are more suceptible to disease. I hope you are correcting this problem for the sake of your moms continued health.


If you do,Sparky, that would be socially responsible and he'll attack you for being a neo-com. The truly non-socially responsible way to handle it would be to make her fend for herself!

Just like Steven will when he's 91 years old.


No illusions here that either you or KS would ever accept proof of anything, Steven. But I couldn't resist posting that clip because KS was SO sure it never happened. You don't have to believe KOS, it's on YouTube as well, and a ton of other sites.

KS, it does not surprise me in the least that you still want to believe Glenn Beck. But you didn't say anything about the lack of outrage when our phones were being tapped. Oh wait, I remember. We were told that if we were not guilty of anything, we had nothing to worry about. I guess Glenn needs to think about that, right?


Well actually Sparky, it never happened. What I meant to say in that post was its not hard to try and prove you were right.

Here goes again. You said Beck told listeners...

"that the Cash for Clunkers program allows the government to control your PC."

Beck never said that. What you did was tell another fear driven neo-com lie again and KS called you on it. You tried. Yes you tried. But you failed because in that video you linked there is no proof that Beck said those words.

Puget Sound

oh sparkles,
and besides russ feingold, how many of those dems voted against the reauthorization of the USAPATRIOT Act?
oh wait, that would be a total of 10 senators. of course, that doesn't include Pres Obama who voted yes to re-authorize the same bill. oh some minor changes, but essentially the same bill.

in terms of accepting 'proof' that you rub Nevets nose in, the careful reader will recall when you said that Randi didn't make those assasination jokes about Pres Bush. I provided links and you said it wasn't true. I then provided mp3's of Randi doing it twice. your response then was 'don't tell me what to think.'

too funny.

but lets talk about summertime radio.

Pat O'Day rules the air. I heard him a little the other day. We need more Pat O'Day.


Sparkles, The point is that there is fear mongering on both sides. You'd have to be dishonest to deny that.
I don't necessarily condone the way Beck did it there, even though he had a point. The Daily KOS has little or no credibility, as does World Net Daily shows much of the time on the other side.


NY Lefty wrote about himself -"...who's covered by Medicare (you know, that gov'ment-run socialistic plan). It works pretty well and I don't have to worry about losing my insurance when I change jobs or being denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition."

Irrelevant. You are comparing apples and oranges -medicare, for those retired - like yourself ? vs. health care insurance. Secondly, portable health care insurance does not need to be controlled by the Fed. Government - it can be controlled by non-profit health care co-ops. Here is a link for the health care bill:


KS -

Medicare isn't just for those who are retired -- it covers everybody who is 65 or over. The best solution for the health care crisis is "Medicare for everyone" -- aka single-payer health insurance. That's not what's being considered, but it should be.

My point was that Medicare is government-run health insurance and it works -- surveys show that Medicare recipients are much happier with it than people with private health insurance are with their policies.


Health care is a different animal and is handled different now. My point is that I don't want more government control in my life and less privacy allowed.

Medicare has a long history and has seen costs increase exponentially over the years.


How many more of these are they going to find. Chucks, what do you think. Looks like President Obamas grandmother might be telling the truth after all.

Fake or not Fake


Seven, why don't you believe that this is a fake document? Why do you believe his step-grandmother, (who does not speak english or swahili like the translator did) said he was born in Kenya???


Personally Sparky, after looking at some of the blogs on this birth certificate I believe it is possibly a fake. The serial number for example 47044. Unless Nostradamus explained this in one of his predictions I find it a little wierd. (Like Obamas that he first released on his website. The serial number was blacked out. Strange for someone who wants to prove the document is real.) And of course there are the other tidbits that may or may not be factual about it. But I am not a Kenyan historian.

But like the Dan Rather memo, the one you Neo-Coms went gaga for, or your recent post where you said Buchanon said he was a racist. These things need to be put out there for people to make thier own opinions on the subject.


So, which one is the fake. The one I linked above or This one


Bill Clinton has to come off as a humanitarian hero for what he's done. I would enlist his help now in Iran and in getting those folks released. The world loves him...and rightly so.


William Jefferson verdict: Guilty on 11 of 16 counts.

Obviously, the result of a racist jury. Jefferson will no doubt be found qualified to join similiar ranks of the esteemed Marion Berry or Alcee Hastings in the future instead of residing with the crook Duke Cunningham.

Hey Duff-we have a muzzled klinton that is supposedly the Sec of State. Why cant she git er done in PRK & Iran? Dont you know that frosts her portly ass that her loving husband is getting all the pr? With erksel tanking when do you suppose she will resign to position herself for 2012?


Not recommended for viewing if you are a Neo-Com.



Jefferson better serve time in jail. He sold his influence and hid the money.


When crooked Charley Rangel, Chris Dodd, and Kent Conrad go down, I may feel there is some hope for justice from the left.

Wont happen and there is no outcry from the left to demand justice.

So much for draining the swamp pelosi.


I see that Rielle Hunter is apparently appearing in court for a grand jury hearing in North Caroline today.
I wonder if we'll ever find out if John Edwards is the father of Frances (Ms Hunter's little daughter)? I believe this hearing has to do with illegal transfer of campaign funds.


chucks, in the spirit of helpfulness, just thought I'd point out These Banned Terms so that you wouldn't have to be corrected by 'them'. [smile]


CONGRATULATIONS Sonya! About time we had an Hispanic on the S.C. !!!


At least some of the Republicans came to their senses


Republicans realize they are a 'non-event'; they have no power and they are only even listened to in a token way. Time was never more ripe for a new party movement.


Let’s see, we’re still in Iraq? Check.

We’re still in Afghanistan? Check.

We’re still in Gitmo? Check.

Add to that about 3 mil. unemployeed, businesses cratering, taxes rising, on and on.

An unorganized administration that is chaotic and off message. A President who has no past and no idea what is in the healthcare bill(s) he so desparately wants to impose.

Debt beyond imagination-all in seven months.

So how’s all that change workin’ for you erksel fans?


In other news, another oak leaf cluster may be added to the dims taking care of business medal here in WA:

Microsoft today told early users of its Windows Azure cloud computing platform that it will shift applications and storage away from its Pacific Northwest data center in Quincy, Wash., prior to Azure's commercial launch. Microsoft cited "a change in local tax laws," referring to a controversial decision that excluded data centers from a rural manufacturing sales tax exemption under Washington state law.

"Due to a change in local tax laws, we’ve decided to migrate Windows Azure applications out of our northwest data center prior to our commercial launch this November," the company says on the Windows Azure blog. "This means that all applications and storage accounts in the “USA - Northwest” region will need to move to another region in the next few months, or they will be deleted."

That doesn't bode well for Grant County, Wash., the home of data centers for Microsoft, Yahoo and others. Despite Intuit's recent opening of a data center in Quincy, the big data center operators have been reevaluating their plans in the region since Washington state Attorney General Rob McKenna determined in 2007 that they didn't qualify for a major sales tax deferral program.

The Data Center Knowledge blog says the Azure services in Quincy will shift to San Antonio, Texas, where Microsoft has another large data center. The Oak Leaf Systems blog has more details and background, as cited by ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley in a post on the topic

Dims motto-tax em till they leave.


More bonus's for erksels boys & girls that feed the black hole.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Fannie Mae plans to tap $11 billion in new government aid after posting another massive quarterly loss as the taxpayer bill from the housing market bust keeps growing.

The mounting price tag for the rescue of Fannie and its goverment-sponsored sibling, Freddie Mac, is surpassed only by insurer American International Group Inc., which has received $182.5 billion in financial support from the government so far.

Time to hit the "off" switch on this loser. What say you, Barney?????


erksel heads south. Even his own network cant save his sorry ass:


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