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July 12, 2009



You covered it well, Bla'M. I can't watch the video. But I am sure the family has a little peace, even if they would trade that to have Mike back again. He had a pretty tough life all along, some of it because of the choices he made, some of it beyond his doing. But, as his brother said, nobody deserves to die like that.


'...nobody deserves to die like that.'

Indeed...and further does ANY one really 'deserve' to die; think about it.
Thanks for the coverage Bla'M.

Wild Bill

Aw, gee, Hood, you come out all nice and squeaky clean, just a hard working blog man seeking truth. Excuse, my halbut dinner is about to blow chunks. I'm allergic to Hypocrisy. Knowing what he thought of you, Webb would have printed this out and used it wipe his ass, dude. Mike Webb was one of Seattle's finest....


Hey Wild Bill,
Is there any reason for your "what he thought of you" comment other than Hood shining some light on the less than appropriate behavior Webb exhibited? Just because someone got murdered doesn't erase their history of lying, cheating, possible illicit drug use (giving him wide benefit of the doubt), and any other illegal and unethical behavior. Let's not blame the messenger.


The mitigation file portends meaty reading. If you bite on any juicy morsels while digesting it, Bla'M, we hope you will pass them on to us. The case may be closed, but the mystery remains....

Santos Claus

If Michael had put himself into this story, you would have bitched about that. Blatherwatch covered Mike Webb from day one. thanks for the great nightcap, Michael

Wild Bill

MEOW, never give a corpse an even break! "Just because someone got murdered,,," Sheesh......... I thought I posted a reply to your reply, but I either fucked up the complex delivery process, or, it was taken down....so,,,,,my point is that Blatherwatch is a fine blog, but it ain't Edward R. Murrow, it's more like a radio talk "show," which ain't "news" (whatever that is, these daze)...given that, Hood's jabbing and poking and chasing at Webb is subject to being subject. Me? Mine stinks (sometimes real bad), so I don't mind examining the messenger. Meow, don't you challenge the Messengers? You should. Mike Webb, rest in peace (and in pieces),,,we're all meatsacks at the end of the day; it's what we does during that day that shmatters. May Jeevis blest us awl!


This is the story of the decline of a very flawed individual. Mike Webb did not deserve his horrible fate, but it wasn't altogether a surprise considering the muck he wallowed in during his last years. He will be in my prayers for many years.

Mark C.

If Mike Webb could speak he'd be blaming George Bush, Michael Hood and the homophobic religious nuts that he got dead.


Wild Bill,
I'd challenge the messenger IF I had reason, sure no reason to blame him, a different matter altogether. Seems like we are in agreement, "it's what we does during that day that shmatters." Webb did not do right, even if you liked the guy more than I did. I don't think he deserved to die, and definitely not in that way, but I don't see flattering him either. Oh, maybe your ... wasn't ending on a positive note?


Hood, when you say no one from KIRO was there, could you clarify if that means no one was there to show support as in attending the hearing, or that no one was covering the sentencing from KIRO. I find both to be a sad commentary on KIRO, but KIRO's news product is rather sad too.

Wild Bill

MEOW, I had a few cheeseburgers a few times at Dicks on Broadway (A Webb joint), leaning on the metal counter while Mike wolfed down a couple Deluxes and fries and a coke. No vain "star," he'd talk to anybody about anything, and seemed no more a monster or villian than half the swinging dicks in Nickellsville. Just a brudder from a nudder mudder. He seemed like a regular dude,with warts, fat and all. As it goes, only one mythic fairy tale dude was perfect, and look what the hell they did to him! I'm just saying Hodd, like all of us, has an axe to grind, and there ain't no other editorial force in blatherwatch, so it's his blog, his axe, and that's the way it is. You choose to swaller it whole, that's cool, me I examine the bits in the free sausages. Don't matter if we deserve to die, we do anyway. Think of Gene Hackamn in the Unforegiven, "I don't deserve this, I was building a house,,,," "I'll see you in hell, William Munney."......Eastwood, "I reckon you will." BLAM!


Mike Webb's psychotic behavior and irrational choices led inexorably to his death. The final year of Mike's life played out like Film Noir or Greek tragedy. You could see disaster coming but there was nothing anybody could do to save him. Nothing we could do.

Ron & Judy Marquardt

Webb was no villain, just dishonest, meanspirited, narcissistic on one hand, and needy, weak and terribly vulnerable on the other. He didn't seem to learn lessons when his excesses got him in trouble, he just denied he was wrong and blundered on. We feel so sorry for his family and friends. One can assume it might have been different if Steve (his partner who passed away) had been still in his life.


Im sure your kind words bring comfort to the family.


R&J, that's probably the best observation of Webb yet.


Mike Webb might not have deserved to die at that moment but reading Scott Whites claim that "he was repeatedly pressured into sex" may have been the start of an even darker period in Webbs life. Lets be happy we will never know that darker side.

Hey, check out how President Obama supports our troops.


If I suffered from addiction and a gay man supplied my drug habit, I would probably move into his home. But if he tried to make me suck his cock when I was high I might get angry enough to kill.


But what if you suffered from occasional earaches and Sarah Palin moved into your home and made you angry enough to use drugs?


Palin's numbers have hit "rock bottom" (to quote Sean Hannity), so it's plausible that cons who gave her a lot of their hard-earned money are pissed about what a poor and totally unreliable investment she's become.

Wild Bill

Palin's going to create a "Third" Party, split the Repubhubs and keep Hope Alive.


And one way to keep hope alive among your supporters is to quit your job early without explanation, amidst ethics investigations.


When Palin creates the Third Party, remember the "h" is silent.


Wow! I think Julie is taking it harder than Scott. She's doing her best to pass along a dose of empathy. But it ain't working.

I'm actually laughing. Scott has no understanding of his actions nor remorse at all. Poorly reading lines written by his attorney. What an act! Hooray for the honest observations of the judge.

Who made this about Palin? I haven't thought about her in four days. Damn! You went and ruined it! I wonder how many sociopaths America can claim? Maybe becoming our national illness: sociopathy.


"Poorly reading lines written by his..."

WTF???? Since when is that such a big priority of yours there Joanie. Remember, you voted for Obama.

Wild Bill



Levi has it right. The ex-fiance of Bristol Palin went on the Today Show and bascially said Palin quit to cash in on the googobs of money she thinks she can get now because of her celebrity. He said he won't vote for her now,if she makes a presidential run, because he doesn't think she's up to the job. I'll bet the Gretchen Wilson CD'a have been turned up a good bit louder than normal in Sarah's house latley, so the kiddies can't hear her using foul language about Levi, as she shouts, yells and stamps her feet..

Aaron Strauss

Thank you for the good job of covering the court hearing for Mike Webb's murderer. I worked with Mike Webb in San Francisco radio during the late 1970's-early 1980's and was shocked to hear of his slaying.

Mike struggled with alcohol/drug addiction and pychiatric issues even back then. On one hand, Mike was a very talented broadcaster...on the other hand, Mike was volatile, unpredictable and paranoid. I kept my distance because of this--although Mike had a number of likeable qualities about him. I always thought of him as a "troubled soul".

Mike Webb did not deserve what happened to him and his murderer should have received life without parole.

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