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July 01, 2009



Dick Morris has all the qualifications to be a good Republican. Toe sucking a prostitute, infidelity, back stabbing and a Fixed News analyst. What more can you ask for.


He sure has the "socialist" mantra down. Every other word on Ross' was "socialist." He sure knows his book-buying audience, small as it may be.


Socialist is a popular word for righties whenever evoking fear within their columns. Unfortunately for them it doesn’t have the stigma that it once had. The exception is the few who use it in attempts to hurl insults to those who do not agree or think like them.

Was that “small” in demographics or “small” as in intellect?


I think both. I regard his followers as the same five million watchers of all right-wing extremist media like fixed news.


Finally, a bullet-proof Congress. Let the fun begin and let's start crushing 'em.


To ph(J)oanie - tyranny is fun.
Western State is calling you.


It's still a bad time to be a republican.


A bad time indeed, especially if you're trying to sell a book.


Let's just hope it's not a bad time to be an American. We'll see.


It would've been considered very unpatriotic to talk like that during the bushed years. That's why now IS a great time to be an American.


Joanie, you asked about my opinions on cap and trade, and Hartmann is discussing the problems with it right now with Peter DeFazio of OR.


I heard the Dave Ross Interview with Dick Morris, and it was interesting. Dave did his usual follow up to try to find what Dick Morris was talking about, and could not find it.


DM is a con who's been taking the media for a ride for too long on the auspices that he has inside knowledge. He is nothing more than a con and a media whore who happense to have an affinity for toe jam.


"affinity for toe jam"

That is a funny cluster of words.

Mark C.

I love that Dick Morris belongs to the righties, and they don't have the sense or the turpitude to disown him. It is so hypocritical of them considering what a blatant liar and moral midget he is. Why do they only judge their own by whether their own says what they want to hear? It's a flawed criteria for these Manichean sticklers.


I wish Dave Ross had pushed him a little more. that's some of the reason I forget Ross is still on the radio.


Ross isn't brave. He had another fellow on today who was anti-cap and trade. At least I think so. He was pretty sharp in his rhetoric against it all.

I don't know. It seems like we can't really trust anyone. In a way, that's why I do trust Gore. He may not always be right in every detail, but he's not depending on the issue to feed his family.

Of course, some of you will say he's made a business of it. Every coin has two sides even if it's a forged coin... He started all this because he is smart and cares about the planet. That's all I need to know.

He has integrity.

And for you righties, integrity doesn't mean he's perfect.

So, did anyone hear Ross this morning with the guy from a consumer coalition? The EPA did suppress a report on climate change written by one of it's people: an economist and physicist (I think) who was supposed to study the issue and report back. It was interesting but I'm more confused than ever.

As long as big business runs this country, we can't believe anything. Even following the money doesn't work anymore.

Kings Hunter

I know, it's tough isn't it joanie. Too bad John Edwards isn't around to tell you the truth. lmao


John Edwards? Is that the best you can do, Mr. Hunter?

BTW, why is it that conservative men seem to cry a lot?

Kings Hunter

You need to ask him. Is THAT the best HE can do? hahaha
Have you found out yet if he fathered that child of hers; you know the one he was shown holding in the hotel that he sneaked into to see her and ?. Wow, it's hard for the So Carolina Gov to even top that.


Joanie- having heard that girls like guys who are in touch with their emotions (i.e., not afraid to cry), they figure it's a great way to pick up chicks.


Mark Hatfield
Ted Haggard.
Larry Craig.
Mark Foley.
Glenn Murphy, Jr.
Mark Allen
Tom Delay.
Jack Abramoff.
Duke Cunnignham.
Ann Coulter (ok, we've never seen her cry, but we're pretty sure she's a dude. And the knowledge of that makes many of her past dates cry. A lot.)


He had dates? ewwww...

buzzard barf

Kings Hunter, Hood says to quit trying to impress joanie and just pay the woman.
That is by far the most agreeable thing I have read here.

Kings Hunter

Thanks for the heads up buzz-barf, your posts always have such deep subtle meaning. Genuine works of art.


pus dripper is a bit too graphic and over the top though, even for the caliber of posters on this blog. :)


Have you found out yet if he fathered...

You're assuming again. Seems to me you're more interested in Edwards than I am. You tell me.

On second thought: don't. I don't care.

As for Sanford topping Edwards? Every time he opens his mouth - on facebook, twitter, next he'll do Oprah - he tops Edwards. Jenny is going to have to divorce just to save face. How many ways can I say I don't love you anymore.

As Rhodes say, he's writing his steamy sex novel a page a day. I'm having fun!

The D a defense against your label, klueless? Sorry. You're still Klueless even with a D. I love being graphic. You might try it. Maybe we'd understand your posts a bit better. Try drawing pictures.

And who asked the vomit man anything anyway.

buzzard barf

See, even the pus dripper likes it graphic. Just pay the woman.


Let's thank Dick's parents for choosing his name carefully so as to have truth in advertising. When my mother married my father she told all their friends "you can call my husband Richard, Rich, or Ricky, but you CANNOT call him Dick!" What self respecting person would go by that awful moniker? Also Dick has no neck and he makes it look even worse by wearing full Windsor collars and neckties. I heard Thom ask him the question that little Dick ran away from like the chickenshit that he is. Typical conservative bombthrower, can dish it out but can't take it.


"sucking the toes of a whore"

Cons are very, strange.


This is what you get from the party of family values. I'm glad Thom put him in his place.

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