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July 26, 2009



that's nothing....you want to take a look at a whole bunch of freaks in one spot??? take a stroll down broadway at any time of the day and any time of the week....=)


Exactly, that is Seattle. Did you know that many of the people that live there actually think that they are normal and not freaks? Some of them even think that their thinking is main stream. Oh well, the people that belive in God say that He loves all his creatures.
As for the meat of this post, it is all bs. Obama's granny said she saw him born in Kenya. If you can't believe granny, who can you believe?


I believe the State of Hawaii

Puget Sound

last year, spending some quality time with my much loved crazy wing nut relatives in Bellingham i had to spend a few days 'de-progamming' my kids' about how then Pres Bush is still our President although we may not agree with everything he does.

after just coming back visiting some of my OTHER much loved crazy wing nut relatives in Central Valley CA i now find myself spending time 'de-programming' these same kids about how Pres Obama is still our President although we may not agree with everything he does and sure would like for this darn birth certificate stuff to go away.

the end game for this birth certificate stuff is about de-legitimizing Pres Obama. it's done because the election results can't be attacked. the other side tried the same way with Bush except in 00 and 04 it used the election results 'selected-not elected' and then the 04 ohio results-electoral college challenge. just chipping away.

if you can't see that then you're probably not looking at information that challenges your thinking. as one regular poster put it more or less, that would be too hard or as that same person likes to repeat 'crushing rethuglican nuts' is my be all, end all. it's almost cartoonish to think one should be all-conservative or all liberal. it's okay to cross over. to be a mix and match of a variety of issues. if you're someone who doesn't know -i mean really know- someone who thought Pres Bush was a decent man albeit a president who failed in certain areas- then you need to open your circle of friends. I would now say the same thing about Pres Obama. disagreeing with actions is one thing, but deligitimizing the Pres is another. Pres Obama is OUR president.

if you are a 'conservative', you should be supplementing with a little mother jones. if you're a 'liberal' you should be supplementing with a dose of national review. peter beinart/christopher hitchens or george will/mark steyn are splendid writers no matter your persuasion.

really, looking at the other side won't hurt. it can be illuminating. you'll actually smile when you recognize the same tactics being used by one side is also being used by the other. especially with talk radio. the straw argument on this to paint all conservatives as whack jobs is too funny.

all righty, my rant is done. fire away on the birth certificate brouhaha. get all riled up about the 'passion' of randi or big ed or rush or sean. yell and scream about this or that action but if you ever wanted to understand how someone can hold an opinion contrary to yours, you need to read/listen to what they are taking in. who knows, it may rock your world.


The hardest thing to do is convincing someone that they got scammed. And Libs are no exception. It is the Libs that are the ones that the Madoffs of the world prey on. The Libs are the reason Nigarian Scams still work. And who can blame those that perpetuate the scam. You Libs are suckers and bring it upon yourselves.

To prove my point, just look at recent history of Libs falling for totally unbelievable lies from sources that have proven to be uncredible. You Libs still believe that the Iraq War was all about OIL. You Libs still believe in Gorebal warming. And you Libs still believe that Bush brought down the Twin Towers. Those are just a few.

And its just not nationally, you fall for lies from posters here on the BW. Mostly from Liberal posters. Like Sparkys recent lie that President Obama said in his press conference that Sgt. Crowley over-reacted in arresting Prof. Gates. First she said she heard it on Thom Hartmanns show, then she backpeddled and said she watch the Press Conference live. No such thing happened but yet all you libs who read that, believed it.

When will you Libs ever learn.

Puget Sound

from Politico, comes this gem today to put this whole Birther stuff in context:

"Out-party politicians have long had to deal with conspiracy theorists on their side — the people who think that the Clintons killed Vince Foster or that the Bush administration helped orchestrate the Sept. 11 attacks.

“Twenty-five percent of my people believe the Pentagon and Rumsfeld were responsible for taking the twin towers down,” said Rep. Collin Peterson, a Democrat who represents a conservative Republican district in Minnesota. “That’s why I don’t do town meetings.”

hmmm, so both sides have nutters. this is 'normal' for the out party.


This both sides does it too is an attempt at a lame way out. We don't have cable news anchors claiming 9/11 conspiracies. There are however cable network anchors feeding the birther meme.

Why is it that 25% of a conservative district believe that Rummy was responsible for 9/11? I guess they are not loyal to Bush and Co.

Mark C.



All these posts remind me of the old Bob Dylan piece, DESOLATION ROW. So lets all go dig out BLONDE ON BLONDE or one of the greatest hits collections and sing along to RAINY DAY WOMAN #12 & 35 (Or as you might think it titled, Everybody Must Get Stoned.)


Makes Darryl420 at KIRO seem tame in comparison.


I liked Infidels Mark Knopfler was the co producer.


Coiler is right...none of the MSM ran anything on the 9-11 theories. But the birthers get prime time. Daily Kos bans people who try to post crap about 9-11. FreeRepublic encourages the birthers. Right, steven??


I know you are but what am I?

Puget Sound

Ol Sparky was running with the Sarah Palin Twig Truthers for awhile back during the election and who can forget Sparky's manure about the reason that Todd Palin's business partner got a divorce. Sparky was so sure that it was due to the business partner and Sarah having an affair.
What was Sparky's proof? Well, lo and behold when the gentleman got the divorce him and the ex had their divorce settlement sealed. Imagine the nerve wanting to keep something like private.
When it got opened up by Court Order and it revealed nothing about the aforementioned 'affair' the best Sparky could do was a lame, well, what do you expect when you seal up the court papers?


Michel Medved spoke to the crazy birthers on the right. He has some integrity.

There's no excuse for it except to win at any cost. Only the right does things that way. There are always exceptions on the left but the right has made such attacks the centerpiece of their strategy to win in 2012 and keep corporations happy.

Anybody who hasn't figured that out needs a brain transplant.

Waterloo anyone?


Oh, and Ryder, is that how your spending your free time these days?

pass it over to me...


joanie: "but the right has made such attacks the centerpiece of their strategy to win in 2012"

worst strategy to win ever


I don't know. Will there be anybody left who cares about voting by then? Obama hasn't been the strong, determined President I expected. Appeasement? Neville Chamberlain. Harper's (I think) did a magazine cover comparing him to Hoover. And Ed did a great rant today condemning his lack of representing his base.

A lot of people didn't vote for him. Turns out a lot of people stayed home.

A caller made a reference to Clinton's attempt at healthcare in '92. Ninety-four turned out a revolution for the right.

Americans in the main aren't very smart and sure don't pay attention. I'm worried about it. Aren't you?

Are you pleased with Geitner? I'm not. Obama had a chance to do what Teddy did to the oil monopoly. Instead, Wall Street bonuses are bigger and companies merged. What has main street seen.

And his time was at the beginning when he had strong support and the bully pulpit from which to demand. His support is waning. Single payor isn't even mentioned. And cooperatives? Remember when Group Health was called "Group Death?" It is better now. But it is not the answer.

If we can't have single payor, the next best solution is non-profit insurance again. No profiteering in medicine. Nothing else will do.

So, put my mind at ease please.


The main birther is also a truther and is a registered Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton last year - Phillip Berg - PA (D).

Seems like Ed Schultz has it partially nailed about BO - from the post above.

Puget Sound

you nailed it KS.
and don't forget about those blue dogs biting 'em on the hindquarters.

well, it was a good effort. maybe in the next cycle.

Puget Sound

wow, this thing continues to roll against pres obama. among the middle america types this really resonates.

listen to these fellow police officers pile on with CNN.

Pres Obama better get in front of this--that offer of a beer may fall short


House passes resolution that states Obama was born in Hawaii, 378-0. By Ben Armbruster at 10:04 pm
House passes resolution that states Obama was born in Hawaii, 378-0.
This evening, the House passed a resolution sponsored by Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) that commemorates Hawaii’s 50th anniversary as a U.S. state by a vote of 378-0. The resolution also contains this provision: “Whereas the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii,” a measure that some GOP members may have had trouble supporting. However, many of the Republican representatives who at expressed at least subtle doubt that Obama was not born in the U.S. voted for the resolution. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who had earlier in the day prevented the resolution from coming to a voice vote on the House floor, and Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL), who sponsored a bill requiring presidential candidates to prove natural-born citizenship, both voted for the resolution. Rep. John Campbell (R-CA), a co-sponsor of Posey’s bill who expressed doubt about Obama’s citizenship last week on MSNBC, did not vote.

UPDATE Salon's Alex Koppelman says TP attacked Bachmann unfairly in our previous post because Bachmann was simply "playing her part" because "the House had already decided to postpone the votes on all of the resolutions being considered under a suspension of the rules until Monday evening." But the Hawaii resolution was only one of three resolutions that the GOP forced a vote on. Approximately 20 measures were considered today, most of which passed by voice vote.



Too bad the R's didn't think to vote "present".
The House voted 378 to 0 that Barney Frank is straight. Does not make it so.


Ah. You right-wingers can't get over the fibbing, can you? Must be genetic.

But one thing you said was interesting. In Canada, single payor healthcare did start in one province first: Ontario(?) I believe. I heard it on Canadian radio yesterday. It was was so popular, it spread to all the other provinces.

Did you hear Canadians have written a letter to Congress complaining about the Republican lies being advertised about their healthcare system?

Probably not. I doubt that is on Rush's agenda.


Michelle Bachmann was playing her part...

She has sold her birthright for a mess of pottage. Don't tell steven


Did you hear Ed today, Coiler? Tell me what you think if you did.

He is telling it so straight. Honestly, I'm not sure . . . he's pretty disgusted He makes good points.


I didn't tune in. I listen to Randi that hour


I wouldn't know about those two websites Sparky. I dont read either one of them. But since your saying it, I wouldn't put much faith in it being factual.


Mike sounds like he ought to be in bed. He gets a lot of colds. I think he has a better show since he's gone to independent broadcasting. I think he used to mail it in pretty frequently.

I think Randi does too some days. I just can't get past the ego when she's on one of her high horses. I love it when she has guests and listens to people but not when she's obviously bored with the show.


what websites steven?


OH, DKos and FreeRepublic....you would feel quite at home on freerepublic.com steven. You should go look.


Joanie, majority of Americans have never experience a single payer system. I would consider myself in the minority and have experienced it. With anything else there are pros and cons to the system. If I had a choice between this helter skeleter mess we have in this country or a single payer system, I would take the latter. The same would apply to small business owners in those countries. A Canadian business owner I knew was shocked at the insurance bill he received when paying for coverage of a single employee and his family. What he paid in premium in the US for one month covered four of his employees every quarter in Canada. Admittedly Canadians come in are after the Swedes when it comes to paying taxes. However Americans surpass anyone in the world when it comes to spending on healthcare and could rank only number 29 in a recent WHO study. An issue that no one seems to bring up is reform of the tort system which contributes much to the problems of health industry in the US. A few Republicans have brought it up, but their lack of numbers and tarnished credibility does nothing to amplify one of the major problems besetting the healthcare system.


What anger from Middle America? Most of the opinions on the blog says it is irrelevant and time to move on. I agree with them. Two guys who just happen to have a bad day at the wrong place at the wrong time. Life isn't perfect!


The good people of Hawaii are very proud of the president's ties to the island. It's bad enough that mainlanders say they are going back the US instead of the mainland when they finish visiting the islands.

Puget Sound

The Honolulu Advertiser
In an attempt to quash persistent rumors that President Obama was not born in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961, Hawaii's health director reiterated this afternoon that she has personally seen Obama's birth certificate in the Health Department's archives.

"I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai'i State Department of Health verifying Barrack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago...."

YEAH! now maybe we can move on to more pressing issues.
Anyone seen Rev Jeremiah Wright lately? (just joking...)

Looks like the Blue Dogs have put a gimp in the Dems giddyup on Healthcare.

Puget Sound

For those who want to walk on the wild side this summer, check out this great article from Mother Jones: Recovering the Missing 18.5 Minutes from the Nixon Whitehouse.


If you peruse the TOC you'll see an interesting article from David Corn on how Pres Obama isn't the Gipper and a Progressive case AGAINST Judge Sotomayor

All well written and interesting.

But probably 'lame' when compared to getting a red hot emotion ladden dollop of Mike Malloy or Randi!


I am going to bring up Hawaii again. One thing I thought Judge Sotomayer was wrong in her reference about white males and the judicial bench. Apparently she has never met a white male born and raised in Hawaii! Time to go and let someone else do the writing!


"majority of Americans have never experience a single payer system. I would consider myself in the minority and have experienced it."

Thats great excon. Tell us about your experience. You told us about your bad experiences with healthcare in our current system, tell us about the great experiences you had with the single-payor system. Oh, and include please why you gave up such a great system.


This birth certificate go around reminds me of those Carfax commercials.


Insanity = cleaning out the garage in 100 degree heat! But the mice are too hot to jump at me, so its a good thing...


Removing the screws in my refrigerator for their annual cleaning...a bit cooler but still a chore.


"Thats great excon. Tell us about your experience. You told us about your bad experiences with healthcare in our current system, tell us about the great experiences you had with the single-payor system. Oh, and include please why you gave up such a great system."

Explaining to you is like describing color to a blind man.


Oh, and I'm sure you're probably aware, but they've been known to be able to jump up to a foot and a half. [smile]


Cleaning refrigerator screws ?
No sign of a mouse anywhere...
It's 100 in my garage right now. ugh.


I know it sounds wierd but only the one's inside that tend to get 'build-up' around them. Amazing what that looks like under a scan microscope. 100-deg F, Wow!
Well, I believe the recorded highest temp in the State of Washington was 118-deg F, and ironically that was recorded in a place called 'Ice Harbor Dam' (near Walla-Walla) in Aug 1961. [smile]


its actually closer to Pasco. Wahluke Slope N of Hanford has the highest mean temps in the state.


Thanks for the clarafication recoil. [smile]

Puget Sound

that was damn funny.

Puget Sound

National Review hit on the head. Reminescent of back in the late 50's when Wiliam F Buckley invited the John Birchers Robert Welch to LEAVE the Republican Party.

Born in the U.S.A.
By the Editors of National Review Online
(an excerpt)
Pres. Barack Obama has a birthday coming up, a week from Tuesday. We hope he takes the day off—or even the whole week, the briefest of respites from his busy schedule of truncating our liberties while exhausting both the public coffers and our patience. The president’s birthday comes to mind because we recently spent some time looking at a photograph of his birth certificate, being held by Joe Miller of Factcheck.org, who took the time to examine it. President Obama was born on August 4, 1961, at 7:24 p.m, in Honolulu County, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. The serial number on his birth certificate is 010641. Baby Barack’s birth was not heralded, as some of his partisans have suggested, by a star in the east, but it was heralded by the Honolulu Star, as well as the Honolulu Advertiser, each of which published birth announcements for young Mr. Obama.

Much foolishness has become attached to the question of President Obama’s place of birth, and a few misguided souls among the Right have indulged it. The myth that Barack Obama is ineligible to be president represents the hunt for a magic bullet that will make all the unpleasant complications of his election and presidency disappear. We are used to seeing conspiracy theories from the Left, for instance among the one in three Democrats who believe that 9/11 was an inside job conducted with the foreknowledge of the Bush administration. We’ve seen everything under the sun blamed on Dick Cheney and Halliburton, and Rosie O’Donnell has given us much mirth with her metallurgical expertise, while Andrew Sullivan has beclowned himself and tarnished the good name of The Atlantic with his investigation into the “real” parentage of Trig Palin. Most notable, the Iraq War summoned the craziness in a big way, and there are those who still shudder over their espressos at the mention of the Carlyle Group. And there is a fair amount of crossover between those fixated on Obama’s birth certificate and the 9/11 “truthers” — lawyer Phil Berg, for instance, is a player in both worlds. There is nothing that President Obama’s coterie would enjoy more than to see the responsible Right become a mirror image of the loopy Left circa 2003.

The birth-certificate business is not a uniquely conservative phenomenon; the allegation that Obama was born in Kenya seems to have originated with a Hillary Clinton supporter at a blog called The Blue State. Either way, this fantasy is not particularly widespread within the conservative movement, but it has attracted enough interest that it needs to be addressed.

The fundamental fiction is that Obama has refused to release his “real” birth certificate. This is untrue. The document that Obama has made available is the document that Hawaiian authorities issue when they are asked for a birth certificate. There is no secondary document cloaked in darkness, only the state records that are used to generate birth certificates when they are requested.

If one applies for a United States passport, the passport office will demand a birth certificate. It defines this as an official document bearing “your full name, the full name of your parent(s), date and place of birth, sex, date the birth record was filed, and the seal or other certification of the official custodian of such records.” The Hawaiian birth certificate President Obama has produced—the document is formally known as a “certificate of live birth”—bears that information. It has been inspected by reporters, and several state officials have confirmed that the information in permanent state records is identical to that on the president’s birth certificate—which is precisely what one expects, of course, since the state records are used to generate those documents when they are requested. In other words, what President Obama has produced is the “real” birth certificate of myth and lore. The director of Hawaii’s health department and the registrar of records each has personally verified that the information on Obama’s birth certificate is identical to that in the state’s records, the so-called vault copy. Given that fact, we are loath even to engage the fanciful notion that President Obama was born elsewhere, contrary to the information on his birth certificate, but we note for the record that his mother was a native of Kansas, whose residents have been citizens of the United States for a very long time, and whose children are citizens of the United States as well.

The attention paid to President Obama’s place of birth is not unprecedented. In fact, it may be the only thing President Obama has in common with Pres. Chester Arthur, whose opponents whispered that he had been born in Canada. A number of unsuccessful presidential candidates—George Romney, Barry Goldwater, and Lowell Weicker among them—actually were born outside of the United States (in Mexico, the Arizona Territory, and Paris, respectively) to American parents and thereby into American citizenship. If the conspiracy theorists have evidence that President Obama went through the naturalization process, let them show it. But there is no such evidence, because this theory is based on unreality, as two minutes’ examining the claims of its proponents reveals. The hallmark of a conspiracy theory is that a lack of evidence for the theory is taken as yet more evidence for the theory. Indeed, the maddening thing about dealing with conspiracy hobbyists of this or any sort is the ever-shifting nature of their argument and their alleged evidence: Never mind the birth certificate, his step-grandmother said he was born in Kenya! (No, she didn’t.)


No, she didn't. You are correct.

We were at Ice Harbor Dam last fall..interesting area.

Ok, break over...back to the pits of Hell.

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