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July 30, 2009



The Mormons are also all about self-sufficiency and financial security.


They also keep Indians and blacks away from their women,

woody held

Mr. Hood, Beck is simply copying the tactics used by you and other libs of crying 'racist' with thin or no evidence.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


Let's see, BO likes to play the race card with his demagoguery - as with his buddy Gates and use the race shield because he know he can get away with it, not being a white guy. walks like and smells like it...You make the call.

The emperor has no clothes...


I thought Beck was a recent convert to Mormonism?

Regardless..he doesn't behave like any Mormon I know. Maybe he is a Mormon of convenience, or a lapsed Mormon. It suits him when he needs the title, I guess.

The Mormon men I know are heavily invested in their families. I think Mitt Romney is creepy, but I don't doubt his devotion to his wife and kids. The purpose of Mormonism for the men is to move up the ladder of ascension to a level of God-like placement in heaven. For women, it is to bear many children so the non-Mormon souls in Purgatory can have an earthly body so they can then be baptized Mormon and be one of the 144,000 souls God will let enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I think they are bad at math. The father being a strong ( in a lot of cases, overbearing) head of a large family is important to them. It is a symbol of personal power.

The Mormon church has a long history of exclusion of blacks and other minorities, but I have never heard my Mormon friends say anything like what comes of out Becks piehole. Beck isn't the brightest bulb in the box, but he is savvy like Rush and knows what his base likes to hear. I think it is just right-wing nuttery rather than some Mormon thing.


'...it is just right-wing nuttery...'

Aptly described.


I've always respected Mormons - the multiple wife thing notwithstanding - and know there are goofy people in all walks of life.

I don't think Beck really knows or cares what he is. He only knows what he wants: money.

woody held

So in other words he is kind of a Chris Gregoire of radio?

Brigham Old

A black Mormon is a rare pearl.

Mark C.

A black Bonneville suit is pretty rare, too


Now KS, if the president were not black (half-black actually) would you have labeled his administration as “gangsta”? Would you have used the same word to describe a white liberal president? Get off your high horse as it works both ways.


I heard Beck’s comment about the president “hating white people and white culture.” White culture… what is “white culture?”


Savage considers Obama a racist as well. Savage is real- Beck is a phony. Speaking of Savage, have you noticed that our man Medved really has a jealousy thing going on against Michael Savage and his radio show, which is tremendously more successful than Medved's? He's always taking cheap shots at Savage and his show, such as just a few days ago when he managed to weave his loathing and envy of Savage into his pet peeves hour. He mentioned how Savage sometimes leaves a taped interview to play in his final hour so he can step out early, and made a few little carping criticisms over how his canned remarks sound.Of course, true to form, Medved's hamster-sized balls precluded him from mentioning Savage by name. "Youll know who I'm talking about, " he teased his audience coyly, in his effeminate voice. People love Savage. Very few people love Medved besides his daughters and his wife. Medved, or Littermen, as he's also knownspends some of his free time picking up litter around his elitst Mercre Island/Bellevue stomping grounds, finding out the address of the offender, and , safely hidden behind the U.S. Postal Service, sending the litter anonymously back to the offender in a parcel with a nasty scolding note enclosed. Savage is the kind of guy who would walk up to a guy he saw littering and caall him out as a scumbag.


"Now KS, if the president were not black (half-black actually) would you have labeled his administration as “gangsta”? Would you have used the same word to describe a white liberal president?"

Yes I would if their actions warranted. With that said, ex-con - why are you engaging in race-baiting ? I would also do it with a white GOP president.

Billy Bob

The hatred spewing from Beck and Savage and Limbaugh is just a part of it.

I've heard quite a few baffling things on KTTH and KIRO under Bonneville. I say baffling because I had always heard that Bonneville was very, very strict about language and attacks on any religion or race in their broadcasting.

On a recent TBTL they played that old parody of the astronauts on the first moon landing. You hear repeatedly the words "Jesus H. Christ." It's a funny parody, but not something you'd expect on a LDS owned station. Not to mention all the references to drinking on that show.

The fill-in for Dave Ross this week, interviewing an author about the founder of Facebook (yawn) asked if the founder "gets laid a lot?" Not shocking to me, but just not what I'd expect from Bonneville.

They may privately dislike the people of colors and the gays and, of course, anyone who isn't politically conservative, but they used to always try to present a more pristine image in their broadcasting.


Muy bien, ahora vaya lejos le ven la semana próxima.


“With that said, ex-con - why are you engaging in race-baiting ?”

I was not the one who initially posted the word “gangsta” to describe the president’s administration. Just pointing out what I perceive as hypocrisy on your part. Nice attempt though to spin your way out of this KS. Much like the prez, it was a bad choice of words, or word in your case.


I am listening to Beck on his TeeVee program right now. He is funny and entertaining. Just like listening to Rhodes, Olbermann. Maddow and Hannity, it is just entertainment for the mind.
The only gospel comes from Rush.


Oh chucks..come back over to the dark side...we have cookies.


Beck gets spectacular radio ratings.
Beck gets spectacular TV ratings.
Beck has #1 bestselling book in America.
Beck is a Mormon enthusiastically embraced by America.
Beck is a local boy who made good. Congratulations.


An officer in the Boston Police Department has been suspended after allegedly writing a racially charged e-mail about Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. to colleagues at the National Guard, a law enforcement official said.
Related Content

The law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Officer Justin Barrett referred to the black scholar as a “jungle monkey’’ in the letter, written in reaction to news coverage of Gates’s arrest July 16. Barrett was suspended Tuesday, pending a termination hearing.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino condemned the comment and called for the officer’s dismissal.

“I was angry about the incident when the commissioner spoke to me [Tuesday] night,’’ Menino said. “I said, ‘He has no place in this department, and we have to take his badge away.’ That stuff doesn’t belong in our city, and we’re not going to tolerate it.’

The mayor said he has not seen the e-mail and while the officer is not officially terminated, he might as well be. “He’s gone - g-o-n-e. I don’t care, it’s like cancer, you don’t keep those cancers around.’’

Glen Beck's White Culture


Coiler, WTF does that have to do with Beck? It reflects on Beck the same way it reflects on Obama or Gregoire.
Not one freaking bit. There are bigots in all walks of life. Some white guys just do not like black guys. Pretty sure there are a couple of black guys that don't like whites.
Hell, there are white guys and black guys that don't like Hispanics. There are whites, blacks and Hispanics that don't like snakes.


Don't knock success. It is extremely difficult to succeed at any profession. 90% of folks work hard all their life and never amount to anything. Gleen Beck is a one-in-a-million success story in the cuthroat broadcast industry. Give credit where it's due. Beck is a great Mormon and a pearl of great price.


Beck is reacting to the handling of the Gates case Chuck's,He called the president racist, so it's fair. It's easy to goof on you guys when your hero is Pills Limbaugh.


A pearl of great price? the kind that leaves your ring finger green.

Puget Sound

teachable moments:

when a cop asks for ID, you give it to him.
when a cop asks you to calm down, you calm down.
when a president says he doesn't have all the facts, then he should refrain from stoking the fire.

yep, some teachable moments to be had.

Puget Sound

teachable moment:
when you run dems as conservatives in conservative districts they will tend to vote conservative.

blue dogs aka reagan democrats.

the bane of coils existance.


Speaking of racist. Did anybody else notice that Prof. Gates was the only one to have a dark beer?


Authoritarianism still lives.

Puget Sound

as does demagoguery...

Puget Sound

why did the lady who called in to the police not get invited?

she's the one who did the right thing and for that, she has received death threats.


Yeah, you should tell all the Tea Baggers that Putz.


Spot on with the teachable moments. Marxists are still pathological liars.


Excon, I think I figured why you did not want to explain why you gave up that great healthcare program you had once upon a time only to wind up with none whatsoever. You are an ex-convict. That would explain everything you said in that post.

I thought just like Sparky did, that you were actually just a sore Bush-hating, Obama loving ex-conservative. Really I did. Forgive me for what I said earlier. I hope you find you way through this and get back on your feet.

Puget Sound

Yeah, you should tell all the Tea Baggers that Putz.

Posted by: Coiler | July 30, 2009 at 07:07 PM

What? you didn't work in a reference to 'Bushler?' You are slipping.

Puget Sound

careful KS, you'll be libeled ...er, labeled as a 'racist' by the whitest white people this side of Snoqualimie Pass.

Ironicaly, these same people actually practice the bigotry of low expectations.

It was smoked out here just a couple days ago.


We had the airing of greviences at the White House "Beer Summit" today. Anyone happen to see an aluminum pole or who won the feats of strength.

Puget Sound

yes 'festivus' indeed. over on msnbc this was breaking news. same at fox.

yikes, i switched over to cnn and it was also 'breaking news.'


pres obama's poll numbers are dropping and at this rate he'll be at W levels before long. no wonder he pulled a hail mary out of his kazoo and had this 'beer summit.'
kind of funny to see VP 'slow-joe' biden at the table. i was waiting for him to speak afterwards about how nice it was to speak with two such clean black men. (i'll pause as coils brings up the 'at least vp biden didn't shoot anyone.')
anywhoo, now that we have had our 'teachable' moment we can move back to healthcare.


Glenn Beck's values:

1. money
2. ?

Umm, I couldn't think of any more.


Why were Obama and Gates the only ones drinking Olde English 800?


PutS - I have moved on from the show in Cambridge last week. Others of the progressive religious cult will try to dwell on it because its one of the few topic that isn't painful for them.

If B-HO keeps up his rhetoric of half truths and pushing towing the Marxist big government takeover agenda with government run health care as its cornerstone, his numbers will push down to Bush and he'll be seen as a cohort to Botox-face Pelosi. If he really cares about middle-class America as well his future, he will wise up and move to toward the center - but I won't hold my breath. As his father figure, Jeremiah Wright said' "The chickens are coming home to roost".


No Putz, no need to work in a reference for the laziest retired pres this side of Reagan. Where is Bushler and Pickles these days?


Beck is a cad. The truth is, as the world changes and the United States becomes more diverse, there will inevitably be a "nostalgia" moment that wants to see only "white" presidents faces on our currency. It's only a part of a process of change. Obama excites a lot of fear and anxiety in whites, such as Beck, because he is a pioneer--a new face on a nation previously monopolized by white presidents.

Change is hard. But it moves with inexorable force. Newness provokes hatred and anxiety. Beck is a product of this anxiety, and we should take him as an example of someone resistant to change.


C'mon Marconi. Beck isn't that old. He's just doin' it for the money. Trust me.

Oh boy! Dems are threatening to kick Baucus out of his finance committee chairmanship if he doesn't quit conferencing with the republicans and not the dems.

"Senate Democrats have already grown frustrated with the cloud of secrecy surrounding Baucus’ negotiations. Republicans receive regular briefings on the discussions, but Democrats have been largely left out in the cold,"

I heard a representative from CA this afternoon on Reagan saying that there will be a pubic option in the bill or there won't be a bill. She said progressive dems will vote against a bill without the public option. She was the first assertive and plain-spoken representative I've heard. Finally.

Puget Sound

This is interesting and maybe more signs of unrest come 2010:

"Thursday, July 30th, 2009
Why does the teachers' union want names of people who signed and got signatures for Tim Eyman's latest initiative?
Posted by Joe Turner @ 02:07:10 pm

I gotta think Tim Eyman has good reason to bring this to light.

I sent Charles Hasse an e-mail, asking him why the parent organization for the Washington Education Association wants copies of the Initiative 1033 petitions.

Eyman is suggesting the NEA wants to publish all the names on line. Hence, the reference to Whosigned.org.

(Dave Ammons at Secretary of State office confirmed the exchange of e-mails between Hasse and SOS folks is authentic.)

UPDATE: (2:20 p.m.) Hasse called me right away. He said "it was a fairly routine request." The National Education Association, where he now works, routinely takes a closer look at ballot measures from around the country, looking for fraud or other improprieties in the collection of signatures on initiative, referendum and recall petitions.

Hasse was president of the Washington Education Assocation from 2001-07. He's been "ballot measure strategist" for the NEA for almost two years.

"I'm certainly not alleging anything," he said. "I hope he has nothing to hide." But "there may be some reforms" that could be made in Washington state in the initiative process, he said. The NEA takes an interest in any ballot measure that could affect its members, as I-1033 would by constraining overall tax collections. The NEA is particularly interested in any measure that has paid signature gatherers, he said.

"The industry is rife with fraud and forgery," he said. "We have the same interest as others do, that measures that are on the ballot belong there."

Here's what Eyman sent out earlier today, followed by an e-mail from one of his supporters to Hasse:

July 30, 2009

To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state (cc'd to the media, house & senate members, and Governor)


From: Tim Eyman, Jack Fagan, Mike Fagan, co-sponsors of the Lower Property Taxes Initiative I-1033

RE: Is the National Education Association's Charles Hasse joining Whosigned.org by publishing names and addresses of I-1033 signers?

For many years, Charles Hasse headed up the Washington Education Association (WEA) until he was promoted to the National Education Association in Washington DC. On Thursday, July 16, the day after Washington state's I-1033 was certified for the ballot, Mr. Hasse called Brenda Galarza, the Public Records person for the Secretary of State's office, asking for a blank copy of a I-1033 petition. Once he received it, he followed up and made a formal records request for both the front (people who signed the petition) and the back (people who collected the signatures) of every single I-1033 petition that was turned in. Here's his email:

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 1:01 PM
To: Galarza, Brenda
Subject: RE: I-1033 Petition Page

Thanks, Brenda.

What I?d like to obtain is a copy of both the front and corresponding back side (with the signature gatherer?s signed declaration) of EACH petition that was submitted.

-Charles, CHARLES HASSE, NEA Campaigns and Elections, 202-822-7390 Office, 206-605-4526 Cell

He then followed up with this email:

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 2:25 PM
To: Galarza, Brenda
Subject: RE: I-1033 Public Disclosure Request 7-16-09

Brenda, Thanks so much for your quick help with this. I would like to order the 6 CDs. Here is my credit card information: Visa number:

Billing address: 1703 ? 13th St NW Apt 2, Washington DC 20009
Shipping address: Charles Hasse, National Education Association, 1201 ? 16th St NW, Suite 510, Washington DC 20036

Let me know if you need any thing else.

-Charles, CHARLES HASSE, NEA Campaigns and Elections, 202-822-7390 Office, 206-605-4526 Cell

On Friday, July 17th, the Secretary of State's office mailed him 6 CD's with the scanned I-1033 petitions on them.

He paid $96 (the Washington Education Association is the top donor to the No campaign contributing $25,000 so far).

Is the National Education Association's Charles Hasse joining Whosigned.org by publishing names and addresses of Washington state's citizens who signed I-1033 petitions?

What other reason would there be for these Washington DC 'big guns' to get the names and addresses of Washington state citizens who signed I-1033 petitions?

Looks like the opponents of I-1033, with the help of their Washington DC 'big guns', will stop at nothing to harass and retaliate against the 315,444 citizens who voluntarily chose to sign a I-1033 petition.

Opponents of I-1033, with the help of their Washington DC 'big guns', will stop at nothing to prevent the renewal of I-601's fiscal discipline.

Opponents of I-1033 are even willing to go so far as to bring in Washington DC's 'big guns' to fight against I-1033's reasonable limit on government growth.

We're hopeful that the opponents' dirty tactics, such as publishing the names and addresses of the 315,444 citizens who signed I-1033 petitions, will backfire and the voters will support I-1033's renewal of I-601's successful fiscal policies and bring back its much needed fiscal discipline.

Best Regards, Tim Eyman, Jack Fagan, & Mike Fagan, Fighting for Taxpayers for Twelve Years, co-sponsors of the Lower Property Taxes Initiative I-1033, ph: 425-493-9127, email: [email protected], http://www.VotersWantMoreChoices.com (go to our website to do a secure donation by VISA/Mastercard/PayPal or print out the form below, fill it out, and return it with a check or money order or credit card information)
P.S. There are thousands of politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, and special interest groups working each and every day to raise your taxes. Shouldn't there be at least one person, one team, one organization that fights to lower your taxes? Please help us so we can continue our successful efforts on behalf of taxpayers.

And here's an e-mail from one Eyman's supporters to Hasse:

Mr. Charles Hasse

My name is (Mrs.) Nancy J. Nelson of Sedro-Woolley, WA. I'm a 73 year old widow living on my Social Security and my husband's TRS check. It is my understanding that you have just paid a fee to the State of WA to receive the CDs on which are all the names and addresses of the citizens who signed I-1033. Is this true?

Now, I have to ask - WHY the NEA in Washington, D.C. would NEED all the names and addresses of those who signed this Initiative in WA State? Most especially after the States' own randomly chosen sample certified this Initiative at a higher 'clean'rate than ever before.

Just WHAT, exactly Mr. Hasse, are you planning to do with all the names and addresses of the voters on those CDs? I'd like to know because you will find me on one of those CDs. And I bet the others who signed that Initiative would like to know, also. I, for one, am NOT pleased that you've paid to get our names and addresses.

As the NEA is, in effect, a UNION - I can only imagine that you have now tied yourselves to APOLLO, ACORN and the SEIU -- to assist the present administration in taking away the freedoms guaranteed to American citizens in the Constitution of the United States. Are we to be put on Black Lists?
Are you going to share our names and addresses with the other organizations mentioned above - and other government entities?

I'd like to hear your answer, Mr. Hasse - but I caution you - those of us who sign Initiatives, attend TEA Parties and join the 9-12 Coalition - are becoming VERY educated and VERY 'savvy'. I hope your explanation is very good and makes sense. What you have done in ordering those CDs smacks mightily of being a despicable tactic to harass the citizens of the State of WA as they work hard to force their elected representatives to be accountable to the people who elected them.

Sincerely, (Mrs.) Nancy J. Nelson, Sedro-Woolley, WA"


Why cant you just give us the link, Putz.

Puget Sound

why does the teachers union want the names? what will they do with 'em.
can't this also work against the teachers union on initiatives they favor?
just a bad idea all around. smacks of bully boy tactics and that is never appealing.

Dan Santos

"so they can then be baptized Mormon and be one of the 144,000 souls God will let enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

That isn't the Mormon church; that's Jehova's Witnesses. Which pretty much shoots the reliability of anything else that comes out of your cake-hole. Do some research before regurgitating all the crap you find on the internet (about any religion).


Hate speech is fundamentally at odds with LDS doctrine, irregardless of the source. To imply that all Mormons are deaf to these insensitive rants, complicit supporters, or are like minded by association of religion to one Glenn Beck is a reprehensible distortion of the facts. Those who truly understand our religion know we do not return hate for hate. The silence you hear from so many is not tacit agreement, but rather an adherence to the age old adage, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."


I agree with everything you say.
Now fix that word "irregardless."
Thank you.

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