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July 02, 2009



I remember coolin’ out in the basement of my cousins’ house in the 70’s. Late at night, tokin’ weed and watchin’ SNL. If Al wrote that shit he has to be cool.


Good article, Michael. I, too, hope he is able to display his wit sometime soon...I would think a sense of humor would be vital to living a working in DC.
The best radio he ever did was when he went over to Iraq to entertain the troops. Seeing injured soldiers really tore him up, and his phone calls to Katherine were filled with his voice, thick with emotion.

I decided to try to check out BillO tonight to see what he was saying about this, and low and behold there was Mike Huckabee, filling in for him. I had to avert my eyes.


A math jock? Did I read that right? I might have thought writing, history or theatre, but never math!

I guess he really is the renaissance man we've been waiting for.

I never liked him much on SNL but sure do like him now. The turning point for me was his radio show and a look inside his soul - as Sanford would probably say.

And my like for him was sealed when I saw him take Billo to task at the book fair on LA. That was a glorious moment.

Congress is a different gig, however. The arrogance and self-interest on the HIll seem to be impervious to the good intentions of people. I wish him luck. Truly, as things are going, I don't hold out a lot of hope.


Joanie, if you really want someone who can look into somone's soul, nobody did it like the Bushler. I'll bet Putin is still laughing about that.

Mark C.

Franken wrote about 10X more than he performed on SNL, back when it was great. It will interesting to see of he turns out to be one of those down in the weeds hardworking senators as Ted Kennedy and Hillary turned out to be, or whether he'll use the senate to get elsewhere else like Obama. Despite the Republican grousing, he's intellectually substantive. Another thing, he has a great family and very stable marriage. Probably won't see Franken skanking a staffer, you never know, I suppose.


"I decided to try to check out BillO tonight to see what he was saying about this, and low and behold there was Mike Huckabee, filling in for him. I had to avert my eyes."

I doubt if Huckabee attacked Sen. Franken - I like his stand on the issues of the day. If BillO doesn't say anything about this slow breaking news story, we'd all be better off. All it would be is another distraction to take our eyes off of more of the doings of this wanna-be despot Administration.


So an administration is now a despot? You're still clueless, klueless.

But, to give you a chance at redemption:

Tell me his stand on the issues of the day.


No, I'd say that your'e the clueless one, Ph(J)oanie. I don't need no stinkin' redemption from a left wing ideologue. His stand on what issues of the day ?

Look up the definition of despot and demonstrate how this administration is not that way (like I expect a straight and truthful answer).


Didn't think you knew anything about the issues of the day.


Looked up, now tell us KS, how does The President of the United States of America meet this definition.

Main Entry:
\ˈdes-pət, -ˌpät\
Middle French despote, from Greek despotēs master, lord, autocrat, from des- (akin to domos house) + -potēs (akin to posis husband); akin to Sanskrit dampati lord of the house — more at DOME, POTENT
1 a: a Byzantine emperor or prince b: a bishop or patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church c: an Italian hereditary prince or military leader during the Renaissance2 a: a ruler with absolute power and authority b: a person exercising power tyrannically


A clear sign of Franken’s ability will be the anti- Franken fanatical screed he attracts. Just look at the interest the President garners.


He's good enough, he's smart enough, and, doggone it, people like him!


"Didn't think you knew anything about the issues of the day."

Easy out, Ph(J)oanie - pretty much as I predicted. You haven't raised anything about how this Administration is not despot. Yawn..

Steele - We are losing our financial freedom - by the Government buying up banks and GM at the public's expense. The Stimulus was a sham - mostly political payoff in a grandiose way. The POTUS wants to sign into law a public plan for Health Care that will eventually give us cradle to grave coverage by the Government and big brother capabilities. Then a Cap & Tax system against the wishes of the majority of Americans, whose tax money will be used who will have no say on these matters. That matches up well with the definition of despot - "a person exercising power tyrannically". Awaiting your excuses, with the acknowledgement that there are NO excuses for this bureaucratic bullshit.

Puget Sound

"A clear sign of Franken’s ability will be the anti- Franken fanatical screed he attracts. Just look at the interest the President garners.

Posted by: M.Steele | July 05, 2009 at 12:29 AM"

By that rationale, then George W Bush must have been the 'second coming.'

sparky waves goodbye to Palin

No, he just thought he was.. :)

where ya been, Puts?

Puget Sound

Like you, seeing America.
Started off with a little Portland, OR, Salt Lake, Utah, then parts of MT and WY.
Just got back from a stint down in California. 108-109-107 then cooling down to the 101 temps.
Man that is hot.

Catch you all later.


Puget Sound,

No, inferring “ability” and “fanatical screed” synonymous is your construction. I’m commenting on the early attacks on the man before is able to take office. These attacks are clearly meant to cast him in a certain light and say more about his detractors than of him. After all he needs time to say, start an unwarranted war, or maybe peer from a plane as a major city fall into ruin or any number of mistakes while in office to merit criticism.

Puget Sound

"Lighten up, Francis" (M.Steele)

No need to gird your loins and look for slights.
It's the day after the 4th, time spent with famly/friends, and we should all be in a good mood.

Take Care.

PS: Thank you for your service.


Ok, did you see anything worth reporting?


It looks as if many of my neighbors didn’t stray far from home this year. There has never seen so many light shows in this area. Sitting on my deck I couldn’t view an empty portion of the sky.

Hope you had a grand 4th.

Puget Sound

As you know from your military travels, lots of great places to live in this country. WY has some beautiful country esp. up in Sheridan. Same with MT. Nice friendly people.

The big news in Cali is the IOU's. If you get one, it pays at 3.75 percent. Right now, some of the big banks say that they will accept 'em but I wonder how long that will continue. IOU's were issued in the early 90's by Cali, but they didn't have junk bond rating status and it was for a short period of time. Cali also has some water issues.

One thing about Salt Lake is you notice all of the large families. Lots of parents with kids. (insert your joke here, coils)
I understand the Mormon influence and all but it is a striking difference from what you see in Seattle. Families up here -if you have kids at all- tend to be in that 1-2 range.

Oh well, enough of that.

Good luck to all.


Safe travels.


That is because the Mormons believe that souls of departed people who were not baptized as Mormon are going to languish in Purgatory unless they receive that baptism. So, every child that they have has the soul of a departed person and can then become Mormon, and proceed to the several stages of Heaven. That's why they are experts in geneology...they research for relatives who were not Mormon.
That is not a joke, by the way. It is what they truly believe.
If you don't have HBO, you should rent the 4 seasons of Big Love...about families split by those who were raised on poligimous compounds, and those who were raised in the "traditional" Mormon temple.


Puget is going Mormon on us... That' be 10% please.

Puget Sound

Sen Franken lets T Boone Pickens have it at a lunch per Politico this morning.

"Five years after he put his money behind the Swift Boat ads that helped tanked John Kerry’s presidential campaign, Senate Democrats gave T. Boone Pickens a warm welcome at their weekly policy lunch Thursday.

Sen. Al Franken managed to make time for the lunch – but then let Pickens have it afterward.

According to a source, the wealthy oil and gas magnate and author of “The First Billion is the Hardest” stepped up to introduce himself to Franken in a room just off the Senate Floor after the lunch ended

Franken, who was seated talking to someone else, did not stand when Pickens said hello. Instead, Franken began to berate him about the billionaire’s financing of the Swift Boat ads in 2004.

According to a source, the confrontation grew heated.

Said Franken spokeswoman Jess McIntosh: “It was a lively conversation.”

Pickens was on the Hill to address the Senate Democratic Policy Committee lunch about his plans to use wind energy to lower the nation’s dependence on oil and gas. But the thought of Pickens being invited to a Democratic event angered some on the Hill and in the liberal blogs."


I think both Pickens and Franken need to be invited to the WH for a beer or two - ale to the king.

Puget Sound

good thinking, duff.

that would work out real well if we could put one of those t boone picken style 'wind farms' adjacent the table. given the ability of vp slow joe biden to pontificate i am sure we could accrue a nice bit of energy for this winter.

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