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June 02, 2009


Dangerous Dan

The "duffer class"? Indeed.

Podcast advertising is nothing new. What is not known is how much AT&T is specifically paying for those commercials. For all we know they could be "a dollar a holler" or even bonused in exchange for signing an annual with the Bonneville broadcast stations.

When I bought media in Seattle, it wasn't unusual to get $1 overnight spots to bring down the cost per spot in the flight. Or comped billboards like "This hour of the show is brought to you by..."

Might AT&T be dovetailing the podcast spots on their regular Bonneville buy for locals who time shift without any concern for listeners who live outside Seattle?

Sometimes I wish the pundits here actually had a clue as to how the BUSINESS of radio works.


OK, you called it Michael. i didn't think TBTL was worth a kittens snit.

Dangerous Dan, what are you talkin about? PLS redux and deconstruct, I don't know what this means "When I bought media in Seattle, it wasn't unusual to get $1 overnight spots to bring down the cost per spot in the flight." are you an angry competitor or are there legs here?

Dangerous Sig

Dan, Hood is abit of a duffer himself, that's what he won't tell you but the point is- this ain't radio business. This is something else. It's a transmission to thousands of listeners who have no history on radio and have new marketing requirements. This is really different than just some dollar a holler buy on evening radio. Podcast advertising is new, and this is notable because of TBTL's unique reach for a local program, and this major company is smart enough to lay some money down. It's the first direct (I think) return B'ville has gotten on their on-line investment.

Corporate Suit

Here's the reality about TBTL. Bonneville has invested $150,000 a year (plus benefits) to TBTL....and so far, it has generated a 1.0 share. A 1.0 SHARE. I don't give a hoot about AT&T buying ad time during podcasts; radio is all about selling commercials and if you have a 1.0 share, you're not going to attract anyone. The rubber is going to hit the road and soon because Bonneville cannot continue supporting this kind of cash loss on this program.


TBTL still sucks..........

blathering michael

I recall you saying that a year ago, Mr. Suit. It's wishful thinking from a company who has no cash: Fisher Broadcasting.

casual observer

This is NOT a "little low overhead show." It's priced more like a prime time program.

Say Corporate Suit's figure of $150,000 is right ... he's likely referring only to Luke Burbank's salary. Don't forget to add in the cost of Jen and Sean too. That would put the combined salary figure well over $200k. Like Luke, Jen and Sean also get benefits so tack on another 25-35% in costs to the total. That means this show could easily be pushing $300k in annual costs, not counting other incidental expenses like remote broadcasts and additional line item costs.

The true ROI on TBTL is gauged against the revenue captured during his daypart. The 7p-12mid segment is not a big money maker for any radio station in today's world with the possible exception of CHR formats. Most station GMs will tell you that the vast majority (70-80%) of a station's total revenue comes from their 6a-7p broadcast schedule.

No doubt 200,000 downloads per month is impressive and if Bonneville can monetize that figure, it will help defray the costs of TBTL. But that cash stream will never eclipse the main revenue generator of the show ... its on-air commercial inventory.


I guarantee it: Luke Burbank is not making $!50k. If that number is right, and that's not a given, it includes Jen, the producer and the board guy, Sean. You can bet the latter two are not being paid like talent, but rather like production help with a "perk" of being on the radio.

Casual observer is correct, this is not a money-making daypart, never will be. I see TBTL as R&D of both programming and new media distribution. Something Bonneville does because it's a prudent investment in the future, and, because they can.

Billy Bob

Selling ads on a podcast, at this stage in the game, is like the new owner of TGTLGE (The Goose that Lays Golden Eggs) selling feathers for a nickel after practically killing the Goose.

As far back as the mid-90's, KIRO radio was generating more than $25-Million a year in revenue. As recently as 3 years ago that number had passed $30-Million.

If the PPM numbers hold up and the new KIRO-FM remains a lame-ass also-ran dwelling in the basement of the "TOP 20" and not cracking the "TOP 10" in cume, then there will have to be major changes at KIRO.

Whatever TBTL is or isn't, whether it's good radio or bad...doesn't matter much. What matters is that it is not a match for what listeners have come to expect from KIRO radio. Neither is Phil Hendrie. And lately, neither is Ron & Don.

Entercom did some goofy things to the Goose during their 10-year stewardship. It is incredibly ironic that Entercom returned TGTLGE to what many believed its rightful owner only to see the Goose get stangled.

Corporate Suit

@casual observer

When I said the amount invested into TBTL by Bonneville as $150,000 annually, that is everything -- not including benefits. That does mean Luke is getting $150K. Believe, he's not. This is for him and the support staff and expenses.

Again, to keep laying out that amount of cash for a 1 SHARE is not a good business model.

Corporate Suit

Sorry, I meant to say 'that DOESN'T mean Luke is getting $150K."

Corporate Suit

@ Peaklimiter

The Mormons may have a lot of money, but they are not stupid with it. KIRO is being stretched to n'th degree with their staff. They have people in the newsroom working 8-9 hours at a time but keeping them under 30 hours. When the axeman came around the building, people were saying, "I'll do anything to keep working here; cut my pay rate, anything--what else can I do?" They have let go several reporters. They have taken (and are taking) hours (cash/benefits) from others to give to others. I don't care if a MILLION podcasts are downloaded; so far, it's been revealed that 1) TBTL's "audience" is NOT listening in the evening 2) over a year's time, they have generated a ONE SHARE and 3) at some point, you have to stop the bleeding. The question is, when?

Corporate Suit

@ Billy Bob

You are so right. First Bonneville took a money-making heritage station in KBSG, and blew it up. Then they took one of the biggest players in Seattle radio and moved it over to 97.3 FM...where it tanked completely. And the product over on 710 is....Well, I just don't think "Mike & Mike" and ESPN are going to win mornings for you.


Re advertising on podcasts: I sold all my stock in Avenue A - a Bellevue internet ad company start up thinking ads would never make it on the internet. I don't know what happened that company or their stock but I'm sorry I sold it.

Now the web is covered with them.

I think ads can be profitable anywhere eventually.

William J Harrison

I admit to being a hard core political junkie gen Xer who enjoys the likes of Boston's Howie Carr, Steve Leveille and Seattle's Peter Weissbach and Dave Ross; but to me TBTL is the absolute worst drivel I have ever heard in my life. Being forced to listen to thier nightly weigh-ins is a fate worse than death.


Agreed - TBTL is radio fluff. The fact that it has stayed on as long as it has shows that local radio is in a sorry state and the taste of listeners who patronize this show devoid of critical thinking is in their mouths.


I agree, but it's what's on before it & after it, I wounder what's the long term goal?

Ryan Jones



The problem with TBTL is visceral. Many , many people in this town, especially me, just have this visceral, palpable dislike of Luke Burbank. We can read all the glowing reports on Blatherwatch about podcast revenues and brave new worlds of listening habits, but the truth is that Burbank will very shortly be fitted with a paper hat again, as he returns to Dick's Drive-in again, as an employee, afer many years of absence. His show sucks, he sucks and , by the way, he just isn't really all that bright. Or clever. Hate to break it to you, Puke, er I mean Luke. Jen might have had some future in radio but she's such a tight-sphinctered prude, she's like that mean aunt at the picnic lunch, turning over all the baskets of lovely sandwiches, and ordering everyone to go home and do their homework.

the best

haters.....yuck. RAWwwr!!!!!

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