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June 10, 2009



what a gasbag. It's no wonder his ratings are dropping.


Ha-ha, I heard that on the raydeeo and totally cracked up!

It's a joke by the way, not the start of a "movement".

Listen to Stephanie Miller sometime you'll hear things similar if not much worse that the other side thinks are funny.

There were 2 more parts to the joke but I only remember one regarding God/Obama similarities:

God doesn't think he's Obama.

Excuse me now, I have to go load my assault rifle.


Rush is simply an entertainer, nothing more - nothing less. The left are instructed to take anything he says out of context and magnify it as much as possible so that they can attempt to weaken the Republican movement by drawing comparisons. It's all on their T.P's list. Any one who thinks Rush has credence has a boring lifestle and nothing better to do than follow the script. There are those designated to try and combat the right-leaning radio personalities as much as possible. A feeble attempt at best, but at least it keeps them occupied and less chance to be useful. LMAO at such trivial ridiculessness.


"'Ridiculessness'- this is one of my faverite werds, meanin' when the dems use big werds from college to try an' confuse me. I got news fer them; I was at college too, thanks to my grandaddy. They misunderestimate me all the time."

George W. Bush, Lubbock, TX, October 10, 1999


So why not have the answers provided to these questions and show the neocons to be crazies as you claim?

Editor’s note: The following is a letter written by John D. Hemenway, Esq. that was sent to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs via certified mail.

Mr. Robert Gibbs
White House Press Secretary
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

June 2, 2009

Dear Mr. Gibbs:

Attached is a copy of my recent letter to my former school colleague from Worcester College at Oxford University, Rupert Murdoch, concerning the issue of Obama's eligibility under the Constitution's hard clause, the requirement for "natural born" citizenship. Many people are wondering why the major media, including FOX, have largely ignored this controversy. Your reply to the question posed last week by Lester Kinsolving from World Net Daily on this subject was disingenuous.

Please answer the following five basic questions for the hundreds of thousands of petitioners asking for Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, to release his actual birth certificate, not the dubious "Certification of Live Birth," (COLB) and for many other Americans who have increasingly begun to question whether they have been victims of fraud perpetrated by a political campaign and aided and abetted by a partisan press corps and incompetent judges:

1) Will you acknowledge that Obama has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to seal ALL records, birth, academic and his passport file, which would prove his eligibility to hold the office of President? Why would Obama pay this enormous legal bill if there is nothing to hide and his records are all genuine?

2) Will you explain why the public should accept an online COLB for a birth record, which would not be acceptable to obtain a drivers' license in most states in America (or play little league as Rep. Bill Posey has pointed out in introducing legislation to require proof of citizenship for future Presidential contenders), instead of an actual hard copy birth certificate (with hospital name and doctors signature that are NOT on a COLB), which the President could order at any time for a filing fee of approximately $12?

3) Perhaps you meant "we put it online" in the "royal we" concept, or were you personally involved in posting the contentious online COLB? Will you acknowledge that the Certification of Live Birth (COLB) is a record of birth not even used by the State of Hawaii's Department of Home Lands to establish Hawaiian ethnic identity – that the Department requires an actual Certificate of Live Birth, NOT the COLB? By way of background, this is the precise wording from this Hawaiian agency:

"In order to process your application, DHHL utilizes information that is found only on the original Certificate of Live Birth, which is either black or green. This is a more complete record of your birth than the Certification of Live Birth (a computer-generated printout). Submitting the original Certificate of Live Birth will save you time and money since the computer-generated Certification requires additional verification by DHHL." Should the American public accept a lesser standard of proof for a Presidential candidate than applicants to Hawaii's Department of Home Lands?

4) Will you acknowledge that Sun Yat Sen, a Chinese national, was issued a COLB? Sun Yat-sen, former Emperor of China,was born on 12 November 1866 in Cuiheng, China, but had a Hawaiian birth certificate and was officially a citizen of the United States. The wording on Sun Yat-sen’s Hawaiian birth certificate reveals that as an adult, he “has made application for a Certificate of Birth and that it "appears" from his affidavit and the evidence submitted by witnesses that he was born in the Hawaiian Islands.” Perhaps this prominent example shows that the COLB is flawed as a guide to "natural born" status and shows why the HI Department of Home Lands requires a Certificate of Live Birth for its vetting purposes.

5) Will you acknowledge that both Barack Obama's paternal grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama (per affidavit by Bishop McRae/Anabaptist Churches of North America), claims he was born in Kenya, that she was present for the birth, and will you concede that the Kenyan Ambassador to the U.S, Peter Ogego, affirmed in a radio interview in November 2008 that Obama was born in Kenya and that his birthplace there is well known?

I look forward to your prompt response. The Office of the President of the United States is arguably the most important political office in the world. The position demands the trust and confidence of the American electorate. The cynical dismissal of serious inquiries to legitimate this President in the eyes of his constituency shows contempt for the public and for the Constitution. Mr. Obama can end his personal controversy immediately – and should, by releasing to the public and the media his birth records, for examination in any courts in the land and by forensic experts.

I would relish the opportunity to engage in a public debate with anyone in the Obama Administration or any designee from his legal team, on the specific points in dispute concerning the COLB v. an actual long form or "vault" birth certificate and the other questions (Obama's travel to Pakistan in 1981 and similar disputes over his Selective Service registration) all of which have enflamed this dispute and lent credence to suspicions that Obama was, contrary to his campaign's claims, born in Kenya and therefore, is Constitutionally ineligible to serve as President.

John D. Hemenway, Esq.

FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributor John D. Hemenway, Esq. is a World War II veteran, Naval Academy graduate and a Rhodes scholar.


Hey Pallidin,

There are some pretty big words contained in the above post.
Just let us know if you need any help with them, okay?


The murder of Dr. Tiller. The murder of people because of liberal values. The hate speech eminating from the campaign rallies of McCain and Palin. A friggin' DHS report about the rise of right wing terrorism. The Pittsburgh cop murderer who was an anti-government white supremacist that thought his guns were going to be taken away. The Oklahoma City bombing. Michelle Malkin posing with Obama/swastika bumper stickers. Swastikas and hate speech on Obama/Biden lawn signs. A man recently arrested for planning an attempt on Obama's life. John Boner saying that Obama wants to import terrorists.

And then there is today...a guard at the Holocaust Museum was shot and killed by a white supremacist
who thinks blacks and jews should be eliminated from the earth.

Yes, I am so relieved there is no such thing as a right wing terrorist. I feel so much safer.


Yes brian, there were some big words in habu's post. And all of it bullshit scare tactics promoted by the ultra-right faction that follows people like rush, weiner, palin, etc. These are the same people who feel that folks like Adkisson, Roeder, and now James von Brunn are actually heroes. They belong to your party. So did Bush.

By the way, if Bush has trouble with "the big werds" in habu's rant, you really need to to take it up with him.


The flames of hate are fanned by folks like Rush. But that it isn’t Rush’s fault this nut went off the reservation. Still, I wonder, why are these nut jobs attracted to the right like mosquitoes to a bug zapper? Is it the blue light that emanates from his excessive use of Viagra? Is it the droning hum of hate that spews form his diatribes? I don’t know but these people seem to keep copious remarks of their thinking. I find it disconcerting these notes reflect the thinking of the extreme right.


I should correct myself and say this recent spate of terrorist. In the 60’s there we’re left leaning crazies. I suppose the left has figured out that words have consequences’.


Janet Napolitano was spot on.


She was, but the republican'ts told her to shut up.


They made her apologize, and then shut up.


Twice. They made her apologize twice. Glad they're on top of the really important stuff. At least with Heckofajob Brownie, they just told him to relax when he warned that Katrina might be a bit of a problem for N.O.


I hate hearing the crazy that attacked the Holocaust Museum was a former military man. These nuts need to be stopped before they lose their senses.

Mark C.

How could anyone running for president sneak their foreign place of birth past the Republican gov't in power? It's ridiculous on its face. If there was any there, there the opposition would have taken it to the limit. Obama could never have gone as far as he did protecting a fraud so large. Claiming his illigitamacy is a straw man set up for stoopid people like Habu who want to belive it. No officious-sounding letters or pronouncements by names with Esq. at the end can prove to me that the long and rigorous process of being elected president can be short-circuited. Give it up, you lost.


This is one of the ways that fear has been a very effective tool for the conservatives. They don't have to prove the things they are talking about; only get the suspicion started (like Obama coming to collect all the guns). Before too long, no one cares who started the rumor as much as if it might be true. It's why these types of conservatives are correctly and accurately referred to as CONS.


Even a classified clearance would have checked his citizenship. As a Senator he would have at least had a TSBI, how would he have gotten past that without the former administration knowing of a discrepancy in his nationality? Rush is preaching to the intentionally ignorant or the irrationally inane.


I don't know how it is in all states, but in Washington, you cannot get the copy of the original from the county records offices anymore. Most if not all have adopted the Certificate of Live Birth, and it has everything the original would have had, plus some additional info. And it's the required document for obtaining security clearances from TSA, USCG, TWIC, DHS, Customs, etc. This is a red herring, and rush knows it. Like Steele said here, it's too bad his followers don't get it.


Yes, they have stupid followers. We will have to round them up if right wing radio doesn't police them first. We may have to shut down their radio transmitters if they continue.


Drew & Coiler, I don’t think they have the appetite to support their side tonight. Maybe they are clutching their radios, with thumbs firmly in mouth, cowering in the corner. Maybe when we stop posting they will step into the tepid water, one shy post at a time, to see if we have gone to bed. Then when the coast is clear, they will erupt with a crazy con convention.


This could be true. Or tonight's the night of the Hannity Insanity marathon. He likes to spread alot of these lies about Obama's birth cert., or the gun confiscation one.

Maybe we should pull shifts on here.


NO, NO, NO…. I will not wait for a con. Let them wait for one another. After all there lies are for themselves.

That post made me laugh out loud…


Wow, I hope the grammar patrol ain’t out today.


Well, night all. I’ll let them rage now.


Which one? About Hannity helping to spread the lies? Hey, we gotta have fun with 'em when ever we can.

Have a good night.


I fear much more of this to come. The Holocaust didn't happen overnight. It was a result of fear of fear-mongering and manipulation over a period of years, and we are failing to learn the lessons of the past. Not only are Jews in danger, but Muslims, immigrants, and others as well; anyone who doesn't fit into the box that a small group of sickos deem "American." Dissent is American, and that's what makes us great, but when people express their dissent with guns instead of activism and the ballot box, we are all in trouble.


Unfortunately I think you're right. Olbermann talked about this tonight, and I understand so are others.


Good thread. I'm finally hearing from the left on this blog and you're leaving no idiot rethuglican unexamined and unscorned. It is about time.

But Nemo is right. As long as the hate speech continues, we're in for a hateful and dangerous period. Anyone who watched Rachel interviewing the woman from the abortion clinic tonight should feel a little desperate. Any person who thinks like we do can become a target.

Words have power. Rush is dangerous. All of them are dangerous. And I worry for our President.

"just an entertainer" - just like the hanging of Sadaam was "entertainment" for some.


I heard that poll today, Joanie. More evidence the cons are in trouble. They're bent on saving the country, but they can't give you specifics on how, and there's no one at the wheel of their bus. And their loudest voices also happen to have the most hate-filled speeches. I don't buy the "he's just an entertainer" excuse for a minute, because they fall back on that one every time someone like limbaugh, hannity, or weiner gets caught in a lie, is stalking someone, or is just out promoting hate.

woody held

Right-wing zionist neocons Wolfowitz, Kristol, Feith, etc....Or right-wing holocaust denier nazis.

WHICH IS IT? Make up your minds, then we can proceed.


All of the above....each in their own way is dangerous to this country. It is hardly an either-or situation.


I have similar fears like Joanie. Was scanning the dial yesterday and heard Rush say repeatedly of Pres. Obama, "This man must be stopped." Of course, Rush will claim he's speaking of policies and legislation.

But I'm beginning to hear something else. And it scares
the beejeebers out of me.


The whack-job that shot up the Holocaust Museum sounds more like a follower of Rev Wright than he does a follower of Rush Limbaugh.

Funny how you all condemn listeners to Rush's hate speech but the POTUS gets a pass after listening to by Rev Wright for 20 years.

"them Jews ain't going to let him talk to me."


Here’s a screed written by von Brunn and posted at Free Republic. I tell ya, these folks are feel very welcome into the right.


Free republic has pulled down the screed but here’s the cached page from TPM


brian- rush needs to be condemned for his hate speech, because he continues to do it. And Obama left Wright's church a long, long time ago, and has publicly denounced the things that Wright said. That you still want to compare them is evidence that limbaugh and fixed news still pull your strings.

And one more subtle observation: von Brunn clearly hates African-Americans as well as Jews. You really think he'd be one of Wright's followers? Get rid of fox, and replace it with some facts for once- your life will be much better for it.


Steele- I managed to find von Brunn's sick rant on dr.no, and it's pretty disturbing the lies this guy was putting out. He even said that in spite of the "lies" that the media put forth about her, Sarah Palin manitains a "91% approval rating from people of all parties." Palin never had 91% on her best day with her OWN party! BTW, the TPM link wouldn't open, but the screed did. Some very disturbed individuals over there.


Here it is again…

Free republic has pulled down the screed but here’s the cached page from TPM

I really don’t have a problem with Brunn I think he has the right to say anything that may pop into his constricted mind. My problem is he has been mainstreamed. When he posts crazy rants that are absorbed by the masses then reiterated by the blabber hole we call Rush, he finds legitimacy. We all know what follows when these nut jobs find validity.


I agree completely. When we support and defend the free speech of everyone, we are obligated to fight the people who promote hate and violence. The only reasonable way for us is with truth and logic, and to be the louder and more sensible voice for the people who are still trying to sort at all out. Thanks for being on our side.


Obama can instantly destroy "Birf Troofer" conspiracy theories. All he has to do is authorize Hawaii to release the vaulted copy of his original birth certificate. All long form birth certificates list the hospital of birth and the doctor who delivered the baby. So far those two crucial facts have remained a deep dark mystery at Obama's behest.



He has… but if you don’t feel satisfied, what is the next step?


mrogi; Here is my previous post..

Even a classified clearance would have checked his citizenship. As a Senator he would have at least had a TSBI, how would he have gotten past that without the former administration knowing of a discrepancy in his nationality? Rush is preaching to the intentionally ignorant or the irrationally inane.
Posted by: M.Steele | June 10, 2009 at 08:59 PM


I have yet to meet any American who can name the hospital of Obama's birth. That information is only listed on the original long form birth certificate. My question is simple. Why is Obama keeping such basic information a closely guarded secret? Can anybody give a justification for such secrecy. The hospital where the first Black president was born should be a historic Hawaiian landmark. Why the secrecy?


Did anyone listen to Rush today? Did he soft shoe his hate today?


A baby born on foreign soil to an American mother is legally an American citizen. Hawaii allows residents to list their children as Hawaiian born even if born overseas. Obama is legally an American citizen. The question is his whether he is a natural born citizen. Natural Born Citizenship is a US Constitutional requirement for POTUS. The vaulted copy of his birth certificates is the only document that specifically shows the hospital of his birth and the attending physician. The short form COLB that Obama posted to the Internet omits those two crucial facts. The reason for the omission remains a deep dark mystery that will serve as fodder for conspiracy theorists until the original birth certificate is released to the public.


Why is knowing the specific hospital so importatnt to you, other than that cons love rumors? If he's born in the U.S, or one of it's territories, he's a U.S. citizen. End of story.



Huh? That is the basis of your argument? So first it was “where is his birth certificate”, once produced you shift the goal? Now we need to know the name of the hospital, once you get that what’s next? I’ll ask this a different way, how in the world could a republican executive branch overlooked this vexing question you have seemed to hit upon?


Isn’t this the same claptrap erupting from Brunn? The same pabulum that spills from Rush’s pill hole?

mrogi meet conspiracy theorists, never mind shaking hands you already know oneself.

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