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June 04, 2009



thanks Michael, best coverage in town of this. Got some interesting details. Have you talked to White? It reads like you have.

KIRO Kubicle man

No matter what details Hood makes up about this or how he's scammed Mike Webb's family, Hood would murder him again if it would get him on the radio or more blog traffic. He is murdering Mike again with this other posts.



While touting Webb as the best progressive voice Seattle could possibly develop (God, I hope not), Hood exploited Webb's weaknesses in every possible way.

Knowing Webb's preference that his picture not be taken, and knowing Webb's tendency to blow up when confronted with a camera, Hood nevertheless dogged Webb at the courthouse. He got his picture. hope you're happy, Michael.

Mike Webb was a one-note pony, which made him, to me, largely unlistenable. Still, it's sad that guys like Hood will do anything to draw a crowd. Like Mike, Hood can't seem to make a point without denegrating someone. His style inflamed Webb's rage; unfortunately, the kind of fuel that drives Hood's sick style of "journalism".


What picture did Hood get? Looks to me like all of them are attributed to others. Exploited Webb? What ever are you talking about? All he did was cover a personal/news story that fit within the area of interest of this blog. Should he have ignored it? Webb provided plenty of fuel all on his own.


I liked Mike Webb. He and I worked in the same biz way back when. Never met him but we had a bit of spirited email
correspondence going on before he was whacked; both of us shouting at each other with a "Loud L" -- Libertarian vs Liberal.

I know nothing of Wayne Webb, though I agree with him that the murderer got off easy. Yet that is how it works under "progressive" politics: if you break it, you don't have to buy it.

Puget Sound

RIP Mike Webb.
His debate shows with Bryan Suits were great radio.
I hope more comes out on the issues surrounding the investigation.
I'm half surprised a Richard Lee type hasn't begun to look into the death of Mike Webb.


Hmm...I liked and disliked Webb at the same time. He was fun to listen to at times but also very antagonistic.

I'm a liberal but I can't believe how many "isms" there are to apply to simple barbarian"ism". Sometimes, the best remedy is a new start. That means an end to the old one and that means that I think there is a time and place to either end a person's life or put him away for life.

Given all the drugs this guy did, how can anybody apply a label to his state of being at the time. He is responsible for an act of barbarianism. That's the only ism I care about in this case.


I really miss Webb not because he was the best local lib on the radio, but because he was the ONLY local lib on the radio.
I just went back through all the posts, near as I can see, Hood never had a picture of Webb until his fraud conviction at which time he ripped off the Seattle Time's picture.
Have to admit, that was some pretty entertaining reading, Michael and Michael never failed to take each other's bait.
I started reading this blog when the Mike Webb fraud case started and come back most days.


Webb was great... I liked his production quality with mixing songs and outtakes of callers.


I miss Mike. I work nights and would yell at the radio sometimes. I respected to and rarely agreed with him. It really sucks that scumbag is getting off so easy. I am sorry for your loss we all lost someone specail when Mike passed away


The stench of a rotting corpse emanates from a house and is strong enough to attract swarms of flies and hungry crows. How come police cadaver dogs could not detect such a powerful stench? Those police dogs must have been retired coke sniffing DEA canines with severely damaged noses.


If Mike Webb thought he could get away with his insurance scam, he was just as insane as his killer.


Mike Webb did not have both oars in the water and sounded insane half of the time - no surprise that he was a progressive. I'll always remember him as one of the most hate-filled talk show hosts on the air. The guy was troubled.


As is you.


touche. We are all here for each other - just one big fat assed dysfunctional family...


I met Mike at KIXI and we used to throw music trivia questions at each other. Those were fun times and I wouldn't trade them for anything. It makes his death and everything else leading up to it and now just so hard to believe.


All this mock outrage horsecrap about Hood terrorizing Webb at the courthouse, and others of us beating up on poor little Mike on Blatherwatch, while he was alive. Pure drivel- especially the verbal offal that Monson spewed out about Blatherwatch after Mike's death. Webb was a big boy and Hood had a right to get a photo if he wanted. Who says Webb had a right not to be photographed? He doesn't, he was a public media figure. Webb gave as good as he got in his feud with Hood and Blatherwatch and seemed to get off on it actually. Monson couldn't give a flying winged crap about Webb and used to take onair tapes of Webb to his boss at KIRO , in hopes of getting him fired. Webb called little man Dori an "idiot" on his internet show. The real scumbutts are the axe murderer and Monson- not Hood and Blatherwatch.


Yeah, like we should take your word and opinion on ANYthing. Hardly.

Mike's Friend

Word is that Scott Brian White's attorney is asking for an "exceptional downward sentencing" due to his mental capacity. If the exceptional down is granted, this homeless, murdering, drug addicted loser could be out on the street in a matter of months. Whether you liked Mike, or hated him -- this is a mentally ill AXE MURDERER we're talking about. What are they thinking?

Michael Serkin-Poole

I loved Mike Webb very much. He was a dear friend to my family. He came to our house for dinner and we had a great time. I was on his show many times. By myself and with my "domestic partner" David of 28 years today. We talked about politics, parenthood. David and I adopted 3 children. The first on in the late 80's. It was David and I who brought "Gay adoption" out of the closet. Before that, no one spoke of it, wrote about it and in many instances, thought about it. Anyway, I miss Mike. Mike was going to be our "best man" at Davids and my wedding. When David and I do get married, we will be thinking of Mike. Bes to all.


scott white is a hero for bludgeoning with an axe that hateful dirty gay piece of crap. He was a scumbag and deserved what he got, rot in hell mike webb, i told you on your radio show to your face something like this would happen to you, and it did. rot in hell scumbag

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