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June 30, 2009



It's just as well, Coleman said there are 525 memebers on Capitol Hill. I think he came up short.


Stuart Smalley is a US Senator? Bill O'Reilly is outraged. Billo will tear him a new asshole in the No Spin Zone.


Billo has no future with his arch enemy in the Senate.


The right is having a collective conniption throughout the internets.


Wow what's next for the US Senate, Bozo the clown?
Wait I know, how about that Borat guy, he would be great or maybe the dude from that MTV show Jackass.

The Dems majority and control over this country will be rather short lived.

Mark C.

Praise Cthlulhu! Senator Franken will briefly help O'Reilly seem relevant again in the brave new world of Obama, Glenn Beck and a left of center America.


Wow, talk about impeccable timing.


Jesus, that was like pulling a cow through a manhole


Hey Brian, I remember when they said the same stuff about Ronald Reagan. The actor??? Governor of California??? What a joke!

Actually, Al Franken is a whole lot smarter than Reagan ever was. Whether he's as good a politician, remains to be seen.


Yes, he will be good at crushing the nuts of the gop for the next 6 years.


Not to compare talent, Brian, but recall that the GOP had Fred Grandy and Sunny Bono serve in the Congress. I think Franken's an intellectual and comedic step up.


Minnesota elected a pro wrestler as Governor. Stuart Smalley tops that insanity. Marge Gunderson would have been a better choice.


The present batch of republicans seems to step on the family values message day after day. Cavorting with women and men for sex and “true love”; and these cons are worried about one democrat who was in the entertainment industry to make us laugh.


Marge Gunderson would have ran as a Democrat, and you would still be crying your eyes out.


Maybe in these tough times Coleman should have focused on the future 6-8 months ago.


Bill O'Reilly is outraged. Billo will tear him a new asshole

What else could we expect from the right? Outrage, fear and emotionalism? Sounds about right, doesn't it?

You know your party very well, mrogi.

When I used to listen to Franken, I thought him a centrist kind of democrat. But I'll take whomever I can get at this point. At least he's smart.

Inslee was on Ross today discussing the 1200 page cap&trade bill. He's read it. He said most of the people he talked to had read most of it. I like Inslee. He's got integrity. He's one of a few on Capital Hill that I think has integrity. Sometimes, you have to trust people who have earned your respect over time. I sure hope this country will get off it's duff and move into the future instead of staying stuck in the past. Chux, kluelss and the rest of the greedy war profiteers notwithstanding.

Oh, Ross interviewed Dick Morris yesterday. Of course, he had nothing good to say. The thing is, he constantly quoted statistics which made him sound very smart. Today, someone called in who had checked on Morris' stats and found them wrong. Ross never knows. So he let Morris get away with them. But the caller made sure he not only corrected the stats but sourced them as well. It was like a retraction in a newspaper. If you didn't know to listen, you still think Morris knew what he was talking about. Maybe it is just better to accept that the right NEVER has the facts and should NEVER be trusted on anything. Thus, one should NEVER listen to them for any reason other than entertainment - if lies are what you consider entertaining...


For a party that is constantly reminding us of how 2010 will be their comeback year, the republican'ts continue to behave the same way that allowed for their self-destruction. It's like they tore out a page from the Whig playbook.


You mean prostitute toe sucking Dick Morris? He is a certified talking point worker bee.


Is there another "Dick" Morris? Pun intended.


I heard the same interview. Ross supposes to trap someone in a gotcha, utilizing the befuddled nerd tact, brings the point home. Nothing is further from the truth. The cons believe this crap and the folks waiting for him to question the factoid are left hanging. I like the Hartman approach, interject and question the outrageous factoids. If you don’t they will use those factoids to establish ideas later.


I think Ross really doesn't know the answer or the facts and doesn't want to look dumb about it. He did ask for sources a couple of times and Morris complied. Who knew? The sources were not ones I was familiar with. The caller used The World Health Organization as his source.

It's hard to call people on their facts if you don't have yours. Dave is sort of like me. We know a lot but we are more generalists rather than specialists.

My general knowledge is pretty good because I'm curious and make it a point to read and inform myself but I sure can't recall my sources on demand.


Malloy is someone I haven't enjoyed lately. But tonight was a thoughtful discussion which attracted some good guests. I really enjoyed him tonight. Wish he'd hold it back a little more often.


I’m sure Ross doesn’t know everything, but I don’t like it when he doesn’t press these folks on their facts. I guess I’m the type that’s willing to listen but when I hear crap I will shove it back at them. And I’m sure he uses the dumb shtick like Dori uses the angry stupid white guy shtick.


I’ll pick this up in the AM. I am curious to hear woodmans response.


Brian, Minnesota does have honorable Republicans in Congress. I recall a one Michelle Bachman. Of course you would never admit she is one of yours.


There s/be absolutely no reason why we can't crush their nuts now. So let's do it, let's do it.

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