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May 23, 2009



Oh, THIS will be fun to read! Thanks Bla'm..in this economy, free entertainment is always appreciated!!


I disagree, Hood. The woman is a cunt.


Madame Speaker is a mental midget, a botox face and a fascist and let her stay in her position and show how morally bankrupt Congress is. She will be a campaign poster for the 2010 elections.

Is this an entertainment blog any more ? Seems like this gravitated toward political claptrap.


Neal Boortz declaimed last week, “how fun it is to watch that hag out there twisting in the wind.” Pittsburgh radio host Jim Quinn referred to Pelosi on air as “this bitch.”

That still pales in comparison to how the lefty talkers characterized Bush throughout much of his 8 years or even Sarah Palin. Just sayin', what is good for the goose is good for the gander. I happen to not care for Bush or Pelosi in office - although Bush is a decent human being which is more than I can say for botox Pelosi, but she has a lot more influence on our lives now than GW Bush.

Keep up the vocal disdain for her on the right. It worked out well for the Dems and the GOP just needs to learn that resonating with the people more will bring desired results. If she loses in 2010, there will be place for her amongst the hags on "The View", unless that POS show gets cancelled.

Mark C.

There's no way Pelosi loses in SF. She's very powerful in the House with no signs of slippage within her party. The only problems are those seen for her by the pathetically few Republicans. She's got plenty more fuck-ups or bad press conference performances before she loses confidence of her Democratic peers. Anyone who thinks she's in trouble is a Republican or doesn't know how it works.


"right-wing scheisse generators"
" Republican Chairman Emeritus Lush Rimjob"

What? You can dish it out, but "Pussy" bunches your panties?

Typical liberal.

Mark C.

Michael's calling it here. doesn't bunch my panties, Pelosi can defend herself...just blows my mind that r's can be so stoopid. It's gonna be a long haul for you righties. pack your camo.

Puget Sound

Speaker Pelosi has told 4 different stories. Evidently that makes her well qualified for a leadership position in this Democratic Congress.

At the last news conference, her number 2 Steny Hoyer was literally trying to pull her off the podium when a question on the CIA briefings came up.

But go ahead, keep her front and center.

And yeah, I don't particularly like this RNC ad.

Buzzard Barf

Blatto is "spot on".

Buzzard Barf

OK, I have had a cup of coffee and a chance to think about this.
Are we supposed to ignore her utter (sexist word?) incompetence and mendacious bull shit because she is a woman?
How about , uh, I don't know-fuck you. Blatto is still "spot on".

puget sound

it will be interesting to see how many on this blog that went after sarah palin in a personal sense (is that really her child, why did her business partner get a divorce -she must have been part of it, going after the teenager bristol in a way that was dark and vicious, etc will now go on to blog about how much the RNC are knuckle draggers cause they make a distasteful use of the name pussy galore.
go ahead, lay it out there for us you
ph(J)oanies. this should be good.


"dark and vicious"? Come on, Puts, you can muster up better outrage than that. But I must say, you did a nice job of trying to twist this into being a Democratic problem.


I was gonna say...

Mark C.

they can call her anything they want. she's tougher than them. she will skate because it is really a marginal issue inflated by the right wing press and the tiny band of congressional republicans to head off a gathering storm to seek investigation into the lawlessness of Bush/Cheney. Calling her a cunt won't change that and will as Mike says turn off more women to the conservative POV.
Ultimately, the inevitable will happen- there will be an investigation and someone will be prosecuted, despite Barack Obama's opposition


The gray old party is dead. The majority has spoken.


Great captions today, Michael.

I voted for GW Bush in 2004 (I am so ashamed now to say) because I thought he was better at keeping us safe.

Republicans were supposed to be the "Daddy Party." Now I see them as a tyrannical father bent on keeping the upper hand in a world that has escaped them in its complexity.

This ad, the comments on this blog, and all the other insulting remarks at the expense of women who dare avail themselves in places of power are helping keep Republicans out of the American mainstream.

How many elections do they have to lose? When will they ever learn?


Suffice to say Ms Pelosi has worked hard to get where she's at. Bottom-line is that she is not a good leader. 'nuf said.
[agree with that, sparky?]


Yes, I want a very liberal democrat to lead both houses. Pelosi and Reid are too centrist for me. The American people have voted for changes...time to get down to business.


The shock 9-11 caused to the brain stems of the right to move far right, far enough to embrace racism, sexism and unqualified xenophobia, but people are healing and becoming Democrats while the few scared red necks that remain hold the Republican party hostage as it's rapidly dying and in need of some positive PR, stat.

Have you seen this http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/05/22/nina-petraro-bastardi-hec_n_206927.html ? (video included) Consrvatives shout down one of their own that has defected. Greater an angry, irrational mob you will not find. You're fucked, guys!

The government is in the hands of the Democrats for as long as Democrats want it to be. Go ahead, join the Libertarian party. Trade one shade of cRaZy for another.


That was an interesting read there AA. Where was your outrage when Code Pink kept interrupting Senate hearings not long ago? Are they the sane ones in your book?


Besides President Obama, can you get any more left than Pelosi and Reid.


I'm in Reno now and listening to the radio, Reid getting re-elected does not look good.


Reid and Pelosi are not leftists. Well, if you are a right winger, then everyone is left of you, but for the average progressive, they are very very centrist.

Mark C.

Pelosi is a good and strong House leader for the Dems. She might not be left enough for Sparky, but it's Sparky and the left flank's job to push on the politicians, just as it's the right-winger's job to keep the R's from going to the middle. It's a 2-party system and that's the dynamic. That said, the job of work for Pelosi is to get legislation through the House with the least amount of friction or damage on the majority party. It isn't always pretty, but she must satisfy both left and right wings to do this and bring as many R's along. The credit card bill passed last week was an example of what she and Hoyer (and Reid) can do. There's a hell of a lot of bi-partisan stuff going on when you drill down passed what talk radio and Fox News is interested in reporting about what's happening in Congress. Despite the shit-fest being waged against her at the moment, she does that extremely well, and I predict she'll last longer than Gingrich ever did. She looked bad the other day, but she's very, very good at what she does- move legislation.


News Flash - Bush was a progressive (conservative), who set the table well for the incoming progressive (marxist) president Obama. Sparky has evidently fallen off the cliff with her predictions. Republicrats and Demicans comprise the government in DC that is infected with the progressive virus that can be if not treated in time be as virulent as Ebola.

Those of you who think the House and Senate need to go farther left have a rectal-crainial inversion, with all due respect. We need to go more center, as it was when BJ Clinton was President if we want to see survival of the middle class and movement back toward prosperity. Any further left movement will solidify trickle-up poverty with a prolonged severe recession. (I'll bet that sound knuckle dragging to some of liberal progressives) - tough shit...


BTW - Keep Pelosi on board. She makes a wonderful target.

Secret Service

Target for what? Sounds like you just threatened the speaker of the house.


Peelosi is a wonderful receiver of our disdain SS. We would never call for her being anything other than a target of our disdain that, as you well know, is well earned by that %7#@.


SS dude; Let me clarify that. She is a figurative target for the 2010 campaign by the GOP. OK everyone, here come the Obamanation thought police.

puget sound

and she will be responsible for raising millions for republicans in 2010. please don't remove her...

puget sound

Yes, I want a very liberal democrat to lead both houses. Pelosi and Reid are too centrist for me. The American people have voted for changes...time to get down to business.

Posted by: sparky | May 24, 2009 at 01:11

Sparky if you think Nancy Pelosi is a centrist then you must not get out too much. You never did say which of her 4 plus stories on the Waterboarding briefing she gave that you believed.

My favorite was the one in which she blamed her staff.

puget sound

hey, isn't it against the law to impersonate a member of the Secret Service?
SS, I think you got some 'splaining to do...


I don't think that is the most vulgar. I think it is one of the less vulgar words.

Mark C.

Can't wait to see the San Francisco Republican the Party puts up to "target" Pelosi in '10. They have huge problems in Virginia and Indiana, maybe they better not waste their money in The City. And by the way, they better carpetbag somebody, last R in SF moved to Petaluma in 1988.

puget sound

From the Wall Street Journal:

"Ironically, it was left to Chris Matthews -- one of the vice president's most unrelenting critics -- to offer the best take on last week's dueling speeches. On his Sunday show, he put it this way: "I saw something from Barack Obama I never even saw in the campaign, a sense he was listening for footsteps, that he could hear Cheney coming at him and he was defensive."

Think about that. Back in those heady days after the 2008 election, anyone who suggested that Mr. Obama might find himself playing defense to Dick Cheney on Guantanamo would have been hauled off as barking mad. Yet that's exactly what Mr. Cheney has pulled off, leaving a desperate White House to try to drown him out by adding an Obama speech the same day Mr. Cheney was slated to address the American Enterprise Institute.

Of course, the effect was just the opposite. The White House reaction ended up elevating Mr. Cheney to Mr. Obama's level, and ensuring that his words would be measured directly against the president's. Like him or loathe him, Mr. Cheney forced the president to engage him.

For much of the Beltway, the Cheney surge is baffling. After all, when Mr. Cheney left office, his reputation seemed divided between those who thought him a punch line on late-night TV and those who thought him a war criminal. As so often happens, however, the conventional wisdom seems to have blinded Mr. Cheney's ideological opponents to the many advantages he brings to the table.

First is his consistency. The case he is making now is the same case he has been making for the past seven years. Even people who disagree with that case would have to concede its coherence, resting as it does on the notion that the United States is at war with terrorists and must react as a nation at war.

By contrast, Mr. Obama's war policies are increasingly incoherent. As a candidate, he excoriated the Bush approach to terror root and branch. As president, however, he has adopted some of the Bush policies, flip-flopped to the Bush side on others, and found himself at odds with his own party on closing down Guantanamo.

His speech on Thursday reflected these contradictions, at once reassuring the antiwar left that the Bush antiterror policies have been fully repudiated while trying to signal everyone else that he has retained most of their substance.

Second, Mr. Cheney is engaging Mr. Obama on an issue where Democrats have traditionally found themselves on the defensive: national security. Understandably, Mr. Obama's supporters are enraged when Mr. Cheney says the new president is unraveling "some of the very policies that have kept our people safe since 9/11."


Cyn, maybe you should go back to the rethugs. Nobody needs a "daddy" party and anybody that thought Bush would keep us safe should be ashamed to admit it today. That's disgusting.

I guess the Rethuglicans have finally hit bottom. When, as a party, they have resorted to name calling, sexism, obsession with female parts and trash talk one would have thought limited to trailer folk residing in the deep south and mountains of the Okanogan and were cast in bit parts in "Deliverance," that party has probably hit bottom.

Of course, the more refined rethug idiots will defend the right of Muslim women not to wear birkas even if it means continuing to kill Muslim men. Or perhaps I should say, especially, if it means continuing to kill so-called "shit weasels in sandals."

Dems have become the moderate Republicans of old. Progressives are where the Democrats used to be. And not since Carter have we seen a true Democrat in the office of the Presidency.

And look at this country. My oh my.

Obama? TBD. So far so good - almost.


Fuck you, Joanie. You're one of the main reasons I don't post here much.


Oh, I'm sure. Well, we all hope you get the courage to speak your mind more often.

And what kind of person voted for Bush in 2004? I'm still disgusted.


You know, Cyn, you got me to thinking:

and all the other insulting remarks at the expense of women who dare avail themselves in places of power are helping keep Republicans out of the American mainstream.

And instead of taking on chucks' peelosi, you're taking on a woman who fights the misogyny and sexism on this blog regularly.

Now what does that say about you?

Rich I. Ronie

Dems threw so much sludge at Palin they should have been fined by the EPA. Bimbo, Moose Girl, White trash, etc.

And on the subject of pandering to bigots, remember the whispers about McCain's age and his temper, and how no ex-POW could be mentally stable enough to be trusted as prez?

Back during the 90's Dems had an well-oiled attack machine specializing in targets of the female persuation--it was called 'Bimbo Eruptions.' Remember that? Kathleen, Juanita, Gennifer, & Paula do.

Sexism? Libtard, Puhleeeze!

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