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May 28, 2009



One correction: I'm from Austin, and remember Shannon Burke's show from the lat 90s. He was employed by a short-lived FM talk station here, and had an afternoon drive-time shift. The station was conservative, and he was a sort of squishy Libertarian, not left-wing as the newspaper story says.


Mike Webb was the most entertaining talk show host I've ever heard...his death was a great loss.

His story is not comparable to that of this right wing pig Burke.

Mark C.

The crime is the attitude, disrespect for the process, politicians, and government in general he inculcates in young white men. Burke and others like him make "fuck-you" a legitimate political statement.


"Easy to see how it might make a man drink hard into the night and crave the taste of gun oil."

nice. sad.


Mike Webb was a man with a problem (not necessarily his sexual orientation). By many accounts, a lot of them dutifly, if not obsessively recorded on this here blog, Webb was a challenge to work with/around. Personally, I didn't care for the guy's politics or his self-built niche, limiting his program predominately to Bush bashing.

Still, the guy's dead. Let's not forget that Bla'M made a special point to publicize every single problem in Webb's life, much to his annoyance. This point should be remembered; that whatever issues Webb may have had, Bla'M got a lot of mileage out of them. Dryly commenting on them now, or acting the slightest bit sympathetic in his absence seems a bit hypocritical.


Shannon Burke? Old news.

Check out a new government website intended to increase government transparency. I heard the story on NPR/PRI? All Things Considered.

Obama is already a breath of fresh air because he's young, savvy and tech-literate. What could be better! He's really making some innovative changes.

Of course, the one I'm waiting for is single-payor you-know-what. But, keep those youthful ideas coming because I'm tired of the same all jingoism and junk from the over-fifty white guys. Might that be over-sixty? Over-seventy?

And on that note, I'm off to BB!


Shrub and "the handled" talking the Presidency?

Ew! Well, at least it's not a highs school audience. Or is it?

Puget Sound

"And on that note, I'm off to BB!

Posted by: joanie | May 29, 2009 at 07:22 PM"

BB? Oh you mean a Beer Break...


Enjoy the weekend. As for single payer, it's what the country needs, and the majority of people want it (once it's explained to them how it works, without all the usual right-wing propaganda thrown in). But I'm afraid that what we're about to do is strike a deal with the insurance carriers, so they continue to make a profit at our expense.

Buzzard Barf

Well damned, I was so looking forward to warm friendly social intercourse with the old pus machine. She is off to BB for the week end and next week I will be hauling freight to Texas.

Puget Sound

Just be thankful that BB doesn't stand for Buzzard Barf...

Vulture Vomit

That thought inspired an immidiate name change.


Joanie and others are helping us with our plan to exterminate the right wing, we will deal with them when the time comes. BB is just one location in our Final Solution.


As Ho Chi Minh stated: The real key to the future of the country is who gets the Hispanic vote. The libertarians and GOP have to pick its battles wisely to take back the Hispanic vote (Bush received 42% in 2004 & McCain 29% in 2008) in order to keep the liberal progressive narcissists from keeping the upper hand to the detriment of this country's future.
One party rule will prove to be a disaster - those of you who don't believe, stick around - you ain't seen nothing yet.

What goes around comes around. The left won't realize that they have created a monster until its too late. Beware of unintended consequences - if Obama is successful in ramroding single payer health care through, it will devestate this country financially and give China domination over this country that will be nearly impossible to shake. Why ? Because of the skyrocketing deficit that this Administration has created in the name of carrying out its progressive agenda and underneath a progressive are fascist intentions.
Attempts to destroy the right wing will ultimately come back to destroy and transform the USA into the USSA.


If you don't believe this, take a close look at California.

The John Report

Who'd believe a manic depressive like you? Ramble on, though.


Do you care to debate this or are you a drive-by coward ? How do we know you are not mentally ill ?


KS..Save your breath. It's obvious that anyone with an opinion that is not leaning left will be referred to as a conservative pig on this blog..lol
Socialism is the flavor of the day, get used to it. God I miss my country already. Bow down to the king Obama. I'm not sure of a good idea he's came up with yet, but evryone loves him!! That's all that matters. :)


Burke was never a liberal host...he was actually quite non-descript to libertarian. He was kicked off the air in Austin in 2000 after he used the term "Jew bastard" on the air and the ADL caught wind of it.

Hedge Fund Hal (re-Obama's latest campaign ad)

its Desperation City inside Team Obama's Chicago Gutter campaign 2012......the latest effort is an ad featuring the husband of a laid off steel factory worker . He claims Romney's Bain Capital closed the plant,although he neglects to explain that the plant could no longer compete and survive due to cutrate steel prices from Chinaand and that Bain gave the company an extra four years of life, with their support, before fnally closing it down. He conveniently blames Romney for his wife losing her health coverage and then dying of oancer, instead of blaming himself for not thinking ahead and providing a plan B to keep his wife protected by alternate coverage, in the event of a lay off, not exactly unheard of in the steel industry at the time. The guy on the pity pot goes on to say that he didn't think Romney was even aware of these kinds of effects on people due to his company's actions and furthermore he thinks Romney isn't even concerned about them. Strident, over-the-top, and reeking of hysteria and smear, this ad will obviously backfire on Team Fauxbama bigtime. hhahahahahha really desperate stuff here, folks.....


No need for Romney to respond to the sewage in that ad, HFH. It is patently false and Barack is a scumbag, along with Reid, Axlerod, Plouffe, Jarrett and Holder just to name the main players.

Now, the acting president should be asked to reveal all of his relevant college records as Romney has, before Mr. Romney reveals any more tax returns.

Hedge Fund Hal (re-Obama's latest campaign ad)

KS, now we learn, via Hannity among others that Romney wasn't even WITH Bain Capital during the tiem frame when htis fellow's wife was laid off,,around 2001. Can you believe this garbage?. Operation Chicago Gutterball. hhahahahahahahaa This has the stink of flop sweat all over it. Probably Obama's internal polling is really giving him and Team Fauxbama the willies. bwahhaahhaahahhahaa also, Hannity talked about this bogus lawsuit from Obama's people in Ohio challenging the three extra days grace period the military personnel there are given to vote . They aer given this right in other states, probably all other states , but these scumballls are only goign after the ruling in Ohio, whih they desperately need to win. How dishonorable to challenge the right of our military folks to have this extra needed time. They won't win by the way- the courts have ruled consistently that the military is a special group under the law, and has certain unique rights, not given other citizens. Have you no shame, Team Obama? T-S? care to defend this cowardly . disgraceful lawsuit?

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