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May 14, 2009



Reichert certainly debunks the riddle of what is the difference between Big Foot and a Republican congressional representative from Western Washington. Big Foot has been sighted. Reichert, the Chris Shays of Western Washington, took a play from the George W. Bush playbook of going to where the audience is friendly and shallow. Glad he does not represent me. It figures Kirby Wilbur would be kissing his ass and while he is running out of asses to kiss.

Mark C.

The 8th District is a mix of nouveau riche Republican elites and cranky hicks who want to secede from King County. What flavor other than vanilla could satisfy them all? They get who they deserve to represent them.


Smile and give your latitude and longitude when you say that pard'ner.

Corporate Suit

Since Reichert appeared on Ross's show--sitting across the man he ran against for a congressional seat and beat--it shows he's willing to go into the lion's den. Ross is just as able to ask really specific policy questions and wait for really specific policy answers. So he doesn't appear on Scher's show, so what? It doesn't mean he only spoke to the choir via the radio. How many times has Dori asked the gov to come on or the mayor to get turned down or reneged at the last minute? LOTS! But they eventually came on to face the music. Reichert will too; Scher just needs to be patient---and maybe get a haircut....or some botox....


Yes, not everyone is as brave and forthcoming as our gracious Governor and/or our Representative McDermott. In case of the latter you need to go to Baghdad for an interview with him. LMAO.

blathering michael

That's just crap, Corporate Suit. Dave Ross has bent over backwards to prove he holds no grudges and has softballed Reichert for years. Having run against him has kind of zeroed him out as an objective journalist when it comes to Dave Reichert.
I'm not saying Reichert's not man enough to face his questioners, I'm saying he doesn't have the depth to answer policy questions asked by anyone but friendlies.
You claim to be a radio guy, last minute reneging a live broadcast 3 times in 3 wks is acceptable abnd normal to you?
I assume that you're all Botoxed, prettily shorn, and spray-tanned like Reichert. Hope it does your company more good than Reichert's enhanced looks does for his constituents.
By the way, Steve Scher at least has the balls to post his name and his picture on-line: unlike you who bravely and prolifically opine under a pseudonym.


KUOW is not to Reichert what Dori Monson is to Nickels/Gregoire/the city council/the state legislature. Reichert is a total man-bitch and I pitty the Republicans in our state for not having a professional politician to front their cause, a politician that can keep their few affairs in order. All I can think of is "ranks behind American Samoa" I don't know what that means but I'm glad he's not on our side. He belongs in a wax museum, not a law making body.

Scroto Rotum

Who give a shit about this?
Let's talk about Pelosi, the lying sack!
Biggest news story since Clinton committed perjury! I love watching her squirm, just like a little bug-eyed, well, BUG!

I can't wait to see her squished on the pavement!

I'm making some popcorn...


Dave Ross represents a lion's den????


The Coiffed One can't talk anywhere he has to go off Official Republican Talking Points.

Of course he could take Duffman with him so Duff could whisper in his ear " Spot On! You Rock! You really Got Them!!"


What is missing when a right wing radio host has an opponent on the air as a guest is a serious dialog. Look at the rubbish posted by the righties on here with the same tone of cynicism and sarcasm. Aside from John Carlson locally on the right, I have rarely heard an opposing point of view on any right wing radio show. It is nothing but a boring montage of monologues accompanied with quotes from selected books, newspaper articles or a sycophant who tells them what they want to hear to add an “intellectual” flair while lacking originality.

As for Reichert "ranks behind American Samoa,” I sort of took offense to that from the Burner campaign as American Samoa can nowhere near be compared to the East Side that Reichert represents. Rules pertaining to congressional representatives from unregulated trust territories are different from those that represent districts in states. If a comparison were made to a district congressional representative from a state, then it would be a fair comparison.

In addition, I know American Samoa’s Congressional representative, Eni Faleomavaega, as well as the Governor, Togiola TA Tulafono, personally. To add to the misery already in American Samoa, the Republicans did a wonderful hack job by forcing minimum wage increase on the canneries that contribute much to the economy of two nations. Meanwhile the Republicans demand and ramrod free trade status of Central American nations that the canneries will be moving to as they can import cheap processed tuna with little regulation and tariffs to the United States. Yet they accused Pelosi without any substantiation of looking out for interest of San Francisco based Star Kist because supposedly she and her husband own stocks. Meanwhile all these years under GOP presidents and congress, Republicans opposed any raise in the minimum wage domestically and allowed trust territories to pay a lower minimum wage. I just left Saipan and they are in worse shape than American Samoa. It is to the point that the administration is going to “federalize” the island.

Puget Sound

"What is missing when a right wing radio host has an opponent on the air as a guest is a serious dialog. Look at the rubbish posted by the righties on here with the same tone of cynicism and sarcasm. Aside from John Carlson locally on the right, I have rarely heard an opposing point of view on any right wing radio show. It is nothing but a boring montage of monologues accompanied with quotes from selected books, newspaper articles or a sycophant who tells them what they want to hear to add an “intellectual” flair while lacking originality.
Posted by: rozskat | May 14, 2009 at 05:10 PM

Yeah, unlike the Randi, Keith Olberman, Stephanie Miller, Big Ed, and Rachel Maddow Shows. Lots and lots of opposing viewpoints and vigorous 'debate.'


...upon real (if tedious) substance.

Ain't that the truth!

Ross - the "lion's den?" Aw, C'mon.

Scroto Rotum sounds like chucks. You afraid to post under your own name, chuckles? See, I can tell. Can't fool mama.

Thanks for some intelligent information, Roz. Americans don't hear much about what corporations and politicians do overseas. And when they do, you get the typical insipid response above.

God, as if anybody needed proof of the stupidity that surrounds us on this blog...


Corporate Suit knows that the ill-kept, shaggy, distinctly un-botoxed Scher as boring as he is regularly kicks Dave Ross's ass, and everyone else's (save Rush once in a while) in the 9 to noon. He knows that KIROFM has slipped badly in the PPMs. It is Steve Scher who is the King of Seattle Radio.


I wouldn't be surprised. My complaints with libs is that they can listen and listen and listen and learn all day long. But they don't get out there and kick booty with what they know.

They just watch it crumble. So pc...


Nice shot of Reichert's package, Michael. Are you saying he stuffs it?

Puget Sound

Truth Commish, bring it on.

2004, Sen Shumer During a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 8th, 2004, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) discusses harsh interrogation methods, saying to Attorney General John Ashcroft:

you do what you have to do

the silence from the left will be breathtaking...


How did you get sooooo stooopid?

That's exactly what we've been saying. Bring it on - all of it.

God, you're dumb.

Mark C.

This ain't going away, people are going to jail. and it won't be Democrats. It's one thing to have been bamboozled by the smoke screen, and quite another to have knowingly done the deeds and put up the smokescreen.
Funny how these Republicans were denying it was even torture 2 days ago, but are now saying yeah, it was torture and Pelosi knew about it. Won't hold up in court. Laws were broken, people broke 'em, other people were compliant and willing. Let'em all have their day in court.
There'll be no silence from the left, PS until it's all out in the open. Pelosi will still be speaker when this is all over, and with a little luck Cheney will be in federal court.

Puget Sound

Actually Mark, back in 02 the consensus was that the Geneva Convention Standards did not apply to those who did not sign or would not abide by its code. Eric Holder, back in 2002, said so himself when asked in an interview on CNN.

I like Harold Ford's response. A very reasoned one.

From Hardball on MSNBC

But yeah, go ahead and run with it Mark. We'll see how it works out.


Apparently Puts needs to read it here to make it real.


Puts, how dare you bring up the hypocrisy of Schummer ! What's a matter you ? The post is about Reichert - disregard that it doesn't have much substance.

How dare you attempt to bring on the indefensible that is not the topic. The resident liberal-progressives who feign that anyone who interrupt their tirade is an idiot. They are so PC.

Puget Sound

"How did you get sooooo stooopid?

That's exactly what we've been saying. Bring it on - all of it.

God, you're dumb.

Posted by: joanie | May 14, 2009 at 09:46 PM"

I'll try. It's wasted on you but others that read this blog -even those that disagree- will get it.

One of the reasons why this democracy works so well with orderly transitions of power from one party to the other is that we do not criminalize political differences. The outgoing administrations are not hounded in the courts by the incoming administrations.

But go ahead, see how that works out for you.

Now ask yourself a question. Why is it that in the prosecution of the war that Pres Obama is sounding a lot more like Pres Bush and a lot less like Candidate Obama?

This will continue. On the Domestic front Pres Obama is doing much like you would expect Candidate Obama.

But on the war side, he has pretty much continued to follow Pres Bush.

Why is that? Could it be that after taking a look -and considering the alternatives- Pres Obama has determined that Pres Bush and his policies are necessary after all?

Now you have all these Senators and Congress people on the left playing the shock and outrage card when most of them knew exactly what was going on.
A notable exception would be Sen Feingold who has been consitent. I disagree with him but at least I can admire him for being stand up. The Shumers, Pelosi's, etc ain't worth much.

Puget Sound

sorry KS...

sparky, i am missing your point.


Well Puts I do not listen to “progressive” radio as much you may assume I do. If I do catch the folks you mention, which is rare, it is more for entertainment. I would rather listen to the people who cheerlead your point of view but they have been very dull as of late and seem to be stuck in hamster wheel.

Why are you so obsessed about GITMO and torture? Christ you have been harping on it for over a month. Talk about running on a hamster wheel.

Puget Sound

I am obsessed with the lying over it Roz. But I could see why some Dems would now want to change the story.
As one member of Congress who was privy to the CIA Briefings said, 'the CIA doesn't brief us on things they won't be doing. That would be a waste of time'

Roz, if you want to hear some good radio try -and the podcasts are free- the Morning Joe radio version. It's good, vibrant, and interesting. Differing points of view.

For the record, I am not a Rush, Sean, or Savage fan.

great radio

It's why local radio is dying in Seattle.

Although the radio show is called joe scarborough (yes 'coiler, i am aware an intern of his wound up dead) the truth of the matter it is as much co host mika's show as it is his.

Perhaps someone who likes liberal talk can listen and give me a show recommendation with an equal amount of give and take?

Corporate Suit

Michael, how is it I call you on the carpet and you just start the name calling?

Yes, I've had plenty of guests cancel, more than 3 times in 3 weeks. Yes, it's irritating, but it is the nature of the beast.

Now you say that Ross is not of the "depth" or "degree" of Scher and can't ask Reichert tough questions? Please. How many times have I seen liberal congressmen comes into Ross's studio and he just lays down and basically let them say anything without a single firm question (McDermott is the first one to come to mind)?

As for Scher's ratings, he has none----none that he can claim legitimately because KUOW does not subscribe to Arbitrend. You can use all the extrapolations you want, but unless they are using it for sales purposes, it doesn't mean doo-doo.

Speaking of which, where are the numbers that have Boze over Dori for King of Seattle Talk Radio?

michael hood

Mr. Suit: Name-calling? Re-read, please.

I know that being in management means you don't really need reading skills, but if you'll re-peruse my comment, you'll see that I not only called no names but said that Reichert hasn't the depth to answer policy questions by anyone but friendlies.

I have the utmost respect for Dave Ross, I just believe he's too nice to Reichert, he's not an objective journalist when it comes to the 8th District congressman. The two tiptoe around each other like an old divorced couple at their off-spring's bar mitzvah.

You're right about McDermott, but if you'd read this blog more carefully, you'd know how I feel about him... he's as useless as Reichert, and gets the same pass by Seattle media.

Radio management as you claim to be hides behind Arbitron's status as information privy only to subscribers. You know full well that KUOW leads the market, it's just that stations successfully lobbied Arbitron in 2005 to disinclude public radio ratings in the publicly released 12+ numbers.

The proof is in the data about who's the King of Seattle Talk Radio. Either send me the numbers, or shut up about it.

The arrogance of you self-proclaimed radio gurus (who still have a job) is stunning!

Greed, developmental and product neglect, myopic management, stasis, bad programming and pound-foolish business decisions by people like you and your bosses have put radio into the most dangerous position it's been in its history.

With your denial and willingness to go along, you've handed the local radio audience over to public radio. (who, despite themselves, are giving more listeners more programming they're willing to listen to for longer periods). The PPMs are underscoring that once again. As you know.

I predict that KVI, owned by the company you claim to be working for will be free of live & local broadcasting a year or so from now. This is the grand old Seattle call-number that brought Rush to town, and was a seminal AM conservative talker nationally, and the leading talker regionally. Now it's robotic shell with brokered programming (Weissbach) in the afternoon drive!

When I get over being mad, I might get sad.

But I think of all the jobs you geniuses lost; the silent stations; the former broadcasters DJ-ing at weddings; the brokered commercial drivel in place of weekend programming; your utter disregard for the future of the industry; and I'm astounded that you think you have any credibility whatsoever!

No wonder you won't sign your name to your own opinions.


"The two tiptoe around each other like an old divorced couple at their off-spring's bar mitzvah."

Beautiful metaphor and very thoughtful and well-said piece, Michael. I feel the same about KVI.


Just because Arbitron doesn't include KUOW doesn't mean nobody is listening - listening and waiting patiently for Dave Reichert to tell us what he's doing to get ahead of American Samoa in that ranking thingy.

Corporate Suit


You DID say "I assume that you're all Botoxed, prettily shorn, and spray-tanned like Reichert." OK, not exactly name-calling per se, but definitely not exactly kind words. I am neither of the three adjectives.

I don't have access to the hourly breakouts to Arbitron's latest numbers, so I'm waiting for another Suit to hand them over. I only get to see the 12+ numbers--which USED to mean something, but not anymore.

I do NOT know "full well" that KUOW leads the market (in what exactly? 12+? AM, PM drive, midday?) No one knows.

I agree with you about the ever-shrinking amount of local and live talk in this market, but it's the reality of the business. Ever since corporations were able to buy up multiple properties instead of being restricted to just an AM/FM and MAYBE a TV station, that made a lot of positions within each station redundant and people were let go, especially with promises to "share product between properties." Then with the onset of digital technology which was inevitable so now you don't need a living body in the station on the weekends or overnights; for music it's voice tracking---everything comes out of a hard drive. (I'm sorry folks, but there's no one to talk your song requests...it's all Robo-Radio) For talk, it's syndicated programming beamed down from a bird in space---and you don't even need a board op to fire the local spots because it's done automatically by the current technology.

But it started even BEFORE that when the "full service" format slowly disappeared (KJR and KOMO being the last in this market to hang on)and now everyone has a "niche" format, targeting their own P1 listeners. And that's all they care about. There's no more "big net;" it's all little, teeny nets, trying to scoop up specialized fishes (listeners).

When I first arrived in Seattle, I went to each station looking for a job--and there were 14 different companies/owners that owned stations. Pretty good odds that I would be hired. Now, there are only 4 or 5...so if you get fired from one station, it's a good bet you won't be hired by any the other sister stations under the same umbrella---so you run out of employment chances very quickly.

Michael, you remind me a lot of another Michael---Michael Medved. Medved, although he denies it on air and in his commentary, secretly longs to be on the "A" list of talk hosts and be invited to Hollywood and political power parties, but he will only be able to pick up the scraps left over when everone is gone. You've never worked in radio so this blog only runs on the scraps and tidbits that you extrapolate, crawl off other radio sites, and get leaked to you. And that's not a bad thing---go ahead, knock yourself out, but you only view how radio works as a listener and that's not the reality of the industry today.

BTW, I never said I worked for Fisher..?

blathering michael

You accused me of 'name-calling,' but also injected the personal ridicule about Steve Scher's looks.

I've never pretended this to be anything but a listener-based blog about talk radio. Before it became irrelevant, and nearly non-existent, Seattle talk radio had gotten away with plenty of excesses and overreach especially in the political realm.

It's a secretive world, radio and few know or care to know about it. Sick as it is, I've leapt into that breech.

Mike Webb used to accuse me of being a radio wannabe, a talk star like him, and Dori Monson. But if I were trying to make it into the business, trying to get invitations to A-list radio parties, or worming my way into the (non-existent) radio social elite- pissing off everyone by asking hard questions, daylighting uncomfortable developments and ridiculing the King of Seattle Talk Radio (whoever that may be) would be a really stupid way to do it.


I find this blog entertaining and interesting, more so than most radio. If your a real suit, get a clue.


"A-list Radio Party".. Isn't that an oxymoron, Bla'M?


Medicare recipients are eternally grateful to Reichert for single-handedly capturing the Green River Killer! Praises and blessings on thy silver-capped head!


Hi Fremont!!


I applaud Corporate Suit for both further legitimizing and justifying this blog.


That is fair enough Puts. I have my own opinion about Al Qaeda, and how to deal with them, but it would be uncharacteristic of me.

I will pick up an iPod later in the year and start with podcasts. Terrestrial radio and its advertisements is a killer. Even in the car, it is strictly for background noise with the volume in the single digits.

Puget Sound

once you start to pod it will be hard to go back. my gift to you :)

a liberal to moderate talk show host i've been listening to since the late 70's out of SF is Ronn Owens of KGO.
His politics are pretty much the same as a Dave Ross but I find Ronn Owens infinetely more interesting. He's been on in a market that loves good talk and has been a staple.
(and you can podcast him also for free)
If you ever want to listen to a little more conservative try Dennis Miller. It's not all politics. He'll bring on people like Dana Carvey, Tom Hanks, etc and just talk/laugh. Very enjoyable.

MIKE not Michael

Seattle must not be such a great market for talk, there is so little good talk available. Michael will have to cover podcasting and the world at large. There's nothing here any more.


Corporate suit's saying that michael can't know anything about radio because he never worked in radio is an example of why corprate radio is in the jam it's in.


Agreed Puts - I like Ronn Owens - remember hearing him back in the late 70's, just out of college - liked him then and he's still around. I also like Gene Burns on KGO - both are moderates and fairly objective and Dr. Bill is the best when it comes to physics, sciences and advising on future energy policy.

Can't say the same for most talk hosts around here. Even though Weissbach (libertarian) is a bit short toward people, he is probably the most interesting to listen to locally. The remainder - including Dori - although he is more libertarian, Kirby Wilbur, Medved, the syndicated ones and the progressive talkers are too partisan toward their politics.

While the GOP are a sentimental preference, what have they done lately ? Not much except lead us into high deficits, campaign like chumps and plunge us into one too many wars - both of which are being continued by the current regime. Even if Obama makes Bush look better in some areas, he will always be a mediocre and incompetent President in my book.

As for the future, Reagan was the last Republican with swagger. What is needed is a modern-day Republican with swagger (conservative or moderate). BHO has swagger and was labeled as cool and had the marketing thing going. What we got ? Jeremiah Wright served as his father figure before he was thrown under the bus - think that was a big oversight and the chickens are coming back to roost...


(Hi, Sparkler!)

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