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May 29, 2009


Puget Sound

May the fetus you save be gay, hispanic, and grow up to be a liberal activist for everyone's civil rights.

Posted by: Drew | May 31, 2009 at 01:18 PM

drew, if you read this blog for any amount of time you would know that i support gay rights/right to marry etc.

i didn't take a position on abortion in the post other than to point out the role of technology.


Sparky. Removing the dead body from the womb of a woman is not, in my opinion, an abortion.
I am sorry that your friend had to experience the loss of her child and what had to be one of the most horrific moments in her life, having to have her childs dead body removed from hers.
That is pain I can not fathom.


Putz (now with a capital P)-
My apologies; I wrongly assumed you were one of those who cruises down the far right lane of the freeway consistantly. I now give you credit for knowing it's ok to move to the left and pass once in a while when necessary.
Enjoy your Sunday.


Drew, that was not one of your better posts. I spent nearly 15 years married to a Mexican American woman who is still two of my childrens mother. We still share in the love of our children and grandchildren. As well, some of my very best friends in life are/were queer.
Just because I am against illegal immigration and gay marriage does not make me homophobic or racist.


he said gay, not queer. I doubt you have any queer friends, chucks.


Thanks, chucks. She was pretty devastated. Last month she successfully delivered a little boy. He is a treasure.

But see..that is the conundrum here. You don't consider that to be abortion, and you are sensible in that. But, as vetwife said, that is primarily what late term abortion is for. And the majority of anti-abortion proponants would call it an abortion. So, this is why I get peeved at the idea of laws which do not take into consideration the individual circumstances. I think abortion is tragic. I would never have been able to bring myself to get one. But the government should not be able to make that decision for me.


Why are you all saying it's either leave the system in place or make it Government run health care ?

I disagree here. It can be another option, like modify the existing system with some new controls from Government, but still continue to have control by the marketplace. Those of you who say it has to be one way or the better are consumed by your ideology.

Thinking outside of the box would benefit this. However, I doubt if the politicians are capable or even want to do this. That is why I have little faith in the Government - it has come to expect the worst so I won't be disappointed especially with this current Administration. They are all about unity, but ignore an important cornerstone - liberty.


The shooting of the doctor in Wichata, KS was unfortunate and the slayer needs to be brought to justice.

Most non-liberals will denounce this event. Those who don't are not on my side.


Coiler, I lived in Lomita California for Jr High, High School and college. I have friends that are gay, lezbyon, queer, homosexual, fruits, all that stuff.
You have not lived until you have gone out on a Friday night, with a good friend in an effort to pick up a nice couple.
I suppose you do not believe that I can be accepted as who I am without my being a PC moron by my gay friends.


chucks!! You went out to pick up a nice couple....of what??????????????????


Never any success Sparky, just a great excuse to go out. We had great plans that were never executed. Trying to agree on the couple that we would never hit on was fun at the very least.
Things like "let's go after them, she has a great butt" with a response similar to "no, he has a beer belly".

Puget Sound

Putz (now with a capital P)-
My apologies; I wrongly assumed you were one of those who cruises down the far right lane of the freeway consistantly. I now give you credit for knowing it's ok to move to the left and pass once in a while when necessary.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Posted by: Drew | May 31, 2009 at 02:54 PM


I can understand your confusion. I'm not a holly roller Jerry Falwell type; rather, I am a Goldwater type ie keep Uncle Sugar out of my life and out of my wallet. And just to give you a heads up, I weave across the idealogical centerline enough to blow a .24 on the breathalizyer. I am against the death penalty and an atheist. While I do believe the Gov't has the right to put a person to death and I know of certain murderers that I would personally volunteer to drop the cynadide pill on (Joseph Duncan and Gary Ridgeway come to mind) but the Gov't makes too many mistakes and fails to provide an adequate defense for the poor (when's the last rich person you have heard of who has been convicted and given the death penalty?). The Menendez Brothers shotgunned to death their parents and never even sniffed Death Row.
Google 'Project Innocence' or Cowboy Bob Macy a prosecutor out of Oklahoma with the greatest number of death penalty convictions. Mark Furhman (yep, that Mark Furhman) wrote a great book on 'Cowboy Bob' and his abuse of prosecutorial power -with some help from a Crime Lab Tech that would 'sweeten' the evidence.
It should be a wakeup call.

Puget Sound

Spot on.


Agree with your lack of confidence in the Federal Gov't here on the murders of others and shooting of Tiller.

Now, watch the liberal progressives like Ph(J)oanie come out of the woodwork to call for legislation against hate crimes as noted on the more recent post. That will only serve to benefit trial lawyers who have already have their pound of flesh.

The polarization of the country and perceived divisiveness can be laid at the feet of the trial lawyers - IMO. If it weren't for their tactics, the right wing talkers would not be as popular or be spouting off as much as they do. Yes, I do not really think the shooter was influenced by O'Reilly, Rush, Savage or any of them. He was more likely to have been influenced by something else, but will not make a rush to judgment until I hear the full story.


Just reading this thread . . .

I did no do it, I in no way would ever have done it. It is wrong that anybody did it.

Oh, but since it's done, let's have a party!

And Allan, I don't think he's choosing to miss your point. He really doesn't get it. Really.

Considering that he's ready to celebrate a murder that he "in no way would have done" should speak for itself.

And you posted an awful lot of words for him to read. You should keep it simple for these guys.

Oh, and spotsie:
i've never seen or heard of anyone viewing an ultrasound say, look at that fetus...it's always, look at the baby.

And if a group of joe sixpacks are standing around gawking a good-looking woman with great t & a and taunting "oh baby" - does that make her one?

Good grief, do you have no understanding of the use of language at all? I hereby sentence you to watch all the reruns of Mr. Wizard - twice. And then I'm graduating you to Strunk and White.

I'm sorry, Sparky, but people like these don't deserve a cordial time-of-day. They are too dangerous to be coddled.

And as for healthcare costs: any money going to insurance companies isn't going to healthcare. What don't you guys get about that? FCS, chucks, you at least ought to understand that. Isn't the bride a math major?

And the VA used to be a pretty good system when honest and ethical people were running it. Something about Reagan, deregulation and profiteering throughout the last two decades may have had consequences . . . ya think?

Puget Sound

"A very reasonable sounding ex-math teacher now driving a truck cross country because he makes three times as much money ended the Mike Malloy show just now with this tender bit for Bush:

"...why hasn't somebody shot the son-of-a-bitch."

I'm sorry but I'm still laughing.

Posted by: joanie | October 26, 2007 at 11:06 PM"

The dictionary defines a hypocrite as someone who "pretends to be better than he really is or to be pious, virtuous without really being so." A hypocrite is someone who says one thing and does the opposite.

Taking a tragic event and trying to score a political point is the lowest of the low.

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