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April 13, 2009



Mick- you're a dipshit (and so is nevets for not explaining the obvious to you). The sharpshooters are part of a SEALTeam Detachment. Since their ops are always covert, you don't want their identities compromised by the media. To do so would not only jepordize their personal safety and that of their team members, they would no longer be of any use on to the SEAL team or SOCOM.


can't believe Steven didn't catch that one


How do you decide which moniker to use at any given time.


habu- if you can show just one example in the last 30 years of a liberal who harrassed a member of the military for doing the job he was trained to do, and ordered to do by the President, we'd really like to hear it. We already have lot of stories about off-their-trolley conservative wingnuts who started shooting up innocent civilians based on fears of gun confiscation and socialism (or the Gingrich definition of it).


Wanna make that the last 50-years? Didn't think so.


Habu, right on. These cowards would like our REAL service men and women to be slaughtered.

Mack, to do so would also expose one of the greatest con-jobs ever pulled on the American people. I agree with Rush and Sean and Glen and Laura. Our way of life is in grave danger. We must not let them shut us up. It is getting harder and harder to speak the truth.


Obama is taking all the credit for what the SEALS did. It's sickening.


It's fun to see the right fall all over themselves today.


Nice try. LMAO

-get down on it


KVIfan is auditioning to be a hip-hop star. Cute.

Laura, Glenn, Sean and Rush. Toss in Billo and Weiner too. They all have impressive military service.

Michelle- I have watched the press conference this morning, and Obama did not take credit for what the SEAL snipers did. Not once, and you know that. He did say that he was relieved to hear that the ship's captain was safe and headed home.

mick and habu- if you're in any danger, perhaps you should find the exit. I see you're blogging, so who's telling you you aren't allowed to speak? Fox News? I've never read or heard from any liberal that we want servicemen slaughtered, but that's because it doesn't happen, and you know that too. Got any statements from prominent liberals saying they want to see soldiers die? No. Fear and hysteria was one of the many failed tactics of your president. He's gone, and your going to have to accept it.


Hey Drew, it’s called blinded by hate! These righties are a comical bunch today aren’t they? I guess what these amateur comedians disguised as conservatives or better yet conspiracy theororists want is some dumb ass white guy pretending to be a cowboy screaming “Wanted Dear or Alive” or “Bring em On!” However, I am sure if it was their hero up there, in the end he would find a way to fuck this up as well.


Steven – I am surprised that you even associate yourselves with these chicken hawks here. Oh wait; they are conservative chicken hawks so they are good chicken hawks. For a career Navy man, I thought you would have caught on about shielding identities of SEAL Team members or keeping operation videos classified. The PX Ranger (Habu) did, but for the wrong reasons such as his usual inventive imaginations about liberals harassing military members. Which novel did that harassment scenario come from?


So Drew associates "get down on it" with hip hop. WOW!
You need to be re-calibrated; your misguided associations are a bit of an indication of your accuracy in your calls. Don't you live in a library? Your sounding like some white-assed sway who doesn't have a clue.


Whoa roz, your losing it. Try to stay focused and maintain your calm self. Take more meds.

Sheriff Bart

It's "You're"

KVI, your Glen Beck shtick is old


Hey 'sheriff' do you think "get-down on it" is hop hop? LMAO

Sheriff Bart

KVI,what you have been saying all day is coming from a toilet bowl, and we all know what color toilet bowls are. ROTFLMAO?


So "sheriff" can you in fact answer the question? You've had time to google it. Is "get-down on it" associated with "hip-hop"? Do you agree with Drew and/or any of the other Sybils. Or will you again revert to toilet bowl analogies. Your not doing yourself any good by stalling.


I'll bet ya the members of Kool and the Gang voted for Obama


KVI, in what way does "Get down on it" have anything to do with this post? Are you doing some early tea bagging? I thought that was an event on the 15th.


rozkats, you're right on, we're much better off with a level-headed Commander in Chief. Doncha love how, if you criticize the cons (like non-servers Rush, Sean, Glenn, Laura, O'Reilly, etc), and suddenly we liberals hate the military. I guess the only real patriots in uniform have to be neo-cons. Shows how much they weren't paying attention the last eight years.


Now "Donny" (which one of Sybils egos, are you) do you think K&TG (nice googling, btw) is classed as "hip-hop". Would you kindly clue "Drew" and the "sheriff" in on this.
Oh, and I suppose you think Britney Spears is "hip-hop" also?
Or is it that you think all African American musical groups are "hip-hop". LMAO again.


And KVIfan- I did mention "30 years" for a reason; one that you won't be giving liberals the credit they deserve. One of the hard and tragic lessons of the progressive movement in the '60s and early '70s was that a few violent radicals began to define the liberal cause. While we succeeded in making an unjust war unpopular with the general public, many activists chose to be violent and disrespectful to returning soldiers. So two views of those times apparently emerged: the vast majority of liberals promoting non-violent response had to practice what they preach. The segment of conservatives who favor war over diplomacy couldn't let go of those former images, and many like yourself continue to hold on to them. It's an old and very outdated opinion of yours that liberals hate soldiers. The only ones we ever hear today talking of how we wish them all a horrible death happen to be in right-wing media. Ironically, none of them have served in the military either.

So the liberals have learned a lesson from history-a very painful lesson. We just wish those of you that seem to like to go to war could learn some lessons from America's history too.

So it's thirty years, KVI. Can you show of any incidents where soldiers have been threatened or harrassed by liberals recently? Or are you still holding on to the past?


OOOHHHH, KVI...you are trying to bate someone into a race debate. Snap..you are da man, as Michele Bachmann once told me.

By the way, that your vs You're mistake you seem to make, someone else did the same in the past. i kinda remember him worrying over "Sybils egos" also.


Hmmmm the term Gen. Be-tray-us seems to come to mind. Ring any bells.
You gave a decent analysis, however and the same c/be said of Bush's "mistake".


I think the action was appropriate, when doing a rescue, you have to be careful, or the people you are trying to rescue might be killed. Then there is putting together an ad hoc rescue plan that goes totally wrong, and people get killed. The rescue of the SS Mayaguez, last combat action of the Vietnam War is on example. The plan looked good, but we did not know the island we send the Marines to, where we expected the crew to be held, was empty of the crew, they had been cast adrift in a fishing boat, and rescued by a US Destroyer. 15 Marines were killed, 50 wounded, 3 MIA as a result of that bad intelligence. Now was the Marine Boarding Party on the Mayaguez itself justified? Yes, it was an American-flagged vessel, American-owned, and American property, and it was adrift at sea itself. Turned out there were no Kmer Rouge aboard the ship.



President Ford was faced with a tough choice, and he made it. Hindsight is 20/20.

As for another famous Hostage Rescue operation, the IDF's Operation Thunderbolt, they were negotiating while the commando force was being briefed and trained on the operation, and nailing down a vital component of the operation, where were their planes, low on fuel, going to fill up for the trip back to Israel. Israel is a country with few friends, their biggest are US and Germany(Since the US does not build Diesel Subs anymore, the IDF buys German U-Boats(the modern versions)). Well, the Kenyans allowed the Israeli C-130s to refuel there.


KVIfan- what, exactly, did Petraeus do that made you want to join the rank of the name-callers?


Right wing. When you lose, you lose it. G-d I love it! Please whine some more.

President Obama = 1
Right Wing = 0

(p.s They lost the election Also)


p.s. Like the hat, bet you will knock it off now. Because you would get a hole in YOUR head.


Secret deals with the Muslims.

Obama taking credit for the rescue.

Paranoia and really bad guesses on who new names on here might be.

A made-to-order crisis.

Bushie somehow being responsible for the rescue.

Rush has Obama's number.

Who knew that insanity was one of the 7 Stages of Grief after losing the election.
Very entertaining!

Who knew that insanity was one of the 7 stages of Grief over losing the election...very entertaining!


Wow "sparky", good insight. The "7 stages of Grief over losing the election". You should write a book, Thank you.


Good on the Navy seals. Sharp shooting like that from a moving vessel to a moving vessel is truely amazing. Three shooters and three targets with all targets nutralized at once. Just wow.
I will admit that while totally fucking up the economics of this nation (maybe the entire world) for many years to come, Obama has enough brains to follow Bush's lead on protecting us from terrorists. Now that he has the same information comming to him that Bush had, he is making the same choices. Phone taps, keeping troops in Iraq and building the strength of our troops in Afghanistan. Next thing you know, we will be bombing the crap out of Iran.
Eventualy, the shit-weasels in sandals will figure out that fucking with the USA is really dangerous and will go back to just killing each other and screwing with Europe.
I wonder what his next move will be with the African pirates. Now that he has poked the hive with his big stick, you know they are going to put up a fuss. Hope they're big and brass. He is going to need them.


The swiftness with which conservative nutters pounce on conspiracy theories every time Obama does something vaguely positive is remarkable.


"KVIfan- what, exactly, did Petraeus do that made you want to join the rank of the name-callers?

Posted by: Drew | April 13, 2009 at 05:16 PM"

Nice try "drew" (haha), but WE all know who was calling the good General that, don't we. Sorry, you asked for an example and I was pleased to oblige. Now you have to live with it. ROFLMAO to the max!

Doge Charger

I'm appalled by the lack of respect for the new president. It reminds me of the times back in the 60's sitting around jamming with my garage band and folks bitching about this and that.


The American people, via a new CNN/Opinion Research poll, tell Dick Cheney to go suck a tea bag:

Seventy-two percent of those questioned in the poll released Monday disagree with Cheney's view that some of Obama's actions have put the country at greater risk, with 26 percent agreeing with the former vice president.


For Rozkat from the PX Ranger.

What was the last thing that went through the pirates mind?

M. Steele

The reaction to Petraeus was due to his op-ed. Normally military folks do not write op-ed’s because it brings criticism. That is why the military frowns on that type of action. I think, and I don’t want to speak for any one, Drew was writing about the average Joe out in the public.


get down on it Haha

Obama seems to have got the military to go along with the deception.

My hunch is those "Navy Seals" are probably FBI agents

When rocks talk, this is what they say.


It was a good gesture by Obama to give the go-ahead to the Navy Seals - kudos for that effort. However, one action a presidency does not make. His foreign policy efforts have been OK so far.

So tell me Sparky, what percentage of Democrats, Republicans and Independents were polled in the CNN/Opinion Research Poll ? How was the question worded and did they ask it after or before the captain was safely rescued ? The poll appears skewed a ways to the left, ya think ? (I'll bet you'd have a tough time admitting something like that though) - I won't hold my breath.


Bet that poll didn't include the five million rocks that watch Fox. Of course, the other 300 million Americans are skewed left, aren't they klueless?


Stryker deployments from the ports of Tacoma and Olympia. Those are two recent examples for you of libs protesting Pres ordered deployments.

You libs are too easy.



Yeah, only in the dysfunctional world of Ph(J)oanie. Did you know there are liberals that watch FNC -around 40% ?

The illegal aliens will skew to the left - that's why Congress is pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens. Does anyone of you about the consequences of this ? [crickets chirping]


should read -
Does anyone of you think about the consequences of this ? [crickets chirping]


it lost its meaning the second time

M. Steele

KS, How in the hell do you know illegal aliens skew left and illegal aliens vote or take part in polls? are you krazy as a shit house rat?


Not krazy, just klueless.

M. Steele

Come on klueless the Krazy shit...whip it out. Or do you need a teabag?


KS you're gettin' kind of whiney. It's not attractive.

M. Steele

Obama did a great job, so did the military. But I think the big ups go to the captain. Everyone did what they were supposed to do, the captain included. But he laid his life on the line to fulfill his obligation to his crew. It’s something you expect from a commander. Bluster just doesn’t cut it.

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