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May 01, 2009



And Michael Weiner is suggesting this pandemic could be a terrorist attack from Mexico.

Fixed News doesn't have the time to report this; in the last half hour, they've had articles of Obama's evil plan to choose your doctor, and how Obama is trying to buy the union vote through the UAW, and that an employee of a dating website is suing for sexual harassment.

This is just another reason that the GOP is drying up.


Certain kalk show hosts should watch their mouths, just like certain Vice Presidents. Remember, you OWN him. LMAO


HoChi: Are you really equating Biden's mildly overblown remarks with Severin's racist ranting?



Damn right I am. These recent remarks by Biden were far from the first, and not the worst. I'm sure your capable of digging for previous examples. So, live with it dude (or dudedette, as the case may be)!


By doing so Uncle Ho is trying to diminish what Severin said. Biden's comments were misconstrued and easily rephrased for clarity; something that's impossible to do with this right-wingnut's words. Severin's rant is clearly racist and instills hate and fear in the midst of a crisis.


Just as I suspected, your an idiot.

Don Ho

It's "You're". Dumbass

Charles de Midway

Republicans are stuck with these mean assholes, and as Michael and so many other have written: they have no other message. My high schooler asked me last week, Dad, how did they EVER get in our government. I said, they stole it, son.


What a brilliant answer to a teen-age son. It's no wonder we have so many mis-guided teens who grow up to be arrogant and vile talk show hosts (of both political spectrums). So your son asks how these Mexican Americans got into our country, what do you say. They stole into it? You are as bad as the subject matter of this post.
I feel sorry for your son.


It's ironic that both China and Cuba have closed their borders to Mexico as long as H1N1 is pandemic, where the US has refused to do so. They demonstrate more sensibility than we do. The lack of common sense in the White House is staggering !


Mandy - why do you believe in rewarding illegal behavior ? Hopefully, you are not aparent.


How do you stop the encroachment on a shared border? If you figure this out let me know, there some cats I would like to keep off of my property. I would also insist you contact the Seahawks for their offensive line need your expertise.


Well hey, it's beginning to look like the Swine Flu isn't a civilization-threatening pandemic after all. At this rate, the Swine Flu will turn out to be much less of a threat than the annual flu season we've all learned to live with.

In which case, can we expect the right-wing screamers to admit that Obama's measured reaction was absolutely appropriate, and their own xenophobic rantings were wrong?


Won't defend Jay although illegal immigration is a problem (one he may be painting with a broad brush). He does have some interesting situations in the past; most recently when Imus slapped him down (great pic) at WTKK's "Kiss Me I'm Imus" event.

But just remember, all liberal talk hosts are perfect, never lie, are not Democrat shills,
always are entertaining, always get great numbers... :)

(I will say libtalk is back in
Boston...though they had to PAY to put it on. In BOSTON! Good luck to it, though. Maybe the Fairness Doctrine will be enacted and that new station WWZN 1510 will be _forced_ to hire Severin to get some balance on (once he gets bounced by WTKK...) That's fair!

Queens Hunter

How do you stop the encroachment on a shared border?

Enforce the border security.

A couple of Brigades of AH-64 Apaches loaded with nails and mini guns would be a great start. The only one even slightly concerned with border enforcement is Sheriff Joe in AZ and look at the heat he receives from the pinkos for simply doing his job. The illegals are slowly destroying this country and the libs are willing to accept it for their illegal votes.

The term illegal has no meaning with respect to our southern border. Until it does we pay for their tsunami of crime. IIRC the last three Law Enforcement Officers killed in WA were offed by illegals. Those that could give a shit about the problem ought to try explaining why to their families.

blathering michael

Hey raccoon: you're right lib talkers aren't perfect, they're not very successful either. That's because they refuse or don't have the sensibilities or lack thereof to ramp up pissed-off white male audiences by slurring whole groups of people like ethnicities, foreigners, races, and people sexually-different than them. There, of course, is no such thing as a fairness doctrine being even thought of by the D's, but keep throwing up that old strawman, to scare radio listeners into being ever more loyal to a diminishing number of talk hosts on a diminishing number of stations. The "free market" corporatists and their political enablers are far more responsible for the shit-hole talk radio is in than any would-be regulators. You have been sold a load, my friend.


Cheney/Rove/Bush ignored the word "illegal" too, at every opportunity. What a freakin' coincidence.


Your a fuckin leftie, Hood. Libs can't make it on talk radio because their message is dishonest. Talk radio listeners can smell a fake even over the radio. That's why nobody listens to NPR. That's why Dave Boze and Dori are #1.


The Fairness Doctrine should NOT be even a passing thought, but I'll believe it when I see it. The left typically cannot help themselves when overreaching (the right has had this problem also). Cass Sunstein does not give me confidence that some version of the Fairness Doctrine won't rear its head through the back door. Seems like he was hired for that very reason. I know that you favor the left, but as someone with sensibilities - it would be refreshing to see some Democrats resist this kind of change. Cutting off debate in this or any other manner will only serve to weaken the character of this country. This concept has not been selling much of late. It will take a coalition of bi-partisan politicians with stones to rise up and take a stand stop the notion of trying to control talk show formats and distracting so the real issues of concern in this country can be effectively addressed. What say you, Bla'M ?


A former WBT program director writes that Greater Media may be trying to clean house and could fire or "tone down" Severin. Reasons include high cost vs. low ratings, future government regulation, etc.

Is GM cleaning house

"Katz and Severin got caught in a powerful riptide of anxiety about ratings, revenue and regulation that might have been survivable a couple years ago. But not today."

Also btw today's moribund Boston Globe has an interview with Michael Harrison of TALKERS who says that a) libtalk actually is successful--if you count NPR and FM shock jocks as part of it, and b) Harrison doesn't think the Fairness Doc. would come back and even if it did it would be ruled unconstitutional

I'm a fan of Severin's competition actually...(Entercom) WRKO's Howie Carr


The fact is: right-wing radio has disallowed competition and most diversity of format with the help of the monopolizing media giants like Clear Channel and CBS, and Citadel. They're all in trouble at the moment. They've invested little in their product. they've done it probably not for direct political reasons, but because they are Wall Street, don't care a damn about radio and are risk averse. They continue what's worked in the past. It is all coming home to roost now when the ad revenues are tight. They have managed to pull down a wonderful flexible network of local stations replacing the programming with a rather narrow variety of syndicated shows off the sats.


Why not break up the big conglomerates so that the little guy has an equal chance, which was done back during the first Roosevelt (Teddy) Administration - even in this upside-down environment ?

I would be for that. Then the argument about being too big to fail would not exist.


Severin is still on suspension ; he and his agent met with Greater Media today but no resolution yet. Greater's statement acc. to Boston Radio Watch:

""WTKK and Greater Media value an open and vigorous dialogue, but we also strongly adhere to basic principles of civility, common decency and respect for all cultures. We believe Jay's suspension is the best way to uphold both of these corporate policies. WTKK Management met with Jay Severin and his agent today. He will continue to remain on suspension until further notice."


Also: Air America's Young Turks launched a drive to have people contact Severin's advertisers and tell them that what he said was racist and that he should be fired.


Michael Savage is apparently Banned in the 'mother' country.

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