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April 17, 2009



O'Reiilly's game is exposed- he's simply using his show and Walters, the trained monkey with a microphone, to punish people who dare to speak or write against him, no matter how small or nonpublic they are. Then he lies on his teevee show with that pompous tone, saying that he's simply getting responses from those who have refused to come on his show. In many cases as the article said, maybe even in the majority of cases, thy were never contacted. This guy is looking sleazier and creepier everyday. Hia grotesque, absurdly large ego is truly scary, and the Eighth Wonder of the World.


I really appreciate how they call themselves journalists when they need to hide behind a "Freedom of the Press" defense, and then revert back to being entertainers when they're caught lying, which for most anyone on Faux News, is all of the freakin' time. Billo is one of the most unethical personalities of anyone on cable tv.

woody held

He is a pale imitator of Michael Moore.

Suget Pound

You slam dunked it woody.


Michael Moore? He on nightly TV? Tell me where and I"ll watch! And thanks for the information.

I wonder what is missing in the lives of people who watch Billo? These small-minded cowardly and unimportant people who need an extra dose of viciousness every day.

Is that you Steven?


"These small-minded cowardly and unimportant people "

GOD has spoken!


Duffman? when did you get back?


What kind of people watches Billo? Inbreeds who like to listen to right wing talk radio to get their daily does of cheerleading to convince themselves that their dying ideology is just. Then write a commentary to BW of unswerving whining with no new ideas, suggestion, or solutions. Same old rubbish that got them tossed out in the first place.


Wow! You guys must really miss this guy. Hey, I'll play along and be who ever you want me to be.


Dont know about anyone else, but I certainly don't need a daily baby deer to convince me that O'Reilly has high ratings.

Billy Bob

O'Reilly does have really good ratings...relatively speaking.

Fox is bragging about their big ratings surge during tea-bag day: 3,980,000 viewers for O'Reilly.

Yes..that's a very good number, relatively speaking. And higher than the other cable news shows.

But remember, that number means that on O'Reilly's very, very, very, very best day, more than 301,000,000 Americans are NOT watching his show.


Extremely brilliant logic and deduction. LMAO


Actually you could say that on his best day O'Reilly likely has
6,769,978,142 people of this planet NOT listening to him.


Thanks Duffy for the math lesson- clearly you are one of them there No Child Left a Dime success stories.


Billo is a circus performer. It is obvious to anybody with an IQ above double digits. The public overwhelmingly enjoys O'Reilly. His TV ratings completely obliterate MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and anybody on CNN. There is absolutely no reason Billo should stop doing what his doing. The show is magnificently successful.


Watters shadows these people, and goes to a lot of trouble to figure out their daily habits, then jumps them at home, in restaurants, and odd places where they'd least suspect it. Most of the time, they're not even public people.

O'Reilly claims he has to resort to this tactic because people won't come on The Factor to be held accountable. “If they don’t come to us, we’ll go to them.”

How bloody rude ! But on the other hand, I remember, Letterman once said: "There are a lot of weasels out there". I don't mind hearing about the weasels out there. They could be a bit less biased and go after more from the right though.


konfedrat flag.BBBbbig gun AK47/wlots o ammo&Billo & hamity and Windbag . We gwine git Sarey & comangit als ye damm libral traders an make dis country safe fur da folks agin. Jess you wate an see. We got da guns & wegot da people & GOD is on our side


You sound just like the Cressida Crowell character, Toothless, in HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. Excellent, Rudy!


Ya sure, ya betcha - Rudy...


FOXNEWS BECK 2,233,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 1,979,000
CNN COOPER 1,277,000
CNN KING 1,260,000
CNNHN GRACE 1,172,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,052,000"

Typical response: but just think of how many that aren't tuned in.
I know it hurts but there's not much you can do about it except try to be more entertaining and develop some appeal to the masses.


Dr. Dimento

Poor Duffy has run out of clozapine.


That's a nice list of cable programs. What's the point?

According to that, out of over 200m adults in the US, less than 4m are watching Fox News? Less than 1.5m are watching all the other cable news channels. Which means that less than 5.5m people are watching news on cable at all.

Which leaves at least 190m people getting their news another way: the networks and public TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, and the internet.

The only thing I can make of your list is that there are more right-wing extremists than there are left-wing extremists.

And you're one of them.


I'm starting to think I should consider it a compliment to be called Duffy. You all seem obsessed with that character.


Yes, duh'f never had an intelligent response either.

yap yap yap nip nip nip yap yap yap yap

that was our duh'fy


Thank you, it sounds like you were endeared to duff, so I will hereafter consider it a positive.




Duffman told some of the most unbelievable and far fetched stories imaginable. I'm glad he was taken back to Western State.


Really. Tell me more. Are you sure it was a he? If it was so unbelievable why w/you believe it was a male. Doesn't seem to jive.

Buzzard Barf

Just keep your Johnson away from joanie. It could be a fatal mistake.
We are watching you joanie.


Duffman's self-made resume
(Best of...):

* "Left-leaning Independent"
* Believed a holocaust-denier over a weapons inspector
* Used WingNutDaily as source for UN Tax
* Like Rush, supported Hilary for Operation Chaos (failed)

* Proud (albeit shell-shocked) vet from the famous 1970 Milk War,
* Uses proud Milk War vet status to claim freedom supremacy over others,
* Half-Black,
* Half-White,
* All-Fat,
* All-stupid,

Sound familiar, KVIspam?


Huh? The fascination continues, must a Sybil off-shoot.


You see I know Duffman, Duffman was a friend of mine and let me tell you KVIf you are no Duffman


Never claimed to be.

Puget Sound

"You see I know Duffman, Duffman was a friend of mine and let me tell you KVIf you are no Duffman

Posted by: mercifuln8 | April 18, 2009 at 02:36 PM"

good to see ya back, merci. i do like your wit.

Major Ricketts

Don't forget he claims to be from Canada, too.

I can't believe you made that dumb shit President

Has anybody heard from Duffman. I hadn't seen his Duffness on Sound Politics for a while either.


Iffin youal thinks we is so dum wy is the price of are guns goeng up faster den da stok markt. Its caus hamity & windbag & orally tells ussens da real truth on KVI & Faux news. WE BE BACK. Jus yu wate

Private Similac

I think he went to the Carnival Ride Operators Institute and is currently in Ritzville


Dont be fooled Puts. My guess is thats an imposter.

First, Merci (Aka: The Paladin, D&D) would never use his email address, Merci took pride in his D&D characters name.

Second, the bullet style is not right. Merci came out shooting with both guns blazing and would never use bullets like that.


Third, he would never make a spelling error.

I can't believe you made that dumb shit President

Are those Neilson numbers individual or household numbers? Does anybody know?
I thought they were households. If so, then taking the bottom person, Ray Madcow would have more like 1,500,000 people watching him nightly for that one show. It also only reflects one show. On the second evening show, Ray gets another 450,000 households which amounts to another 675,000 viewers. That puts Raymond Madcow at nearly 2.2 million brain dead viewers per night.
At the other end, you have BillO having 3,897,000 households at 5:00 PM Pac time plus another 2,000,000 at 8:00 pm for a total of 6,897,000 households for a total viewers of 10,345,500 on any given night. What great numbers considering that people have to pay to watch his program.
Why is Ray Madcow, or keith Overmann on TV any way? They do a lousy job compared to the king of cable, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, Greta and that up and comming tv talk powerhouse, Glenn Beck.


Jesse Waters strikes again


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