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April 26, 2009



When it comes down to it, it's all about money. Randi is no different from any opportunist who is governed by the almighty dollar. Surely she isn't still fooling anyone (other than joanie).


Yeah, but rightwingers are far more loyal to their talk hosts than are liberals. What are the Repugs gonna do? Rush Limbaugh for president in 2012? How stupid do you have to be to put political faith in any of these self-aggrandizing windbags?

Puget Sound

I sincerely hope it doesn't happen, but let a terrorist attack come to fruition and you'll see the Pelosi/Reid/Obama out the door at the next election.

It will make 1994 look to be a Dem victory.

When you get America scared and frightened it will do things like send American citizens to internment camps (yep, ol' FDR pulled that crime off) or impose Sedition laws that make it illegal to critique the Administration in time of War enabling a sitting President to send an anti war Candidate off to Levenworth (yep, ol Woodrow Wilson pulled that crime off).

And that's just within recent memory. And lets not forget, in 2000 and 2004 the Republicans took an inarticulate candidate -and one most Dems deride as mentally deficient- and still beat your brains in.

Imagine what could happen with an articulate candidate AND a terrorist attack on this nation.

Puget Sound

Hey, most of us have known all along that Randi was just a Ph(J)oanie.
Her 'loyal' fans are just delusional losers still holding on to the hope that Randi will give them more than the back of the hand. Is this some form of self-hatred. Have the Randi-fanatics no self-respect?

All these years ol' Randi was just serving red meat to her crowd and those fools were stupid enough to believe that she was in it for anything other than dough.

Hey Randi 'fans' doesn't it SUCK to be you.

Pretty soon she'll be having callers say 'Ditto.'


I'll pause as the usual 'suspects' log in under their nom de plumes. That's 'ph(J)oanies' for the uninitiated!

Somewhere -off in the distance- Duffman is having a hell of a laugh.


I am not really loyal to any talk show hosts. They all have their foibles and peccadillos. However, the conservative ones are not as creative with the truth as those who are liberal progressives.


Hold it!
I'm having a Lou Dobbs moment.
Mr. Hood is posting a great deal of criticism but alas no solutions reminiscent of the almighty Lou Dobbs.

Randi has been outstanding from the progressives along with Hartmann and some others..The disproportion of right-wingers to liberals is what 600 to 1? I would love to see a suggestion from the author as to how Ms Rhodes and others can stay on the radio mainstream? How about how can they make a living in this mismatched arena of talk radio? Would we like to see Ms. Rhodes and others go the way of Peter B. Collins or Sam Sedar ? The clear Channel demons will ride until the public gets off their dead a$$ and demand these huge media monopolies be broken up. The fairness doctrine is not any good if Rupert Murdock and a handful of billionaires like Silvio Berlusconi in Italy own 99% of the media.
I smell real sedition here.
If Randi Rhodes has negotiated her standard contract agreement of complete control over her content
she should be able to deliver, not only instieful well researched information ,like she has been for years before Blatherwatch was born, but entertainment as well. If not she won’t last very long on Premier.
I have been listening to talk radio for years and it’s a disaster for anyone who isn’t rich or connected.
The scum which infests clear channel has a new sheriff on the way in Randi Rhodes.
I hope!


Duffman- wherever you are...you cannot be accused of being black and white by many of us. Hard to tell when you'll resurface again.

One thing that I'll say in your defense is that your gal, HRC is doing a good job so far as Secretary of State.

Puget Sound

"Would we like to see Ms. Rhodes and others go the way of Peter B. Collins or Sam Sedar ? "

Actually Ozy, I would hope that Randi continues to broadcast. Why?
It's important to understand that ignorance comes in many forms. Let the Randi Rhodes of this world continue to bray.
It gives the rest of us a nice laugh and offers a cautionary tale on the evils of alcoholism.

So, what' the 'over and under' on Randi screwing up this deal? A week, A month, A year?


Yea, we kinda feel the same way about OhReally (phone sex-stalker), the Pills Buried Doughboy (international pharmaceutical storage facility), and Sean "Of course I'll let you waterboard me" Hannity. They repersent your party very well.


your spelling is pathetically lacking, Mack. You "repersent" your party very well. ROFL


PS and all you sour grapes conservatives would love it if we are hit by a terrorist attack. Don't bullshit the bullshitter, my friends.


Bad typing won't put a person in prison, but torture should.


That's apparently all the cons have left- the same "fear and loathing" agenda that pushed them out of office.


Yes, Country Last, considering how they ran it for 8 years. Bill Maher had an excellent new rules on his show last Friday discussing the sour grapes among the right wing.


Ozy, good post. Some good points there. Too bad the stupid idiot posters on the right can't comprehend them enough to respond.

I don't care who pays her. If Fox News paid her to talk, that would be fine with me. The important thing is that she be heard. Actually, putting her on Fox would be the best education these idiots have ever known.

And Michael, no one who is simply a mercenary in radio listens to CSpan as much as Randi does. That's a thin accusation and one without much evidence. Like her or not, she has the goods and needs to be heard.

Assign that characterization to all the Faux News' mouthpieces and Bleck! but not Randi. If she can make so much money while teaching civics 101, more power to her.

KPTK sure has a hard time keeping its webpage current and accurate. They ought to be embarrassed.

Mark C.

I gotta agree w/Michael Hood. Randi is an Old World talk host, a Rush clone like almost everybody else. She has to teach civics because the libs haven't been paying attention to real politics until recently. They were all teach-ins and protests until the horror of GW Bush jerked them into reality. They wouldn't hire him, but wonder if Thom Hartmann would work for CC? I doubt it... He's not one of the clones... on the other hand,he's got no audience to speak of either.


She has to teach civics because they keep changing. Or haven't you noticed that? We elect Presidents every four years, congress people at different intervals, and bills and issues are evolving.

What don't you get about that? Hmm?

BTW, what are "fake" politics?

Hartmann on CC? Who knows. Is that important? About as important as where Randi works I guess.

I do agree that too many sweet-dispositioned dems probably voted for that sweet-tempered sleepy-eyed actor, Ronnie.

"Old World?" - Mesopotamia perhaps? "The Cradle of Civilization?"

I'll take it. So will Randi.

Puget Sound

and it's just not 'civics' it's also stellar investigative journalism such as randi's look into who started the fires of southern california armed with only a google website and a six pack of strohs.


Randi selling her soul.............HARDLY!!! She made two valiant efforts to be a part of a true liberal radio movement. Both failed her in the end. What do you expect her to do? Show just how well she can play with the big boys on their own damn turf at Premier or fade into to the sunset while waiting for another liberal radio network to be established?? I can't wait to see how well she does is in comparison to Rush. That blathering moron needs (and hopefully will get) his ass handed to him.


Randi use to follow Rush in several big markets. Clear Channel refused to pit her against Rush because she hurt his ratings in these markets. She also will follow or precede Hannity in some markets.


Clear Channel is living proof that the Fairness Doctrine is horseshit. CC is divesting itself of stations as fast as it can. CC wants their stripped down group of robo-stations to broadcast nationally syndicated programs. Why dont millionaire and billionaire liberals buy the scores of radio stations being sold by Clear Channel and hire progressive talk show hosts? Why are they screaming instead for govt to impose the so-called Fairness Doctrine?


Thom Hartmann does work for Clear Channel. KPOJ in Portland is a CC station. Thom is still involved in the KPOJ am show and braodcasts his national show form KPOJ.


I agree with who ever it was that declared Ms Rhodes bombastic. I enjoy the moderated tones of reason of say Dave Ross or Thom Hartman. I miss Al Franken and Rachael. Ms Rhodes and Mr. Malloy are to these ears unlistenable. Go M's!!!!!!!!


Randi Rhodes is in the entertainment business. Her primary objective is to deliver a massive audience to her sponsors who want to sell them soap. If Randi fails to live up to that obligation; Clear Channel will kick her out on her ass.


Maybe that could also be done to certain Ph(J)oanie's on this blog. Well it's a dream, we'll all continue to endure the brown-shirted hag.


"She has to teach civics because they keep changing. Or haven't you noticed that? We elect Presidents every four years, congress people at different intervals, and bills and issues are evolving."

13 more days. Will they go by fast enough for us here at the BW.


Randi Rhodes is on her 16th Minute of Fame.
"Hard Won Reputation"?
As what?

KEVKEV in Apache Junction



>>>Randi will be back on KPTK May 11 at 6p. She will be live.<<<

Huh? She'll be on from 3 PM to 6 PM, EASTERN time. That's Noon to 3 PM in Seattle. So KPTK will be delaying her for six hours.


The early bird will get the worm. Just so you know.


hey, can we get Randi to move to Seattle.
between her and ph(J)oanie, we can balance the budget. c'mon ladies, it's for the children...

check it out:

new WA taxes on booze


My guess is most republicans are drinking heavily these days, hence the outrage.

It's good time to be a drunk-off-your-ass republican.

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