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April 30, 2009



I think the market for dori [small D] and his buddies Ron &Don have past. I refuse to listen, except for Dirk van and WSJ. I catch Dave at times in the car, however I push the button when I hear RD&d doing ant of those incesant ads. As Obama said ENOUGH!!! Now can we get dori off those Seahawks games. Pete Gross he ain't.


David boze is ok, but too many times he sounds like he listened to dori's show beforehand, then regurgitated it verbatim, but in his style. But it's nice to see some homegrown talent start to come into his own instead of trying to shove some tv or national personality into a radio gig and listen to them drone on, more bored than their listeners.

Dori also seems to be getting a bit more snarky lately. The interview he had about the tunnel sounded really desperate and angry when he went after that chick politician. You could tell the dem's refusal to come on his show (for the most part) is really getting under his skin.

Desperate, snarky Dori isn't really that fun to listen to as nonchalant Dori who finds humor in the fact that local politicians are afraid to come on his show and defend their positions.

Interestingly enough, Dori was bragging about his numbers on a show earlier this week. What's the actual numbers compared with the last book?


Dori's losing it, making an outward bet that if 'tunnel' comes in under budget he'll resign, asking that responsible DOT folks make the same promise.
Tune in tomorrow (12:00 - 15:00), KIRO-FM (97.3) to see if Paula Hammond takes the bet.
I'm a little concerned about KIRO's sustaining ability on FM, this will be an interesting ratings period. Dori and Dave Ross still rule the airwaves around here. Do not doubt.

sarah p.

Yay David! I like that you don't think you're savior to the world. I stopped listening to Dori because I was tired of all the trashing of Seattle and knowing that Dori has chosen to not live here. Also there's too much jock-talk.


It is like catnip to a cat; the dori (girl's name) lip photos, the snide remarks about his name being a girl's name (am I repeating myself?), it all results in my compulsion to say something nasty about the Prince. One of my favorite things to do is; just as dori is coming on the air, change stations with much gusto.

I used to listen to David Bose when he was on in the morning. For a neocon, he can be fairly non-offensive, but he is pretty bland.

dori should really make a smart career decision and move to KTTH.

woody held

I like Boze for the most part, but was taken aback when he came out in favor of the 18% porn tax that a Democrat state rep proposed this year (it died).

In other words, don't tax my gun, my bible, or my SUV but if you want to tax something I find objectionable, have at it.

Boze is instinctively a 'big-government' conservative, similar to Medved or John Carlson. I prefer someone who can think a little more straight.

I don't know for sure but I bet Kirby would have opposed the porn tax.
Woody Held's Wiki page"


We're seeing the beginning of the end. I expect Monson will retire to 'spend more time with Star and the girls.' No, he won't be forced out of radio, that could never happen, it's just time to hang up the hat and call it a day - especialy when you've scared away every last influencial politician in town and a guy on a robot station is jacking your loyal audience by the handfull.

I Like Dennis ... (Kucinich)

Boze, who accentuates his hairy mammalian qualities by affecting a bear-suit while performing promotional station duties, (see above) creates a smart, but seriously deluded talk show, replete with talk of "Obamunism," and other such sarcasmic, Hillsdale College-boy, right-wing bullshit, but he rarely lets things get above room temperatur, which is nice for a change.

Sometimes it's fun to try to count how many buzzwords Michael can cram into a single sentence. Usually it just makes the post difficult to absorb as the reader stumbles over these bizarre, 70-word sentence constructions.

Thought I Saw A Bum

You have no numbers? Every host in the city say they're #1. Plus you have only 3 local conservative talkers, why brag about being the best?


It's obvious you people are still jealous of Dori Monson's talent and notoriety, or you wouldn't still be talking about him! :)


And obviously dittos for duffman.


And obviously dittos for Joanie, Randi, and Sparky and Coiler and now Mack?

Corporate Suit

If Blathering Michael doesn't have the numbers to prove his claim, then why blog about it? Until we see the firm numbers...and I'm not talking about 12+; it's the Adults 25-54 that is where it really counts. This is just wishful thinking on the part of Blabberwatch.

I Like Dennis ... (Kucinich)

CS - as we previously saw from the multiplication x 22 of the podcast download stats for the Luke Burbank Show, this blog has kind of descended into a weird typographical representation of the writer's fantasies. There's not really a grounding in fact for the radio-related posts.

The opinion posts are pretty good, albeit rather strangely worded (as previously noted).

That said, however, a blog is not a news outlet and Michael is not a journalist, so I think he can be given license to write about whatever he wants, real or imaginary. I enjoyed the Harry Potter books, that doesn't mean I think there's really a school of magic where they play baseball on flying broomsticks somewhere outside London.

Corporate Suit

ILD(K): While I agree that the blog often goes off course from the world of talk radio, Blabbering M rides very closely to edge of being libelous. I think M would object to being considered NOT a "journalist" but on the same hand, he often posts "facts" that are anything but. So to say that Boze has the highest ratings of any talk host in the market without the data to back it up to pure fiction.


Show us the certified numbers and let the chips fall where they land.


Then the loser of the two should be Waterboarded - agree ?

To those who exalt - YES !
OK then, what about waterboarding the next high-ranking Al-Qaeda official that is found to be part of a plot to attack the US ?

Jason Andersen

With the charming pictures, this could be the launch of the next Dumb and Dumber...BTW Monson would be easier to waterboard just because he's nearly a foot shorter and it could all be done in the standard bathtub.

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