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April 13, 2009



Coleman needs to step down. He's exhausted more appeals than Gore v Bushler


He's dragging it out to deny Dems the vote in Congress. Nothing more nothing less.


Coleman can't step down. Other than holding the ceremonial title of Senator he hasn't been in office since January. He needs to concede and go away.


A more detailed exposition of how conservatives wish Death to America in the name of bringing down Obama:


You people make me sick.


KSO, true. Now I hope this gets resolved soon, not sure if Senator Klobuchar(sorry if I misspelled it)'s staff can handle doing the work of two senators much longer.


I can't imagine the cons giving up yet. It was just 2 weeks ago that the RNC said they would spend any amount of money to keep Franken out. I hope it's over so MN is properly represented, but the republicans don't care about the people, there or anywhere else.


Highlander, is that really you or is it stewie.


I think MN is properly represented without any senator. If they choice between the two is a statistical 50/50 between the prevailing ideologies them maybe the body's will is best served without a head. Once Franken is seated there will be a dispraportionate representation of only half of the electorate.


Can you elaborate a little further on that Andrew? Not quitre sure what you're getting at...


Hey, Andrew, are you calling for some kind of proportional representation system? Or do you just want to leave all seats vacant if the election is too close? I can see your argument; we would have been better off for the last eight years with no President at all, than with GW.

Could we also, if we're trying to create absolute fairness in our system, abolish or reform the Senate so it doesn't provide disproportionate representation to small states? (Wyoming, population 500,000, two senators; California, population 36 MILLION, two senators. Talk about unfair.)


Someone more well versed in the details of the Constitution may know, but this is why there are so many House representative districts for each state.

What's obscene is the gerrymandering of House districts to keep candidates in office if their seats are threatened by a shift in voter demographics. That needs to stop.

M. Steele

Did you ever stop to think, if the cons want to spend all of their money fighting in MN they will have less for other efforts? Coleman may be doing a disservice to his state for now, but Franken may be doing the cons a huge disservice in the future.


Intersting thought, I'll agree. But I think the GOP pockets are pretty deep. Like the biblical definition of deep. Of course the party of fiscal responsibility can just shopping for Palin a Saks Fifth Avenue and flying Momma around to non-Alaskan hoe-downs for all I care. I would be hilariously ironic if they went bancrupt that way.


Coleman has the Gregoire/King Co. model to follow-count to you win.

Libs liked it when she didnt give up. Where is your consistencey with respect to fairness?


I say, Coleman go for it buddy. Let the RNC pay the whole way.


Gregoire was offered recounts by an existing state law. Coleman was ahead, as his lead dwindled, that's when your party started to panic and yell "Stop, STOP", Fer cryin' out loud, we can't afford to lose". Sad thing is, there were still uncounted ballots (which we all know from previous experience, when the republican lead is slim, it's time to disenfranchise some voters). But damned democracy prevailed ("YAAAAAAAAAY", cried the people who still love freedom, apple pie, french fries, and democractic elections). Judges and other oficials who knew the truth was really the most important of things, said "Count all of the ballots". And the Colemanites rose up and said, "uh, but we're losing now, and more ballots might mean the dems win, and um...", and the judges said, "Did you say something?"

Finally all of the ballots were in, and our hero patiently waited, while the Colemanites tried in vain to get a larger battallion, led by Jabba the Rush to tell some tales of voter fraud. But the magistrate was tired of that same old unproven hysteria, and considered it "Done". Jabba continued his blustering and slobbering, and the Colemanites picked up their plastic coolers and headed to the parking lot.


Hey Drew; that's funny....Hope the cons don't pee their pants over this lost.


Oh cousin M., we are not going to pee our pants. But why should we not enjoy pissing off Democrats for a couple of more months.
What do we have to lose? Nothing near as I can tell.
It is funny though, that now that the Democrat candidate is ahead, there are no new ballots to be found. Just like in WA, in 2004, ballots keep getting found until the D's are ahead. Then, no more ballots to be found. But for damn sure, if the D's are behind, there are all kinds of places for lost ballots to be found.
As the old commercial used to say, "your a real Steele, but you'll never get caught red handed".


Ok Chuck, fair enough. But to spend money on a lost cause? If you are saying the cons are spending money just to piss off the dems, wow, Mack might be right. you folks are flush with cash.

How many woodchucks could a woodchuck upchuck, if a woodchuck could upchuck woodchucks, Chuck?


I don't know. I could upchuck a lot in my younger days.
Are you a Steele or is that just a handle.
(I have many Steele's in my family is why I ask)

M. Steele

Naw, just a nom de guerre. I'm so struck by the iorny of the man.


Chuck, have you heard the joke about how many elected and non-elected chairs it takes to run the RNC?

M. Steele

Ok Coiler, give it to me... I got to hear this.


OK Coiler, I just hope that it is funny. How many?

M. Steele

I think he's counting.

M. Steele

Ok, since Coiler is watching Olbermann, I’ll give it my all. But in an effort to be true to my name sake, I’ll give both sides of my mind.

Q: How many liberals does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: None: They can't remove the old ones since they are already part of the environment.

Q: How many Limbaugh-heads does it take to change a light bulb?
A: The number is irrelevant; they just stand around muttering "ditto". And they don't do anything in the first place.


Pills Lumbergh to Michael Steele.

"Michael, we're gonna need to go ahead and move you downstairs into storage B. We have some new people coming in, and we need all the space we can get. So if you could just go ahead and pack up your stuff and move it down there, that would be terrific, OK?

"Oh, oh, and I almost forgot. Ahh, I'm also gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too...

M. Steele

I do my best blogging there


You guys forgot to mention that hacked computers don't leave ballots in corners to be found later. Guess the Dems got the best of that set up.

Go Dems! Stick with the forgotten ballot boxes and hanging chads. Never know when they might come in handy.

Who'd ever believe a hanging chad is a Democrat?


Coleman has a legal right to do what he is doing. I'm sure he doesn't give a whit if the Demorats call him a sore loser. He is exercising his constitutional right to contest the votes. I may very well turn out Franken got more votes than Coleman even with the 6500 disregarded ballots that weren't counted, but I am very skeptical about close elections these days ass the election system has been corrupted, especially with the neo-Marxists from ACORN getting their clammy mitts involved in registering as many illegal voters as possible. Written accounts indicate that happened in significant numbers in MN.

Coleman is the one burning the money by doing this. I admit that I am not an Al Franken fan - he was not that funny on SNL and he would be a bore in the Senate.


And it's all about money, huh klueless? Screw democracy, voting and may the best man win.

Has I told you lately that you're obsessed with ACORN? Why don't you go read something useful? You really need to stop watching faux news.


Yes, what does ACORN have to do with this? Judges are ruling for our boy Franken in surprising numbers.


Your'e unhinged again, Ph(J)oanie. The only faux news is the Daily Kos, Huff Post and the left wing websites you imbibe in. ACORN had to do with registering voters, like they always do. Do you think they are not corrupt ? If so, you live in a dream world.

With that said, it looks like Coleman has probably exercised almost all of his options in MN. Further reading from another source suggest that the editorial from the WSJ that suggested he press on is likely misinformed and it is doubtful if he can affect the outcome. The judges have ruled already.

Evidently, in the eyes of MN, he was too much aligned with Bush, thus the outcome.

Stuart Smalley

Well, yes, Bush didn't help the GOP faithful this year. Why didn't they do something about that, dog gone it?


Coleman is systematically ensuring he will never win an election again.
Keep it up, Norm. I can think of nothing better for the Republicans of Minnesota to spend their money on.

Joe Scarborough, the other day:

"Seriously. Norm, I like you. You lost. Okay...Can we seat a senator so Amy [Klobuchar] doesn't have to do the job of two Senators? It is seriously not fair to constituents in Minnesota to drag this out any longer. It is over Norm, okay. It is over."

National Review ( very conservative magazine) senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru:

If he keeps up the fight, he is likely to lose, unnecessarily deprive Minnesota of a second senator, end his political career seen as a sore loser, and hurt his party in a state that is eager for this fight to be over. His team has talked enough about further legal challenges that if he leaves now, he will get some points for grace. (Needless to say, that sentiment would not be universal.) But this is, I think, the last moment where he can exit with some dignity.

Former Minnesota Sen. David Durenberger (a Republican):

"I don't know how the Democratic Party operates because I'm not one of them," Durenberger said. "But every time we had an opening, somebody like Karl Rove and (George W. Bush campaign manager) Ken Mehlman and the Republican apparatchiks in the White House decide who is going to represent Minnesota. Closed out the party, closed out everybody else. That's what's going on now ... 'We will continue to fund you, just to keep the Democrat out of the Senate.' At some point, somebody has to deal with what's the will of the people of Minnesota."

Minnesota conservative blogger Scott Johnson, of Powerline, writing at National Review:

Indeed, I can’t find a single good thing to say about [Al Franken] except that he didn’t steal the election.

The Worthington Daily Globe:

It’s becoming increasingly clearer that Coleman and fellow Republicans — desperate to keep the Democrats from strengthening their power — are pressing onward primarily for political reasons. Meanwhile, Minnesota continues to only have one U.S. senator, despite a prolonged process that has shown Franken to be the winner on two occasions.

We, like the Albert Lea Tribune, endorsed Norm Coleman over Franken. We also share the same opinion that Coleman, for the benefit of the state and its citizens, should concede. Norm Coleman and his attorneys claim they want to ensure no Minnesota voter gets left behind. Instead, they’re trying their best to leave Minnesota behind.

A strong majority of Minnesota voters think that Norm Coleman should concede the race for US Senate, that Tim Pawlenty should certify Al Franken as the winner, and that Franken should be seated immediately, the newest survey from Public Policy Polling finds.

63% of voters in the state think that Coleman should just concede the race himself. That includes almost all of Franken and Dean Barkley’s supporters, as well as a third of respondents who voted for Coleman last fall.

59% express support both for Pawlenty certifying Franken as the winner and for Franken being seated immediately.


Al Franken is going to be one of our best Senators, conservative or liberal, in the coming years. He is on his way to his real "calling", though he has been quite a success before now. Anyone who has listened to his radio show, before he started running for office, will know that he is on top of all the issues and a dedicated public servant.
Meanwhile, Coleman helped run our economy into the ground and covered up the Bushit long enough for the Republicans to invade Iraq under false pretenses and rob the treasury for their defense contract buddies.
Good Coleman, and good riddance.
It is time for a true citizen to take office; we're done with opportunistic posers like you.
BTW... anyone seen Al's Birth Certificate? You may want to get a good look at it, everyone, before the conservatives try convincing you that Al was born elsewhere and that the Birth Certificate doesn't exist.


And isn't Franken a Druid? Haven't we been fighting the radical Druids for time eternal, because they hate our way of life? They're haters, and Franken looks like one of 'em.


A magician? I hope so. We sure need one after the mess you all left this country in. Actually, we could a whole lot of 'em.

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