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April 28, 2009



No one thinks you're a CPA, unless that means Can't Produce Anything.

Puget Sound

coiler, you're back. when did you get out?


I've been in, like our president. 'In' with the peeps, ya know


Ok joanie, i'll check it out tonight. Beschloss is great, i'll try to down load that one in the am.


"Huh? what posters? For 9.99? did they sell much? Steven, are you so out of ammunition you have to come up with ambiguities?"

Oh you are so funny M.S. How do you do it. I cant stop laughing. Really, you are good. Have anyone told you that before. You have a way with words that is unbelievable. It makes people feel, of whats the word, damn, cant think of one to decribe it. Just throw one in there and tell people I said it. I'll stand by it. really, you are good. I think I'll just have to start paying more attention to your posts here at the BW. I mean the wit. Where do you get it? Joanie must be proud to have you on her side. Do you and her and Mack get together and Listen to Randi on the radio now and then?


Steven, get a grip. have a beer....oh does your mom let you bring contraband into the house? get out of the basement some you might get a tan, and maybe a girlfriend.


God, its fun listening in to the punks on the playground.

What'cha gonna be when you grow up?

It's always fun keeping you on the defensive, punks.


"no one here thinks she is a school teacher, right?"

Y'know Puts, I think she is actually a Seattle Radio Host. But thats me and what do I know.


"Steven, get a grip. have a beer....oh does your mom let you bring contraband into the house? get out of the basement some you might get a tan, and maybe a girlfriend."

Oh, can I use that one M.S. Really that was good. Please.


Spector jumped ship because he was going to lose the primary to an actual conservative.

Exactly right. Now, watch the Dems (Spector) win. That's why he jumped ship if you knew anything, Bry.

Yeah, ass-backwards. I'm really Dori Monson in disguise. That's a girl's name, right?

That's your evidence. I'm sure it would pass muster on Fixed News anyway.

BTW, Can't Produce Anythiing? Good one. Especially an intelligent post.


Steven, if she is a radio wank who cares, you can speak you mind. Let Dori know what you think..


"Yeah, ass-backwards. I'm really Dori Monson in disguise. That's a girl's name, right?"

Did I mention any names in that post above.

11 days.


11 days..that makes it the 9th...oh my did you forget Mothers day so soon?


And if I was to name the person I think you are, I would have more evidence than the fact that each of you have a girls name. Just ask Mack?


and who am i??? be glad to prove to you who i am if you will do the same.


earth to steven??? do you have a copy?


Ok, I've been gone for a while...workin on a campaign in New York. Now that I've laid down my maker there I'm free to bombast here. ohhh...I can feel the shower of ticker ape from the cons....Thank you, thank you...you fool hardy shumks...


Ticker tape, that is. Now...tis time for bed....thank you steven, you backward smuck.


or is that kcums...hahaha thats even more hi-larry-ious...


Brian – Your analogy is humorous. I did not think conservatives were into hallucinogenic drugs. The failures you speak of are of your own side. The legacy of disastrous Bush Administration will always be a yoke around your necks. Go ahead and run Palin in 2012, and make your ideals and party more impotent. The looks on the Republican faces were…priceless. Keep on smoking Brian and you just may see the Gipper in one of your hallucinations.


And so whose failures do see as responsible for the near 59,000 Americans killed in VN (and millions of others). Who carries the yoke for that.
Care to comment on the Obama's recent AF1 fiasco?


Uncle Ho - WTF is it with you and Vietnam. Christ, isn't it time to move on? With your constant harping about a war gone 40 years, you are no brother Uncle Ho.

As for your question, the answer is NO. There is no comparison.


Good dodge.


No dodge, Uncle Ho. It is a waste of time on a worthless subject.

You are obsessed by it so you talk. Typical conservative ploy learned from the righties on here.


I asked you three questions, you "partially" answered one. That's a dodge. It's evident that you have nothing so go back to telling us all about your world travels, we enjoy those stories.

Don Ho Chi Man

Hey ho Minh, come up with a new shtick, you ho!


With the Dems saying things like the Republicans are treasonous, it just shows how upside down the culture in this country has become under a an Administration that extols the virtues of Lord of the Rings. Second world status here we come !

I also understand that a large scale terrorist attack and a dirty nuclear bomb in a large shopping mall have a sobering effect and it will take something like this to knock sense into this upside down culture. I hope this doesn't occur, but hey - it seems like we are setting ourselves up for this scenario.


At least Minnesota’s Newest U.S. Senator brings seriousness to the office.


No KS, you're hoping for it and you're a sick person.

" I also understand that a large scale terrorist attack and a dirty nuclear bomb in a large shopping mall have a sobering effect and it will take something like this to knock sense into this upside down culture"

I trust the intelligence community today as opposed to the PNACer's from the previous admin.


If PH)J)oanie is pulling for Specter to win, I am pulling for Arlen Sphincter to lose.

I think Colbert is funny and perplexing to politicians of both stripes. He admittedly mocks Bill O'Reilly (a popular hate target here because he is an outspoken traditionalist). O'Reilly likes Colbert and they have appeared on each other's shows. Now, back to the regularly scheduled Bloodsport...

Puget Sound

Colbert parodies O'Reilly and does a good job of it.

Olberman is self parody and no one yet can compare.

Puget Sound

"I trust the intelligence community today as opposed to the PNACer's from the previous admin.

Posted by: Coiler | May 04, 2009 at 12:46 PM"

Hey Coils, you may trust them but they don't trust you.

The CIA's Fight With Obama
By Jack Kelly
Has Barack Obama made an enemy who can sabotage his presidency?

The presidency of George W. Bush began to unravel when some in high positions at the Central Intelligence Agency began waging a covert campaign against him.

It began in the summer of 2003 when officials at the CIA asked the Justice department to open a criminal investigation into who had disclosed to columnist Robert Novak that Valerie Plame, wife of controversial former diplomat Joseph Wilson, worked at the CIA.

The officials knew at the time the Intelligence Identities Protection Act did not apply to Ms. Plame, who'd been out of the field for more than five years.

Another blow was struck with the publication in 2004 of the book "Imperial Hubris" by Michael Scheuer, who'd headed the bin Laden desk during the Clinton administration. It was harshly critical of the Bush administration's conduct of the war on terror in general, and the invasion of Iraq in particular.

Never before had a serving officer been allowed to publish such a book.

The CIA typically slow-rolled and censored books even by retired CIA directors.

"Why did the CIA allow such a controversial book to be published in the first place?" asked attorney Mark Zaid, who specializes in national security law. "There is simply no question that the CIA could have prevented the publication of Scheuer's book if it had wanted to do so. And no court would have sided with him."

Why would some at the CIA want to sabotage President Bush? One motive might have been to deflect blame for intelligence failures. The CIA confidently had predicted Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. But none were found. The tactical intelligence the CIA provided to the U.S. military forces invading Iraq proved nearly worthless. And the CIA was caught flat-footed by the insurgency that developed several months after Saddam's fall.

There may have been a simpler motive. The novelist Charles McCarry was a deep cover CIA operative for ten years. "I never met a stupid person in the agency," he said in a 2004 interview. "Or an assassin. Or a Republican."

The CIA's war against President Bush was motivated by ass covering, or by political partisanship. But with President Obama, it's personal.

Many are furious about his disclosure of explicit details of the interrogation methods used on some al Qaida bigwigs, and his waffling on whether or not those who employed them will be subject to prosecution.

Others are incensed by his decision to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, and to let some of those incarcerated there (17 Chinese Uighurs) loose in the United States.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held two hush hush meetings with CIA Director Leon Panetta and Democratic members of the Intelligence Committee last week.

"Her fear and frustration have apparently given way to panic after word reached her of the CIA's reaction to the damage she, President Obama and other Democrats have done to the spy agency in the last three months, wrote Jed Babbin, a former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, in Human Events May 1. "Pelosi learned that her actions and those of President Obama have so damaged CIA morale that the agency's ability to function could be in danger."

The upshot of the meetings was an unprecedented letter from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Silvestre Reyes (D-Tex) to Mr. Panetta, making a quasi-apology. Rep. Reyes asked the CIA director to "disseminate it to the CIA workforce as soon as possible."

But the CYA nature of the letter, and Mr. Reyes' pledge of more oversight are unlikely to mollify many at Langley.
Other Western intelligence services regard the Obama administration with contempt and rising concern, an officer of the DGSE, France's military intelligence agency, told my friend Jack Wheeler (the real life Indiana
Jones) last week.

"All of us in our little community are worried -- us, our friends in Berlin, London, Tel Aviv," the DGSE officer told Jack. "It is not like the barbarians at the gates. It is every barbarian horde in the world being told there are no gates."

Puget Sound

For all those relegating the REpubs to the Dustbin of history understand that the concepts of strong defense and restrained spending are time honored concepts.
The RE-pubs were awful on the spending side and justifiably paid for it with losing control of the House/Senate/Presidency.


Joanie sez:
"So Dirksen is a Dem? I always thought you were a fraud."

Wrong again. He was a Republican, you dolt. Look it up before you shoot off your mouth on this blog again, lest you be the fool.


Whoa, I print a correction. Puget Sound may have been in error after rereading his post - he lumped his name in with Democrats.

As I said, Dirksen was a Republican, which was corrected in a typically arrogant fashion by the resident progressive-tyrannical leftist schoolteacher.


Yeah, Putz, we read all about Jack Kelley, You really didn't ant to use him as a source, did you?

USA Today Found Hoax Before Writer Confessed

By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, January 13, 2004; Page C01

Former USA Today correspondent Jack Kelley acknowledged through his attorney yesterday that his confession to deceiving his newspaper during an investigation of his reporting came only after being presented with evidence of what he had done. The newspaper, meanwhile, now says that Kelley was forced to quit.

and this

Douglas Anders wrote February 14, 2004, in the seeingToledo Blog:

"Every Saturday morning I look forward to the Jack Kelly column on the Op-Ed page of the Blade. As surely as things fall down, Kelly can be counted on to recycle half-informed (not to mention half-formed) arguments from the right side of the blogosphere, and dutifully march forth to make the GOP sanctioned argument of the week. His modus operandi is simple and unvarying: report the facts that support his thesis, ignore everything that undermines it and end with an overblown claim that Democrats (or the 'nay-sayers' or peacenicks or Bush-critics) are nothing more than unrepentant liars. He rarely lies outright (though I have caught a few), but his one-sided presentation of the facts always produces a deeply deceptive column. I warn you, if you try to make pro-Republican arguments based on what you read in a Jack Kelly column, you will quickly establish that you are an easily hoodwinked fool. There are good honest conservatives out there, but Jack Kelly isn't one of them, he exists to regurgitate the GOP line of the day."


Coiler probably that Chris Matthews tingle sensation running up her/his leg, believing she/he has pulled some sort of a coup on PS. LMAO


sorry word 'has' s/be between probably and that.


OMG, duffman is on a preaching tour.


Indeed, classic. Can't even hide it that well. Fake, like Jack Kelly.

Puget Sound

just to clarify. ph(J)oanie was 'skimming' instead of comprehending.

"" I'm hearing the voices of Clark Clifford, Dirksen, LBJ, others calling this not only treasonous but shocking."

two things: first off, I said 'a bunch of Dems'. that would be Clifford, LBJ, and others. I didn't mention Ev Dirkson.
second, I always knew that despite your denials you read my posts. what a ph(J)oanie.

Posted by: Puget Sound | April 28, 2009 at 08:12 PM"

Puget Sound

Are you referring to this Jack Kelly?
"Jack Kelly, a syndicated columnist, is a former Marine and Green Beret and a former deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force in the Reagan administration. He is national security writer for the Pittsburgh (Pa.) Post-Gazette."

Given his background I would have thought he had higher standards than to do what he did.

But good catch, Coiler.


What background would that be? "Deputy press secretary" for the RNC?


must be still at school.


No partial sentences Uncle Ho, unless there's a point your not quite ready to stand up for hidden in your comment.

I think we're all better served by getting our "news" from Stephen Colbert than from a con mouthpiece like Jack Kelly.


Now it's let's all jump on PS's apparent mis-judgement. Attack the character yet again because you certainly fall short by staying focused on substance. LMAO

and, you KNOW you get it. Hehe


El Salvador, eh Duff? From the sound of things, they must not be treating you very well. You sound a little short of breath.

Puget Sound

After all these years of posting Coiler finally got me. He can't tackle the substance of the post. Rather, it was the source of the article. Coiler was awfully quiet about the Dan Rather brouhaha awhile back but he is nothing if not selective in his outrage (I'll pause as he throws out Jeff Gannon...okay, hang on...okay, duly noted for the folks scoring at home).
And a nice Dodge by ol Drew. (I guess he got tired of being Highlander). Between Drew and the others on this board, you would think Chrysler would be in fine shape given the sheer quantity of Dodges used by them to escape logic and reason.


Come on you guys. Read the news or something. You have been hashing and rehashing this same old stuff and it has gotten boring. Can't you talk about something interesting?


ok, enjoy!

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