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April 01, 2009



Sounds cool. I'll watch. David Shuster sucks harder than a black hole. He sounds like kermit the frog and he's pretty full of himself for a guy who hasn't accomplished anything to speak of. He's like a doorman that keeps sneaking in front of the camera.


I think Shuster is just being moved to a 1pm-3pm PST slot ahead of Eddie..Shuster was better than David Gregory.
Rachel said she would do both radio and TV at first, and then found it really hard to manage the ensuing schedule. Ed swore on the air this would never happen to him. Come to think of it, I think he almost let this out of the bag on Friday. First he said he had heard nothing from MSNBC and then he talked about the dual schedule...anyway, he should do pretty well on TV.


The dyke with the big moles on her neck begins to sink.

March is Maddow's Lowest-Rated

"As we reported yesterday, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show is up 98% in Total Viewers and 70% in the A25-54 demo compared to the show that occupied the time slot in March '08. Maddow was an instant hit and is currently the network's second-highest rated show. But March '09, Maddow's sixth full month on the air, was also the show's lowest rated. The chart below shows the trend."

Sinking-shouldnt the highly educated dyke be sweeping?

And so the end begins.

Big Ed wont last long. His honker is as red as slicks. That nose candy is hard to hide.


"The chart below shows the trend."
Have trouble making a chart you can post there?


You stay classy habu


Alas, Habu learns that, although it was easy for him to make the chart with pretty Crayolas on his monitor glass, he is unable to simply click a button and magically send his "chart" from the glass, out to the internets, and onto this website. Maybe he can find some second-graders with more web experience to help him push his agenda.


That damn cyst ate the chart!


Fuck oh Dear!!! Chart-eating cysts! I read about this in a HSD report, right there with stories about poison pens, exploding cattle, and model airplanes filled with nerve gas...


Children-Here is your site for the chart:




Maddow is a pompous no nothing self-indulgent idiot! Who the fuck watches this meaningless Nobama network!


ummmm, people who like the truth for a change would be my guess. Beats watching Billo chase people around because they dared to dissent against the Almighty Power of The Loofah, or Beck's theatrics and aligator tears in the name of "patriotism" (he can't even follow along in a goddamned dictionary on the meaning of fascism- he shoulda been held back in the fourth grade- and kept there!)


So... somebody who can't spell "know-nothing" is calling Rachel Maddow an idiot. And somebody who is presumably a fan of the stunningly obese drug abuser Rush Limbaugh is making disparaging references about Ed Schultz' appearance.

Pot/kettle, anyone?...


I was going to point that out, but then steven would yell at me.


Are these what you call your "compassionate conservatives"? I'm feelin' the love already.


"Fuck oh Dear!!! Chart-eating cysts! I read about this in a HSD report, right there with stories about poison pens, exploding cattle, and model airplanes filled with nerve gas..."

Are you starting now Stewie. Or did you hear that on one of Maddows "Ask Dr. Maddow" segments.

And Sparky, at least be fair and teach Highlander and Stewie what quotation marks are used for on blogs. Their silly banter and you falling in line made all three of you look foolish. It was like watching "The Colbert Report".


Wow..We take that as a great compliment steven! Stephen Colbert rocks!


Colbert is one of us...


...and it's apparent that nevets is a frequent viewer of both Rachel Maddow AND The Colbert Report. Hehehe


Hear ye, hear ye! All hail the self-appointed Minister of Punctuation Marks, Sir nevets.


David Sirota was being considered for the same slot. He's my favorite.

Big Ed is a good choice. I bet he surprises people. He has a way of giving it back to the right. He's a plain guy from Fargo but he's never at a loss for words with these guys. I agree with Sparky (on another thread), chucks and a lot of other basic good guys may find themselves rethinking some of the propaganda they've been fed for so many years.

Ed's got an ego. I hope he keeps it humble but feisty. He respects all opinions, listens well, and knows his stuff. He may be the best progressives have right now.

Course, us progressive intellectuals still like Sirota!

BTW, I bet Randi is stewing mightily at all this.

Puget Sound

ha ha ha. stewing? i guess there is a crowd that likes that crap.

but isn't that randi's default position?
angry angry angry.
it's a hard act to keep up. at least i had hoped it's an act. if it isn't an act then she must have a dysfunctional life....you know, unexplained absences, drinking episodes, inability to act appropriately, a reputation for being unreliable...well lets see: she does tend to be 'missing' often enough to be on a milk carton; there was that supposed blackwater or cheney attempt on her life that turned out to be randi falling ass over teakettle whilst drunk; weird conspiracy thoughts such as the 'blackwater caused the fires down in Southern California'; public outbursts such as that supposed 'standup' regarding hillary clinton that was so profane and inappropriate she got booted from Air America.
(really, what does it say about her faithful 'fans' that listen to her.)

hmm, you be the judge. given the above, it seems that it is less an act and more her own reality. if so, i feel very bad for her and she could use help. if you are a friend of randi please get her some help.

compare her for a second to stephanie miller.
you may or may not like stephanie miller's show but she seems to have her life together and appears to be a functional, well formed person. no unexplained absences, public issues with alcohol, etc. and miller doesn't seem to engage in the constant angry angry angry stuff.
on the whole, from hearing both shows i think miller's crowd that listens to her isn't on edge like the benighted souls that make up randi's crowd. the latter seems to enjoy 'the stewing' and the 'red meat' if you will. when you lead the angry mob it gets to be difficult to stay ahead of the crowd lest you'll get consumed by the fire.


See, joanie? He missed you. :)

Alcohol is the theme of Stephanie's shows Puts. She was for Obama from the very beginning. Stephanie knows you can get away with a lot if you make it funny, but the underlying message was the same as Randi's. Just delivered differently.


Sparky, you read this guy? I attempt one paragraph (if it's short) and skim - very quickly - the rest. He's an idiot. Why waste your time?

Puget Sound

"lcohol is the theme of Stephanie's shows Puts. She was for Obama from the very beginning. Stephanie knows you can get away with a lot if you make it funny, but the underlying message was the same as Randi's. Just delivered differently.

Posted by: sparky | April 05, 2009 at 08:"

I agree.
If you say it with a smile and deft humor you can make a point that resonates. It's one thing to joke about being drunk, etc it's another to come off as a mean drunk. So even though they may have the same point of view, Stephanie Miller delivers in a smarter fashion then a Randi ever could. Maybe its better production values or just better talent. The end result is one delivers a product you can listen to and the other just becomes a ranter. There is a crowd for both types. Just the ranter crowd tends to be a little dumber and lot angrier.
It's why I prefer Dennis Miller over a Sean Hannity.

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