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March 03, 2009



The wee hours is a good place for Lars.


"Dr. Laura holds a Ph.D. in physiology from Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, and received her post-doctoral certification in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from the University of Southern California. She was in private practice for 12 years. She's also been on the faculty of the Department of Biology at the University of Southern California, and the Graduate Psychology Department at Pepperdine University."

Probably more credentiled than any one on this blog.


make that "credentialed"


Joanie, please find me and kill me.

No wait, what difference does it make? No one listens to that crap at night.

casual observer

Ahh ... TBTL is already dead.


Thank you for registering your opinion on the Internet.


The Octomommy has better credentials.

The doc is a contender for gross pictures.




Anytime, Ryder. :)


She got her degree from Columbia? Then shes a New Yorker, right. Why is it that there is so many of them trying to run our life and tell us what to do. Let's see you've got Michel Weiner ('savage'), you've got michel medved, youv'e got Mike Siegel, Peter Weissbach, Dave Ross, Lou Pate, Tom Leichis, Howard Stern, Laura schlessigner, all out of New York and all trying to control our life. Even Rush Limbaugh, although from Missouri and later California, became a New Yorker and like many New Yorkers now resides in FL. I know he 'claims' to be of German descent but he no more looks German than Doir Monson looks Norwegian, now does he?

I am right with you guys, I don't trust Dr. Laura one bit.


What does a German look like?


Luke Burbank was at his smug elitist, superiorist peak last night as he trashed Jimmy Kimmel in his debut as host of NBC's Late Night. The jist of his remarks were that Kimmel just wasn't intellectually advanced enough to be of interest to Burbank and his "level" of 30 something smarties. Kimmel is smart enough to be a success in bigtime commercial TV, whereas Burbank can't boost his show beyond a few paltry minipoints up in the local ratings. Who's the genius, Burbank? Burbank's grandiose opinion of himself and his "intellect" is obviously selfdelusional. He became offially the "greatest ass since Christ walked the earth" when he made comments several weeks ago basically stating, although not in so many words, that people (like Burbank) who constantly misuse the word "like" as a lazy and pointless ,meaningless filler in their sentences are really just more culturally advanced, modern and actually superior to the hopelessly lame old farts who deign to speak correct English. I had been waiting for months for this precious, full-of-himself jackass to finally jump the shark and make this very such statement, because i knew that this was how he really felt.


CORRECTION Sorry, the guy Burbank was trashing was JIMMY FALLON,not Jimmy Kimmel.Fallon is the replacement for Conan O'Brien.


No, Michael Hood, Dr. Laura was NOT 'live' 9-12 on KVI. It was a one-day delay from her live national broadcast 12-3pm.


Tommy008, I caught TBTL dissing Jimmy Fallon also, and I also agree that Luke Burbank showed an ugly side to himself there. I get the sense that LB is a bit jelous of Jimmy Fallon because LB highlighted what are similarities in what he and late night talk hosts do, which is that the audience is "invited into the hosts brain five nights a week" and that the entertainment is heavily derived from the personality of the host and not necessarily the content itself.

So after having drawn the parallel intentionaly or unintentionaly, he proceeded to size down Fallon, as Tommy said saying that he loved Conan when he was 18 y/o, and that Conan was a intelectualy superior comic, implying that he was as intelectualy superior 18y/o more or less, and in general attacked Fallon as being too dumb to pull off political humor.

This coming from a guy who himself is aparently too cool, or dumb, for political anything. On the few occasions he did mention something political he comes off as very incurious, along the lines of "I just think, ya know, they should like stay out of other people's business."

In fairness Jenn Andrews did the right thing and didn't attack Fallon's character at all and instead attacked aspects of the show's production.


Without Jen Andrews that show would likely fail. She is an incredible talent and workhorse, full of organizational ideas and energy. Luke does well by her. I can only imagine it's a matter of time before something bigger (i.e. New York) picks up on her talents.


Let's not forget Dr Laura is by far the most successful woman in radio. She has one of the most massive audiences in the radio broadcasting industry. Her 9 million listeners trail only Limbaugh and Hannity in size.


Who told you that? Dr. Laura??? lolol
If she is so popular, why does she have such a hard time sticking with a station???

Read Bla'Ms article on Arbitron and how accurate their numbers are.


Dr. Laura does worse in the ratings in very liberal Seattle than Nationwide, but that is understandable - as it is not cool to admit you listen to her in local social circles. She makes some good points, but am not enamered with the way that she expresses them and don't listen to her anymore. As previously mentioned, she has bounced around locally. Wonder how many stations she is on - in that she has an estimated 9 million listeners.


Dr. Laura looked pretty hot in those pictures. Nice full bush.


Nice pics haha
I have no words for this post I just can say, She's annoying...
Sorry Dr Laura... Nobody likes you :S
Thanks for sharing.


i just caught Andrew's reply to my post re Burbank/Fallon, some 18 months after the fact. Burbank hasn't changed a bit, and showed his ass in a similar way yesterday on his new show, Ross and Burbank. He had some hapless female cohost on the hsow, filling in for Dave, whom he proceeded to insult , but of course "all in fun", Luke's fun. They were talking about airport screeners and Luke stated to the cohost that the "proletariat like you" should have to go through one kind of screening whereas "someone such as himself, an incredible video star" shouldn't really be imposed on at all by the screeners. I'm paraphrasing whatever the full ridiculous line was, but i got the jist of it. The parts in quotes, he actually said those words. I know he supposedly intended this as "humor" but it fell flat and felt oddly just "ugly", as Andrew mentioned in the other post. It's asif he really wasn't joking at all and he just couldn't contain his overbrimming sense of superiority.

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Hablaban de inspectores del aeropuerto y Lucas declaró a la co-anfitrión de que "el proletariado como" debería tener que pasar por una especie de examen, mientras que "alguien como él, una estrella de vídeo increíble" en realidad no debería ser impuesta en absoluto por la los inspectores. Estoy parafraseando lo que sea la línea completa era ridícula, pero tengo el jist de la misma. Las partes entre comillas, que en realidad dijo esas palabras.

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